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Duskwood-Jake×mc oneshots

A collection of Duskwood oneshots dedicated to Jake and reader (mostly fem reader).Requests are always open:)You can message me anytimeDisclaimer:Characters are not mine,all the right goes to Everbyte.Media and pictures are not mine, credits to the rightful ownerThe stories are written by me.:)Hope y'all enjoy。◕‿◕。

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His last breath.

This story follows the game Duskwood, although some aspects remain the same, the rest i have created myself. Most of the characters belong to everbyte, except a few that are my own.This is my first time writing fanfiction. The story will be released in chapters. Please vote, comment or save if you are enjoying the story 😀.Time is running out for Hannah, but it is not just her fate that lies in the hands of a monster! Will you deface the MWAF before he takes more lives! Things are not always as they seem, especially in the quaint town of Duskwood.Contains violence, language and mild sexual scenes.

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Duskwood: Jake's notes

How did Jake feel in the this Duskwood situation? What he thought when he got he feels something strange to MC. Did you think about it? I tried to show.

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Aftermath | Duskwood

This story is a fan-fiction about what happens between Jake and the female reader after Hannah has been found. This is a fictional story and I am in no way related to everbyte. This is a fan-work.{I do not own any artwork used in the story. I will try to put credits :)}Completed on 11 June, 20211st edit on June 22, 2021Best rankings#2 in #IamJake#2 in #duskwood

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Chaotic Duskwood

Step into the pure chaos of the Duskwood gang! There will be:Incorrect quotes,Dan being Dan,Darkness Moments,And of course;Jealous Jake!(The cover is not mine and characters belong to Everbyte)

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Duskwood one-shots (Jake x player)

Some small fanfics about Duskwood game. Jake x MC or Jake x player, as you wish.

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Side by Side

❗All characters (except my OCs) along with episode 9 & 10 belongs to Everbyte. I partially use the story lines for my version of Duskwood aftermath❗"At this state I won't sit still anymore. They need more than just encouraging messages; they need a shoulder to rely on."***P.S. English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

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Em um acampamento de verão, jovens de duskwood vão para trabalhar como monitores, mas o que acabam encontrando é um assassino furioso, sedento por sangue e sem rosto. Poderia uma lenda se esconder nas florestas de Duskwood? Salve-se quem puder!

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Find me - A Duskwood story

After Hannah was found MC decided to go to Duskwood. Here, she met Jake for the first time, and they promised to see each other again. But they didn't know it wouldn't be that easy. This story is a fanfiction from the game Duskwood by Everbyte. Short story first posted on Tumblr. Spoiler episode 10.English isn't my first language, sorry if there are any mistakes.

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Always and Forever

Different universe of Duskwood, where Man Without a Face is actually Michael Hanson. Alan went to mine and saved Hannah. He also managed to arrest Michael, who is in prison. This story revolves around Ella (MC) and Jake. How will they overcome the challenges life has to offer? Follow our characters on this extraordinary journey, full of plot twists and mystery. Who is new villain they have to fight? Read to find out. :)

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Duskwood Jake X Fem MC!

Just Duskwood One-shot.A Fanfic ;)I won't stop writing until you guys stops asking requests :) So, enjoy the One-shot

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Duskwood: A Town of Mysteries

"It may seem like any place. Cold, monotonous. But can you imagine what lurks deep in the forest of the town of mysteries? Coincidence, fate?"Vanysh Webster just moved to Duskwood, a small town that doesn't seem to be any special, but that is until a stranger, from this same town, calls her claiming to have received a message from his missing girlfriend, which contained nothing but her number. Intrigued by the events and even people related to it, she decides to enter the case and find this girl, which leads her to paths deeper than anyone could ever imagine.!!!!Brief explanation:As some of you might have noticed, the story is based on the game "Duskwood", which means the main ideas, story and characters ARE NOT mine (except for Vanysh and some others). So, the general credits belongs to everbyte and all of their creators. Another important thing is: some things that will happen are the same from the game's original story, but other's were invented by me. My intention is to give the story another perspective besides the "Main Character" that we interpret while playing (And I started writing this before chapter 9 was released).*The portuguese version can be found at my profile*

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Feels Like Home

A Duskwood Tale. Jake is free and he get to start his life with MC (Mahri). This has a bit of drama and a lot of romance.

