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Ninjago Crystalized [Lloyd]

!DISCONTINUED! - Basically the crystalized season with a reader insert and Lloyd as the love interest.- I will be using female pronouns (sorry if you wanted something else)- Cole is your cousin - Your powers are telekinesis --------------------------------This is my second book Please check out my one-shot book as well

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Ninjago Crystalized trailer


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Ninjago Crystalized: Shattered

A whole year has passed after Nya's sacrifice. Many of the Ninja had deserted from the team to do their own personal things, however that wouldn't last too long when they all learn about a Herald buying vengestones and recruiting old villains. And although the powerful Sea Serpent Wojira has been defeated, an even greater and more dangerous power will soon emerge from the shadows and threaten to bring peace in the dark. Not just Ninjago, but all of the 16 Realms.Will the Ninja be the same without Nya? Will they prevail against this Darkness or will they all perish and let everything they have protected so hard be consumed before their very eyes? Will the Ninja protect those who can not protect themselves?Will the Ninja be able to stand up against those who are cruel and unjust?Will the Ninja never quit?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Important note: This fanfic is an alternate story to the original where this "Crystalized" season will be treated as the official ending to the main Ninjago Series.The grammars in this story are not the bestPoster: Lego Ninjago is owned by LEGO and Tommy Andreasen

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Forgive me/ninjago fanfic/ crystalised rewrite

Lloyd finds himself facing old enemies, but perhaps one of them will turn out to be a friend. Crystallised rewrite focusing on Lloyd and Harumi's characters cause oh boy they did them dirty, this isn't necessarily Lloyrumi (it kinda is-) but they'll have cute/sincere moments, also its very angsty cause I like writing angst.

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Ninjago crossover

The ninja get notice that there is suspicious activity around Hiroshi's Labrinth, so they go to investigate. When they get there someone's already broken in. They try and stop the stranger but the stranger and his friend portal to another realm with the help of the realm crystal. Will the ninja be able to put an end to this new threat?Ninjago show crossover with the Ninjago movie.

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Desert Kings

Jay and Kai get blasted to a new realm after an accident now a year later Nya has created a way to go after them in this new realm. After venturing into this strange new desert realm they find that this place has some interesting characters running the place. Will they get Kai and Jay back or... is it to late?(Similar to a mashup of Hunted and The Ice Emperor)

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Lloyd And Harumi | New Beginnings

This is set after Crystalized again. and in this story it is Lloyd and Harumi getting used to each other again and the other ninja learning to except her. Garmadon is back and evil again. This is a sweet funny story, with romance, mayhem, and life lessons. This is not a lemon\smut, I DO NOT WRITE lemons or smut.

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Ninjago and Ninjago Movie Crossover

(A/N: Slowly editing)[Written: 2018 - 2021]After making peace with the former evil tyrant known as Lord Garmadon, Lloyd and the rest of the Secret Ninja Force have had no one to fight for several months.All seems quiet in Ninjago City until the group stumble upon new arrivals in town who, some how, have the same exact powers as them! Jewelry store robberies, gangs lurking in the shadows, and a plan to bring Lord Garmadon back on his tyrant throne have the ninja preparing for another battle along with the company of their TV show counterparts. The Secret Ninja Force have no clue how counterparts of themselves ended up in their world, and all their counterparts know is one thing... A mysterious cloaked man stole the Realm Crystal from their home and brought them there, and they want to know why.

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United (Monkie Kid X Ninjago)

The ultimate crossover of LEGO!The Ninja are sent to a new realm by The Overlord and his army, and are now left to defend it before he takes it like they did their realm. Little do they know, this realm has its own mystical defenders...and enemies.

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How to Train Your Dragonblood 2: The Day of Love

Three months after Kai and Jay defeated the beast and united their people and right before Ninjago's traditional spring holiday of The Day of Love, all the dragonbloods of Ninjago unexpectedly depart, leaving everyone distraught - except for Kai, who cannot fly by himself...

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Ninjago Dragon's Rising - The Guardian of Life (The Sequel)

After the battle against the Crystal King Aka the Overlord, everything was at peace in Ninjago. Like usually in a city like Ninjago, that peace never gets to stay longer than a few months before the latest incident. (Y/N) Garmadon & Cole Brookstone, the two Ninja who fell in love during their journeys and adventures ended up getting married after the defeat of the Crystal King. But as everything calmed after the storm, something started happening in Ninjago. The Ninja saw something in the sky that couldn't even be acknowledged unless you were present. A crack appeared in the sky, separating the clouds and space itself and showing another mysterious place. A new dimension? A realm? Who knows?Now the Ninjas are back to see what's happening. Even without their powers, they won't give up until they figure out this peculiar incident.

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Kindred Spirits

This is a story inspired by Ninjago and the main characters in it will be harumi and lloyd. It's after Crystalized and it based on how Lloyd and Harumi are dealing with their feelings and how are going to fix their relationship. If you are not a fan of the ship please leave and let people who love it to enjoy this story peacefully)Enjoy !

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Spirit's Wrath (Book 2 of Spirit's Calling)

In the weeks following her rescue, Y/n enjoyed a normal life. Her uncle opened a tea shop. Her mother helped her research her powers to see what she could do. She played videogames with the Ninja.But of course, something had to go wrong.One day when Y/n was out, she feels an unnatural wind. Moments later, her powers stop working.She quickly discovers her brother is possessed and the Ninja also lost their powers. Oh, and later, Cole turns into a ghost.Y/n is not happy.Cover by meDISClAIMER: I do not own Ninjago or any characters/events created by Lego.

