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[FANFICTION]Synopsis: What if the original characters from 'The Birth of a Hero' meet the current characters from 'Trash of the Count's Family?'Disclaimer: I don't own the picture used in the cover and the novel. It belongs to the rightful owner.FYI, this fanfiction is based on a Korean Webnovel, 'Trash of the Count's Family (백작가의 망나니가 되었다)' written by Yoo Ryeo Han (유려한).

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Overcoming The Past

[Completed]*Spoilers Ahead for Trash of the Count's Family**Fanfic*

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Getting To Know The Future

[DISCONTINUED] people reacts to the WIKI of the people of

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Truth Shall Set You Free

The war is over, the White Star (Radish) is dead for good, and the God of Despair has been resealed, but Cale's ever so elusive Slacker Life is still out of reach with the looming threat of the Hunters. The God of Death, knowing that he is at least partially responsible for the chaos that has been Cale's life so far, decides to give him a gift (besides the ones he already originally planned to give him), the gift of truth. Not for Cale, but for those he cares for. He will take the burden of secrets from Cale's shoulders, if only to lighten the heavy load he tries to carry on his own. Or Cale's loved ones, friends, and allies across multiple worlds are summoned to read his story (legend).Trash of the Count's Family is not mine and all credit for the original novel go to its wonderful author, Yoo Ryeo Han. Credit for the novel translation I am using goes to the wonderful translators of the EAP website. I will write the character names like this so you can tell them apart:Earth 1- NameEarth 2- Name*TBoaH- Name*Indignity Test- Name^TCF- NameTimelines for the different worlds involved are:Earth 1 (group 1)- a few months after the original Kim Rok Soo and original Cale swappedEarth 2 (group 2)- shortly after the cintamani stopped workingTBoaH (group 3)- a little more than a year before the start of the warIndignity Test (group 4)- a few months after Cale left that worldTCF (group 5)- right after Cale got slapped by the God of Death's book

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We're Kidnapped Just To React?! (TCF Fanfic)

'Trash of the Count's Family' fanfic.Characters of different timelines and dimension reaction."So you're saying... We're kidnapped just to react?!" -Choi Han

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Looking Through The Life Of Cale Henituse [A TCF Reaction Fanfic] DISCONTINUED

Cale was suddenly transported into a strange place after being swallowed by a bright light. He opened his eyes and what he saw was...'A cinema...?'***This is a TCF Fanfiction story wherein Cale and his subordinates got transported into a strange place. "I am called 'The Reader' and is named Lectrice Caises."***DISCLAIMER:I do not own Trash of the count's family and it belongs to its rightful owner, Yoo Ryeo Han-nim.

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Whatever it takes... (TCF/LCF fanfic)

Cale regresses back into the past before the war began. With a new power that only activated in the moment of his death.''Child, your suffering was not in vain. It was something necessary'' says the God Of Death regarding the redhead with a pitiful gaze.''Drop the act, you bastard!'' Cale shouts.(I do not own the story Trash of the Count's Family)

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Forever And Ever

After recovering from his injuries, Cale woke up crying from the memory of the person he had forgotten.Trash of the Count's Family is not mine. This is a fanfiction.Picture is not mine. Ctto. Credit: @Haim_105

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Wikipedia? What's that? (Trash of the count's Family reaction fic)

The God of Death has lost a bet.Now the cast are being forced to reveal their secrets via Wikipedia.Cross posted on Archive of our own under EarthernHistoria

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Finding Out What They Missed

LONG CHAPTERS!! (Cover Picture does not belong to me, credits belong to the owner)Updates every Week!! Just no specific date...SGT (sealed god's test) people were just having another normal monster filled day when they were transported to a mysterious room. TCF people have just heard that Cale's room had been looted when they too were transported to the same room.Read as they react to parts of their Dear Cale's life that they have not seen.ANY AND ALL PICTURE I USE BELONG TO THEIR OWNERS, CREDITS GO TO THE OWNERS.ALL CHARACTERS FROM "TRASH OF THE COUNT'S FAMILY" BELONG TO "YOO RYEO HAN," THANK YOU DEAR AUTHOR FOR THIS WONDERFUL STORY!!

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Trash of the Count's Family Prompt Generator

Trash of the Count's Family x ScatterPatter's Incorrect Quotes Generator----------------------------------- [Author's Note:Heya~! Trash of the Count's Family & ScatterPatter's Incorrect Quotes Generator doesn't belong to me. Cover Photo doesn't belong to me either, credits to the owner. The characters may become OOC. So yeah...]

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Ways to Die in an Apocalyptic World

What will happen when the infamous Cale Henituse has traveled through the star stream, interfering with the dying playthings of the gods? Can he change their fate? Or will he too get swept in?Trash of the Count's Family x Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint[Cale Henituse x Yoo Joonghyuk]❗️Information provided in this fanfiction is not accurate nor is the characters' personalities.❗️I do NOT own the characters or the original works.❗️Cover is taken off Pinterest.

