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Inspector Rames

Detective Inspector Amber Rames investigates a series of murder cases in 2185 with the help of her new sergeant. Her attraction to him is hard to ignore, but having a relationship with a subordinate is illegal. ***** Four murder mysteries. One epic romance. It's 2185, and British civilization has moved underground after a nuclear war. In a city of bright lights and body-hacking, a wealthy woman is found dead in a dark alleyway, her throat slit. Detective Inspector Amber Rames is given the investigation...and a new partner to work with. Tall, dark, and a technological saviour, Detective Sergeant Alex Sullivan stirs feelings in her that she should ignore. Having a relationship with a subordinate is illegal. But as they work closely over several different murder cases, boundaries start to blur... WATTY AWARDS 2020 WINNER

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Mistletoe in the Mortuary (Inspector Rames)

'Tis the season of merriness, murder, and post-mortems...England, 2186. Mortuary pathologist Cassia Rames is a recent divorcee, and although she's not afraid on her own, she is lonely. Homicide detective Sebastian Flynn is determined to fix that with his friendship -- but it's hard not to let their late-night hobbies turn into a fling. He believes he's no good for a woman like Cassia, no matter how tempting she is.Cassia was a woman who wanted happy endings. Now she wants a man who doesn't do commitment, so being with Sebastian could be the perfect arrangement...if only he'd let her in.*Inspector Rames holiday sequel. Complete.

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Manipulative Attraction

Jeannie Jones is studying to get her master's in biology and medicine.Hawthorne Gable is a troubled government agent tasked to watch her every move. Will these two neighbors open their doors and their hearts to each other?

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Lost Boys imagines/preferences

My favorite movie so I'm excited to make this. This will have David, Dwayne, Marko, Paul, Frog brothers, Michael, Star, and last but not least Sam lol I am more than happy to take requests, also suggestions for other stories or imagines. Thank you for reading!! Also check out my other imagines "La Guns Love Imagines"!

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GNR imagines/preferences

This will include chapters of Steven Alder (aka popcorn), Duff Mckagan (Michael), Slash Hudson(Saul), Izzy, and Axl Rose. Please take a look at my other book that I'm working on "The Lost Boys Imagines/Preferences". I'm always taking requests, just pm me on here, I will get to it ASAP!!

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Good Girl, Insane Boy. (Patrick Hockstetter & Beverly Marsh Fan fiction)

Beverly Marsh wasn't what people heard about her, she wasn't a slut nor a shithead. She was a good, innocent girl that was very kind and accepting of everyone. Yet nobody seemed to be accepting of her......well there was someone that's been very accepting of her. Patrick Hockstetter. He actually liked her, wanted her, watched her, followed her, defended her. Who is he kidding, she was already his. Probably going to get some hate for this ship because I know some people don't like Beverly Marsh, Which is fine everyone has there likes and dislikes. But I seen a few fan arts of them and I actually started to love the idea of them being together. Never thought of shipping them until I seen those, so I think they'd be very cute together. and besides I haven't seen any fan fictions of them which is a little saddening to me but I guess I'll do the honours of making the first one or one of the very first ones!!!

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The Origin - Wylderness Roleplay

The Origin, home to all Wylders at some time in their lives and created by Wyld. Ruled over by the Admyn council, it is a "safe" place, where no Wylder may kill another. Filled with strange and wondrous things, creatures thought to be only myth roam the land.[*No Wisps]

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The cherry soda theory

"What would you like cassy?""Cherry soda."

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Facts that will leave you shooketh

Stufffisgzheejek GAY

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Wylde Magic | Book 3

The Wylde series book 3Thank you @AWFrasier for the amazing cover!Wren and her friends return to the Wyldes with most of the answered they sought, only to find their beloved home in a state of tension. Courts choose sides, tensions rise, and barriers crumble as Wren tries desperately to keep it all together. Can they keep the Wyldes in one piece, or will it need to break apart to be forged anew?

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Wylde Tales

A short story for Half Wylde.

