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Take A Shot For Me

When an unexpected tragedy threatens to tear apart two best friends, one must bring to light a secret that will change everything.Notable Achievements#1 - #dashiexp

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Virtual Revenge

This is a story that you'll want to "virtually" die for! An ex baby girl sends out a mysterious package to YouTuber, Dashie and his two friends Coryxkenshin & Poiised. All three end up falling for her trap and they all get sucked (PAUSE) into a virtual reality nightmare and they need to figure a way out! As Dashie would say "I don't fuck with books!" But I know you guys do!! Feel free to see where the story goes!!

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Steamers imagines

Kai Cenat๐ŸญChrisnxtdoor๐ŸฆฟAgent00๐Ÿ‘€Duke Dennis๐Ÿ‘ด๐ŸฟFanum ๐Ÿ”Davisss๐Ÿ’•Yourrage๐Ÿค–BruceDropEmOff๐ŸŒšBerleezy๐Ÿ‘ฝCoryxKenshin๐Ÿ—กDashiegames๐Ÿ˜ซRicothegiant๐Ÿง๐Ÿฟโ™‚๏ธPlaqueboymax๐Ÿ‘ปTheJonfamily๐Ÿ‘พAimHigh๐Ÿฉน

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More Than A Game

Start: August 1st 2015Finished: September 2nd 2015*WARNING* This story was written when I was 15 years old so beware of cringe lol! But enjoy!____________________________________Autumn aka DatGamerChick on youtube is somewhat famous for her gaming videos. She spends her day playing away and watching her youtuber DashieXP or DashieGames. He always kept her smiling. What if they meet? Wth will happen? Well it is more than a game you know.

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Laughs shared with your favorite youtubers

I have no decription for this! But its funnier than a bitch.

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Best Dashiexp Quotes

Just a book of quotes on "Dashiegames" channel.

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DashieXP Songs

DashieXP song lyrics basically. Enjoy please!! Let me know if I fucked up on something.

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โ€ข|YouTuber Preferences|โ€ข

Have you ever wanted to find out what your favorite youtubers prefer over some shit? No? Well you're in luck! Welcome to YouTube Preference!(Arts do NOT belong to me)

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Dashiegames x Female Reader

Charlie Guzman or as most of us know him as Dashiegames is a gamer & a big time yeller on Youtube. but when hes not recording hes usually quiet and sits home alone with no one to talk to... till he met you

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YouTubers Meet Jigsaw

"Hello...I Want To Play a Game..."a Group of YouTubers Gets Captured By The Infamous Jigsaw Killer and Must Escape."Live or Die...Make Your Choice..."

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Jacksepticeye, Crankgameplays, and Markiplier videos

Just some videos of youtubers :P Its not just Mark Jack and Ethan. There is Cinnamon Toast Ken, DanTDM, Dan and Phil, Pewdiepie, Bob, Wade, Tyler. You get the point. Have requests? Comment on the latest chapter or message me! Enjoy!

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About Myself!


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The Samurai Who Got To My Heart

So I haven't seen any CoryxKenshin fanfics, so why not write my own? --------------------------------------------- Parents can sometimes be the worst, huh? Taking away video game time. Sometimes making you do stuff. Your father becoming drunk and trying to have sex with you. Yeah. Those happen to me. My name is Alice. "Such a sweetheart name." My father said to me when I was first borned. "You're daddy's little whore..." He whispered while touching me when I was 10. "Get ready tomorrow for daddy's big toy..." He said the night before I ran away. "Hey? You okay?" Said a voice that would soon just be like a angel to me. Or he likes to be called, a Samurai Angel.

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The Fucking Guide to Sarcasm and Jokes

The Book of Roasts and Funny Jokes. The baby is the mascot for this.PLEASE VOTE BECAUSE IF YOU ASK ME I"LL DO IT FOR YOU!

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character aesthetics.

