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BATIM Slice of Life AU: Book 1-Welcome Home

A fanfic of my first Bendy AU called Slice of Life AU and book 1 of the series. After being in one hell of a studio Henry can finally go home and bring his three toons with him. The toons can finally have a life of their own with no Joey, no ink monsters, no abuse. However, can these toons fit in with the real world?

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BATIM AU: An Angel With Wings

***Completed***Susannah stumbles across an abandoned old building named 'Joey Drew Studios' and decides to hide.What she doesn't know is as soon as she sets a foot in, she's stuck in an endless loop with angels, demons, and danger at every turn. WARNING: Mentions suicide and abuse.I couldn't find many AUs, so I decided to write my own!Front cover art by me, if you guys can find better ones please tell me :)Not all art belongs to me.Inspired by: โœ”๏ธInk Bendy x Reader - Alone Within the Ink #Wattys2019 by @MaskedDragon533My Inky Heart- Sammy x reader by @LUMMURIEBATIM New Soul AUs by Elwensa ( AU: Henry's Path by @ShadowFuntimeFoxy19On The Run (Bendy x reader) by @MadamSpaghettiPartners (BATIM) {Tom x Allison} by @Emperor_DrakkonWings | Peter Parker x reader by @Tom_Holland15Go check them out they are amazing writers!

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BatIM Five Trials

(Ranked #1 in BatIM on 2/21/2019) An unlucky girl in an unlucky situation, Jade must now fight for survival while navigating a studio which has bad intent written all over the Five Trials located inside. Will she make it out against all odds to make sure the world knows? Or will she fall dead, and be forever missing like those who came before her? Only time will tell.(Started September 13, 2017, Ended December 28, 2018.)Enjoy Five Trials? Check out its sequel, Steps of the Survivor.

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The Broken Loop

(Cover made by my sister 3_little_doves)The loop brokeBut no one is free.Everyone is still ink.But something did change, Bendy is no longer the Ink Demon, Henry is, he became a ink monster, now it's up to Alice Angel, Sammy Lawrence, Allison Angel, Tom, Boris, and Bendy himself to stop him, and somehow work together to free everyone, the only thing good about this is that they aren't repeating themselves anymore.Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to TheMeatlyFive Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott CawthonAny images belong to their rightful owners and not meWarnings:My first attempt at a story(so it's not gonna be that good.)I have NOT Bendy and the Ink Machine books, so I have limited knowledge on those.I started this book BEFORE I read the FNaF Silver Eyes series.I have not read any of the BatIM books.There are likely a lot of plotholes.My own attempt at an AU(Alternate Universe)There may/may not be ships you approve of(if any ships at all)It contains sensitive topics, such as:Mentions of death, depression, addiction, alcohol, and suicide. If you are sensitive to this stuff read at your own risk.

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What is Love? | A Sammy x bendy fanfic!

"What are we.....?" Is the question coming out of his mouth.This is a sequal to Notice Me Senpai! A Bendy x sammy fanfic. Im so exited! it was about a year ago the story was finished. Im happy to make it alive again!!

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Lupin's cub (Remus Lupin's Unknown daughter)

What if Remus Lupin had a daughter, and that daughter was a werewolf. What if he never knew? What if her mother abused her due to her inherited werewolf traits? How will father and daughter feel when they're finally united?

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The Unified Soul

My Mother and Father told me a long time ago a story about a cursed soul and a blessed soul that were united to create something new. This new soul would be one that would save countless lives and free those lost in the darkness. A soul that holds warmth and comfort like the sun. A soul that gives off softness and serenity like the moon. A soul unified in both Light and Darkness.Who would've thought....That this soul, would belong to me....A Mystreetxoc Fanfic๐Ÿ˜Please enjoy!!

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Joey and The Ink Machine. || A BATIM AU FANFICTION.

TWS:MANIPULATION, ABUSE, WORKPLACE ABUSE, EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION, PROFANITY, VIOLENCE, INJURIES, INSANITY, TRAUMA, FLASHBACKS, DIFFERENT TRAUMA RESPONSES, DEATH, SACRIFICES, CULTS.SUMMARY:In the period of the 30s, a local animator by the name of Henry Stein is swayed into not quitting his job at Joey Drew Studios. Though when a particular day comes to pass, Henry starts to find it even more difficult to resist the idea of quitting.