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His 90 Day PA

Pippa Hofacker is trying to find her place in the world. She lands her dream job as a personal assistant for Xaver Sayle, CEO of The Sayle Group, the only person Pippa looks up to. Unfortunately, Xaver Sayle is... well, he is...see for yourself. Name: Xaver Joshua Sayle Background: A rich af bastard Place of birth: New York City, where else? Parents: Living and I love them Siblings: Hell no. I'm all my parents can handle Current address and phone number: Wouldn't you like to know Education: I'm an Ivy League MBA prick Favorite subject in school: Getting a girl into my bed Special training: I know what goes where and why Salary: While I've been sitting here, I just made a shit ton of money Friends: My one true friend is Jake Cameron, the actor Enemies: Half the world and their mothers too Dating, marriage: Not since... Children: No. Not now...not ever Who do you most admire? Myself, of course He sounds a bit cocky you say? Hey, if he can pull it off, who are we to judge? Questions to be answered: What made Xaver such a___? What will happen when Pippa learns about his true nature? Will she remove him from the pedestal she put him on, or take what he dishes out and come back for more? Copyright 2016

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Half Wylde | Book 1

Half-blooded Wren escapes her old life among humans to go live with the fae. After a warm welcome, Wren slowly begins to accept herself for who she is, until she encounters a more sinister court that would rather see the child of their enemy dead. ***** When an unexpected attack on the nearby village effectively renders Wren homeless, she encounters the wild and frightening Thain, who would take her to the Wyldes: the land of the fae creatures. As a half breed raised among humans, Wren was shunned for her non-human half and taught to fear the fae. Now that she's living among them, she has to face her fears and accept her own heritage in order to live among them. But as the mystery of her parentage begins to unravel, Wren might find herself in more danger than she could have ever imagined.Book 1 of the Wylde Series*SHORT LISTED* Wattys 2018Wattpad "Hot Off The Press" featured book April 2018Thank you @AWFrasier for the awesome cover!

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Hot Wheels World Race and AcceleRacers

Greatest movies since I was a kid1# ranked Hotwheels - August 20211# ranked Teku - August 20211# ranked Nolo - August 20211# ranked AcceleRacers - August 20211# ranked Silencerz - August 20211# ranked Porkchop - November 2021

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The Wylderness

Feel free to pop in for a chat and give some new ideas! (More info inside.)

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Golden Cage

The reader is one of Negan's wives, kept against her will in the golden cage that is the Sanctuary. When they brought Daryl in, she can't take to see more suffering, and she tries helping him, until she gathers enough courage to ask him to help her run away from there.

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Wyldest Dreams

Katie would do anything to save her grandfather who has gone missing even working with Jacob Wyld the Duke of Norwich the man five years earlier she confessed her love to and laughed at her declaration. Jacob Wyld left his childhood home to get away from the Fiery Red head who loves him which he feels he doesn't deserve the things he does for the crown makes him unworthy of her love. He would do anything to find Michael the man who raised him even pretending that he and Katie are engaged and planning a wedding. Join Katie and Jacob on a journey of fighting foreign spies, London's underworld all the while trying to keep Katie safe from whoever is trying to kill her.

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Breakaway PA

BOOK TWOHighest Rank in Romance #101 2017-09-01Pippa's eyes are half lidded, full of want for me. Her heart jumps under my palm as my mouth descends on a perky nub. She hisses when my teeth find purchase. The sting of my bite is assuaged by a drawn out suck while rolling the other nub between my fingers. I rinse and repeat as she writhes underneath me. Dark hair splays on white sheets. Eyes close under slashed eyebrows. Her hands fist the pillows so tight they won't soon lose their shape.Billionaire Xaver Sayle's past catches up with him. Will his personal assistant Pippa Hofaker stand by her man or leave?Cover by @sereneur

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Wyld Heart (Wyld Heart 1)

