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A Certain Accelerated Railgun: Accelerator x Mikoto

An alternate universe where Accelerator and Mikoto met each other again before New Testament. After the experiments, memories of their time together resurface and Accelerator chooses to protect Mikoto. As their time together increases, whose to say what could happen.

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The monster in a fantasy world

accelerator finds himself stuck in a strange new world and the timeline itself wont let him go home what should he do and who will he side with, well whoever's going to bring him home fastest of course.Spoilers for both the toaru LN and mushoku tensei LN.

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The Strongest of Japan: Accelerator

In a world where 80% of people are born with powers called quirks, and both heroes and villains running about you would think a normal person would be scared, especially when you know this world shouldn't exist in the first place But with this body and strength? I can stand at the top and have no equal. Why? Because why can't I? Who even has the possibility of stopping me?

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That time I got reincarnated as Accelerator

"Reincarnation.. didn't think it was true. A lot of us wish to be isekaid so we could be with our favorite characters but we never think it to be true but I died and now I'm alive again, and there's a blue blob of mass sliding across the ground eating plants" "So it wasn't a dream, I really did speak to god and reincarnated" "This power it's incredible.. vector transformation.. oh I'm gonna have so much fun"

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TRYING TO BE 'NORMAL' - a 'Toaru Majutsu No Index' FanFic

The story follows Accelerator as he tries to leave his path of villiany and attempts to become a more normal human.See Accelerator tries to befriend people around him and faces some troubles with some romance included, actually a lot romance included.The story takes place after the ww3 incident.Touma is back in academy city and everything goes normal.So the story is not so canon storyline follower.I DO NOT OWN 'TOARU MAJUTSU NO INDEX' OR ANYTHING RELATED TO THAT.

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A Certain Divine Visionary

Academy City of Science and Technology. A city containing about 2.3 million citizens with 80% of that population consisting of students, and home to two rival forces: Science and Magic. The conflict between Science and Magic has always been prominent, but when one group accidentally resurrects a menace from another world, not just Science and Magic are at stake; the world at large is put in danger. Hope is put into the heroes of the city, including the third-ranked Level 5 esper Railgun, Misaka Mikoto, and Kamijou Touma, the Imagine Breaker, but they can't handle the fight themselves. When Misaka is saved by a boy wielding a sword with a shining blue light, she realizes that this battle is bigger than the two can handle.First of several stories in the Xenoverse Chronicles Series, a series in which Shulk and company visit other universes to stop Zanza from conquering foreign worlds. I do not own Xenoblade Chronicles or the Certain Scientific/Magical series, this is a fan story.

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A Certain Hero Academia

In this fanfiction midoriya will have accelerators powers and personality, note that he will be only izuku by name his past and overall goal will be different. This is my first story so bear with it pls.

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the one way road and the octopuses (accelerator in assassination class room)

One day accelerator wakes up to find that both he and last order have been transported to a new world. What will accelerator do when he finds out that the place that if free from academy city that he has found is destined for destruction. I do not own any pictures or characters in this story .Please support the original works and there owners.

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Accelerator across the Multiverse

The story of Accelerator across the Anime multiverse, He will be on a journey across the anime multiverse even some of the obscure or old ones.(I do not own any of the anime character's that will be showing up in this story they are owned by their respective owners).

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A Certain Accelerated Babysitter (Accelerator X Azur Lane)

Before the invention of ship girls, how do you think the humans are able to drive off the sirens from the mainlands, well come and read this story to find out what and who they invent to drive the whole entire Siren fleet away from the mainlands Alone.P. S: This is the first Azur Lane Story that I made so please tell me if there is something wrong with the story

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A Certain Scientific Academy City

September 1Λ’α΅— 00:00Before a bullet shot from Amai Ao's can hit Accelerator's head but however, Accelerator falls to the ground noticing that the car, Last order and Ao has disappeared leaving him on the street as if nothing was there in the first place. He later find out, that he is in Academy city - one very different to the one he originated from, where for starters the number one esper 'Accelerator' never existed there.DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN TOARU MAJUTSU NO INDEX OR ANYTHING RELATED

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A Certain Scientific Time-Master (Slow Updates)

Not everyone who comes to academy city has their dreams and aspirations come true. But what if someone destined for weakness fought to rule it all? Will you break away from fate and die weak and foolish? or rise to become this world's biggest threat.