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BATIM x Reader (Bendy and the Forgotten Dream: AU)

"The studio pulled you back...""...What scares me is the question of how he's still gone.""...Even if he forgot the experience, the feeling still stains.""It doesn't matter, Y/N. You're important. If the ink recognizes you as an angel once you're in its grasp, you WILL become an angel...""Ink rolled down the walls like a pooling night, both infectious and merciless in its cold, blank stare.""...An angel's voice faded in again, scratching against your ears- which had heard too much screaming- and pulled at your insides with its chill.""Henry... I think there'll always be things here we won't be able to grasp or fully recognize when it's all over. Things we probably still wouldn't have understood if we stayed here all those years ago."You, as the former head of the Writing/Story department at Joey Drew Studios return after learning from learning from Linda Stein that Henry went missing going back to the same place: the now abandoned studio. As one of Henry's best friends, you're willing to take the risks the studio throws at you to help him and find out what happened, along with help the other ink creatures that you used to work with and help them remember who they were. Although the studio's demons are still demons and the angels are still angels, character appearances and settings are different, along with the encounters and events that occur, breaking the loop of what exactly you might've thought you knew about the studio. BATFD/ Bendy and the Forgotten Dream is essentially BATIM but with a different story/events (created by you!), character designs, lore, etc. There will be some Bendy x Reader and Sammy x Reader parts (directed at both male/female/other genders) in it as well! I hope you enjoy! The cover image is by Pest-Fox on Twitter, and all other art is credited as much as possible Highest Ranks: #15 in batim #2 in bendy #1 in batimxreader#1 in batimau#13 in bendyandtheinkmachine#1 in bendythedemon#1 in inkdemon

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Another Flynn

One Flynn is never enough.Samantha Flynn is Shawn Flynn's younger sister. Her dream is to one day write for Bendy cartoons. When the opportunity of an internship comes along she sees it as not only a chance at working towards her dreams but also a chance to spend more time with her older brother. (A Bendy and The Ink Machine AU, another installment to the Please, Take It series.)

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Abel the rebel angel x Violet the Death Angel  (batim au)

Hi my name is Nightmare175160 and this is my first story and it's probably not good anyways!! Violet is a angel not sent from above but down below. she lives with her best friend Anie cupcake in toon town. they have been together since she was created but like cruel humans her creator had beat her and left her for dead. Anie as they have some adventures but can violet tell her feelings with a different angel? (The title art is not mine it goes to its rightful owner)

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BatIM Steps of the Survivor

Against all odds, Jade went into the heart of Joey Drew studios and came back out, surviving to tell the tale. Now, she discovers the true source of all of her problems. Will she be able to stay strong, or will her sanity crumble?(Sequel to BatIM Five Trials. If you haven't read it, go read it first! Otherwise, you probably won't understand much. Here's a link to Five Trials December 29, 2018, Ended (N/A))

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Forever Yours

Maureen Carvelli, a young, pretty but socially inept heiress, has only recently been thrust up the social ladder defined by fame and wealth. Her large family has surfaced a state of poverty and obscurity, and with the starkly contrasted life of ease and luxury come certain privileges - like having an around the clock chauffeur for your every beck and call. Maureen reluctantly agrees to her father hiring her her own personal driver but it's only when she claps eyes on him for the first time that she thinks it was ever a good idea. Ryan Adams is young, charming, and handsome; almost instantly, he seems to take an interest in his new employer, the beautiful, wealthy heiress, Maureen. The two hit it off but neither realizes just how quickly they will tumble into, what is, to Maureen, not allowed.Maureen finds herself spinning in circles, battling her conscience and the growing love she feels for Ryan, wavering between the great mediums of right and wrong. She will ultimately have to make the decision. The question is... once she makes her choice, what will be the consequences?Forever Yours is an unorthodox tale of love, that includes family, friendship, faith, hope, heartbreak and the momentous journey growing up entails.

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Bendy x Boris ๐Ÿ˜

this is a joke plz don't kill me

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I Will Be There For You

A girl will be a new member of Thorin's Oakenshiel's company . She will try to help them take their homeland back from the beast. But there's a secret. A secret that she keeps from everyone. Almost everyone except the one she trusts and loves...

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A New Team (Book 3 Of A Whole New World~) ~COMPLETED~

That was right after our beloved heroes escaped the city with April and Casey from the Kraang invasion. Martin got knocked out, Sensei passed out after a beatdown with Shredder, Optimus Prime is gone and the girls recieved new powers from the same girl from the future. Will the Turtles trained to get the city back? Will the Autobots will get their strength back? Will Martin will wake up from his way three month coma? Will they ever find Optimus Prime on time?Find out in this third book of a Whole New World!