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The Tales of the Crimson Prince of Obelia

(Name changed from "What if Cale was Claude's son")Got inspired by this youtube video What if claude had a child before he met Diana? And the child's mother had a peculiar set of red hair and eyes. If you haven't read 'Who made me a princess' and 'Trash of the count's family', pls read it before reading this novel. It would help a lot in the understanding of the novel. And I have written some basic character info and some event details if you need a recap. Those would be in the first few parts. I hope you enjoy my work. Pls give credit to the author of the original stories too. :D(I post on the weekends)

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It will be a reaction from the novelThe birth of a hero will do an react on the TRASH of the Count's familyI don't own the count's family trashI only own some characters and all the things I will put here.. and if they are not from me or if I borrowed them, I will write it in the extra chaptersMayby there will be ooc☺

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Another Baby in the House

[COMPLETED]Cale unexpectedly fought with a powerful hunter, good thing he didn't get hurt but just inhaled a violet strange smoke, but it didn't affect him or anything.When he woke up in the morning his body turned into a baby.Date posted: March 12, 2022Language: EnglishStatus: COMPLETED🖇️This contains spoilers from the novel.< LOUT OF COUNT'S FAMILY IS NOT MY STORY, IT WAS WRITTEN BY YOO RYEO HAN. THIS IS JUST AN FANFIC/AU/FANWORK AND DOESN'T DO ANYTHING WITH THE MAIN STORY. >

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The Birth of a Hero Reacts to The Trash of the Count's Family

Art by @panguru88 on Twitter (I think I can repost?)TBOAH will be reacting to TCF's battles, whether they are small or big.I am not the owner of Trash of the Count's Family or any of the characters.They belong to the author, Yoo Ryeo HanCross Posting to AO3 Under The Same Username!!

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React to LCF

The title says it all. I really love the novel, I also found a lot lcf react fanfiction. That's why i'm thinking of making one. I hope anyone who read this will like it.Lout of Count's Family is not mine. Its belong to Yoo Ryeo Han.The cover is not mine too. I don't know who the artist is because I just randomly saved any pictures that I found interesting on my phone.

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the birth of a hero react to tcf (on hiatus)

Basically the birth of a hero novel characters react to tcf !I don't own any of the arts!!I don't own Trash of the count's family characters!

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To the Forgotten (trash of the count's family)

The war has finally ended in the Western and Eastern continent. The Hero's and their allies have won and defeated the White Star. The Mogoru empire has become a kingdom a new Empire has appeared, the Roan Empire. Peace is back and everyone can finally rest. However some mysteries still remain to be unveiled.Thus by uncovering the secrets one by one, nobody would have known that this would lead the hero's to a certain individual, the trash son of the Henituse county.Reaction fic In this fic, Cale Henituse was Kim Rok Soo in his past life. Therefore Cale is KRS.! Contains spoiler !TCF does not belong to meThe cover and images aren't mineSlow updates

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Seduce the Villain's F̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ Emperor! || English ||

Kim Rok Soo died in a monster attack when he had just finished reading the fantasy novel that Choi Jung Soo gave him, but he woke up as a prince instead?! "Dongsaeng, promise me you won't marry and stay forever with this hyung of yours." But why is this bastard Jung Soo also here, did he die too and why am I a dongsaeng?! "Just leave everything to this Hyung, dongsaeng." Alright is it okay with the team leader or Soohyuk hyung? But why did I even get kidnapped by father?! I mean he's a handsome sugar daddy and smells like money. "Prince Cale, don't try to run away." How can I not run away if father- I mean the Emperor who kidnapped me is about to die?! Fanfic by me Trash/Lout Of the Count's Family author Yeo Ryeo Han#2 deruth Dec, 2022

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The child of a god

Cale's mother died when he was 8 and a part of him had died with her. He was so destroyed that tears could not fall from his eyes on the day of the funeralPeople began to think that he was a monster for not crying at his mother's funeral and for this the attendants started insulting him and hurting him.His father, on the other hand, drowns himself on alcohol and work rather than seeing his own son who reminded him of his deceased wife. In fact, the child looked a lot like her with his brown eyes and red hair like his mother's.The father also began to beat up the child and blame him for the death of the countess.All this happened without anyone knowing anything, neither inside nor outside the mansion, all continuous until cale was 12 years old.A mysterious voice spoke "my child, my poor child what they did to you" The gentle voice said.I apologize in advance for any mistakes that there may be, English is not my first language so I am using Google translate.Trash of the count's family do not belong to me

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Cale In Black Clover

Cale transmigrating into the black clover..Though he doesn't know anything at all. "I should live properly as trash and have a slacker life."***"Oh young master, I am so worried about you!""Young master Cale, should I lock you up for worrying about this noble self hmm~?""Cale-nim! Just as I thought, only you could destroy these bugs that stand in your way." "Should I help you clean the evidence?"Cale could only sigh as he thought-'Vicious bastards.'***•English is not my first language•Original Fanfiction Story (Lout of the Count's Family x Black Clover) / (Trash of the Count's Family x Black Clover)[Contains Spoilers]Credits to the Both Owners of the Novel Author TCF and Manga Author Black Clover.

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Trash of the Count's Family OneShot Book

Like it says in the title. Probably won't update oftenEnjoyAnd like interact with it please.

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STABLE BOY ; Trash of the Count's Family

Somehow, a narcoleptic transmigrator is working as a stablehand in the Henituse County.That's fine, there's no way Cale would care enough about this random boy working with the horses, right? He can just stay here unnoticed, never getting involved with the story... Agh, if he knew he'd transmigrate, he would've at least read more of it first!- Trash of the Count's Family (TOTCF) / Lout of the Count's Family (LOTCF) Fanfiction. I don't own TCF/LCF, this is just fan fiction.

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death is the only ending for the villainess, who made me a princess, omniscient reader's viewpoint, trash of the count's family suddenly get sucked in a room and are told to react to each other.

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Trash Of the Count's family Reacting to

Everyone in Cale's Group and Family was swallowed by a portal and ended up in a room there they see a Couch, Pillows, Table and a big TV/Screen then a Voice spoke up.----------------------Read to find out what happened~

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