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Pregnant and on the run from an abusive husband, Anastasia ends up under the protection of a grumpy CEO with a secret soft spot for her.

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Devilish Affection [18+]

"I'll Fuck The Word Friend Out Of Your Mouth If You Give Me A Chance."-*-Emily life takes a turn when she loses her purse, only for it to be found by the Mafia Boss, a man who changes her life within a night. -*-[TRIGGER WARNING- Abuse, Rape, Violence, Blood. Strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read. Your mental health comes first. ]

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The Third Deadly Sin +18

"I want you to fuck me," I blurted out and watched his eyes widen.Shaun didn't expect that from me..... Warning❗❗❗⚠️⚠️⚠️This book contains high and descriptive sexual content, dark romance, and triggering scenes. Recommended for 18+ read at your discretion.Lindsay is trapped in an abusive Marriage. Her husband, Asher is a religious hypocrite who relishes making her life a living hell.After Asher succeeds in getting her fired from her job, she gets furious and leaves the house that night. She goes to a bar where she meets with Shaun Marco, a mafia lord. Being drunk, she goes home with this handsome Greek God.As an upright woman, she isn't supposed to cheat on her husband, but she damns all consequences and fucks this man.What happens when Shaun offers her a contract to have sex with him for a year without the knowledge of her being a married woman? And will her protective husband, Asher find out about this entanglement? Well, find out in this story........

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The Abusive Husband

No matter how much I try to ran away from him, we would eventually meet...If you don't like the story don't read anymore and go away ✌️

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Force Marriage

I'm married to a handsome, hot and sexy CEO. I've had a crush on him but he doesn't love me. He love someone else. When I'm pregnant, he is so angry because I didn't tell him. He groaned " who's the father? " while holding tight onto my arms causing me to whine in pain. He's asking me to stay with him and take care of me and my baby. Will I live peacefully or miserable again?If you don't like the story stop read it anymore and go away ✌️

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Obsessive: Cruel Love

I'm married with my ex, my mafia ex...If you don't like the story stop read and go away ✌️

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A House on Eden

Jessie has spent the last ten years in an abusive marriage. One day, taking a detour from work, she sees a house she absolutely loves and in that moment she sees her escape. She buys it, leaves her husband cop, and moves in. Of course Bruce won't leave a stone unturned until he gets her to come home, but the strange thing is that the house has somehow become her ally. It loves her, protects her, and if need be would even kill for her.

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LA DONNA SERIES #2This was my first night with my first love !I mentally squealed.He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears .I could smell that he freshened up by the different manly perfume that hit my nostrils.It was oddly familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it .Before I could say a word his lips collided with mine .I was in shock.My first kiss .I tried to respond but it was very rough and demanding and I hissed in pain when he bit my lip . My eyes almost fell out of their sockets when I tasted the metallic taste of blood .I ignored it and tried to give in but I didn't know that it would be this uncomfortable.Suddenly I was on the bed and his big rough hands were roaming all over me .With each second it started hurting more than the second before ."Imran y-you're hurting me ." I started crying not feeling comfortable.He didn't respond.Actually it was as if I told him the opposite because by hearing my voice he was becoming more cruel and more rough .I started crying ."Imran go ea-s-sy." I stuttered and started panicking.He didn't listen .He ignored my cries , started removing his clothes and he tore mine .He got on top of me and I felt a necklace dangling above me .Imran never wore a necklace.Before I could put two and two together I felt an immense pain between my legs and I let out a screeching scream but he put his big hand on my mouth muffling my screams.I started hitting and punching his chest but he wouldn't stop .It hurt so damn much .After a short period of time I felt a liquid dripping from my body .My virginity.It was my blood .My heart shattered and the pain got more immense when I heard his dark deep familiar voice whisper in my ear."Daughter pays for her father's sins." Those were the last words I heard before having a panic attack and darkness took over me .I knew then for a fact that my life was destroyed this night .

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Cry of menace

Amelia and William are happily married for 4 years . When their daughter Posie is killed, William blames Amelia. William turns from a lovely husband to an abusive one and Amelia's life is turned upside down.WARNING: CONTAINS SCENES OF EXTREME ABUSE AND VIOLENCE.2nd book - Cry of Blythe

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The Wanted Unwanted

Being abused by some one you love is PAIN! Not being able to express and defend yourself is HELL! Running away from the cause of you nightmares who happens to be the one you love takes alot of STRENGTH and COURAGE! Seeing the cause of your nightmares staring right back at you after placing back the pieces of your life together is.....Join Avery on her hell of a journey IF YOU'RE NOT A FAN OF CONTROLLING MEN AND SEMI SUBMISSIVE WOMEN... DON'T READ!