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Secret Garden of Souls

"Oh Mary contrary, how does your garden grow? Come with me, and you'll be the seventh maid in a row." a clone of the once beloved toon, Charley said, as I awoke."I'm not Mary. I'm (Y/n)." I reply, annoyed.

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Batim Oneshots/Short Stories

"And in its own this creature only he could witness was... Bendy. With that same flat grin that could mean so many things, things Sammy craved to understand. The same grin HIS Bendy would sometimes flash, and even flaunt before he began to love Sammy. It still held that terrifying vagueness. But there was something else. A sputtering stream of ink pulled down its... maybe HIS... face. But whereas his "lord" had both of his eyes covered by it, this demon still had half of his face showing. Showing one grinning crazed eye, as chilling as every other feature, if not more."Basically what the title says: a collection of Batim short stories and oneshots that I've written! You can find ship stories, Batim au stories and overall writing has to do with the game. There will not be any lemons though, and I don't take requests (unless someone wants me to continue an already written part). I'm always open to plot suggestions for stories! And lastly, I hope you enjoy!The cover is by C_L and none of the other art used belongs to me#15 in batimoneshots

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โ™กยฐโ€ข~An Angel's Voice~โ€ขยฐโ™ก (BendyxHenry) (Rewritten) (Hold?)

"Oh, Henry. You think you're different from your mother, but you're just like her."°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•โ™ก°•Henry, a famous singer, going from stage to stage, place to place, so the audience could hear an angel's voice. Every song was sang with pure joy and love for singing. Every toon in town adored him, but...did the ones he called 'family' loved him?He has so many problems to fix, but maybe...just maybe...somebody will give him love he desired for years, the support he wanted just to feel once, not to be used for profit. That somebody being a mafia boss by the name Benicio Drew.°•โ™กChapter 1 will release on january 3rd!!โ™ก•°°•!!Cover and other drawings featured are all mine, don't repost or steal. Thank you!!•°

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More Than Friends||Laurence X Reader (COMPLETE)

Y/N Valkrum is Travis' younger sister. She finally entered Phoenix Drop High as a freshman a year behind her older brother.She knows Travis is a flirt and she's used to seeing the men in her life be that way, but when she meets some other flirts: Let's just say she's not as cautious.She befriends Katelyn; Travis' ultimate crush, Laurence; a school flirt, and Garroth; another flirt. Maybe though, just maybe, she'll become more than friends with her guy friends.(Nov. 2018- #4 in Aphmau)(December 2018- #1 in Travis)(Dec. 2018- #1 in Laurence)

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Neverending Loops

Au where Joey and Henry work together while trying to understand the new warped version of their beloved studio and its inhabitants. The Studio is a mess, lets see where this ends up.!Warnings! Blood, gore, body horror, swearing, general spooky things. Not everything is doom and gloom though, don't worry.Cross posting from A03.

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Feeding My Good Side - Zanemau (ON HOLD)

Aphmau is held prisoner by the Eastern Wolf Tribe when they hand her over to Zane. In O'Khasis, Aphmau finds herself feeding Zane's good side, and maybe getting a little too involved... Either way, this is a zanemau, and unlike some of my other stuff, Aphmau and Zane will actually be getting romantically involved instead of Zane simply becoming one of the good guys. Hope y'all enjoy this!

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The King of the Galaxy

Everyone in Percy Jackson's life abandoned him. No one would accept him, even after he won the gods two wars and jumped in Tartarus for the one he loved most. He was executed for being 'too powerful'. Betrayal shattered his heart and caused one of the kindest demigods to turn fold and bitter. Chaos accepted him with open arms and makes Percy the King of the Galaxy's and commander of his army. 4,567 years later, the now-combined camps need King/Commander Alpha's [Percy's] help to win a war against the Titans, making this the 3rd Titan war. Will Percy help those who've hurt him most, or sit back and watch as they all get destroyed?

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Luxurious Passion ((Bendy x Jenna fanfic))

Title name idea is by a cool friend of mine. I'll tag her name in the first chapter so that you can check out her art and other books, she's really good at her drawings!Anyway, this story is about a young woman working at the only bar in her town, with her twin sister, Jenny, and her single mother, Lucy Stein.Jenna and her mother and sister don't really make money that much but they save up what they can to buy food and clothing. The girls never knew their father but their mother refused to answer why. Everyone is cruel to those 3 women. Called them horrible names and harmed them.But that'll changed when Jenna meets a rich man named Bendy the Demon.What will happen in this story?We shall see, my little darlings~

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Batim AU - Twins Of A True Star (TTS)

This is my new Batim AUs and so far my friends like it, I hope u all like it too and help support it.

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