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When Louis mum Jay meets her new partner James, she didn't tell Louis he lived on a ranch five hours away. Louis is made to go out to the ranch for the summer, he meets James 4 sons and It's not as bad as he thought it would be...until tragedy strikes and Louis world is turned upside down.

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Cowboy Take Me Away

#1 in Cowgirl #1 in Rodeo #1 in Farm #1 in CountryCooper Blackwood, new to Hudson, is a deep-rooted cowboy. He's already made a troublesome reputation in the small town in the year he's been here, but the girls can't help but dream about his southern charm. DaKota Jones returns to her small hometown, Hudson, after secretly moving away to get away from something or someone. DaKota is homegrown cowgirl, and every cowboy dreams about her. When DaKota and Cooper marked eyes at each other, it marked a start of something that they would of never guessed would of happened to them.

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Lonely Cowboy Looking For....

Kyle is a single father of two children, one with special needs. He's tired of being lonely. His friends suggest posting an ad online to see whats out there. Rebecca is a pediatric nurse who's life just isn't what she wants. She wants a family and children. One night she comes across an online ad by accident.Lonely Cowboy Looking for Something More....Will this Cowboy find someone to take his loneliness away?

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Cowboy, Stay with Me

For Lucy, Sean was the one who got away. Now US Marshal, Sean shows back up in Lucy's peaceful farm life to shake her to her core all over again. But can their love survive what's coming next?

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A Cowboy's Kiss

You know how you sometimes get a crush on someone whose older? Well that's how Brian Clark felt, the moment he laid eyes on the dashing, hard-bodied cowboy, Jay Carter.

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 making a cowboy

Grace is a 18 year old girl that is doing everything in her power to keep her brother alive. She is troubled and always has been but when your dads a drug addict what can you do. Her brother gets into trouble and ends up on a ranch after our dad died. Grace had got to go find him and make a choice.Rip×oc

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My Cowboy, My Hero

As one of Georgia's most successful ranchers, Rhye Collins doesn't have time to even consider dating, but that changes when he meets Katrina Davis. When he sees the beautiful, but broken, girl. It is an instant attraction. It isn't a sexual attraction, but an urge to protect the innocent beauty from a horrible past and an even less desirable future. When he finds out her caregiver is trying to force her into a marriage with a man who thinks she is useless, he steps in and does the only thing a southern cowboy can do and asks her to marry him. Katrina quickly accepts his offer, but doesn't believe she can be the wife he deserves. She has been brought up to believe a woman's place was in the home. A wife, by her definition, is someone who can cook, clean and bare children, things she has never been able to do, not that she has been given the chance. Rhye doesn't believe that, he feels a marriage is a partnership and he is so proud that God gave him Katrina as a partner, but can he convince her of that? Find out in "My Cowboy, My Hero".

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Mr.Cowboy's Kinda Bad

**Under revision sorry for all the grammar errors**Meet seventeen year old Addison Miller. She's the definition of your typical good girl. She is forced to move to a small town in Georgia and being labeled as a city girl might not be so easy. Going to Lee County High is probably her worst nightmare. Now bring in Tatum Boyer, he's the school's notorious bad boy who just so happens to be rude, arrogant, popular, gorgeous, and most of all, a cowboy. What Addison doesn't know, is that she's in for one hell of a year. She will being doing things she never thought she would do in a lifetime like, partying, drinking alcohol, riding a horse, going mud bogging, drag racing her enemy on a quad, smoking her first cigarette, almost getting hit by the night train, but most of all, falling in love with the cowboy whose kinda bad. With Tatum's southern boy charm and bad boy ways, can he manage to get this life long city girl to turn fall for him? As more secrets become revealed, which will be the one to tear Addison apart?

