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Possessive Much?

[Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] 🚫WARNING🚫 :| CLICHE ALERT! This is some high class cringe stuff which will make you want to throw yourself out the window |::|You have been warned, proceed at your own risk |: ⬇️He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video."My head snapped up on hearing this and sighed in relief."Than-""On three conditions." He said smirking making me glare at him."Never Stone!" I huffed."Okay then, I'll send it to everyone on my contact list." He said casually picking his phone up.My eyes widened and I held his arm stopping him while he gave me a blank look, but I could see the amusement in his eyes. That jerk!"I...I.." I hesitated looking down."You what?" He asked raising his phone again.I tried to snatch it from him but in vain. "Okay fine, I agree to your conditions!" I say finally defeated making him smirk evilly. ............................................................All Mae wanted was to complete her senior year peacefully but everything is turned upside down when Ryan Stone crashed in her life, literally. They say water is strong enough to break a stone...will the case be same for Mae Waters and Ryan Stone?............................................................Spin Off - 'Smirks & Glares'

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Mr. Possessive

I let out a shaky sigh as I try to compose myself in front of the man who I gave my heart to. His eyes were filled with concern and ache as the rest of them hung their heads in shame. He reached for me and I let him. He placed his hand on my cheek, his thumb wiping away the tears that stained my reddened cheeks. He places a soft kiss on my forehead as a small smile graces his sculpted face.I understand now.Although, he may love me. I will never be enough.I stare at the handsome god-like man before me. It's time to finish what they started. A/NThis has mature content! You have been warned! (THIS HAS NOT BEEN EDITED) By the way this kinda makes fun of cliche stories, cringe away...

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Dawn Of Nothing Certain

The royal family was broken when Delia was just four years old. Her mother suddenly died, leaving her father grief-stricken and out of sorts. Having been sent away at such a tender age, she grew up with a family in a small nearby village, never knowing her father. Until one day, she was suddenly uprooted from the place she called home, she was taken back to the castle. After much effort the two reconnected and started working together, all in the hopes of improving their kingdom......but then everything changed. Princess Delia mysteriously went missing one day, and the residents of the castle grew more and more anxious. However, Delia was learning more about her kingdom than she had ever wanted. With dark secrets around every corner, she'll have to gather her strength, and her wits, in order to protect her family, and her life.

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Alone Or Lonely?

HIGHEST RANK#162 in teen fiction .............................................................Since childhood, as every normal kid the girl too was an obedient child or to say an innocent child with simple dreams and expectations. Daddy's little girl and the star of her Mother's eye, the girl grew up to truly becoming an ambassador of her parent's dreams and ambitions. Say it societal pressure or sometimes even buttering own pride, just for the mere satisfaction of being able to boast of in front of a group of spectators, we often are made to do things which we simply hate, but call it mere fate or inability to retaliate, all of us have to pass through this phase sometime in our lives! This little girl however was a little more fortunate, to have such a phase that overshadowed almost a major chunk of her adolescence. Since then there had always been an undesired silence, an unabridged gap between the girl and her parents that made its brief encounters in its own form at such situations..............................................................When you do not have people around you to share even the smallest happiness or the slightest sorrow in your life and you get the feeling of being the only surviving human on the planet, you are alone. But what is being lonely then? Do these two things mean the same or something really different? Does a few compilation of words in a dictionary explain the meaning of these two words clearly?Well, Alone or Lonely is an intriguing tale of a young girl Mira Mathur, who is a simple college going girl who is neither depressed nor dejected with life but still faces issues of being solitary. The story mainly embarks upon the equation she shares with her parents, her friends and her not so friends! It is a journey that leads her to a complete new revelation about herself with bits of instances from our routine lives, which again poses the main question. Is Mira just a girl from another story or is she U, is she Me?

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Too Cliche or Not Too Cliche

This book is cliché af at some parts but not in most . The only reason this story has a synopsis is because I can't remember the plot nor can I remember the names of the characters.This story is about a boy and a girl(duh) . Her names Taylor Summers and his Alexander Ryder(the names already cliché) . She lived in a small house and he moved in next door . Read on to know what the future holds ...cause I don't know ...yet.

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Daya Rae Todd daughter of Red Hood (female Damian Wayne)

Basically when Jason was back at the league him and Tahlia fucked and Tahlia purposefully got pregnant, but didn't tell Jason, 9 months later when he's living with Roy and Kori Tahlia shows up and is like here have your child she won't have a good life at the league her name is Daya Rae Al Ghul Todd (fem!Damian) and Roy and kori are like wtf but also aww. For like 4/5 years shits goin ok then the batclan show up.

