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Honkai Impact: My Odyssey (Honkai Impact x M!Reader)

"Brilliant people shine more brightly than ordinary ones. They never regret or agonize over what they've done." Archer.

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Honkai Impact 3rd - The Interference

The ominous specter of the Honkai, a clandestine force with the power to obliterate humanity at any moment, looms perilously over the unsuspecting world.In the tranquil embrace of the countryside, Hoshino Wan, blissfully ignorant of the impending doom, leads a seemingly ordinary life, blissfully unaware that his idyllic existence is but a fleeting illusion.Little does he know that the move to Nagazora will unravel the fabric of his normalcy, thrusting him into the heart-wrenching abyss of the Honkai's dark and tragic world, where the shards of his once-promising future scatter like ashes in the wind.

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Honkai Impact 3: The Captain's Story

I've transmigrated into the world of Honkai Impact.... as the captain?! Wait, my account also came with me?!

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Honkai Impact: The Serpent's Tale

A month had passed since Nagazora. Alex now found himself in a situation that he wanted no part of, but had no way to get out of. Now, he'll lend his assistance to the enemy, alongside the turncoat Mei Raiden. The third chapter in the Battle for Everything that's Beautiful in this World begins.Honkai Impact 3rd belongs to MiHoYo/Hoyoverse.

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Honkai impact: Archon's journey

(Y/n) was a geek, who liked games, Anime and manga, two games he played a lot of was Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, he excelled in both game as he plays both games, he was living a good life when suddenly that comes to a holt by "accident" and found himself in the world of Honkai impact as a archon with the seven gnosis, how will he change the gameRead on to found out

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Honkai Impact 3rd: Silence

After the Second Honkai Eruption in Siberia, the World once again turned against Humanity. The curtain will rise upon Nagazora, as a young boy will arrived there and witness firsthand the destruction that will loom upon it.

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Yandere Impact (Honkai Impact 3 x Male Reader)

What if the girls were crazy over one man, and that man was Y/N L/N?Let's find out!Lemons in this story

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Honkai Impact Dread

This is fanfic about my favorite mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. Only Character I own is Mars and his sister Scarlet. (I have other original characters but Im still making them.) The other characters are owned by Mihoyo. (I know the Dark Herrschers) There is another Herrscher. The Herrscher of Dread.Most of the story events are changed. Hopefully you like the story

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Honkai Impact 3: Noah's Ark

ON INDEFINITE HIATUS《■ □ ■ □》Six. That was the number of months that had passed since Noah came to Saint Freya as a Valkyrie.He had no memories of his past. He was found in an abandoned laboratory with nothing to call his own but his name. All he had was an internal drive, a single command to fight for the future of humanity, and a gift. He was given a natural Stigmata--the mark of those who can fight against the Honkai without succumbing to the unique form of radiation that nature's envoy employs along with summoning a host of inorganic monsters and natural disasters into the world.He had already passed A-rank and could finish college-level exams with ease, but he could not work with others. He had already been sent to quite a few subjugations for high-level threats. He was sure that only a life of fighting solo had awaited him.That was until he was transferred to the Fifth platoon under the wing of Lieutenant Commander Murata Himeko, where he met Kiana, Mei, Bronya, and so many others that allowed him to feel...human. He found himself longing for more of the leisurely days, but as fate would have it, the very people who changed his life were destined to be the center of a storm.--------------------------------------DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction. Honkai Impact 3 and its elements apart from my original work belong to MiHoYo. Just know that some things here will be my headcanon, as well as original elements.Cover c/o, but I got the Schicksal logo from google. I also made a variant that was my art, but this looks better.I might change several things later on, just like this synopsis or Tank-type to Chariot Beast. So in the meantime, please enjoy it.

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The Medic( Male Reader x Honkai Impact 3rd)

Do i even have to explain the Title?

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A New Character [Honkai Impact 3 X OC]

Meet Ray, and his sister, Lei. When they were still in school, a honkai eruption suddenly happened. But, both of them didn't turn into zombies? How is that possible?

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Human and Honkai (Male reader X Honkai Impact 3rd)

Death is something we can't escape. It can take away our worst enemy, or our most loved ones.No one is able to return back to life when he die. That, is until a certain boy change it

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Honkai Impact: Road To Nagazora

Four months have passed since the Herrscher of the Void's awakening. In the time since, the world has gone into chaos. Despite that, Alex promises to stay by the Herrscher's side and help her shape this wretched, broken world into what she's always wanted. The battle for everything that's beautiful in this world isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.Honkai Impact 3rd belongs to MiHoYo/Hoyoverse.Only thing I own is my OC.

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Shin Honkai Impact 3RD: Sky/Silver

What would you do if you were given a second chance to live? What would you do if your world was destroyed and you had no where to go? The same was for Shirou Ikari. Follow his journey in the new world as he sets out to find happiness and don't own Honkai Impact 3rd or any other anime, picture, gif or YouTube video that maybe shown in the story. I only own the OC,Shirou Ikari, the MC of this book.

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Reacting: Honkai Impact : A New Timeline

This was bound to happen sooner or laterNajimi like the playful woman she is, she created a new theater where only the honkai impact guests were invited to React to their Y/N's Timeline and the Future Canon events that happened throughout the time

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Honkai Impact: Reaction

A typical Honkai Impact Reaction Story, nothing wrong here perfectly normal.