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Reborn As Accelerator With Game System [Highschool DxD X Accelerator Reader]

A teenager boy die in car crash because being push by his bully to the road.He start thinking this life is unfair until a screen poop out and ask...[Do you think this life is unfair?]Y/n: Yes...[Do you want to become stronger?]Y/n: Yes...[And will you accept this Nano Game System in your way to become the stronger?]Y/n: YES!!![Congratulations! You have being choosed as the Nano Gamer]He then being send to Highschool DxD but not just that, he also is Accelerator.The strongest Esper in [A Certain Scientific Accelerator].He also get a cool Item as his Weapon or Sacred Gear.He now have set out his goal.He will become the Strongest one and make everything kneel upon him.

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(Discontinued) Accelerator in Mushoku Tensei (Jobless Reincarnation)

I have started a better version of this story so I recommend you read that instead. ThanksAs soon as accelerator activated his platinum wings in his fight against coronzon he falls unconscious only to find himself in a new and unfamiliar world. What will he do next.Warnings so far- language I do not own any charters in this story or any of the images I use please support the original creators if possible.

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A Certain Remnant Accelerator (Updated)

In a world overrun by monstrous creatures called grimm and dangers worse than those. There is a system of levels, danger levels if you will, the highest of which is level 5 starting with creatures of the grimm, hunters and huntresses, Glynda Goodwitch, Qrow Branwen, General James Ironwood, Headmaster of Beacon Ozpin, Mikoto Misaka, Kakine Teitoku and the top rank, Accelerator.

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A Certain Magical The Lost Spirits

A Certain Magical The Lost Spirits é lo spin-off di A Certain Scientific Wind Of Justice, ambientato dopo il capitolo: Il Vaso di Pandora & I Primi Spiriti Proibiti.Correzione a carico di Alessia Marisa Cosentino

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A Certain New World

when accelerator finds himself in a new world far different from his own he must adapt to his new reality and rise through the ranks to become number 1 again.This is an original work the only thing I dont own are the toaru characters the rest are OC's I hope you enjoy the story as it will be very long but has very short characters.Each chapter is between 1 and 2 thousand words (5 minutes of reading) but I hope to get this story to between 50 and 100 chapters.Grammar and correct spelling does not exist.(Check out the prologue the world that was before)

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A tragedy with some reasons.In this story, you will see accelerator ongoing with the level 6 shift project. the horrible deeds he has done and which affected many lives. but what if there is more to it? let's see then, and you may find his own reasons for the action he has taken.NOTE: I DO NOT OWN TOARU SERIES OR ANY CANON THING RELATED TO THAT. well, except some pictures that I may draw and add, THEY BELONGS TO THE RESPECTABLE AUTHORS.

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Mikoto Misaka, said to be the third strongest level 5 in Academy City, faces a whole new challenge when she wakes in a Nagatenjouki Academy classroom only knowing the name "Accelerator."

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Accelerator successor

Accelerator has a twin sister name y/n. She has a pair of beautiful crystal blue eyes color while her brother has amber-red eyes color. Their hair is white. It was a lovely life for y/n. She has the same quirk as his brother but added with healing power. One day, there was an unexpected accident happened that cost her parents' and brother's life. When she wakes from a coma, it was too late. Her uncle Aizawa Shouta, told her that she is the only survivor of that deadly accident. She committed a depression and his brother's personality was born in her body. Now, she has two personalities. The doctor told her uncle to bring her to a safe place that can help her with rehabilitation.So, her uncle bring her to Musutafu, Japan to turn over a new leaf. She enrolled in UA high school and starting to make new friends. How is she going to deal with the personalities? Can she get rid of the depression and anxiety? Find out the answers in this story.I don't own a certain series and MHA. This is my own imaginary story.

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What Happens When True Elites Clash (ClassroomOfTheEliteXDeathNoteXToaruNoIndex)

This fanfiction was inspired by another fanfiction so the starting is kinda same. Well anyway I hope you guys enjoy it.This is my first fanfiction so I will try to give it my all😁. Yep it's on HIATUSπŸ˜€

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The Esper

watch through the eyes of a young Y/N as he and class 1-A fight in a endless battle against their true enemy, The league of villains

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HUG by Harumi Chihiro (coloured)

HUG is a "toaru majutsu no index" doujin drawn by artist Harumi Chihiro. It mainly features Accelerator and Miskaa Worst.I liked it a lot so I've asked for their permission and tried to colour it. Although I am not very confident about the result, but I hope it'll live up to the original Work.Original Artist: Original Work: work:

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Anime music

music from various anime's I like. Be okay to recommend songs =w=

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A Certain Scientific Telekinetic (Accelerator x Oc)

You heard the stories about Railgun, Index, and Accelerator but you never heard about Academy City's 8th ranked level 5 Telekinetic esper. Follow her and her adventures throughout Academy City and find out how she handles the hardships that the City throws at her and along the way how she manages to conquer love and many more.

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Kamachi Kazuma is the creator of all characters except my OC's

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