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Anime/Manga | 画像《1》

Photos Of Various Characters.

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Anime quotes

Just a bunch of anime quotes.

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𝒜𝓃𝒾𝓂𝑒 𝐵𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒹𝒶𝓎𝓈 𝐻𝑜𝑒 ❤️❤️❤️

𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕓𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕕𝕒𝕪𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝

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Anime Quotes

List of various quotes from anime.

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Anime quotes

A bunch of anime quotes from your favorite anime.

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Hot Anime Guys

just some hot anime guys ( I take requests )Art not mine. Credit to all creator's. Requests are open☺️

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How To Draw Horribly

Presenting me!

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Anime Quotes

This is my first book and I wanted to give this a try so hope you enjoy these quotes from the anime, manga and novels.I'll also take request of any anime character you want to see and I'll try my best to find some quotes.I don't own anything just wanted to try this

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Gintama: Her unlikely opponent

Sakata Kagura always been a tomboy with family issues. She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love which in her second year, a cute freshman boy Okita Sougo confessed to her but she rejected him. After that, she never seen Okita which he transfers into a different school that she felt bad. Two years, Kagura as a senior got very popular by her beauty and her strenght but she still rejected herself to love someone in a romantic way that many of her underclassmen saw her more cold-hearted than her best friend Nobume.But one day, a new student transfers into Gintama school was devilishly handsome guy which turns out to be Okita that brings Kagura's no romantic love plans crashing down by her sadistic prince love interest. "Kagura-senpai, you're still so cute since the day you rejected me. even you got prettier as hot""S-S-STAY AWAY FROM ME! YOU SADIST!""You're so cute when you're embarrassed"

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One Stop Yaoi, The First Stop (Editing)

Hey guys! Just like what the title says, this is a one stop list of yaoi.. be it anime, manga, live action, or bl games. I also added android app games.The mangas in this list are highly recommended, I already read them and I really enjoyed them and hoping that someday it will turn into anime.There are also animes that I enjoyed and most of them are my personal favorites, they are on the top list.So I hope you'll check them out and enjoyed them as much as I do.Thank you for visiting.Love lots, Rainbhel.

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Best anime quotes

Writing some of the best anime quotes of all time.

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Izuku X Female Characters One-Shots

Note: I don't own any characters I'll wrote in this fic. All rights to the owners.So, I decided to write an Izuku X Female Characters One-Shots because I wanted to, and also got inspired on some One-Shots I read. There will be characters from different Anime, so yeah. There will be genderbends as well.And all One-Shots will be set at the BNHA Universe.

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My Fave Anime & Cartoon Girl Characters Vol. 1

The Dang Title Says It All, I Hope Some Of U Like This Sht 😂

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Various X Reader

They title says it all. It has characters from all sorts of shows, series, games, movies, celebrities, YouTubers.

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My Ocs

A book containing facts about my Ocs!DISCLAIMER: I do NOT post on any other site other then Wattpad and Quotev.

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20 Most Popular Purple-Haired Anime Characters  *part 1* Read description.

20 Most Popular Purple-Haired Anime Characters This will be part of a Season of hair colors. Like the 20 most popular ____________________________. Or, 20 Most Popular Anime characters with RED hair.

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Anime Quotes

Konnichiwa minna-san! q꒰*ゝω・꒱ノ″ these are the best anime quotes that may inspire you and motivate you... lot's of lessons to be learned from your favorite anime characters... that may change your perspective in life... hope you enjoy reading it and be inspired ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱ᐝ.∗̥✩⁺˚⑅ KEEP LOVING ANIME QUOTES 1000% ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ªʳⁱ૭ªᵗ°♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

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Anime characters & their Zodiac Signs

I'll be determining a character's zodiac sign based on their characteristics if their birthday is unknown. Tried searching up their birthdays, but these Google results are.......U may not agree, but u can put ur opinions in the comments.hope u enjoy!!!!

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Anime Pick Up Lines Book III

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| yes, Yes, YES. Anotha one. ♪**PLEASE CHECK OUT BOOKS 1 & 2

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Anime One-Shots Book 1 -Completed -

I will do any One-Shot; I have not watched every anime. I own nothing except for my characters!

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Various Anime x Reader stories {Requests Open}

Hello Minna~! It has been awhile since I have written anything anime x reader things. But I have never done it on here. It used to be quizilla but that website is long gone. But anyways I will be taking requests, here are a few animes I feel strongly about: black butler, blue exorcist, kuroko no basket, slam dunk, Haikyuu, uta no prince sama, hetalia, bleach,naruto,attack on titan, Free!!, katekyo hitman reborn, tsubasa, X, XXXholic,durarara/ X2 shou, fullmetal alchemist,any and all yugioh(except zexal :P), pokemon, swordart online,kill la kill, akame ga kill,code geass, one piece, the wallflower, ouran,aldnoah zero, samurai jam, negima?!, Norigami, Guren Laggan,baka and test,sgt Frog, kanon,clannad, full moon wo sagashite, fate stay night, Rin-ne, ranma 1/2, cardcaptor sakura, Fooly Cooly, yu yu hakusho, kekkaishi, working!!, Air TV, jubei chan, kamichama karin, vampire night, slayers, love like a comic, tokyo mew mew, soul eater, tokyo ghoul, zankyo no terror, ao no ride, genkan shoujo nozaki-kun, junjo romantica, sekai ichi hatsukoi, love stage!, kaliedo star, pretear, sister princess, Eureka seven, the devil is a part timer, Mekkaku city actors, golden time, DNAngel, nagi no asukara, beyond the boundary, kokoeo connect, haruhi suzumiya, ouran, skip beat and many more! For now i am doing random stories until requests come in.

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Konnichiwa minna-san! Here's a compilation of quotes that I personally liked.

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Anime quotes

Just a bunch of quotes from your favorite anime.

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OC Analysis Book!

This is a book that will be filled with any OC's I decide to make! If you have any ideas, PM me or comment in the book! :) Love ya! ❤️

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Sebby's Anime Drawings

Sketches and drawings of anime characters, and a few OC's. sometimes I'll do realism. Not the best junk in the world. Cuz I'm lazy sometimes and music makes me draw faster sometimes. But I'll create drawings that I really likehi so this is me like 2 years later. when I created this art I basically copied art but didn't trace. I was new to social media and such. I also didn't understand that copying other art without asking the artist wasn't right, so none of it is original art unless I said it was in the post. bye :)

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