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[Rework]The Medic (Honkai Impact x Male reader)

The Honkai have always been stronger than Humanity. But one day, someone will change that destiny

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Shin Honkai Impact: The Blazing Dawn

Alternative Title- True Honkai Impact, StarfallDisclaimer: Any images, videos, gifs, music used aren't mine. Honkai Impact and all the OG characters are owned by Mihoyo.----------------------------"When the flames of the Malevolent force of Keiwaku begin to envelop the planet, the Star of Destiny shall blaze across the sky above the corrupted world at it's darkest...."Flames and Thunder..."One rises towards the sky above, the other falls from the heavens to below..."Origin and Destiny..."One is the beginning of all, and the other is the fate of all that shall befall them one way or another...."There couldn't be a better dichotomy.....After all.....Opposites attract.

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Honkai Impact: Merc's Involvement

Though being in the mercenary game for a short time, Alex Mustang has made a name for himself taking on numerous jobs. One day he gets a call to join a mission for St. Freya High, and on that day, his life would never be the same again.Honkai Impact 3rd belongs to HoyoVerse.

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A Hope In The Flame (Female OC x Honkai Impact)

First my honkai impact fanfiction. All in the stories are non-canon, that is mean nothing will affect to the canon story inside Honkai Impact 3rd game itself. Big credits to Mihoyo & Hoyoverse

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Bullshit System - A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction

(random fanfic idea that i had for a few years now, currently new in writing)(also the cover does not belong to me! it belongs to Kagurinne, pretty good artist ;-;)( the countless branches of the Imaginary Tree lies a world similar and yet different from what is known as "Honkai Impact 3rd". A universe where left untouched will surely would have gone to ruin. Until one day, hope was born in this otherwise failed branch in the ever expanding Imaginary Tree.A typical isekai scenario where the MC casually gets sent to a different world, namely Honkai Impact 3rd with a system that may or may not be just for plot armor. And no, the MC is male, not female. The art looked good so why not?

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Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For Me/ Book 1: Promise

=====The story is In the Process of Being Rewritten/ Polished. 7/6/2022 9/25/2022. Starting to apply rewrite chapters. The aim is a chapter per week. Thank you for your patience!=====Ever since they met at the age of seven Kallen and Otto shared a foolish dream that they could change the world for the better. That they could save the world from Honkai. But amidst their blossoming hope for a safe paradise, fragile lies sprouted, as new desires emerge and threatened to tear their world apart."Will you still be my Great Inventor?""Will you ever learn to live for yourself?"==============Author's Notes:This work will explore a possible timeline where a relationship between Kallen and Otto has a chance of succeeding, an AT so to speak. For the most part, I will remain as true to the characters as I can. Many events in the story will be changed and adapted to suit a more interesting story arc. The origins of certain characters will be changed to better suit the narrative I want to tell. The setting will be heavily changed, it's still Europe but I will use different cities. I know that Otto is heavily hated, but please give my rendition of him a chance. I aim to update 3 chapters every week. Thank you for reading my work and I hope you enjoy it============Disclaimer:I don't own all of the characters used in this work. All rights are reserved to Mihoyo, the creators of Honkai Impact. List of characters Mihoyo owns Otto Apocalypse, Kallen Kaslana, Void Archives, Yae Sakura, Vera, Eleanor Schariac, Risa Apocalypse, Sir Francis Kaslana, Nikolas Apocalypse, Bianka Apocalypse, Shakespeare, Fu Hua. Link to the cover: The cover will be replaced once I improve my drawing skills.

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Rwby Impact (a RwbyxHonkai impact reaction fanfic)

[HEAVY SPOILERS FOR HONKAI IMPART 3RD STORY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]So there has been a lot of watching the multiverse fanfics but close to none are about honkai impact so here is one about a (OC) herrscher showing the cast of rwby an alternate universe where they are fighting against the forces of Honkai.Do noted that this story will be following the canon universe with a small twist both Honkaiverse and Rwbyverse. Standard disclaimer: I own Nothing in this story except my OC. Everything Rwby-related content belongs to Rooster Teeth and respective artists. Everything Honkai-related content belongs to HoYoverse and the respective artists.This Cover was done by 太伊

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A New Human Fighter (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction)

Diake was just a normal Nagazora City citizen, when the Honkai suddenly broke out into the city, turning anyone and everyone into mindless zombies or beasts of some sort. However, Diake was not affected by the Honkai.Instead, he fought back against the Honkai, and despite all odds, survived, and was saved by the Valkyrie, that is Kiana Kaslana.But what happens after that?Find out in this original story of a fanfiction.A/N: I do not own Honkai Impact. It belongs to MihoYo. I also do not own the pictures that I made as the cover art.

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Reincarnated as Wendy in Honkai impact

A girl named Wendy ate hot pot and sang, and suddenly traveled to the world of Honkai III. And also became the fourth herrsrscher who was slapped to death by the titan in the first chapter... Urgent, what should I do?

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I'm a Husk! in Honkai Impact!

Yep...The title says it all, oh and this is a y/n story so yeMight sometimes do serious scene and comedic but meh, who knows. Read it if you want to find out.Short description:A high school student died not by truck-kun but by a stalker of one of his friend's girlfriends. He saved her, isekaied, and reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact 3rd, his favorite game, but he is a Husk Nihilius, a Boss from the game. How can he survive against Honkai and you humans? Well, read it if you want to know.

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