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The Dark Knight Of The Soul

Jenny is trapped in a relationship where she cannot escape. Every move she makes she is watched. Every time she leaves her abuser, he finds her again... She accepts help from the mental health team and she begins to regain strength and courage. In the astral world, she is recording her activities, which lead her to the TRUTH... She slowly rebuilds her life, only for her beloved to destroy her again.... he will stop at nothing, even murdering her is on his agenda... Will Jenny escape the madness of the husband and his astral attacks... or will her devious husband drive her to suicide...

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His to Love.

Mythili Kapoor, in her eyes,is a nobody. Her parents were always in want of a son and were granted that wish post twelve years of her birth and since then her brother Rajveer has been the apple of her parents eyes. Oh yes, she is remembered when they have to make public appearances and play the perfect family but other than that, no one cares if she sometimes cry herself to sleep or just sits by the window of her room for hours with a book, unnoticed or if she misses her meals and honestly, she has stopped minding anything now. She has stopped feeling anything. In her twenty one years of existence, people have rarely bothered about her but she wants one thing for herself, to be independent and thankfully, her parents don't mind her going to college. Shivaay Singh Rathore is a man of a few, but harsh words. Multi-Billionaire at twenty-eight, life hadn't spared him the kindness to have a childhood everyone deserves. He is bitter, but honest and his past is something no one truly can speak about. He is unrelenting, unforgiving and unsympathetic. He carries a roguish charm to his demigod looks.Unwanted and uncared for are two different feelings but at the end of the tunnel, both find their base in loneliness. These two will too. Well, destiny and it's mysterious ways.

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Running Away

Ella, a 14 year old girl living in an abusive family makes the terrifying decision to run away from home.* This was an English assignment that I liked, so I published it on here. I might make this into a longer (and better) story just because it was hard to cram all the details I wanted into 4 pages. Anyway, hope you like it! * :)

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Living next to an isolated coastline, there's no one Mythri Shah can tell about her abusive husband. She's 50 rupees short of being able to buy a ride out of her home, but with the clock ticking and quickly heightening tensions, she has to figure a way out of her predicament.

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Healing Souls

"I will show what I will do to you if you disobey me as you are not liking my good side", he shouted at me and I was shivering by seeing his dangerous glaring eyes which held no remorse. He was cold, arrogant and has no emotions.He dragged me by holding my wrist tightly which is already bruised, with stumbling feet I followed him as he is walking fast. I cant catch up with his speed as I fall down he left my hand and glared at me. I cower back in fear as what he will do to me. I was shivering and crying very badly by seeing him. "I will make your life hell because of what you did to me. I will never forget and forgive for your mistakes, Get that in your head. You will pay for your sins and God will never forgive you. You are a murderer", He spilled venom through his mouth and dragged me on the floor from living hall to the kitchen. I am feeling pain in every part of my body but I cant open my mouth as fear crept inside me and my body became numb.He lifted me up by my shoulders but my body is weak as I cannot stand by myself and leaned onto him.I want to say I cannot bear his tortures anymore. But before that he held my right hand and placed it in the hot water as it was on the stove. I screamed in horror, pain and have no words left my mouth."Ah...ahh... ahh mumma", I screamed loudly as it was unbearable and I pushed the pan from the stove and it fell down opposite side with the boiling water."Please me, I am rea...lly so sorry dont do thiiis, I will obey your orders Sir", I stuttered as he held my left hand more tightly. As I was feeling dizzy I leaned onto him by holding his shoulder with my right hand. I thought this will be my last day on mother earth. Unstoppable tears flowed through my eyes."Please help me, let me die in peace", As I uttered those words by staring at him directly, darkness consumed me.*Caution : Mature Content**This is my First story. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes Please vote and comment.*

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My Abusive Husband ||YiZhan||