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Cowboy Guardian{Cowboy Protector 1}

Kylie Daniels is on the run from her past with the help from her best friend. Keeping a low profile for 18months wasn't easy, especially with an almost 2yr old. But she did. But when a cute 6yr old and her dad come into the bookstore will she stay happy with her life now or want something more?‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ZANE SAVAGE cowboy at heart happy with his life. Running his ranch, raising his daughter, helping his brother with bronco riding. But when he comes back from a summer of riding and traveling to get cattle and horses. He didn't think he needed anymore on his plate. Until he takes his daughter to the new bookstore for her birthday. Meeting the sweet, shy, cute owner he realizes he could have something more in his life.★**********************************★EDITING IN PROGRESS___________________________Cover by @RyeGeoff

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The Cowboy's Love

Wade smiled at her, and their eyes met. Aubrey held her breath as she studied his sapphire eyes, so deep and so bold. If only they didn't look as if they were piercing through her soul. "I know that I can grow to love you with all my heart, and I'm gonna make you love me right back... even if it kills me" he whispered. Aubrey Cutshall is a woman who has no idea what she wants or how she wants it, and that goes double for husbands. When a problem with her grandmother's will causes her to have need of one of them by her 21st birthday, she sets off to find one of the two-legged annoyances. What she never expected was to find a God-fearing one, let alone a good looking one.All Wade Dylan knows is that he's in a bind. He is caught between his freedom or keeping his honor, but his worries just begin when the choice is made for him. What starts out as a mere arrangement of convenience turns out to be the worst idea of his life.She thinks she doesn't fit in his world. She is his world. Can faith in their God bring them together?

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BEWARE The Cowboy [BWWM]

Reilly Jones works at Ruby's Inn. A prominent diner in Red Oak. She's young, naive and last but certainly not least, one of the only black waitresses working there. She tries to keep a low profile and to herself but little does she know she's on the radar of every guy in a five-mile radius of the Ruby's. However, she thinks herself an average girl, like any other. Only her mother died when she was little and her father spent most of his time at the local bar nursing more than one beer, and she has the mental scars that tell differently. That and she longs to be important ... a least to someone.Gerard Grant always gets the girl. He's a strikingly gorgeous cowboy, not afraid to speak his mind and as typical rich guys go ... he's arrogant. He takes pride in overseeing his family's ranch but when he's not working the ranch, he likes to have fun. Being oh so sure of himself, he gets in on a seemingly harmless bet with a few of his cowhands. The Bet: to get the most unbelievably beautiful and unattainable girl in town, Reilly Jones, to go out with them. Being who he is, he doesn't expect her to toss Iced Tea in his face or worse, reject him and it stings. However, little does the beauty know the games are only just beginning because as everyone knows in Red Oak, this Grant always gets what he wants.All Rights Reserved!!! Highest Rank: #2 in General FictionBOOK 2 - COMPLETEDBEWARE My Cowboy Now available on Radish Username: StellevsCioccolatiniBOOK 3 - ONGOINGBEWARE HER COWBOY Now available on Radish Username: StellevsCioccolatini

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Bear of a Cowboy

Second Lieutenant Avonaco (Bear) Black Feather was a reserve Army Ranger, and Deputy Sheriff. Recently returned from a mission gone bad (where he lost the use of his legs), he stays on the 3B Ranch while his physical wounds heal. Now Honorably Discharged he has little hope of ever returning to a normal life. Gwynevere (Gwyn) Montague is the younger sister of former-Navy SEAL and FBI Agent Nicodemus Montague. With her brother's help she gets a CNA job on the ranch, working for Dr. Rowdy Kincaid. (Her duties are to assist a war hero in his recovery.) Upon her arrival she meets the handsome Native American Cowboy, now confined to a wheelchair. Having lost his faith in both The Lord and himself, he is angry, withdrawn and flatly refusing any Therapy. Can she help this true American Hero find his way back to God? Help him believe in himself again, and help the Ranch defeat this dark shadow that is forever hovering over head? Can she win the heart of this, 'Bear of a Cowboy'?

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The Cowboy Next Door

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Cowboy's Baby

Five months. Seems like just a short amount of time. For Cheyenne Drew it is. Five months ago she let it go too far with a guy. Now she's by herself to finish. Four more months. Sounds simple right? Especially when the father doesn't know a thing about it.