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♡But it sounds just like falling in love.♡ | OC x König Oneshots

Not beta read, probably a lot of misspellings Spade is my bbg CoD oc, he's a lil messed up. He's referred to as Klaus oftenMaybe angst? I dunnoI speak German, but some things may be off in translation. My bad

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Total Drama 🫧Resort Messages🐠🫧

🏝️The original cast from Total Drama Island are back and better than ever! Duncan, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Izzy, Gwen, Owen, Katie, Sadie, Heather, Lindsay, Justin, Courtney, Cody, Tyler, Leshawna, Harold, Geoff, DJ, Trent, Eva, Beth, and Noah are all out of high school and decide to enter the reality tv show that is 'TOTAL DRAMA RESORT!'The cast explicitly portrays ONLY the TDI and some from TDROTI characters and nothing beyond except inspiration from storylines. They are in an alternate universe which means the TDI universe never existed or happened. Yes, that means these are the characters you all know and love without the... ahem deviations and derailments.Find out what they talk about and what they have to say about each other! Over text messages, text story, and total drama messages/messenger!🏝️DISCLAIMER! THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE, NOR DO I OWN ANY OF THE COPY RIGHT TO THEM. ALL CHARACTERS ARE WRITTEN UNDER FAIR USE!

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Gabriel Agreste's A+ Parenting

A few angsty one shots.🚫WARNINGSome shorts allude to suicide and physical and/or mental abuse.

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Bendy and the Ink Machine shite

I had to-

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To Save a Life

Warren would do anything for his cousins. ANYTHING. Even betray them.

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Criminal Masterminds of the 21st Century

Narrator: Five kids, I mean teenagers, ehem I mean five young adults venture out in this world to solve mysteries and uncover secr-Leo: Why do we sound like the Scooby doo Gang?Matt: Oh you mean mystery incorporated?Kaelie and Julius: *surpresses their laugh*Diane: Here you go, this script is even...better.Leo: It's probably Octavian, that bastard.Narrator: Anyways...Five young adults solve cases unsolved by the government. An Assassin, A genius, A skeptic, A master criminal and An artist.

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mha: RED

summary: a different person in mha born as bakugoact:1 the life of katsuki while growing up

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New Year's

A beautiful, cheeky and absolutely remarkable New Year's story.[A collaboration with @elizas34fg and @ChasingMadness24]

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Hospitals are apparently beautifully romantic places, as are battlefields.ORNiall can heal alarmingly fast, and Zayn has a problem with hurting people.

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Just a oneshot that I wrote in English.TW murder and slight goreI don't really know what this is anymore so enjoy!

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Billy La Bufanda X Yandere Las Botas

Made as a joke in the sunfish cult chat with everyone in the different language classes.

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~Is the Story of No Story Still a Story?~ The Stanley Parable

There is no story here. No narrative or plot. No meaning or reason. How can it possibly be a story? Unless you don't need a story to have a story? Could that be it?Whatever the case, Stanley is very confused about this whole thing. I do hope he figures it out soon.

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the dead face at school

basically Ruv fanfic, but if he was in high school with all of the other FNF universe characters. and Whitty is a jerk. the only reason this story is not complete is that i will continue to write more and more of it. for as long as i have inspiration.

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Midnight Kisses L.S

The one where Louis's outrunning everything (including his feelings), Niall's Niall, Liam's loving protein, and Harry's a little bit of a mystery with eyes green enough to captivate a certain blue eyed boy.And what happens in the bookstore, stays in the bookstore.

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Teenage Dreams

Completed.Regular high school kids can sure have a lot to hide no? Follow characters inspired by your favourite Hetalia characters while they live their teenage lives. ^FOCUSES ON MATT AND LUKAS NOW THO. THEY'RE THE MAIN CHARACTERS AND YEA. OR AT LEAST AFTER CHAPTER I DUNNO 18 IT REVOLVES AROUND THEM AND STUFF. I'LL MAKE DIFFERENT STORIES FOR THE OTHER CHARACTERS :)Matthias (I spelt his name two different ways ;-;) is a quiet kid in school, but that wasn't always the case... ^^that was some movie trailer shit^^So I wanted to see how this would go as a Hetalia like thing then I might make it my own like ya know, so yea. Basically it's your favourite Ships, characters, and stuff that happen. There's also a lot of drama. Be warned for mature topics (not really but I might add some later), fluffffffffffffffff, swearing (I'll try to tone it down 99 notches), and Denmark being OC-ish. Characters:?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??/ ??????? (Prussian flag *cries*)?? ?? ?? Etc. (Like ??, ??, ??, ??)You gotta know your flags peeps. I don't own these characters btw. I own the story tho :)Ships ?:?? X ?? And basically just put the ones on top with the ones on the ones under them if that makes sense (not the etc ones though)So yea!!! Please read this, I spent time on this crapOops. Welp. Cheese. Ciao ;)//Btw, I don't own Hetalia> idk if I already said this, but Yee, and thanks for 100 reads Oh and like you'll get to it but at some point it becomes only about Matt 'n' Lukas. It was originally called something else but eh. Ciao.

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Anime x Reader (requests are open)

(cover by @SisterButNotCis-ster)

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Just a bunch of random stuff, have fun and stay wild.

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