"Why are you doing this to me? What was my offence loving and accepting to be your wife? Why are you abusive, obsessive and possessive of me like this? Why?" Cried out the wailing bitter voice."I'm your husband and everything I'm doing it for you! to show you how much I love you! You're mine, Your beauty and all are all mines! get that? I not doing anything to you, I'm only reminding you who you belong to! Me alone! your beauty was only meant for me! Got that? " Resonated the screaming voice, possessively.It's a story where Wang Yibo was being abusive and obsessive about his husband, Xiao Zhan. He was raised to believe that beating his husband is the only way to show him he loves him without knowing he's, in the end, become an abusive husband to him.DISCLAIMER! THE STORY CONTAINS ABUSIVE MARRIAGE, VIOLENCE, M-PREG, STRONG LANGUAGE, SLUT-SHAMMING, MENTAL DISORDER AND MANY MORE...Don't read if you find it not your taste and secondly, I'm the original owner of the book. The story plotline has nothing to do with the real actors used in the story. I just borrowed them as my characters, that's all.The Story is edited by @ayomi__dunsiStarted: 20/1/2022Ended:...

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Fragile to Fierce

Cassandra Johnson, a beautiful, intelligent and young women. Stephen Stewart, a handsome, witty and hardworking man. They met, they fell in love, they got married.But then came trouble in paradise.Her fairy tale turned into a nightmare.This is what she did next...700+ reads, I can never believe so many people actually took out the time to read this short story. Thank you to all the readers!! :) (17-01-2021)1.08K+ reads, truly grateful! 🙏 (08/09/2021)#6 in abusivehusband (01.03.2020)

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Away With the Fairies (The Swallow Barn Cottage Series, Book 2)

Fiona King has lived a sheltered life. Her father and her husband have been making all possible choices for her, always telling her she was too odd and too clueless for the real life. When she's offered a contract to illustrate children's books, will she venture into the world that scares her for the sake of her art, the only thing that feels right and true to her?Frederic 'Axeman' Holyoake has returned from Iraq and doesn't seem to be able to find himself a place in the civilian world. When his brother's wife offers him to stay in her old cottage for a few weeks, he doesn't expect to find himself in the company of a young woman, a talented illustrator of children's books, whom his brother, the owner of a large publishing house, has recently discovered creating her magical paintings of fairies and sprites while working in a village pub with her husband. Will a man with a difficult past find love and purpose sharing a cottage with a woman with a bright but uncertain future?

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A dark romance story read at your own risk (18+).Siya SinhaA sweet 17 year old innocent girl who grew with the love of her mama (mother's brother is called mama in telugu). Since,her parents died in a car accident. From there her life turned upside down.Raghav MalhotraA 32 year old ruthless and vicious Mafia, disguised as a successful businessman to the world. Many girls and women throws themselves on him ,but his only heart craves for his niece Siya .Will he change for her or will he become her worst nightmare..........Xavin knightHe is the ruthless mafia king of Italy. He gets what he wants by hook or crook. what happens when his gaze falls on innocent Siya...let's read the story to know more about this...

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so this story is about y/n miserable life that how se suffer since her childhood till now 🥺 a girl who have no one behind her to take care

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My Heartless Husband(SLOW UPDATE)


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Liam's Wife, Harry's Half Sister

Harry's half sister is married to one of his best friend's Liam Payne. What happen's when Harry and his sister Gemma find out some not so great things going on with their younger sister.

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Aryan Khan One shot

So this is my another story

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Detective(Male Reader Original)

A murder trial. But with a twist. (Y/N) is put on the case of a mother who killed her husband. As he tries to clear her name. Her daughter becomes under his care. What will happen? Will he find a way to clear the mother's name. Or is the weight of murder too much to overcomeThe picture does not belong to me,

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Do Not Worry, My Sweetheart (Broken Dreams 1)

She loves the man who is the real culprit behind the scars on her body and her soul. She smiles and bears all torture; just to show that she adores him, just to make that morning possible when every beam of sun would be shouting that her test is over. Stop Domestic Violence! Previously named as 'Hiraeth', the homesickness for a home where return is not possible or that had never existed.

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Meet Vivian Carmicheal a free spirited woman who likes to create her own rules and doesn't like to follow the rules made by others. All she want is to be in a relationship where she is love and treated with respect.But life can't grant her the only thing she wished for.Meet Adrian Carmichael a well known multi millionaire who is rude, arrogant and abusive. He does not care about women or the female gender in general. The only thing he cares about is his kids and business.Vivian always thought her life to be boring and sad having to constantly deal with Adrian's emotional abuse.But life takes a different turn when the truth of her parents death is reveal.Will Vivian crumble because of the weight the truth carries??Or is there a hope and a solution in a supreme being she turned her back on?#1 in parents death#1 in mental abuse (22/12/2022)#2 in abusive husband#6 in Christianity (02/03/2023)#20 in religion

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