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Cowboy Bull Rider{Cowboy Protector 3}

Casey Landon is hiding from someone she used to trust. Riding in the rodeo with her best friends brother in law she has been able to stay one step ahead of him. But when she starts getting threatening text and notes she gets scared and accidentally tell the one person she never thought she would trust.Zach Savage is a bull and bronco rider. When he finds the girl he has fallen for a scared tear stained mess he finds out the truth for why she pushes everyone away except for Kylie.____________________Cover made by @RyeGeoff

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The Cowboy's Lady

A Cinderella tale from the old westEmeleth watched as the cowboy walked across the dance floor approaching her. Her emotions were mixed. She was elated he had taken her to the dance. He excited her too she had to admit. He had said he would come and take her to the dance. Her heart had responded just to his presence and keeping of his promise. "Relax Em," she whispered to herself, "slow deep breaths...there that's better." But how did she really feel, her feeling were quite mixed. On one hand she absolutely hated the man at times with an intensity that surprised her when he said stupid things which he was apparently good at. Yet she found him attractive, amusing at times and even exciting. She realized that he had found her attractive and she liked that too. He had said as much. Perhaps if he kept his mouth shut she mused. "Yes," whispered to her self, "don't talk cowboy. I'll just look at you and smile." David spotted her standing with her sister and the pastors wife and smiled at her as he approached. "Why did he have to smile?" Emeleth thought and she felt her heart race and her face flush."I believe this dance is mine Em," David said."Em doesn't dance," Amanda said and Phoebe nodded in agreement."But she will with me," David said again smiling as he offered her his arm, "come Cinderella you were born to dance." Emeleth took his arm and followed.

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That Cowboy Love

Amy is an ordinary rodeo girl. She is a professional Barrel Racer that only cares about the rodeo, friends an family . She doesn't really like many boys except for one, But she thinks she doesn't stand a chance with him. But one day she hopes to find the right man for her. Derek is your average cowboy. He is a professional bull rider and the ladies sure do love him. But all he wants is true love. He wants a family and someone that loves everything he does, The Rodeo. He thinks he has found the right girl but turns out wrong. He just hopes he finds the right girl What happens when these two county people meet? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Amy goes to a rodeo and wins, she goes to a after party and gets into some trouble. When someone saves her it ends up being her all time favourite bull rider Derek Collins, The hottest cowboy around. This story is about how Amy meets Derek, accidents happen, friendships are made and true love. Watch their story unfold in this book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not the best at these sorta things but hopefully my book is better. I'm not the one for on and off relationships and for fights to end up as a breakup and then they get back together. This story is of true love and how this happy couple came to meet each other. If you don't like how I have my book please don't say it in the comments because people do actually have feelings.There is now a sequel- Country Love

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The Cowboy Saved Me

18 year old Scarlett Jackson lost her mother at a young age and lives with her father who abuses her. One night Scarlett has a chance to escape and buys a bus ticket to her mothers home town. She ends up in that home town lost...Until Lucas McGraw finds her on the side of the road. Lucas wants to get to know Scarlett,but she wants to keep everything to herself. Will Scarlett be able to keep her past away from Lucas or will it come and hurt them?***************************************************"Scarlett wake up. Scarlett please wake up" I opened my eyes when I felt someone shaking me. I saw Lucas standing in front of me looking at me. I lunged forward holding on to him so tight. I cried so hard because that felt so real to me. "Hey it's ok I got you" Lucas said sitting down and pulling me so that I was on his lap straddling him. He said soothing words so that I would calm down. He also was playing with my hair and it was making me stop crying, But I was still scared out of my mind. Lucas pulled back and put me back into bed. He kissed the top of my head and went to leave but I stopped him. He looked down at me. "Please stay" I whispered not believing that I just said that. "Ok" he said as he got under the covers. He pulled me closer to his chest and only then did I realize he dose not have a shirt on. Breath Scarlett there's just a really hot guy in your bed no need to worry. "Go to sleep I'll be here" that made me feel so much better some how. I felt safe with Lucas. I must since I asked him to stay with me. I don't know what it is but I know that he will never hurt me.

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"One" i said. He gave me a class of whisky and i drink it all in one. "Is that good for a woman?" I heard. There he is again... same village... but enemies. "Who are you to say to me that it's not good for me" I said and turned around. "No one" he said. "Give another one" she said. "Make two of it" he said. We both took it and drink it. "Is that good for a young man like u hu?" I asked. He smirked at me and I smirked to. We drink a little more and it was a whole party in the café. "Come" he said and dragged me outside. I followed him and when we came outside he just stands still. I felt a little dizzy from all that drinking. "You okay?" he asked. "Hmm. Why wouldn't I haha" I said drunk. Owh shit! I never had this... I came a little closer and place a kiss on his cheek. Ugh what am I doing!! "Come. Let me bring you home" he said. I nodded and we go...

