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Half  ||  Naruto x Crossover Story

Kaiden Uchiha-Hyuga: the truth that can not be known.a young girl who is born a hybrid destined for death, hell, and anguish.>>UNDER-EDITING>SLOW UPDATES

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Naruto Crossover Fan Arts

All Fan Arts with Naruto in it (minus Monster High, you already seen it)

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Naruto brother of Gilgamesh (Naruto crossover)

Re-upload due to old account being deleted Forced to pay for his Father's arrogance. Naruto lost 2/3 of his soul to the Shinigami on the night of the Kyuubi attack due to his Father. Naruto is forced to live in the hospital due to having constant hospital problems however Naruto salvation came in the form of a traveling goddess.

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Kunoichi amongst Heroes (Boku no hero academia x Naruto crossover)

Everything in life has a price that must be paid, but it cost Sakura Haruno her entire world. Now having no one to rely on but herself, Sakura must face this new world dominated with heroes, villains, and quirks. She also discovers that what she's paid for, has the potential to be worthwhile.(Sakura ends up in the Boku no Hero academia world)

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My hero academia and Naruto crossover

Naruto got stuck in a world, not like his own and now is learning new thing or two and fighting people there using justu he must find a way to go home or will the way home find him?

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Through the Looking Glass (A Magi and Naruto crossover fanfiction)

Fate was cruel, yes, but Sakura hadn't realized how much until the universe decided to teach her by kicking her out of her world and into another. One with magical vessel possessing beings known as djinns; dangerous treasure-filled buildings called dungeons and an infuriating yet interesting boy named Sinbad. *This is based on the setting and plot of the Spinoff of Magi: Adventures of Sinbad

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Crossroads of Fate (Hunter x Hunter X Naruto crossover)

Fate is a powerful force that not many would willingly oppose. It is not an opponent that can be defeated easily.Sakura Haruno learns this the hard way, as she finds herself playing a game with fate. A game where she is literally stuck, in a story of the life of those whose paths she was never meant to cross. She has to make it to the end of the book in order to return to where she belongs. However, with hunter exams, assassins, a sadomasochistic clown and two boys that reminds her of her teammates. Sakura wonders if she will be able to survive to the end of the story.(This is a Sakura Haruno centric fanfiction crossover.)

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New Bonds a FairyTail/Naruto Crossover

{Discontinued}Haru has had life deal her the worst cards imaginable but, she still has gotten through everything with the help of her guild which is her family.But, during the the Tenrou island incident Haru gave her life to save all her friends against Aconologia. Everyone mourned their ,not only trusted comrade,but fallen family so what happens when they get a call on the masters lacrima and Haru says she's not dead but in a diffrent world? And, what happens when all the guys fall for her!?!Read to find out her past,magic,and future in this story of love,a little hate, and adventure!I do not own any pictures unless told otherwise,FairyTail,or Naruto only my Oc's.

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Sweet Blossoms in the Fleeting Wind - BleachXNaruto Crossover

* THIS IS A COPYRIGHTED STORY OF MINE, MIDNIGHT_LILAC, PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD. IF YOU FIND IT ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE, IT HAS BEEN COPIED/REPUBLISHED WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND YOU ARE LIKELY AT A RISK OF A MALWARE ATTACK. IF YOU WISH TO READ THIS STORY IN ITS ORIGINAL, SAFE FORM, PLEASE GO TO WATTPAD *The story of a mission. A mission for love. A mission for friends. A mission to protect.The traitor, Aizen Sousuke has yet again decided to start trouble in his advent to gain power. And this time, he's after possibly unique power found in a new dimension he's opened up a portal to. A world of ninjas where the whole idea of reiatsu is non existent.Ryuusuke Azami, the second substitute shinigami and the only one to match the level of any captain in Soul Society, is now a trusted and dependable protector of the world. After training and holding her spirits high all this time, its her turn to meet new friends and protect them from the harm that threatens them and her hometown as well.Follow her as she juggles between love, life and a small hope of making the world a better place. A place where all life, good and bad, big and small can live in harmony through the bonds and dreams guiding them.Like beautiful sweet blossoms drifting through the fleeting wind.~~~~~~~~~~Ranked #1 in bleachRanked #1 in ichigoRanked #1 in nejiRanked #1 in byakuyaBleach and all its franchise (C) Tite KuboNaruto and all its franchise (C) Masashi KishimotoOC and creative plot (C) Midnight_Lilac

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Can It Be Love? (Shoto Todoroki X (F)Reader) Naruto Crossover Completed

this is a cross over of Naruto and bnhaNaruto is the hokage and you are one of the ANBU black ops you take a mission to check out a portal but before you could go back you get trapped in another world?! you meet a stone cold boy who maybe able to understand you what happens and how will your relationship growEditor: inkkkk 20000DISCLAIMER-i don't own Naruto or BNHA there maybe abuse like Todoroki. I hope you like it!

