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Danganronpa oneshots

I try to be active i swear. Also you can blatantly see my style change LMAAOO#1 on danganronpaoneshots!#1 on junko#1 on danganronpa1

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☆ Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios ☆

I'm bored in quarantine so hello wattpadCharacters I will be doing 💗........Shuichi Saihara 🔍Kokichi Oma 😈Rantaro Amami 🥑Chihiro Fujisaki 💻Kiyotaka Ishumaru 📑Byakuya Togami 💵K1-B0 🤖Gonta Gokuhara 🐞Makoto Naegi 🍀

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Reacting to Danganronpa ships

I have no fear. Fucking try to scare me

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Back To The Spirit World. (A Chihiro x Haku story.)

⚠️ READ BEFORE READING THE STORY ⚠️I do not own any of these characters from Spirited Away. Credits to Studio Ghibli for making the wholesome movie.Movie name : Spirited AwayCreator/s of the movie : Studio Ghibli Where to watch : Netflix Original audio : Japanese [With subtitles]Audio I use : English [With subtitles]______________________________________________________________________________________________________Characters used : Chihiro OginoYūko Ogino [Mother of Chihiro Ogino and the wife of Akio Ogino]Akio Ogino [Father of Chihiro Ogino and the husband of Yūko Ogino]KoHaku / Haku LinZeniba [Twin sister of Yubaba]Yubaba [Twin sister of Zeniba]No FaceRadish SpiritAnd more spirits and others from the spirit world.And friends from Chihros new school.And my characters that I made

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Danganronpa kiss marry or kill

I'm bored.You're probably bored.Maybe this will help?(Info in the first chapter)

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Reacting to Danganronpa ships part 2

The part two with more than Danganronpa and fanganronpa!!!

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Pictures Of Chihiro Fujisaki

Admin: Here are pictures of the wonderful Chihiro :3

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A New Beginning

Twenty-five years have passed since Chihro's visit at the spirit world. She is now 35, is married, and has a daughter of her own named Hisako. Yes, from all the stories you have heard,Chihiro and Haku have always found a way to get together after the long years of waiting on that one empty promise. But unfortunately twenty-five years is quite a long time, and though Chihiro's love for Haku never faded, she had to move on for herself after she felt the empty promise was broken. Ever since Hisako was born, Chihiro tried to keep the spirit world a secret from her family...but 10 year old Hisako started having visions of this mysterious world. One day she allows her visions to show her the way into the spirit world. Will she be able to leave the spirit world once she enters?

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Danagnronpa Chatfic

Some ships included may not have the ship name and just the ship because I just re-entered the Danganronpa fandom and dont feel like googling the ship namesShips included are:Sayaka x MukuroNeagamiIshimondoAoi x Sakuraand Celesgiri(I also headcanon that Junko saw Chihiro's talent for coding and decided to offer him that she would fake his death and keep him safe if he coded the exucutions for her and Chihiro scared out of his mind about the killing game reluctantly agreed but eventually made friends with the other people who where a part of despair which includes characters from other grades(games such as Tsumugi and Angie who I ship) (Chihro also became acquainted with Mikan) and even befriended Junko but he would try to hide it from the other students

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