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Jaune songs

all of you know the drill, Jaune goes for a couple of days for some business and his team and Rwby found Jaune music collection.I am a tokosatsu fans so there will be Ultraman, Kamen Rider and other like anime song as well.I don't own any of the characters other than my oc.RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth.Ultraman are own by Tsuburaya Production.Kamen Riders are own by Toei.

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Jaune Multiverse of Madness (Discontinued)

Jaune's Transcripts have been exposed by Cardin and he was shunned, beaten, and bullied everyday. The only people who supported him were Ruby, Blake, Ren, Nora, CFVY, Sun, Neptune, the Beacon staff except for Goodwitch. He was also disowned by his Father.After that Jaune left without a trace, Ozpin tried searching for him but to avail he was nowhere to be found.But suddenly everyone was transported to a Theatre to watch different realities of Jaune Arc whether they are good or bad.

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Jaune's Nights At Freddy's

His transcripts revealed and everyone at Beacon turning his backs on him including his own teammates and Team RWBY, Jaune was always getting into trouble despite him not doing anything. After being kicked out from Beacon and being disowned by his own family, Jaune seeks out to get a job for money. He picks a new job as a night guard at a local pizzaria in Vale known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria from 12 AM to 6 AM from a newspaper add. Little did he know, the animatronics at Freddy's move and kill anyone inside the pizzaria after hours. (Note: RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum while Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon.)

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RWBY and JNPR Watch the Blood Gulch Chronicles

What happens when a mysterious file called "Red vs Blue" is downloaded onto Jaune's scroll? Teams RWBY and JNPR watch Red Vs Blue. Realistic reactions from the characters. I DO NOT OWN RVB OR RWBY. Reposted from the FFN story started years ago.

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RWBY reacts to their Multiverse

This is some wholesome time with the Intire Rwby cast and villians as well

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The Jaune Multiverse

Part 1 - Canon RWBY Cast from the Vytal Festival react to All My Versions of their friend and resident Hero Jaune Arc

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Join the cast of RWBY as they all react to the Multiverse

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RWBY x male reader volume 2

You are back with the rest if Team RWBY and you are ready for your second semester at beacon.This is the sequel to rwby x male reader volume 1.

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Rwby:Multiverse Reaction

As Team Rwby and Qrow found out about Ozpin's secret as they were knocked out and brought in by a Person named Razor as he introduces them to the multiverse of different versions of themselves from good to bad and even neutral as let's get this show on the road.Authors note: This is my first time making a reaction fanfic soo I will try my best to meet all your expectations!!

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Jaune's Escapades

I know that it's old hat by now, but here's another terrible RWBY fic with Jaune as a cliche anime protagonist, watch as all the girls fall for him while he doesn't even know about it. But... wouldn't having all the girls like the same guy break team RWBY apart? How would Jaune react to this? Who knows...

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Reacting to Jaune: Samurai Remnant

The Masters and Servants and their friends are suddenly teleported to a theatre where they must react to all the events that has happened through Jaune Arc's eyes.

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RWBY reacts to Arcadia

Jaune Arc is known as the "Weakest" Student in Beacon, his records and combat skills are the lowest and no one, and I mean no one, takes him seriously in the Academy of Beacon. His friends and Team care for him, but he doesn't get the kind of bond he has back home.But we all know there is a huge secret that Jaune is hiding, one that nobody in the 4 Kingdoms know, except for a few certain individuals. Jaune Arc comes from the Empire of Arcadia, a large Continent filled with numerous amount of Nations and races. Nobody in the 4 Kingdoms knows of their existence nor knows about the life Jaune lived before he was sent there to hide against the forces of evil. But a higher entity wishes for those close to Jaune and those that are of important in this world, to know of this secret.What changes will be made once they see the truth and will it be good or bad?