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Naruto: The Orange Assassin (Assassin's Creed/ Naruto Crossover)

(Note -12/2/2019-: This story was written when I was thirteen. It is cringy and has a number of grammar errors I'm to busy to fix. If this story isn't your taste feel free to look at some of my other books. Should you brave this story and get past the cringe and errors to see the passion I put into it, then thank you. Anyway, here is the summary you've been looking for.)After Ezio found a piece of Eden he and some Templars were transported to an unknown world. There Ezio is trained to be a hidden leaf ninja and befriends Minato Namikaze. Ezio and Minato became close so when Minato died leaving his son an orphan Ezio took him in and raised him as an Assassin.Sorry, I'm bad at summaries. I do not own Naruto or Assassin's Creed. Also, there is NaruHina shipping involved. I hope you enjoy!

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A Snake's Heart[Kim Possible and Naruto Crossover] (Rewriting)

Orochimaru and Kabuto were working on a new experiment when suddenly lighting strikes the hideout causing the experiment to lose control and send them to a new dimension. What adventures does the Kim Possible world have in store for them?

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MHA x Naruto Crossover! The Unknown

My Hero Academia Time: Starting from the beginning of Season 1Naruto Time: In Naruto Shippuden, before the Fourth Great Ninja War.There will be spoilers!!!!!What was supposed to be a simple mission, no on knew it would turn out like this. Koemi, our MC, force to join the mission with Team 7. Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Sai.Koemi saved Naruto from a trap, however she ended up in it. A transportation Jutsu! But... Where did she transport to?Now falling from the sky, Koemi notice she was no longer in her world. Strange buildings. Vehicles. Etc.In the meantime with no way back home, she must settle in and learn the custom of the new world, which she soon learn, is full of Heroes!*I do not own these two animes, only the OC.*The cover of this book is drawn by yours truly, me. Please don't copy. (Even though the art isn't that great, I like it.)

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bnha x Naruto crossover

Yamato team 7 was goimg on a mission and they suddenly transported to a different universe. This world is brand new to them with heroes and villains insteado f ninjas, villages, and Kages. There is a group called the L.O.V after them snd they joined forces with teh Shinobi organization called the Akatsuki. More and more ninjas transport to the hero world and soon the L.O.V and Akatsuki declare war upon the heroes and Kages. Now Midoriya and his school of heroes in training and pther schools with heroes from around the world come over to win the war! Naruto and his friends and other ninjas will also help to win this war, and Naruto is determined to save his friend Sasuke from loneliness. Will they win the war and will Naruto save Sasuke?

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Our strands of Memories (One Piece Naruto Crossover)

The dying genius of the Hyuuga clan is being transported to a new world. Being a new person with a new life yet the same past, what will he do? Following the shade of blue and the dazzling yellow, he will have to make his own decisions. Meeting the bright smiles, enormous dreams and unbreakable bonds, Will Neji Hyuuga still Neji Hyuuga?

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A Second Chance | Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover

Kaguya had decided to give her children a little break, after all, they needed it very much.This book is also a Madara x Female! Naruto. If you don't like it, then don't read.

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Naruto crossover part 2

This is the sequel to Inuyasha/naruto crossover, Sauske and naruto have come back from their two years of training and are stronger then ever, but there is another enemy to face, you could probably see it coming but not everything as it seems. Enjoy

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Uh... I'm Actually A Girl (Tokyo Ghoul/Naruto Crossover) [Discontinued]

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke have a new member on the team. Kaori Rikuto is placed on Squad 7 without any argument. But what the three genin can't figure out is why Kaori looks so glum. Is he bored? Is he secretly shy? Well, just wait until they see the real Kaori and more.

