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still with you || asheiji ✓

short & rushed but sad:)"eiji," the young fourteen year old gang leader started. "i am so sorry.""sing? i just left, did i leave my toothbrush or something?" eiji joked, nervously laughing into his phone speaker.sing's voice was breaking in between his words. "ash - he died. he was found dead at the library. stabbed, they said. they said he could've survived it but he chose not to go to the hospital or ge help.""that's not funny, sing."ash and eiji were complete opposites. but they always say opposites attract.

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empathy <asheiji>

"i dont completely understand how you feel, but im going to try my best to."ash's fingers, wet with his cold tears, gripped eiji's shirt weakly, staining it. "stay," he whispered, voice trembling. "stay with me. it doesn't have to be forever. i just need you right now..." this is gonna get like three views because banana fish doesn't have as many fans as it deserves but here i am at two a.m. crying

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Three (AshEiji Fanfiction)

Eiji left New York once Ash told him to, but after three years, they still aren't over each other. Eiji finds his way back to Ash and they have to find their way around this complicated situation together.Art Credit: alexgvart on Tumblr

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Our Second Chance [AshEiji]

Eiji and Ash have met, but when? They haven't spoken to one another until the moment Eiji Okumura got to a new high school as a transfer student. Why is that when he saw Ash he had this feeling that he knew him? Have they met before?

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forever | asheiji

is there really a forever?forever/fəˈrɛvə/for all future time; for always."he would be there forever"The character's personality is not really accurate and I kinda changed banana fish timeline

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All I care for is you - Asheiji

After years of being chased down for his life, Ash finally settles in Japan with Eiji. Though he's at a much safer place, he still has problems surrounding him and Eiji. • One shot • Safe for all ages

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Episode 25: What really happened

I'm alive. -Ash I'm going to tell you what really happened in Banana Fish after Episode 24 and finally reveal how it acuatlly ended.--⚠️Attention: mature smut/lemon warning⚠️--This story is written for my very dearest friend. Happy birthday my angel @aaangrypomeranian🤍--8371 words

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Number neighbor (asheiji)

Eiji is bored and decides to text his number neighbor (aka ash) they start to slowly develop a friendship . None of the art or illustrations in this book are mine, Me and my best friends are writing this book Ash is annoyed of Eiji at first 💀 but he slowly starts to like him more 😌💅

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I Love You (Asheiji)

Ash had never felt love. Sure he had had crushes before, but what he felt for Eiji was different. Now in Japan, he has a chance to let those feelings out.One shot

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Asheiji (Ash x Eiji) One shots for the soul

There will be some angst that I'm not good at writing but there will mainly be fluff that I'm not good at writing either I do ABSOLUTELY 0 lemon. Sorry if that was what you were expecting. But I don't want to cry mean while making them :D

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 Asheiji Oneshots Banana Fish

It's satire

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Banana Fish Fluff

Eiji had gone back to Japan after Ash got stabbed. He thought he was dead. But one day the Asian boy got a surprise when he saw the American boy stood by his doorstep

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cor cordium 》asheiji

Algum tempo depois, Eiji escreve uma carta na tentativa de explicar como se sentiu após a pior notícia que recebera na vida - mas ele sabe que todas as palavras do mundo ainda não seriam o suficiente.

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>「𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩 𝘴𝘤𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘭 𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘮 」Haikyuu belongs to Haruichi Furudate.

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Banana Fish [SCANS]

Includes New York Sense, Cape Cod, Baby Banana and Angel Eyes.• Scans by ash-callenreese on Tumblr:http://ash-callenreese.tumblr.comThank you very much, it's time to cry.

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Fragments of forever: Ash and Eiji's One-shot collection.

just some oneshots i guess. Fluff and cute i guess.

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I'm sorry.

TW! suicideHi so this will be a Banana Fish fanfic. I wrote down TW above so please read that before you start reading. I hope you will enjoy! Ania

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Ash x Eiji one-shots

This is a completed Ash and Eiji one-shot book! I hope you all enjoy. And thank you for all the support.Note: I do not own banana fish or the characters. Just the ones-shot book.

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Drawn to It [Asheiji fic; not smut]

He had to remember the promise he'd made to Ash; "My soul will always be with you."And he had to trust that Ash would be the same. They were still together, though not in person. One day they'd find each other again. ---Short Asheiji fic. NOTE: mlm fetishisation will not be tolerated in comments. appreciate the romanticism of Asheiji rather than any sexual activities you dream up. this is not intended to be "hot" and you will find this further along in the fic. ---Eiji meets Ash once more

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I'm Back America- a Asheiji story

After 3 years of me staying in Japan I decided to go back to America. I was told Ash had died a month into me living in Japan. I was devastated but I also knew his gang needed me. I was taught by Blanca over the 3 years I was gone. And I was ready to get revenge.

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I Don't Want To Lose You Again - Banana Fish AU{FINISHED}

Ash fakes his own death to finally meet Eiji again, in Japan, and surprisingly start a relationship!Art not mine!!Characters not mine! !Story Almost Finished!

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What is love? {Eiji x Ash}

What if Ash hadn't stayed at the library? What if the librarian was smart and actually called an ambulance? What if our true love birds actually got together and had their happy ending?

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Banana Fish - Another missed flight

An alternative ending where Eiji saves Ash at the last minute before bleeding out.Since he's powerless in a wheelchair he has help, of course.

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Scarred Heart (Kenshin/Inuyasha Xover)

The story is complete! Kagome gets hurt by Inuyasha's choice. Years later, she gets sent into the Meiji Era so she could love once more and mend her scarred heart. Kenshin asks her to stay at the dojo because she has nowhere else to go. Ken/Kag

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Be My Mistake (AshEiji - Banana Fish)

(Ash x Eiji - Reader Insert)( Oneshot )How often was it that you heard Ash Lynx say the words "I love you" to someone so sincerely? Of course his boyfriend would be the one to hear that phrase most of the time, while others might be completely foreign to hearing Ash say it.

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Ash x Eiji Oneshots

Umm well this is ash x eiji oneshots.Enjoy reading!

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