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Talk to us Brother II Eng ver

This is the story of two brother's who come from a family of 6 members, namely the Fusion Beliung Family. The two brother's are the fusion of the lightning element & light element and the other is the fusion of the lightning element & earth element, namely Supra and Gentar. Supra does have a responsible nature, not talkative and fierce. But somehow Gentar felt something strange from his Brother. Gentar felt that there is something Supra is hiding that made him keep his distance from the others. But what does Supra hide? Would Gentar be able to get an answer to his question? and will Gentar manage to get Supra to spend more time with the others? or will it be the other way around?Read to find out what happened! don't forget to vote and comment on this story! This is the English version of "Talk to us Brother"! English is not my main language!All original characters belong to Monsta!Happy reading!^^

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Boboiboy x Male Reader

♫︎ Boboiboy x Male readerCrossoverSeason 2 to 3Au - Alternative UniverseBoboiboy x Tired Male readerBoboiboy belongs to Monsta.(Grammatical errors ahead, read at your own risk.)(Pictures and Videos all belongs to their rightful owners.)

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ʙᴏʙᴏɪʙᴏʏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [ ᴏɴᴇ-ꜱʜᴏᴛꜱ ]

hey darlings! just as the title saysits a boboiboy oneshot yayquick disclaimer:i do not own anything except for the plot ideas and my oc. the rest they all belong to their rightful owners :3don't forget to vote and leave a comment! tell me what yall think :))))happy reading~Achievements:#55 - romance-friendship#107 - wind 3/27#71 - wind 4/4#50 - wind 4/6#63 - wind 4/14#81 - wind 4/18

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Mechamato React To Boboiboy

Mechabot & Boboiboy are not my creation Thinking - ( ' ' ) spiking/ shouting - ( " " ) emotion - ( * )

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After that one mission, it change Boboiboy's life to a whole new world. He was force to face the greatest enemy of his life, himself.Commission: @fuyuchino (Prologue scene)

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Only Family [COMPLETED]

Entry for @kazcircus contest!

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Love Promise [ HALIYA ]

LOVE PROMISE [ Halilintar × Yaya ]"cewe lo cantik btw kalo lagi pake blazer gitu , aura nya kayak cewe sempurna""cewe gue?, ga deh. ambil sono, gue gasuka sama tu cewe" kisah sebuah dua remaja yang memiliki sifat yang sangat berbeda, namun perbedaan itu tidak menghalangi takdir nya untuk jatuh cinta."ya terus lo mau nya apa?""jadi pacar lo."⚠ DISCLAIMER ! ⚠Boboiboy dan dkk hanya lah milik monsta , saya hanya meminjam karakter nya saja.cerita ini murni buatan saya sendiri , jika ada bagian cerita yang mirip dengan cerita orang , itu adalah ketidak sengajaan saya.sampul cerita , atau pun gambar" yang saya gunakan , itu murni bukan buatan saya , dan saya hanya mengambil dari media sosial saja._________________

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Trouble Battle 3: The Elementals

This fanfiction take place after Boboiboy Movie 2! After getting through the consequences, now Boboiboy and his elementals are together. How long will it lasts? Read to find out! Rated T for language, Warning! : Slight OOC, Too Much Drama

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Boboiboy - So that we can be Together Again

That day, he lost his brothers. it's painful, Taufan could only grip into his chest."please tell me this is only a dream.." "please.." "give me back my brothers, i beg you.." he cried out loud, a painful scream echoed. "do you want to meet them again?", suddenly a voice reach him out. it sounds cold, but he didn't care. as long as he can have his brothers again. a broken truth that he hides alone, lying inside his perfect mask. Nb : there'll be a mild Ship content (halitau, iceblaze etc) All characters belongs to monsta

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The young master's loyal servants

The Delamore are known to be the most powerful family in their empire, and is known for their loyalty and achivement. Will this continue to be the case or will the New generation change? Will Boboiboy delamore, the future head of the delamore's household bring honor or will he be their downfall? ❗️:Please don't steal my AU!-Also, if you don't like angst I suggest not reading it, or atleast not the third season.If there are any mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me. I will gladly fix it as soon as I see it ^^---but maybe I'm lazy then please pardon me for not fixing it 😓Disclaimers:Boboiboy is from Monsta and I do not own any picture used here!