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Finding The Black Ninja [Ninjago Fanfiction]

The ninja set out to go on a dangerous mission at the Torchfire Mountain, an active volcano located at Ninjago's Sea of Sand. On the mission, Cole, The Black Ninja, get captured by an unknown identity. Read to find out what happened to Cole. [6/7/17 - start][11/7/17 - hit #668 in Adventure][5/8/17 - hit #202 in Adventure]

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The 17th Realm (The Maniac Trilogy - Book 1)

the cover is my art :))This Ninjago Fanfiction is set after crystalized. This fanfic changed so much since crystalized because I started writing it before Seabound so yeaah. After each chapter I'm gonna write how it changed to the original (if I remember/if there is anything to write about XD) Anyhoo, enjoy! The ninja are enjoying their time as usual on the bounty but something unexpected returns - a darkness unlike ever before. This creates chaos in Ninjago and all goes wrong.*** MOST OF THESE CHARACTERS AREN'T MINE - THEY ARE FROM THE NINJAGO SHOW. THERE IS A HANDFUL OF CHARACTERS THAT ARE MY ORIGNAL MADE UP CHARACTERS ***

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Llorumi Oneshots

Welcome fellow Llorumi Shipper.Enjoy these oneshots and Request are allowed.I don't own any of the art used or Ninjago or any of its characters

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How to Train Your Dragonblood

Jay, a gentle teenager with a love for inventing, is told he must kill a dragonblood to mark his passage into manhood and be initiated into his tribe. However, he ends up doing the exact opposite by befriending a deadly Fire dragonblood...(Cover Art Belongs To @BEBA-780)

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Chosen (Lloyd X Reader)

Y/N was taken in by Sensei Wu at the age of nine when she mysteriously appeared on the Monastery's footsteps. Ever since then, she trained in the secret art of Spinjitzu and helped Sensei Wu find the four Elemental Masters and the Golden Weapons. However, when she meets Lloyd, her world is turned upside down and nothing was the same ever again. Everything she ever knew would never be the same. And because of that, the world of Ninjago wouldn't be either. But, at the very least, she has Lloyd by her side.

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Book 2: Ninjago The Master of Crystal Rise of the Serpentine OC

After defeating the skeleton army the ninja will have to face a new army: The Serpentine army! And they will have to learn about the Green Ninja to defeat Pythor.I don't own Ninjago just my OC

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The Forgotten Element  (Ninjago x OC)

This is the full story of ninja (Hunter) the elemental master of ink. Countless scrolls prophecies a new holder for the element of ink after thousands of years of waiting, but can this element be trusted. The element has killed thousands of people or maybe even more, can Hunter control this element after his past or will he to be under the control of the forbidden element. This takes place from sons of garmadon all the way to crystalized (their are spoilers so read at your own risk). Sons of garmadon - Hunter lost his family to the great devourer and blamed the ninja for this. So he and his sister Harumi both created the sons of garmadon to get revenge on the ninja. But after getting captured by his enemy and spending time with them he finds out he was wrong about them.Hunted - Hunter and his friends must now survive the wrath of garmadon as he has completly taken over ninjago, with the help of his own sister. Can they survive long enough to see their friends or will they be the ones hunted...March of oni - It's been a few months since emperor Garmadons defeat and something isn't right. Hunter has had nightmares of the creatures known as oni but what he doesn't know that those are not nightmares but visions. Can he and his friends stop the oni and a mysterious creature or will Ninjago be covered in darkness.

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Lego Ninjago Ocs

Ocs for the Lego Ninjago Tv Series.(I don't own the Lego Ninjago Tv Series. I only own my ocs.)(I don't own the cover picture. All Rights go to the owners.)

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Crystallized Og Ending AU

*shakes angst and oni Lloyd* Here NINJAGO fans 🥰🥰 (not my art!!)

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The Lego Ninjago Series 2

This is the second part book the first book.Character- Kai- Jay- Nya - Cole- Zane- Lloyd- Lilly - Blackmagic - Reese's-Riyu-Sora-Arin-Lilith-Ruby- Cole Jr.-Kimmer-BlackShadow-WyldfyreWarning Bad Grammer

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Sodor Crystalized

After a series of smuggling incidents on Sodor causes Thomas to go missing, The North Western Railway sends five of its engines to a foreign island to search for the missing number one. Little do the engines realize that their troubles were only just beginning...Inspired by the works of Truck of Tar, Lucat_Here, Shanks, and (formerly) Percy and the Beast Productions.Inspired by the characters of Thomas and Friends, The Railway Series, and NinjagoThomas and Friends is owned by Mattel. Ninjago is owned by Lego.Not made for kids. It includes a lot of blood, death and the occasional swears like "Damn"Also Role Swap AUs are completely shit and none are allowed for Sodor Crystalized.(NOTICE: Isle's currently trying to update several edits to be in a consistent style.)

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Ninjago Lavashipping: Selfish

The effects of the fire in Ninjago City damaged everyone. Kai is believed to be dead by the rest of the ninja. Except Kai isn't really dead. He is just afraid to reveal himself to the world again. Kai slowly opens up and gets a job at Laughy's. There, he comes into contact with a familiar face...Read to find out what happens next don't forget to enjoy :DI finally updated this horrible description and hopefully it's better😄😄Warning: Cussing, alcohol, mistakesShip: Lava (Cole x Kai)‼️Not all my characters‼️

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the destiny's bounty (cole x reader)

you wake up to see 5 teenage boys and 1 teenage girl staring at you from above, and one of them seems to take a particular liking in you...(this story does not follow the events of Ninjago but there are references to the main plot)(i also didn't watch sons of garmadon before i wrote this but now looking back there are some similarities)i do not own any of the ninjago characters!

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