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Jaune Reincarnated - as a Sword

After the Disaster at the Paper Pleasers Village Jaune walked away from everything.Team RWBY brought nothing but trouble to both Remnant and Ever After.And Jaune got tired of all of it....and then something unexpected happen to him

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King of The Grimm: Reader x RWBY

Y/N hated the huntsmen and huntresses of Beacon Academy for his whole life. Then one day he discovers something... he has a secret semblance that has been never used. Now he must decide if he is human or is he Grimm?Cover credits to @panlixlovesick go follow them they pretty lit af

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RWBY Reactions

WAIT WAIT WAIT before you click off thinking its another RWBY reaction well it is but thats besides the point its gonna be more funny I think i have no idea i'm just a dumbass doing this because I have ADHD (For legal reasons it is a joke)

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RWBY- Weiss x Male Reader vol.1

Ok so this is my first story I hope it isn't to bad when you guys read it.Y/n: Your name RiversH/l: Hair lengthH/c: Hair colorE/c: Eye colorW/n: Weapon nameA/c: Aura colorF/c: Favorite colorI do not own RWBY, RWBY is owned by roosterteeth only characters that will be mine are the oc, characters I use.

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Arc of The Brotherhood

(Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY or Fallout.) What if Jaune was presumed dead during a mission against a white Fang base, and was transported to the East Coast?

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Welcome back Mr wick (John wick male reader x rwby)

a/n: hey boys I'm back finally and I'm ready to start a new story keep in mind I will only be updating this story for now so yeah let's get into the description.Ozpin is greedy he uses kids to fight his wars for him. but what happens when ozpin meets his match. what happens when team crdl kills a certain dog and takes a certain car. what happens when ozpin unleashes a monster even worse then salem? what happens when that man of sheer focus and pure fucken will comes after ozpin to end him once and for all? well let's just say that the world had better be ready to face baba yaga. A/n: disclaimer I don't own rwby or John wick support the original series. Also all art is owned by whoever owns it I am not the owner please go check em out.

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Jaune, the Strategic Gamer

We all know the Story of Jaune's Transcripts being revealed by Cardin or even Pyrrha, where he was beaten, bullied, and harassed by all of Beacon and that of the Kingdom of Vale. It is also where Jaune has been disowned and exiled by the Arc Clan, the people he once called Family. But what if things changed just a bit for this story?A Watcher gave a certain group of Individuals to make things right, a second chance, and they will make them promise, fix their mistakes. And it's not just that, even if Jaune lost everything. He was able to acquire a new power that can help achieve his dream, a dream where he can make his Ancestors proud. Jaune was always known to be weak in combat, but what about his strategic and tactical mind.This time, Jaune will face all of Remnant with sheer tactics and strategy.

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Reacting to Jaune, Grand Clone Rebellion

The Grand Clone Army, Jaune, his friends and everyone else from Beacon and other places were teleported to a theatre where they are to watch their future and everything that is to come.

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The Infection (RWBY x Abused Male Reader)

Y/n has spent all of his life being treated like worthless trash, barely worth the oxygen he breathes. But after escaping an abusive home Y/n finds himself with a desire for revenge and a death wish. A wish that a certain witch is making come true. With a Grimm infection sweeping Beacon, who can Y/n save? But more importantly, who can he trust?My second fanfic and the darkest thing I've ever written. Stick around. It could be fun...

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jaune genshin impact

jaune succeeded in defeating salem alone but wasn't acknowledge by others after that his teammates and friends were all recognized as hero while jaune was berated for taking all the credit he eventually realized how his own teammates felt about him after everything he done for them. a portal open up dragging jaune throwing him into a new world of teyvat sealing his memory aways until he heard a female voice calling out to him read more to find out

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Captain Arc [COD MW2/RWBY] (Book 1/3)

What would happen if Team JNPR discover a mysterious ancient 'ruin' during the mission, which contained a portal, and Jaune gets sucked into the portal and soon returns to Beacon months later, but with some new changes.What would happen if Hassan didn't successfully launch the missile. What would happen if an AQ soldier entered a DAL code [Detonate After Launch] inside the building, sending Task Force 141, Marines, and more specifically Captain John Price previously known as Jaune Arc to the RWBY verse.All Rights Reserved to Rooster Teeth, Activison, and Infinity Ward.Also all pictures, audio, and other forms of art belong to their respected owners.

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