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Boboiboy Elemental Series [Completed]

Shot stories on Boboiboy's elemental powers.

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Taufan x Reader | You Can Call Me Abang

|Taufan x Reader| Aku hanya pengacara yang ditabrak lari oleh oposisiku di persidangan alot sebelumnya karena aku membela seorang nenek-nenek pencuri ayam secara gratis, dan sialnya aku jadi amnesia sehingga Taufan bisa membodohiku. Aku tidak mengerti kenapa aku tiba-tiba perlu menyelidiki tentang proyek presiden, acara sepak bola ASEAN, kepentingan-kepentingan di baliknya, pembangunan Mall terbesar di Asia, dan kerusuhan para investornya. Aku tidak mau terlibat, tapi Taufan memaksaku terlibat. Taufan sangat merepotkan untuk diurus!w

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Dᴇᴍᴏɴ Sʟᴀʏᴇʀ: BᴏBᴏɪBᴏʏ Gᴀʟᴀxʏ [Sᴇᴀꜱᴏɴ 1]

BoBoiBoy finds himself thrust into a world filled with man-eating demons and demon slaying swordsmen. With no indication of how he got here and his power stripped from him, will he be able to live long enough to go back home to his own?[Kimetsu No Yaiba x BoBoiBoy Galaxy][Story Completed][Marked By Most Impressive Ranking]:RECENT: #1 boboiboygalaxy (08/16/22)#1 nezukokamado (02/20/20)#1 kanaotsuyuri (06/29/20)#1 boboiboy (11/05/21)#16 fang (06/28/20)#13 tanjiro (05/04/20) [Removed]#1 boboiboygalaxy (05/30/20)DISCLAIMER: • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba belongs to Ufotable Studios, manga written by Koyoharu Gotōge• BoBoiBoy/Galaxy belongs to Animonsta Studios• The cover photo isn't entirely mine. Just_arielle is the owner of the artwork. Cover photo editing done by me.

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Problematic? (BoBoiboy fangxBoboiboy fang boy)

The love that the both boys keptFang: I had Always felt this way but i can never understand why.Fang always wanted to fight his popularity from so he would fight the fact he would be jealous of boboiboy being love by others. Fang wishes only he and love Boboiboy. And no one else.BOBOIBOY: I would prefer to be friends with my fang then being hated for this feelings.Boboiboy been denying that his feelings so he wont loose the boy he fell in love at first sight.How will this two convey their feeling towards each other.

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Dalam Cerita ni, Boboiboy dan kawan-kawan ada kembar yang membentuk satu kumpulan. BTS sama umur tapi bukan love interest. New character names dan new character. New powers. Past name [Boboiboy {s1-3} + Boboiboy galaxy (ft. BTS)]. Korang sangat suka, kita rewrite dulu buku ni kemudian baru kita tulis adaptasi bahasa english dan buku 2.

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little sister (BoBoiBoy x child! Sister! reader) [DISCONTINUED]

"Adventure time!"you are BoBoiBoy little sister and your journey begin with your big brother, BoBoiBoy and his friends. [Please read disclaimer before you start]Disclaimer:- This story just for fun and practice to write and continue chapter and parts and make BoBoiBoy fandom happy continue read this content

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Am I a Demon? [Boboiboy x Demon Slayer Crossover]

Boboiboy and his friends are on their holidays during New Year's festival in Japan before Boboiboy found something that brought him back to Taisho era when there was fill with man-eating demons and swordsmen whom slaying them known as Demon Slayer corp.Boboiboy was saved by 13-year-old boy "Tanjirou Kamado".Tanjirou let Boboiboy stayed with his family before he went out to sell charcoals but that night the demon lord has come and murdered Tanjirou's family.Boboiboy tried his best to protect them even he used his elemental power he still can't defeat the demon.The demon lord impressed in the boy's technique so he injected his blood into Boboiboy's body and turned him to demon.Now Boboiboy has to find his way to turn back to human and go back to present.I'm not own these character the right goes to...Boboiboy - MonstaDemon Slayer - Koyoharu Gotoge.....This is my first story and sorry for bad grammarThe most impressive ranking(21-28/2/2024) - #1 boboiboy(1/3/2024) - #1 boboiboy [again](16-23/3/2024) - #1 tanjirou(6-7/4/2024) - #1 boboiboygalaxy(16/4/2024) - #1 boboiboytaufan, boboiboyais