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The Cowboy and the Angel | ✓

To him, she was the perfect definition of an angel. What would an angel like her want with a cowboy like him? Did he even stand a chance to win her heart?Dixie Harden and Jason Archer have had it for each other since they were little. After the school closed and the Archer's moved, they haven't seen each other in ages. But that was about to change.One day, unexpectedly, they run into each other at the mercantile. It was peaches and cream from there. All seemed to be perfect, and they would have each other at last, or so they thought. After crucial circumstances pull them apart, the things that surface become too much to bear. Will their love last despite all the lies and treachery, or will the cowboy lose his angel?Started: March, 2019Ended: September 18, 2019Edited: 🚫Word Count: 55,235Note: This was my second ever book to write, and it's super cringy. It's also written in country/western lingo so some things won't seem grammatically correct.Also, this book is based on the Wild West time period (1865-1895). Some of the places that will be mentioned in this book are fictional places I have come up with, others are (or were) real but may look different than they actually looked in history.Scriptures used are from KJV.Rankings:#2 in cowboyromance on 5/22/19#1 in cowboyromance on 8/3/19#3 in oldtimes on 5/4/20#2 in oldwest on 5/4/20#2 in countrylife on 5/4/20#1 in countrylife on 5/22/21#1 in westernfiction on 1/21/21#1 in oldtimes 8/7/21Accomplishments:3rd place in The Galaxy Awards 2020!2nd place in The Lost in Love Awards!1st place in The Cherry Blossom Awards 2020!« © moonkissedgirl 2019 »

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mafia cowboy and his Nurse

this story is about a cowboy who is a mafia boss and who falls in love with a nurse at the local hospital who is a single mom.

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Cowboy Mechanic{Cowboy Protector 2}

Mara is happy she is getting to know her daughter, until someone runs her off the road. Waking up in the hospital she is confused but soon realizes her past is coming back to haunt her. Scared she turns to the one person she tried desperately to forget. Travis Michaels is a ill tempered mechanic. But when he sees the girl that broke his heart standing in the middle of his shop. But when bullets start flying he realizes she's in danger and agrees to help her. But when secrets start coming out will he be able to stay sane long enough to keep her safe._________________Cover by @RyeGeoff

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Her Cowboy

Annabeth Chase--a name known all over the country. She's the number one actress, girls would die to be her and guys would die to be with her. Except for one guy. Luke Castellan. Her all time crush. Luke is cast as the lead in an upcoming movie, and they're going to be holding auditions for the female lead. Annabeth is beside herself, determined to get the part so Luke might give her a second glance. One problem: the upcoming movie is all about horses--one arena that Annabeth has no experience in. So her full-time agent, part-time mother, ships her off to a ranch in Colorado for an undercover summer of learning to be familiar with and ride horses. It's looking like it will be a smooth, easy summer, and then she'll be able to star alongside who she thought was the person she loves. But that all gets thrown for a major loop when she meets her trainer, the rancher's son--Percy Jackson.---PERCY JACKSON FANFICTION - ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN

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Second Chance Cowboy

Fate, Chance, Kismet, or as Lanie would say "Murphy, her guardian angel" has brought two broken hearts into each other's lives by accident. Is it the Florence Nightengale Syndrome, or is it something deeper that grows between them?

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Giddy up Cowboy

(boyxboy) Brayden Mathews and his friends head west to spend the summer with his Grandma Lily. Little did they know they would be working while they were there. Devon Mc Daniels works and lives with Ms. Lily and he has had a rough life. Will Brayden and his friends survive Devon and Ms. Lily?

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Cowboy Ever After

Gretchen Tolliver doesn't believe in happy endings. It would be easy for the down-on-her-luck waitress to fall for rodeo champion Matt Evans' thoughtful charm and gentle spirit. But Gretchen knows, when the rodeo moves on from Blue Falls, Texas, so will Matt.Matt can't stop thinking about Gretchen—her gorgeous smile and the quiet strength beneath her vulnerability. Matt sees that Gretchen's heart has been broken before. But if she'd give him a chance, Matt's ready to prove that Gretchen's happy ending has just begun.Follow the family saga of the TEXAS RODEO BARONS, a new six-book miniseries.And go back to Blue Falls in Trish Milburn’s TEAGUES OF TEXAS trilogy and the BLUE FALLS, TEXAS series!

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