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It all started with 'camping'. She is a person who really hates camping, but without camping, maybe she will never be able to meet that mysterious & handsome man, but.. She didn't know who he really is. Will Miya find the answer? Will Miya be his lover? Or not?STORY ABOUT ALUYA (ALUCARD & MIYA) FROM MLBB✨ [ALL THESE STORIES ARE FROM MY IMAGINATION] ✨Don't forget to votes ♥Don't forget to follow the author too UwU ♥♥Hope u enjoy the story! Love u guys! ♡

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a story of a moonlight archer and a demon hunter who fell in love with each other...

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Miya the Nerd (x Alucard? Claude?)

[edited]This is miya's story. She's a bookworm that has been dreaming of having a dreamy romance life. She's single although she is very beautiful and has a great attitude, especially to her bullies. Alucard is one of them, but then, she discovered Claude, her crush, is also in his gang. Moreover, they made a very mean act bullying to her, now alucard asks for a favor?? Not to mention Claude being all sweet now, what the f-? "Oh, elven holiness!"(art belongs to me)

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"The first time I saw you in our Guild, My heart felt weird and different." - Alucard"You were an amazing friend but... I want something more than that." -Miya"No matter what, I'll protect you and always be there for you." - Alucard"I'll do anything for you, just to be with you." - Miya........"I love you.""I love you too."Miya and Alucard developed feelings for each other. What will happen to their relationship? Will the Abyss and Ruby get in their way? Will it be a happy ending? Come and read my first book!ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•ø•øMiya x AlucardFt. GusGuinLeMon¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤•¤Hello Fellow Readers! I hope you'd enjoy my first book and I would really appreciate if you vote my story and follow me. Thanks for the love and support! If you don't like my ships, I would kindly let you leave this book because I don't wanna hear haters judge me. Thanks again! enjoy ! XOXO , Author Eliza|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>|>CREDITS for Pictures, Characters, Art(Thumbnail)The characters of my story are not mine and the art on my thumbnail is'nt mine aswell. Also some pictures I would add.\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\♡\WARNING! •They're might be some inapropirate scenes where children below 14. If you are then, suit yourselves.• Cussing Is also included in this book. If you don't like it, you can leave. its okay!

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Blue (AluYa Fanfic)

Alucard is back in battle, with a newcomer on the opposing team. He is conflicted between sparing her and defeating the enemy. What happens when the paths of the two blue armored warriors align?

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bagohan lng po ako sorry hhehehe

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Someday Maybe (One-Shot) • l.t.

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Dimensions of gods ( kamigami no asobi x reader )

Remember Yui Kusanagi, After the god's graduation, they were all sent to earth with Yui.Now meet Y/N,L/N, Yui's older sister... Actually not. Y/S is, more specifically, a realm guardian, who can jump through different types of timelines and alternate universes.What happens when their all called back to the garden?Will they fall for Y/N? Or stay true to their feelings for Yui?

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hari minggu siang di musim panas yang membosankan..

di suatu siang di musim panas, yoo youngjae menarasikan hari minggunya yang membosankan.. dan lebih.

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#TKBMovieContest - My First Heartbreak

*IMPORTANT NOTICE*• This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.A High School breakup... It's difficult dealing with a breakup when you're in high school. It isn't the end of the world & you should never change for anyone else! Breakups may lead to emotional trauma, low self-esteem, trust issues(etc.). When you encounter their hot & cold attitude... It is confusing because you think that your partner loves you just as much you love him or her. You think that their showing you the best & worst sides of their personality. It's not LOVE if they're not mindful towards how you feel.Sometimes, their words and actions is not enough... You can't allow someone to have control over your emotions. Love isn't hot & cold. Love isn't a game... And Leanne experiences what real love is... She encounters her first high school heartbreak that impacts who she ends up with in the future!

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Rasanya seperti memenangkan sebuah undian ketika dia datang kepadaku. Bagaikan pangeran berkuda putih, dia mengajakku tinggal bersama di rumahnya yang megah. Tidak, ini lebih menyerupai sebuah istana. Namun istana indah ini memiliki rahasia mangerikan di baliknya..

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Нарисуй меня.Драмиона.(заморожен)

Гермионе и Драко предлагают работу в Хогвартсе,на,что они охотно соглашаются.

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Hubungi WA 0819-5366-3030 Adira Waluya Bekasi

Hubungi WA 0819-5366-3030 Adira Waluya Bekasi

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Mobile Legends Academy : Love on the line

"--it was always you." 🍃Heroes that may include in this story :💨 miya and alucard💨 freya and zilong💨 gusion and lesley💨 layla and clint💨 guinevere and GrangerOther characters : All heroes might NOT BE included in this story. But if you do wish, please suggest one. CREDITS TO: YROLUSTRE for the art at the cover. follow him on Instagram @yrolustre

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Happy Birthday (Nalu)

It's Lucy's birthday and it's also her mother's birthday and the same day her mother died. Every year since that day her father has beaten her till one day she ran away to a guild named Fairy Tail which she joined. She never told any of her friends it was her birthday, she would spend them all alone, would this year be different? Read to find out.

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You're Mine. (AluYa FanFic)

Here are my ships:AluYa (ofc)GusLeyHarNaClauMyHayaGuraThere might be more ships so stay tuned! Thank you!

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Mixed dimensions (Black butler X reader fanfic)

After knowing that she'd get a six month vacation from her job, Y/N,L/N, decided to visit her apartment in London. She also had to investigate the supernatural occurrences in town.What if she finds her self living with the black butler cast in less than a day in her vacation.In this universe will they fall for her or,Just stay there until Y/N gets her powers back?( To understand the MC and half of the plot you have to read my fist book; the dimension of gods)

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Saudade adalah sebuah kata dalam bahasa Portugis dan Galisia yang digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan perasaan nostalgia yang mendalam atau rasa melankolia yang berkepanjangan pada seseorang, atau beberapa orang yang merasa kehilangan orang yang dicintainya.Itulah yang Jung Yunho rasakan selama 14 tahun terakhir.

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MLBB Gaje Alucard x Miya

Miya Putri kerajaan elf bulan menyukai seorang Pangeran Hunter bernama Alucard

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Mᴏʙɪʟᴇ Lᴇɢᴇɴᴅs: Sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ [MLBB Fᴀɴꜰɪᴄ]


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A Journey

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What Is This Feeling?(Gusley MLBB,(fanfiction)

so umm this is my first story.if i do any mistake..blame my keyboard or hand.cause my keyboard or hand the one who write or type duh.small lesley was being bully.then guison came.what happen next?read my strory to find out!.........

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Hi I hope you guys will enjoy this story! <3

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BOUNDARY (Miya × Alucard - MLBB Fanfic) [COMPLETED]

Light Empire and Dark Empire-equally powerful and fierce empires-has their gods and goddesses that are willing to protect their own lands. Neither of the empires are willing to sacrifice its people to shame and defeat.They were once on the same side, always helping out each other in battles between other empires outside their land.But as time passed, misunderstandings arose, tension grew, and finally, a war sparked between the two empires.What can be the reason for this war? Can't they just have the things they want to put an end to their endless battles?What if they want the same, exact thing?

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