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Boboiboy reaction (COMPLETED)

Boboiboy suddenly wakes up in an unknown place.. as he looks around he saw ochobot, his friend, Tok aba, The member of Tapops,Captain Kaizo, Ramenman, Maksamana, and who he doesn't reconize even his enemy is here too.......Read this if you want to know what happen next...This is a reaction bookWARNINGBoboiboy is not mine, Im only borrow the characterThe character are belongs to MonstaStart: 31 January 2022End: 14 October 2022

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Stuck In A Fantasy World!

Boboiboy And Amato had been teleported to a planet called Teyvat and meets the traveler, Aether. Since Amato is a teen as Boboiboy's age, the adventures do get pretty wilder!

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safe & sound | bbb taufan

taufan just wants to sleep in safe and sound.WARNING: there will be bbbglxs2 comics spoilers so if you're not fond with it, please don't read this!

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Boboiboy Elemental Problem [COMPLETED]

Boboiboy finally can rest at TEMPUR-A Base after Captain Vargoba incident. Do you really think it will be that easy?Note: Several chapters have been edited though the plot remains unchanged.[Watty Award 2020 entry]

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The Siblings AU

[Changed story title]Oldest - Thunderstorm2nd Oldest - Cyclone3rd Oldest - EarthquakeMid - Blaze2nd Mid - IceYounger - ThornYoungest - SolarMost of the AU in this story is from Shinichi2504... I'm sorry in advance If I make you cry 4 Special Siblings is in the story UwU

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I Will Always Be There For You... -Boboiboy x Reader [Season 1 remake Complete]

Y/n once lived in Japan two years ago but her teacher sended her to Paula Rintis for her proctection, even if she already knows how to defend herself and because of this. Y/n made some friend and a boy will be arriving as well. What the kids didn't know, was they're adventure will soon start. Ps: Okay i remake a new book cause..... the Old one has a lot of cringing sentence..... And give credits to Lovelymilkway for making the book cover! @Lovelymilkway thanks! This is a very lovely cover

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Just The Beginning [Boboiboy x Reader Movie 1]

After lots of struggles and fighting, Boboiboy's team had always win. But what will happen when a new enemy arrives and capture Ochobot from them? And that certain enemy will tell a secret that shocked Y/n to the core upon the information she had received. Will Boboiboy and his friends save they're Power Sphere friend? Will Y/n take the information to her heart and learn more about herself? Find out by reading this book! This is also the second book for "I'll Always Be Here For You.." book since like i said, i won't be doing season 2 and 3 for now but maybe in the future. And reminders, i don't own Boboiboy, monsta owns him alright?Also give credits to @Lovelymilkway for making the book cover and adding some details to it! <3Ps. Drawing by me <3

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meant to be together

A cruel world filled with evil and danger.Kids tend to live badly,because of the adult's mistakes and cruelness.This story is about a group of kids that are finding their happiness.Warning!:-selfharm-suicidalthought-murder-pshycotic thought-slavery-depression -extrem hatred!-abandomentDisclaimers:Boboiboy is from Monsta and I do not own any picture used here!

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A Day A Cake | A Boboiboy Taufan Fic (✓)

Language: EnglishChapter : 7 Chapters🍰It's been a while since he bake his twins a cake, and Taufan's suddenly wanna do it. A different cake for each of them.🍰❲ Idea: Oct 2023 ❳❲ Start: Nov 2023 ❳❲ Revise: Nov 2023 ❳❲ Finish: Nov 2023 ❳🍰#3 boboiboytaufan [Nov '23] (lol can't believe it tho)#3 boboiboysolar [Dec '23]🍰Boboiboy ©Animonsta Studio™

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