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Disney Memes

Everyone needs a laugh!Why not have one with Disney?#40 in #disney on 11/1/18Cover by @oceantaledStory begun by @sammiev05 and contributed to by @DisnerdsCentral peeps

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Come join us in celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary- Wattpad style!

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The Disney War

When two families win a trip to Disney World, they're in for the adventure of their lives when something strange gets a vice grip on everyone there, except them. How will they fare?

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Disney Princess Facts

Facts about Princesses

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The Disney Chronicles II: Pinocchio

After their newest adventure, Twilight and her friends were filled with new excitement. They decided to experience another and sweet little Apple Bloom and her friend Tender Taps were curious too. Witness, how they become friends with a gentle clock maker, a wise cricket and a puppet that has much to learn about the world around him.

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The Disney Chronicles I: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Spike saw a strange light coming from the Castle of the Two Sisters. What he finds there is not wat he expected. When he brings it along to show it to his friends, they're about to experience a new adventure.Follow the Mane 6 and Spike in their brand new journeys of adventure and friendship. Experience how they meet new friends and fight terrifying bad guys. Starting with The One That Started It All.

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The Guardian of Disney [A Disney Fanfic]

[Various x fem!reader]Y/N, Princess of Luna, the kingdom in the skies, has been charged with the task of protecting the mortal world by her father, The Man in the Moon. She is to travel through time and space to rid the world of the darkness that plagues it. And for a while, Y/N thinks that her task will be fun. She will get to explore beyond the borders of Luna, where people walk among the clouds and the stars, and she will be able to meet the people of the world below. But soon, she realises that her task is just as trivial. Her father has rules concerning her task, and though they might seem innocent at first, Y/N's heart slowly starts to crumble.Note: I will be focusing mainly on the animated Disney Princess movies with a few additions of movies that I think would fit well.I do not own Disney, all rights belong to the original creators. I do not own any of the images or videos used in this story, all rights belong to their original creators.

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The Big Book of Disney Quotes

Enjoy a book filled with some of our favorite and hopefully your favorite Disney quotes! :-)#173 on 9/2/16All Rights Reserved | Posted by the staff of DisnerdsCentralCover by @oceantaled

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Disney Pocket Princesses

This is a collection of the Pocket Princesses comics

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Disney Percy Jackson And the Olympians WHAT IF?

What if........Percia Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon hero of Olympus was given another chance. Send to another world....where there is a young version of her....a young blonde hair boy.....sent on the same journey she faced.She will do anything to protect her brother.....and Guide him through the world of Greek mythology.

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Disney High

What if, your favorite Disney c haracters weren't princesses or magical creatures? but instead normal high school students. Dealing with drama and problems of everyday life?------------------i don't own any of the pictures on my cover or characters in my storynow that that's taken care

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Disney One-Shots

Hey guy. My cousin loves Disney so I wrote this for her. In the one-shots everyone is the same except the character that is being paired with the reader.

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A Disney Sequel

In every chapter, another Disney man that Y/N gets with.- !Update!- Naveen (Princess and the Frog)- Eugene (Tangled)- Li Shang (Mulan)- Milo James Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)- Tarzan (Tarzan)- John Smith (Pocahontas) - David Kawena (Lilo & Stitch) -> Part 1- David Kawena (Lilo & Stitch) -> Part 2- Sully (Monsters University)- Cobra Bubbles (Lilo & Stitch)- Aladdin (Aladdin)- Mufasa (The Lion King)- Dimitri (Anastasia)- Beast (Beauty and the Beast)- Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)- Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Halloween)- Tadashi (Big Hero 6)- Nick Wilde (Zootopia)- Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)- Prince Hans & Kristoff (Frozen)- Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove)-Patcha (The Emperor's New Groove)- Wall-E (Wall-E)[not just written by me but also by many co-authors that helped inspire and write]

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Dead End Disney

Have you ever been to Disney World? Or How about Disney Land? Animal Kingdom is a must am I right? And I'm sure you have been to Epcot! A new Disney attraction has come to Orlando, Florida and it's called Dead End Disney! But Dead End Disney has a few....horrifying secrets.Finished 7/2/16*Book Two Has Been Made*

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Disney gay ships

Most of these are NOT my work. These stories belong to people on Tumblr. Do NOT give me credit for these stories unless it says otherwise

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Disney Girls x Male Reader One Shots

Romantic short stories involving various Disney/Pixar ladies and the male reader.

