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Art Called Love : poetry ✓

a compilation of all of my poetry works written over the years.#3 in within 11/5/20#1 in short poetry 11/3/20#2 in proses 11/3/20#5 in unspoken 11/9/20#3 in love poems 11/4/20#5 in free verse 11/8/20#12 in prose 11/4/20

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Breezy boys imagines

Imagines for the breezy boys duh

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Tall, Dark, and that's about it (Little Witch Academia) (Under Editing)

Luna Nova Magical Academy is known for being the most prestigious school for witches and also known for being an all-girls academy. But a certain "former student" of this prestigious academy decides to bring someone whom she knew into the academy. Will the academy will allow this someone to enroll in this academy? Will the academy allow, for the very first time, a boy into the academy? Let's find out shall we?A/N: You already who this guy is gonna be paired up with.Sucy Manbavaran x Male OC

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HOW IN THE WORLD AM I HERE?! (Sashi x OC) (Very Slow Update)

A regular boy who is fan of a show entitled "Penn Zero: Part-time hero", which he is also has a crush or in love with Sashi Kobayashi. He fell in love with her so much that he wish that he is inside the show where he can talk to them, especially to her. When something amazing happened, he was inside the show, see what happens when he finally comes face-to-face with his crush.Author's note:I don't own anything, the only thing I own is my OC, all of the characters are by Sam Levine.And it contains some crossover with other shows and animated series. So I don't own them either.

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Elastic and Malleable (Plasto x Male OC) (PopPixie Fanfic) Haitus

A new pixie just came into Pixieville and came some unexpected turn of events. Making some friends and falling in love with some pixie similar or almost similar to his.I don't own anything except the OC, PopPixie is created and owned by Iginio Straffi.

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Lucky Girlfriend (Very Slow Update)

So this is my second fanfic.This is a story from an animated show "Lucky Fred". Most of you may have not heard about it but some of you may, so I hope you will like it and enjoy the book.Note:I do not own Lucly Fred or anything.

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Maybe this time ( Penn x Sashi )

Penn was trying to confess to Sashi how he loves her but it ended up in always in a wrong timing. And now Penn might have another chances to tell Sashi for the confession. Will Penn find love? Will Penn love Sashi? Will Penn become too late for the last time?the story was related to and inspired by a Jelsa fanfiction, but this time, I made it from a Penn Zero Part-Time Hero characters, Hope you will like it.

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A fathers love🤞🏾


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Bonds: Zutara

After the fight after azula, katara is injured and has to stay at the palace where she'll be spending a lot of time with the fire lord, he offers her a proposition that could change everything.

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That was you

"I didn't know that it was you"A cute lil love story based on a prompt I read on pintrestEnjoy!!!

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Black Butler Gender-blend (SebbyCeil)🌹Completed🌹

Ceil and Sebastian become opposite genders for a day but while this goes on could they discover something they never knew was there? Could they discover what there destiny truly is? Read and you will see. "For you see I'm one hell of a fan-fiction" DO NOT OWN PICTURES OR VIDEOS IN THIS BOOK

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Hall Family (ON GOING)

Just for the internet sequel. Addison and Bryce are married with 2kids now in the public eye. How hard can it be some may say. Your bout to find out. Maintaining a marriage and kids with the public's opinion

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My 7 Neighbors||BTS FF ot7||

Y/N is an innocent girl who came to Seoul to study and when she meets her new 7 neighboursLet's see what will happen to Y/N after she know that 7 handsome playboys are her neighboursCover credits: @ZebroticFeatures

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Maya Angelou says: "There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you."There are stories out there that are locked inside for fear of how they may potentially hurt others, but what if those stories, when unleashed, instead of harm, heal? What if those stories are what others await to be set free? What if those stories, instead of crippling, empowers? This is my story.

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I am Sorry

"I am sorry that I ignored you"Another short story I found on PintrestEnjoy!!

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enemies to lovers - an avanthony story - a.g x a.r DISCONTINUED

basically, this is the blurb.two opposites, two forbidden lovers (yes, I have a thing for forbidden lovers thingos don't judge🙄🤚) , enemies. the unexpected, this story is an enemies to lovers fanfic on avani gregg and anthony reeves. bullied and teased. arguments and fights. all the things is your junior and senior year of high school. seem interesting yet? well, keep reading to find out more ;)

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Short Stories!!

This is an (slightly) interactive book!! You can request what you want me to write about. Some stories are x reader, so look out for those ones. Feel free to request to me what I should write!! Hope you all like it!!

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Against all odds (PZPTH Fanfic)

Hello there Everyone. Here's another Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero fanfic. This is my version of Season 3 of PZPTH. I was kinda sad that it ended shortly and in two seasons. I just hope there will be another season, but I really loved how it ended and I enjoyed it, very, very much. I hope you'll like it.Author's Note:I don't own anything in PZPTH, it is owned by Jared Bush and Sam J. Levine. I only own some OCs in it.

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Baby daddy


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Together | kio Cyr fan fiction

Before you read this is a continuation to "Together" by tiktokxxfanficton she did not want to continue writing so she past it to me Riley Richards gets a call from her brother Josh asking her to move into sway she says yes and meets Kio cyr... they immediately fall for each other but will it last

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Neobyčejná Mrzimorka

Od války uběhlo pár let a všichni už byli v bezpečí. Studenti v Bradavicích mohli v bezpečí studovat. A to i sourozenci válečných osobností. Zmijozelští studenti se však příliš nezměnili. Už nešlo o čistotu krve ani smrtijedy, ale stále to byli ti dá se říct namyšlení a poměrně arogantní.Hlavním hrdinou je Alex Nott, bratr známějšího Theodora Notta. Tento mladý zmijozel má slušnou pověst. Dívky po něm šílí, nemálo z nich už poznal trochu lépe..Jedna jediná je však jiná a velice překvapivě je z Mrzimoru? Jednuduše mu nedá spát

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distant memories

passionate embrace

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The stranger on the bus

This is a story of a girl who met a stranger on the bus and fall in love with him and the stranger who plays with her feelings.[On hold]

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The thoughts within

My poems about life and how I see it whilst dealing with mental health

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The Hype House-Bryce Hall

A love story about Nova and Bryce and their adventures and experiences with the Hype house!

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