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Best Served Cold (Duskwood Fanfiction)

(CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE GAME) Matthew has had enough of being unable to physically help his new friends in finding Hannah, so he makes up his mind and prepares to take a trip with one goal in mind: find the culprit by any means necessary.

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Where past is forgotten ( A Duskwood Fanfiction) Female M/C

Duskwood is a small town which is surrounded by dense forest and hides many secrets ,some of them are going to come out . M/C is a psychologist in the story, she lives near the duskwood but she rarely goes there .

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𝘿𝙪𝙨𝙠𝙬𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙊𝙣𝙚-𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙩 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣

Hey Ho :jake smiley:Maybe you know my Tumblr account. I sometimes write things you might call fanfiction and this is a collection of them. I'm not professional, I just do it to get rid of my thoughts and because it's fun, so don't expect masterpieces. Especially not the first ones. All of this is Jake x MC, mostly female but sometimes gender neutral. Hope you will like it, have fun.

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Those Who Love Us... (Sequel to Best Served Cold)

...hurt us the most."Hello, Jessica.""Ugh, how many times have I told you not to call me that?""It doesn't matter. I need to talk to you. We're running out of time.""What? What happened?"

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Is This The End? - Duskwood

Its been five years since everything happened in Duskwood. She's living in Colville for three years now with her best friend Jessy. She had different plans when she moved out here but she learned a dirty little secret that broke her heart.He wasn't the man she thought he was, or was he? She's still close to his mother which is where she sees him again for the first time in three years. She looks at him and remembers her heart break but deep down she's still in love with him.Is this the end for them? Will they be able to rekindle the love and trust they once had? Or will her mind win over and she walks away for good from the man she's loved for five years?

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Gone Forever? #duskwood

How devastating would it be for our beloved hacker - Jake to find out that our beloved MC is dead! Is she really dead? or if she is not dead then where is she? and will Jake ever be able to be free from the government? what is that secret about MC that she didn't tell Jake about? read the story to find that out :) The plot of this story is completely different from that of the game... Hope you like it :)

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Tales of Duskwood

Duskwood fanfiction, compilation of Jake and MC oneshot stories.Spoiler of ep10.English isn't my first language so there probably will be be mistakes.

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After Duskwood (Fan-Fiction) - English Version

- Fan-Fiction based on the mobile game Duskwood - After everything that happened in Duskwood concerning the abduction of a young woman, Lucy's life calmed down again. She and her boyfriend, a hacker she learned to know and love while solving the case, try to reach a new level in their relationship. But when it comes to Duskwood, nothing is as it seems, and soon they both face a whole new kind of danger...Disclaimer: This story was originally written in german, and english is not my mother language. I still hope this translation is okay, if you find anything that needs to be corrected, you're always welcome to leave a comment😊My story is fundamentally based on the game, but the official story is not completed yet. My story is more of a "what if".

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Duskwood fanfiction

What happens when the lights go out? This is a fanfiction based on the game Duskwood. It takes place after episode 9.

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Tales from the Mist: A Duskwood Short Story Collection

Finally getting around to sharing my one-shot collection, originally posted to my tumblr. These were written sporadically over the past two years, most of them were between episodes. I hope you enjoy them! :)

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Duskwood Fanfiction

Kathleen received a text from a stranger asking for help to find Hannah. She has no idea who Hannah is or what's going on. But, she still wants to help them find her because she feels bad for them. Little did she know her life will forever change from this text.What happened to Hannah?Is she dead?Why would she send my number?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This story is about duskwood as we already know. Just starting from the beginning. Where it all began. Pls give it a tryYou still can read the book even though you have no idea what duskwood is. It'll still make senseThanks for reading.✌

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Apple Doesn't Fall Far (Duskwood Fanfiction)

Thirteen years after meeting for the first time MC and Jake meet again but this time MC has a huge secret she's been keeping. Will Jake ever forgive her? Will they ever be able to move past this? Will they finally have their happy ever after?

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