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The Life That Full of Meaning (Naruto crossover fanfic)

Naruto is a girl in this story.When the Fourth Great Shinobi War happened, Naruto died in the battlefield after managed sealing Kaguya away and defeat Madara.Her heart was damaged by the blast that she reserved by Kaguya and Kurama can't do anything with it despite having his healing chakra to heal her. When she opened her eyes again, Naruto met a goddess.The goddess thanks her for her hardship and the responsibility she placed her as the Child of Prophecy and told her that she will be giving a second life as a reward and would be sending her into another world.A world that didn't have chakra or shinobi. So, she can live the happy life that she wanted without worrying that someone would targeting her life just like her past life.Naruto was grateful and thanks the goddess for her generous.So that's how Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto reborn as Tsuchiya Narumi, daughter of Tsuchiya Minato and Christina Kinsley.Naruto or Narumi had been enjoying her new peaceful life in this world. She meet a new people. People that will be precious to her. She also found a new adventure in the world she were in. Getting trapped into a games, find her love, help her psedo little brothers from evil organization. Naruto know that her life always full of meaning. And she would never ask for the change. So, she would live the way she want and help her precious people in need. P.s: I didn't own Naruto, Detective Conan or Sword Art Online. But I own this story plot. Hope you enjoy the story

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One Piece x Naruto crossover: Finding my Truth

Naruto is raised alongside Luffy in Foosha Village after his pirate parents are killed by Garp. Follow Luffy and Naruto through their childhood adventures and watch the world be shaken when the two young men set sail.Updates are once a week unless I say otherwise :)Disclaimer: I don't own the picture on the cover, Naruto or One piece.

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Guilt || KHR + Naruto Crossover

"However strong you become, never seek to bear everything alone. If you do, failure is certain." - Itachi UchihaHe remembered coughing blood, his eyes crying blood. He wondered why. The man in front of him looks familiar. He couldn't just grasp why, he blinked and smiled."My name is -" He introduced himself to the boy with a similar features as the man in his dreams, black hair, sharp black eyes and a scowl on his face. "-Ke!" His mind screamed. Years, he saw another man, he had a smiled on his face, it suited the man's face. "Hey Itachi! I'm back from my mission. Miss me? ""Welcome back, how was the mission, -?"He didn't know why his heart ached when he saw the man but he felt something slide down on his face. Cupping his face, he felt something liquid. "Are you alright?!" The boy in front of him exclamed. His eyes filled with worried."-? Oh, I'm okay. My name is -, what's your name?" "My name's Yamamoto Takeshi!"___________________________________It was strange, Itachi said to himself. He had dreamt of loneliness, of death, of love, of sadness. He had dreamt a lot of things. He had seen many cruel deatha. Some as accident, some he recognize as his own killings. He hadn't expect to be reborned as he was killed by his disease. He had thought it will be all over once he die. At first, he hadn't know, but his memories was triggered by a certain person who looked and acted as his little brother. "Hn"-And it was strange to see said person, not Uchiha by blood but certainly looks like one, grunt like one.

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World Hunter (HXH Naruto Crossover)

"You could have killed him," Killua said matter of factly, staring in such confusion at Sasuke that it caused the shinobi to pause. Sasuke's head cocked to the side, and Killua stuffed his hands into his pockets, frowning. "You were obviously stronger than him, and he laid the terms-" he clicks his tongue- "It would have been easier." Under normal circumstances, Sasuke wouldn't have offered anything more than a grunt-if he bothered to offer one at all.But in this moment-staring at Killua's genuine confusion, as if killing the man was the only option he had ever known, as if everything Sasuke had done was as foreign to him as Konoha would surely be, Sasuke felt as if he should say something. So he looks away for a second-thinking-wondering what Naruto would say before he finally answers.

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Magic jutsu (hp * Naruto crossover) {SLOW UPDATES}

What happens when Japan meets the UK?

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Skull in Naruto!? (KHR and Naruto crossover)

Well when Skull life ended he thought he was going to rest in peace but apparently death didn't want him and he Reborn as a girl!?

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THE NINJA SORCERER || Jujutsu Kaisen x Naruto Crossover

Yumiko Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki's cousin The Holder of the a certain 9 tailed Kitsune's Daughter, Kiyumi.Yumiko has a special Kenkei Genkai from her mother's side from the Kocho Clan and from her father's side the Uzumaki Clan. She is Related to The Senju princess or known as Tsunade.But what if a certain scroll from a mission was opened and a Dimension seal to activated which led her to a dimension. Yes, A dimension of where no Ninja's exist. will she survive?......."Kit! Kit! Oi gurl you better wake up or imma slap a hoe" said kiyumi"Aight! Soooo where are we 'ttebane?""Bitch-"

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