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All About Disney

Did you know that the voice of Yoda is the same voice as Miss Piggy? Or that it was originally meant for Joy and Fear to go on the journey into Riley's mind, instead of Joy and Sadness?! This book is a Disney fan's paradise! There will be movie facts, secrets, quotes, opinions, and more! °o° YAY Mickey! This story is featured on @DisnerdsCentral Go check them out!

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Disney Robin Hood X Reader

Y/N has been Robin Hood's best friend since the were cubs. And she's always had a crush on him, question is: does he like her back?In this book I have changed it s that maid Marian is already married to another fox named Thomas.I own none of these characters except Y/N and Thomas.All rights go to DisneyRankings:#1 Robin Hood#1 Little John#6 Disney#1 Maid Marian#1 Folktale

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The Disney Chronicles III: Fantasia

The ponies of Equestria are organizing a concert in Canterlot. While Octavia is brainstorming with Twilight, the book, once more, summoned our Equestrian heroes for another adventure. This time they will be sent to a special place that connects to worlds that are created by classical music. Worlds that contain massive dinosaurs, a mouse who wants to be a great sorcerer and a terrifying monster with great control over the darkness.

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Go the Distance- Hercules x reader *Completed*

Hercules only wanted to be a hero. The good guy to every ending fairy tale. The only thing on his mind was to rejoin with his father, Zeus. Part of the heroes. Until he meets you. You made him love, you made him hate, you made him human. Continue to read to find out your love story between you and the skinny, young man to dashing hero. Between the emotions of love, jealousy, hate, lust, and even betrayal. By disney_reader Copy right I do not own Disney.

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Disney rich guys

Amelia is a tour guide at the happiest place in the world. She has worked there since she was 15, her mother and grandmother worked there Before her and she loves her job. One day she is put in charge of a celebrity tour and she isn't happy. She hates rich guys and them flaunting there money over everyone. But as she gets to know him, does she maybe think she was a little to quick to judge?

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Disney Imagines

Imagines about the characters (or actors and actresses) from your favorite disney shows and movies! I take requests💕

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Twisted Disney

To begin my story, I will tell you that I DO NOT own Disney, Disney Pixar, or any of the Disney Characters in this story.Now that that is out of the way, you should know that this story is not based on the pictures from DeviantArt where they all become zombies.Well, if it isn't about the zombie pictures, what is it about you may ask. This is about what would happen if one event from the Disney movie didn't happen. This story is about what would happen if Cinderella didn't get to try on the glass slipper or if Gaston had defeated the beast.I will warn you that this story might make you kind of emotional if you have a serious connection with some of the characters. While writing this, I teared up a little over what I was writing.A few chapters might also get a little mature. There shouldn't be anything sexual, but there are a few chapters involving death and suicide... You have been warned!

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Disney Ocs

Full of Magical

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Disney ✔️✔️

අනිත් අය ඉංජිනේරුවෝ , විද්‍යාඥයන් වෙන්න හීන දකිද්දි මගේ හීනේ උනේ වෙනම දෙයක්....මම කොහොම හරි මගේ හීනෙට යනවා...මොන බාදක ආවත්..එයා තමා මට හීනයක් දුන්නේ...වෝල්ටර් ඩිස්නි...නැත්තම් වෝල්ට් ඩිස්නි...එයා දීපූ හීනයට මම කොහොම හරි යනවා....එයා නතර කරපු තැනින් මම පටන් ගන්නවා...අම්මා නැති උනාට පස්සේ මගේ තාත්තා වෙන කෙනෙක් බැන්දා....අවුරුදු කීපෙකින් තාත්තා නැති උනා....කුඩම්මාත් වෙන කෙනෙක්ව බැන්දා....දැන් ඒ ඉන්නේ මගෙ අම්මායි තාත්තයි නෙමේ...තාත්තා ඉන්න කාලේ වගේ මගේ හීනෙට උදවු කරන්න කවුරුත් දැන් මට නෑ....කුඩම්මලා මට බැන්නා...මගේ හීනය බොලද විකාරයක්ලු...හීනයක්ම විතරලු....༺ හීන දකින්නන් කිසිදා පරාජය නොවේ ༻

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Disney Taken Over

"This time, I don't need a prince in shining armor. I don't need Eric. I will save myself, and all of Disney." Ariel has a wonderful life. It has been three great years of life with Eric, and everything was going smoothly... until her worst nightmare comes true. The Big Three are unleashed and only three people in all of Disney can save everyone. Ariel must team up with Aurora and Aladdin to rescue all that is known- but what happens when her own world is turned upside down? Will she find a new love? Or will her happily ever after cease to exist?

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