Forsaken by the one person who was supposed to love her unconditionally, Red must brave the magic and monsters of the Wylds to find her true place in the world. *****Plagued by a weak heart, Red is an outcast in the Blood Moon Pack, a tribe of savage wolf-shifters held together by two things: their fanatic worship of the Night Goddess, and the ashwood walls that keep the real monsters out. Everybody must pull their weight. Only the strong are permitted to survive...Hunter Callahan, son of the Blood Moon Alpha, is counted among the strongest. Only Red seems to sense the vulnerability lurking behind his arrogant mask. Only she can understand the compassion underlying his violence; the boy who took a beating as a child to spare a butterfly from having its wings clipped. She saw herself in that butterfly. She sees herself in him. And he can barely stand to look at her. *****[65-70k words]Best Ranks: 13th in #Werewolf1st in #paranormalromance, #quest, #goddess and #dragon2nd in #magicFeatured on the 2021 Wattys Shortlist. Previously known as 'Seeing Red' on my alt account which is no longer with us (RIP @HMKRAFT)

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Half Magic | Book 2

Book 2 of the Wylde SeriesThank you @AWFrasier for the amazing cover!Wren has come out of the Wyldes with more questions than answers as to who she is. After escaping DuVarick's clutches, Wren puts as much distance as she can between her and the Winter lands. Now with part of her triquetram found and her magic somewhat under control, her sights are set on finding the witches, the elves, and maybe even an ancient being who keeps beckoning her toward it.Find me...

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Working For Wylder

Meet Lucy. A young girl who has moved to New York to start her adult life. Nothing stands in her way...well maybe except for her new boss Mr. Wylder.Go follow @ChokesOnTea24. She helped write, edit and even made the cover for this story. Oh and don't forget to read her amazing stories. xx

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His Nightingale

Book 1 of the Jackson Series!Ella finally gets an opportunity to escape the clutches of her cruel tormentor before fate leads her to Ryder Jackson. Broken and bruised, she soon finds comfort in Ryder who is equally as hesitant to wear his heart on his sleeve. Both have pasts that they just want to forget and souls that need healing. Will they be able to move on together or will history catch up to them?***I smile shyly and move closer to his face as my eyes sneak a peek at his lips. Meeting his gaze that has darkened with desire I curl my fingers around his collar and pull him closer. "Now, are you going to kiss me?""Yes." He nods before leaning in until his lips are a breath away. I pull back which makes him groan in frustration. "Promise to never let me go?"It happens in a blur. His lips descend on mine in a hungry yet passionate kiss filled with longing. I whimper softly when his teeth bite down on my bottom lip and coax me to give in. And, I do. His tongue meets mine as we explore each other, tasting and savoring. I tangle my fingers in his hair and tug slightly which makes him kiss me feverishly. It's like he almost doesn't want this moment to end no matter how much air is becoming a matter of priority. I pull away first, dazed still. He follows and his lips trail over the heated skin of my neck, kissing across my jawline, teasing the corner of my lips before nibbling on my earlobe. I'm a mess as I crave more of his addictive touch. I feel like I'm flying. "I promise to never let you go, Ella."Published to Wattpad: 01/02/20Cover: WYLD_ROSE© 2020 - 2021 WYLD_ROSE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

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His Daredevil

Book 3 of the Jackson Series!Elena Moretti is a journalist...but more importantly, a troublemaker. So, it's no surprise when she gets involved in a chase for a serial killer targeting young girls. Her only distraction? The ever serious and reserved, Roman Jackson.He's leading the case and can't help but be infuriated by the woman who seems to have a death wish. But as he tries to get her to stay out of trouble he finds her growing on him along the way. A wild woman with no filter and a sucker for trouble. Looks like Roman Jackson has finally met his match.***"Do you want to move to the back to sleep?" Roman asks and I shake my head slowly. "I don't think that's a good idea.""What - why?" He frowns at me in confusion before following my gaze to the rear-view mirror. "Fuck me!"There's a large van and three cars following us. The fact that they're all blacked out and roughed up is a huge giveaway. I open the compartment in front of me and grab the gun, making sure it's loaded and the safety is off."Maybe after we make it out of this alive."He rolls his eyes before accelerating.Published to Wattpad: 10/08/2020Cover: WYLD_ROSE© 2020 - 2021 WYLD_ROSE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

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