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We'll meet again { Dnf }

SMUTchildhood friendsenemies in highschoollovers in the end <3new parts every few days xxx

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Demon Slayer agere

I couldn't find any so I decided to make some ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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vocaloid scrunklies

yeeas their family dynamic its canon

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spiderverse agere


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Wanna do an art trade with me? Or a writing trade? You're in luck! Check this book out to get more information!!

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Soon after the GGO incident was over, Asuna has been acting suspicious whenever Kirito is around. What is she up too? How will Kirito react to the issue? Read and find out. Yes if you can't tell by the cover of this story, this is indeed a Kinon story (Kirito x Sinon) (Terrible summary I know)

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For all you out there that can't sleep like me

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Cradled in love

Your not alone

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International university of health and welfare

Stories about growing up to university

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Jamebus Abroad to Exelon World

storytale about jame ixelon world with puppies

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Don't get me wrong

I am miss understood and I don't know how to fix it...I am who I am today because of being called to clingy or not attached enough....I have to wear a mask of what others want me to be all day long and never take it off because even at home I'm not welcomed. I'm only a resident that has to act like they want me to so I can stay here...This is for all those people that are misunderstood...

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Albus Sever Malfoy (scorbus)

A story of a potter and a malfoy falling for eachother and fighting the new generation of dark wizards and witches.

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ABANDONED (for obvious reasons) // Veddie (Symbrock)

this is my first time trying to write me own story. so why not start with the cutest ship?edit: thank you everyone for the support! anne and dan have already found out venom didn't die because they kinda caught them making out previously hehehe

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red sniper and blue soldier, caught in a crossfire of love. ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’ฅ

this is an ai generated tf2 story of my and a friends oc that the clyde ai chatbot on discord created

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The Art of Origami and Flirting

We've all experienced it before. The cute individual sitting oh so close, but just far enough that we don't know what to do to get their attention. Well ladies and gentleman, one boy has figured it out.Photo credit to "rockgem" on Deviantart for her images.

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An Evening with a Chainsaw

In the stillness of the night, a sound and a scent captivate the mind of our main character, only to lead them to a startling discovery, and a gripping flight for their continued existence. After all, what would you do if a man in an orange jump suit came at you with a chainsaw?

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Prime Suspect

Upon the discovery of a bizarre murder, police immediately suspect a Unicorn. Meanwhile, Stanley, continuously harassed by the fuzz, takes it upon himself to solve the case and prove his innocence. His investigations lead to his own mortal peril however, as the true perpetrator goes on the hunt once again.

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Binomial Nuisance

What happens when marine bio, a college dorm, and magic have an eccentric encounter?"Binomial Nuisance" follows the misadventure of Kyle, a young college student studying a bit of this, a bit of that, a dash of marine bio, and perhaps some magic. When a simple study session takes a turn for the worst, Kyle is the only one who can deal with the mess.

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The Unspoken Rule

In a world if strict dichotomy between a realm that is, and one that is not, there can be no cross over. But when a loved one is ripped away from the Red City and doomed to live eternally in the realm of unimaginable brokenness, can there be any hope for redemption? Once cast into the Blue City, is one cursed to remain there forever? For our protagonist, is is the way things are. But must it be the way things shall always be?

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Stephanie and Her Premature Armageddon.

Stephanie's college finals may be over, but when a bio experiment goes horriby wrong on her campus, she finds herself in an apocalypse survival crash course as her college, and perhaps the world, become threatened by a horrific invasion of zombies.

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Humanity thrives. Dozens of colonies, and thousands of cultures are cared for by one enlightened and governing parliament, until the entire system suffers collapse. A sudden and unforeseen strike force of highly gifted and indoctrinated children is set loose upon the infrastructure with one unshakable goal, collapse. Yet, Claire, commander of the Reckoning, begins to discover the cost of her crusade. Can she stop the chain of events set into motion? Or has she already sealed the fate of human kind?

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In a perfect world without crime, all it takes is one glitch in the master computer to bring down the house of cards. The Sentinel is a supercomputer designed to monitor human behavior. In thirty years, it’s never once missed a crime, until now. Glitch is a thrilling short story about Nathan Sykes, a simple programming technician, who finds himself responsible for his society’s collapse, and it’s up to Nathan, to try and put everything back together again.

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