[a lil' something more]arrow, brooklyn nine nine, five feet apart, game of thrones, harry potter, jane the virgin, marvel, shadowhunters, stranger things, teen wolf, the 100, the vampire diaries, the society, the umbrella academy, to all the boys i've loved before, the witcher, the originals, the good place, legacies, anne with an e.

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Dashie x reader

Don't hate

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TINA (dashiegames)

Dashie x .........TINA.....For shits and giggles because why not LETS DO THE SHYIT

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Battles and Deceptions

Cory and Dashie were just hanging out then something happened will Cory and Dashie be able to defeat the intruders...? Read to find out

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YTBB 2: The Return Of The Burning

And we're back! In the last book many YouTubers(117) received substantial burns and was rushed straight to the hospital. But some was left untouched, so let's get burning.

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Dashie and Heath (A love waiting to be sparked).

(now this is my fantasy you don't have to like it) Dashie and Heath have been friends since like daycare but when they hit college they start feeling something. And the chapters are short just to let you know. Also this is my first real love story so leave positive feedback.

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Random stuff...yeah...

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The Water Dancer: Youtubers x Angel! Water Dancer! Tomboy! Reader

Y/n is a angel tomboy. She likes to dance with the water. She has Angel powers and she can control the water. She knows the youtubers Coryxkenshin, Dawko, POIISED, H2ODELIRIOUS, Jacksepticeye, DashieGames, DAGames, Markiplier, TasteGaming, CistReactz, AyChristene, DangMattSmith, Zalzar, Luigikid, Lankybox, Kubz Scouts, Collins Key and 8Bit-Ryan.What happens when she meets them and they all go on this weird find out where she belongs.I don't own any of the pictures or music in this.

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Omnitrix Bros

Young Ben & Older Ben have made new friends but they didn't know that the people they met have 3 Omnitrixes, Prototype on their left wrist, Ultimatrix on their right wrist, and The Omnitrix on their neck.Ben(10 years old): Wait, you guys also have a Omnitrix but in different colors.Mewtwo: THAT'S RIGHTCloud: YO, EVERYONEDashiegames: What?Cobanermani456: Guess what time it isRobin(Fire Emblem male): Is it smash time?Kaggyfilms: NO YOU BIG PIECE OF SHIT Wildmutt: It's Everyone: IT'S HERO TIMEGreymon digivole to... Four Arms Sonic: Woo, what blastBen(16 years old Ultimate alien): Sooooo, what now? King Dedede: How about Digimon: Cyber quest?Kirby: Help helpMeta Knight: My LegKaggyfilms: HEY!!!!!Kirby & Meta Knight: What? Kaggyfilms: THAT'S MY LINE!!!!Yuma: It's time to duelBen(Omniverse): Who's gonna duel?Shark, Kaiba, and Chazz :US VS. YOU THREEBens: Us? YesBen(omniverse): Alright then let's duelShark has his D-Gazer and duel disk Ness: Heads or TailsHeads TailsShark,Kaiba,and Chazz makes the first moveDuelChazz: My turn, I summoned Ojama green, I set a card, I end my turn.Shark: My turn, I summoned Suign, I end my turn.Kaiba: My turn, I summoned Kaiba Man, I set a card, I end my turn.Toon Link & Link: Okay what's going on?Corrin(male):It's a duel between newbies and masters Link: CoolBen(10 years old): My turn, I draw, I summoned beaver warrior, and active my spell card, soul exchange.Shark: SOUL EXCHANGE!? WHAT'S THAT!?Ben(10 years old): It allows me to choose one of my monsters and it to you, AND I can also choose one of opponent's monsters and give it to me.Kaiba: So who do you choose?Ben(10 years old): I chose Suign.Shark: WHAT!!Ben(10): I set two cards and end my turnBen(UA): It's my turn, I draw, I summoned thundus and I'm going to attack beaver warriorShark:Argh LP 7500Ben(ua): I set a card and end my turnBen(omniverse): My turn, I draw ooooooooooh, I summoned the

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