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Battle For The Boy (HSMTMTS) (EJxRickyxMalereader)

When a New boy shows up at East High he not only threatens the status quo of the school but also the theater department (more specifically the main girl), He makes an impression on the most popular boy in school but also the well-known skater boy. He has an amazing voice but is also an awesome dancer and actor. Lets just say some of the girls don't like him while some of the boys adore him. Read to find out more.

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Revived (Ender's Game Fanfic)-Editing

Many years after the Bugger War was ended by Ender Wiggin, the Earth is faced with a new threat, a threat that starts the Battle School program up again. Twelve year old Jaden May is a smarter then average girl. She is twelve years old and is smarter then most of the thirteen year old kids she is in school with. But the IF didn't notice her smarts until six years after they took out the monitor, so when they show up at her door, she is very confused about what is going on. Will she be the person that the human race needs to survive? Or will she doom us all?

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Bloody Hands || E. Wiggin

[Enders Game] Lara Flinn never thought she'd make it to Battle School, much less alongside Ender Wiggin. But powers beyond them have sealed their fates and there's no turning back.~~~~~The International Fleet will do whatever it takes to prepare Ender for the final battle against to buggers. Though it quickly becomes clear that Ender is humanities last hope, the IF requires security. If Ender fails, it's Lara who takes his place.Battle School intends to sculpt them into obedient soldiers. They say isolation breeds the best. But what is intended to drive the two apart will only bring them closer together.After all, isn't love supposed to make you stronger?~~~~~This story is currently undergoing editing. Please be patient!~~~~~No characters belong to me except for Lara Flinn and her family. The characters and entire Ender's Game story belongs to Orson Scott Card. Thank you!

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Ender's Game fan fiction. Based on movie and book. Ender's isolation must never be broken, orders of Colonel Graff. But what happens when a girl named Amy finds her way into Salamander Army?

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social media story that includes the riverdale cast#2 thylaneblondeau#4 alexanderskarsgard#16 brooklynbeckham

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Bill Skarsgard Imagines

Imagines about Bill:)

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Ender Returns to Earth *Currently Editing*

In the aftermath of the Formic war, an entirely new threat arises. The Legend, Ender Wiggin, plans to have no more responsibility, and wants nothing to do with leadership ever again. In Ender's mind, he believes that his parents do not care for him. So it's no big stretch for him to believe that he will spend the rest of his days in space. However; his parents, John Paul and Theresa Wiggin, along with Colonel Hyrum Graff, have an entirely different path carved out for him. Ender's parents would love nothing more than to get to know the child who they'd lost so many years ago, but the decision is Ender's. Would he like to come back to Earth where he would have a life full of publicity and fame? Or does he want to spend his days alone on an unknown Bugger world? [I don't own any of the Characters in this Fic. They're all from the Ender's Game series unless I state otherwise] HIGHEST RANKINGS: #2 EnderWiggin #6 BattleschoolStarted: 2013COMPLETED: May 2016

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HTGAB101 :: changlix ✔︎

Using 'How To Get a Boyfriend 101,' a book which was originally intended for straight girls, Lee Felix makes a final attempt to woo his crush.[ started ] October 22, 2019[ completed ] June 28, 2020🔓 100k - October 10, 2021🔓 150k - April 4, 2022🔓 200k - October 18, 2022highest rankings:#1 in [ changlix ] - 010921#5 in [ leefelix ] - 110921#6 in [ changbin ] - 010522#5 in [ leeminho ] - 090821#6 in [ minsung ] - 080521#13 in [ hanjisung ] - 090821

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Vlara's War (An Ender's game Fanfic)

Vlara was born to be a soldier. She was raised heartless. But when she meets Ender Wiggin, her life will change forever.

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fireproof ↠ henry and patrick

→ C O M P L E T E D ← imagines, preferences and maybe headcanons for henry bowers and patrick hockstetter from the "it" movie (reader inserts)lowercase intended.

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Ender Game One Shots

Hey, so I looooove Enders Game and I don't see enough writing fo this fandom so I am going to attempt to write some one shots. I seem to be best at writing one shots and Enders Game is really tough to write for so I will try my best but this story might get deleted pretty quick. All rights to Mr. Card, as usual. Notes: I might make them a tad older in some stories and some may contradict with Ender in Exile. Most of these will by reader x Ender or character x Ender. I have read the books and watched the movie and will draw from both. Enjoy!

