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⚠️tw⚠️ mental health issue's such as sh, depression, Ed and suicide...y/n garcia penelope's sister has been with the bau for 1 year. she's a very private person but now, her mental health caves in after another lose in her life.everyone will see how broke y/n is on the inside. the team does everything to help her.Emily prentiss x readerI don't own any of the caracters.Execpt y/n ( and other non crimi caracters) and the storyline.I may use part of the original storyline idk yet#1 #sh ( 21 March 2023)#1 #prentiss (11 March 2023)#1 #deppresion (13 March 2023)#3 #mentalhealth (13 March 2023)#1 #fbiagent (21 March 2023)#2 #trauma (2 April 2023)#1 #unsub (1 April 2023)#2 #blood ( 9 April 2023)#2 #prentissxreader (15 April 2023)#3 # penelope (19 april 2023)#6 #garcía (16 april 2023)#9 #taralewis (19 april 2023)#1 #dead ( 12 june 2023)

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Criminal Minds Imagines <3

Like the title says, imagines. Characters will be mostly HotchMorganAndReid*requests for characters or imagines r accepted*NO SM^T!!!These may have TWPlease be kind I haven't written before!I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS!!!I also write Marvel Imagines in another story!!!

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Love (Criminal Minds) *Completed*

This is a Jeid, Hotchniss, and Morcia story. If you don't like one of the ships don't read.*Completed*

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This one has a lot to deal with your mental health. You're Jelaina Morgan *sry no Y/N*, you're 13, this is set in your 7th grade year. You do this sport called Color (or Winter) guard, and it's your outlet from the stresses of life... or it was supposed to be... you see, you're a captain on your team and the team was full of rookies with no discipline. Your dad works at the B.A.U and your mom is a receptionist at a bank. Her and your dad, Derek Morgan, split up soon after you were born. You live with your dad most of the time but when he's on cases, you stay with your toxic mom. Derek isn't aware of how toxic she is and the toll it's putting on you. This story has TW's:E.D, SH, Anxiety, and depression*If you need to talk, i'm here for you*I will teach you about guard in the A/N if you don't already know.

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Never Together Nor Apart

Emily Prentiss is a new member of the FBI's BAU team. She meets a tall, dark haired man. From what she can tell he never smiles, but she wanted to change that. Will they end up together or will everything she's achieved fall apart?Highest Rankings:#2 in addict (out of 1000+)#17 in murderer (out of 1000+)#1 in Haley Hotchner (out of 14)#41 in Emily (out of 1000+)#33 in aaron (out of 1000+)Started in June 2021Ended in April 2022

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Spencer Reid x Reader oneshots

Little stories of Spencer reid x femreader! I take requests :)

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Do you really love me? ~A Draco and Hermione Love Story~

This is a story about Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy's secret love!!! Please Read

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You're Y/N Hotchner, you're 17, you go out on your first date with your crush and your father, Aaron Hotchner, sends the team to follow you around and you're having none of it. In this Jack exists and he's your older brother but Haley never existed and your mom is very much alive. Idk yet but I may give you anxiety bc why not? ***ALSO MY WRITING HAS A MALE LOVE INTEREST BUT CHANGE IT AS NEEDED***My inspiration for this story was something that I wrote in my head that I kept on rescripting for like 3 months lolEnjoy!!

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Marvel Imagines

Like the title says, Marvel Imagines, this includes BF/GF or Husb./Wife Imagines and parent ones (they're your parent). Requests are open! NO SM^T!!! *my phone has been acting weird so yeah*Love you guys! Have fun reading!

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The espionage

You're doing work for the state department , and a case goes wrong , so you're lucky to be alive . You're reinvented as someone new. New name , new appearance , and new job . Can u continue your life after dr Reid comes into the mix ? How do u think he's going to feel when he finds out you've been lying to him ? Can you and Reid's relationship ever stay the same when he finds out about the lies ?

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Twisted Vengeance

When a former member of the FBI returns as an unsub, this time targeting Prentiss, the team must try to save her before the surrogates become Agent Prentiss herself. (Spoiler Warning: Belongs as the finale of season 4). There is a bit of Jemily, though it is NOT a shipfic. Updates regularly (every few days) TW: Murder, mentions of sexual assault, suicide

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My Safe Place

As Will, JJ's boyfriend, begins to abuse her. She turns to one of her most trusted friends to help her. When Will realizes whats going on, he takes matters into his own hands, leaving a scar.Highest Rankings: #1 in witness protection (out of 127)#49 in jennifer (out of 1000+)#3 in Jeid (out of 265)#24 in jenniferjareau (out of 1000+)#2 in addict (out of 1000+)Started in June 2021Ended in June 2021