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Bowers Gang X Reader [Discontinued]

🆂🆃🅰🅻🅺🅸🅽🅶 🅱🅾🆆🅴🆁🆂 🅶🅰🅽🅶 🆇 🆁🅴🅰🅳🅴🆁·Slow updatesDiscontinued

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𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐜 ⊰ ender wiggin

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙘(𝐚𝐝𝐣.) promoting or tending to create peace or conciliation.𝐎𝐑in which diana archer is forced to be ender wiggins' soulmate. ─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

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| With One Eye | Seek x Reader | Doors

! WRITTEN PRE-UPDATE !It's repetitive, yes, but there is a turner. You meet the one who runs fast, he goes by Seek, and at first, he's hostile. But his outer shell breaks, and... He's suddenly nice?!No, I don't simp, this started as a joke when playing with some friends. And- Well- I decided to write the shortest, most laziest, skit ever. So, here you are, here it is.

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A golden sun | Thor x reader

Thor x fem!reader⚠️CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH EDITING⚠️Being a mutant was hard. Being one of the most powerful being on earth with enhancement from the mind stone was another thing.Y/n learns and understands her powers on the way and also being an avenger alongside her father, tony stark.Along the way she met a blonde god that caught her eye.*THERE ARE SCRIPTS FROM THE MARVEL MOVIES IN THIS BOOK ALL CREDIT TO DISNEY AND MARVEL*#1 - Thorfanfic #1- avengersendgame#1 - marvelxreader#1 - Thorxreader#2 - Thorragnarok#18 - ThorOdinson

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Useless People - A Killing Stalking Psychiatry AU

⚠️TW - mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, sexual assault, assault ⚠️ Because of an unhealthy obsession, Bum was committed into a psychiatric Hospital. During the therapy he goes along with what he is told to do and generally behaves very concealed, until one day a newcomer draws his attention.

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Ender Wiggin's Last Game

Where a special girl boards the starship with Andrew Wiggin, and somehow manages to break through his walls.Oh, wait. That's not what happens. Actually, Ender is dragged through some shit. There is romance, but little of it. ...I saw the movie once. Didn't like it all that much, but it was okay. However, I am a huge fan of all the books and that's what this story will be based on. Certain characters may or may not be removed from the plot, but don't worry. If you haven't read the sequel, then you won't care. I pride myself on including Andrews resolve, sarcasm, and power over other people. He is NOT based off of the guy who plays him in the movie.Do NOT comment and tell me that it is wrong, if you don't like it you can leave. (Mostly bc I'm going off of the books not the movie)I wish I could include Bean in this book, but I can't. Sorry. I'll make sure to have Ender mention him.Slow updates, my guy. So buckle in.

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Bill Skarsgård Imagines

There are some Bill imagines and one-shots I wrote for tumblr and there will also be a few Alexander ones cause it's pretty hard to find some for him.

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Instagram /Bill Skarsgård\

Bill Skarsgard followed you? Follow back {1/? instagram series}.................................cover by @Bibleechops.................................

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Get out of the way (Victor Criss)

Margot had lived in Derry all of her life. going mostly unnoticed. just the way she liked it. that was until that night... the events completely changing her, making her best friends with the towns very own Bowers gang.

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Bowers Gang One Shots/Imagines

A collection of Bowers Gang x reader stories. Most of them are platonic with the reader being Henry's sister.

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bill skarsgård; imagines ✔

bill skarsgård imagines/ concepts. started: october 27, 2017ended: september 28, 2018

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Ender's War

A sequel to "Ender Returns to Earth."The entire world is at war, and the IF is losing ground. Locke, also known as the sociopath Peter Wiggin, is leading the American charge and things could not be any worse. Whether Peter will admit it or not, his troops don't always follow through with his orders. Some would rather save themselves than their country. Despite his Hegemonic dreams, Peter does not have the pull that Ender had. Ender, who had been exiled into space because of what the world was calling child murder. Just as Peter reaches the point of no return, his kid brother emerges acting as if he never left. Soon enough, this becomes Ender's War.Rated 13+ (mild language used)Started: August 2016COMPLETED: January 2022

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Bill Skarsgard One Shots

A collection of my Bill Skarsgard one shots

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