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Realization - A Criminal Minds Fanfiction

Jennifer Jareau has been married to her husband, Will LaMontagne for close to 8 years. They have two beautiful children Henry and Micheal. After her and Reid are captured, her 'perfect family' falls apart when she realizes she doesn't love Will the way she once did.Highest Rankings:#5 in jenniferjareau (out of 1000+)#6 in Michael (out of 1000+)#14 in Jennifer (out of 1000+)#1 in Jeid (out of 262)#1 in addict (out of 1000+)Started in June 2021Ended in June 2021

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A Life Worth Living ~Hermione and Draco Story~

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Spencer Reid One Shots

Just a bunch of one shots. I had almost 300k views before my book got deleted.

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Conversations (A Hotchniss fanfic!)

Hey guys! This is my first continuing fanfic! It establishes a relationship that continues to grow

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Criminal Minds one shots

One ShotsSome may have 2-3 partsSome are Smut and some are NOT ships just stories based around friendshipsFemale oral receiving. Rough sexForeplayRopesSpankings given by hand, paddle, and beltRomantice ships: HotchnissJemilyJeidFriendships:DemilyMoreidHeidMorciaDisclaimer!! I do not own any rights to any characters or the show. I just own the background stories that are made up.

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Marvel dad imagines..?

The Marvel men are your dads and stay tuned for what happens next!Send requests!

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The Pieces of a Broken Heart: a Jeid fanfic

JJ and Spencer have been friends for years. Close friends. They have the same job and understand each other very well.Will is JJ's long term boyfriend. He is a cop as JJ is an FBI agent. They get each other well, but not that much. They've had multiple arguments about their jobs, but this last one was the worst. JJ decided that it was time to move on.JJ and Spencer have a strong friendship, but will it get stronger when their boss (Hotch) puts them as an undercover couple for a case in Florida...for a whole weekend? Find out in: "The Pieces of a Broken Heart" (this book)

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Criminal Minds: A Young Mind

Sam Carter isn't your average teenager not just by attending a school which specialises training for those to hopefully work alongside the FBI, but she has a brain that works in ways that others can't understand. Once she sparks the interest of the SSA's of the Behavioural Analysis Unit, she's introduced to the reality of serial killers, kidnappers and other criminals as well as trying to balance a somewhat normal life of a fifteen year old.I did not create the Criminal Minds cast however I did create the story plot, other characters and events that take place and if you find anyone copying or stealing my work, you will be in deep trouble... anyways enjoy!

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Hawaii Gone Haywire

Derek Morgan has fallen in love with a member if his BAU team, Penelope Garcia. As one of the cases unravels, the team finds out that the un-sub may be someone very close to Derek's beloved Garcia, Kevin Lynch. Will they find him in time? Only time will tell...

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Girl genius

Hotch's old colleague died reversing the custody to Taylor's uncle, but he gets sent to jail for physical abuse, neglect, and rape charges,so at 13 Hotch takes custody, and Taylor joins the BAU team at 24 years old, and ends up meeting 25 year old Spencer Reid. Will they have problems? Will it last? Will Hotch even approve?###I DO NOT OWN ANY CRIMINAL MINDS CHARACTERS OR SCENES, I OWN ONLY THE CHARACTERS AND SCENES I MADE UP###

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After Carly Shay left for Italy, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson's lives were so much less fun and more boring than ever. But when Carly gets kidnapped in Italy, and the BAU is called in on the case, things get a lot more interesting... Sam discovers new things about herself, her family, and how strong the bond of teamwork can be.A crossover between Criminal Minds, iCarly, Big Time Rush, Victorious, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.*PARODY*

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serial killer / hs

I cannot escape I cannot hide I lock my thoughts and fears inside. I look again, and now I see The evil eyes approaching me. My legs are ripped; my arms are torn My conscience weak; my soul is worn I think aloud, &quot;Why must this be?&quot; The evil eyes now killing me...WARNING: i wrote this when i was 15, and i honestly wanna delete but I'm not going to because it's memories LMFAO

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A  Mikaelson not a Stilinski

Being edited right now! Chapter one is done! Go read it!He is known by his pack as "weak", "pathetic" Stiles StilinskiOnce he gets kicked out of his "pack" he reveals his true identity Stiles Mikaelson is one of the sons of the original vampire family He is characterized as devious cunning and selfish until he revisits an old flame

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Sleep with one eye open

When Penelope gets back from her honeymoon, she notices a note on her door, keeping her living in constant fear. What did the note say? How will she handle it? But the real question is... Who put it on her door, and why did they put it there..?

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