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Grell Sutcliff is Pregnant

Grell is finally pregnant with Sebastian's child. Grell is now a bit more dramatic now than he was and it only makes things harder for Sebastian.((Y'all I wrote this when I was 12 stop judging me so hard the internet's humor was wildly different in 2013. Just have a laugh because this shits funny.))

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That Fateful Evening: Grell Sutcliff x FEM! Reader

After a mountain of grief, stress of being a noblewoman, and an argument with a long-term friend, you took a stroll to clear your head. Rain poured onto the London streets, successfully covering the frustrated tears that streamed down your face and deafening the sobs that escaped.After feeling an umbrella covering your crying self, you meet a red-haired woman, and she has an offer you can't refuse.DISCLAIMER: I do not own Black Butler or any of its characters associated with the anime or manga. All credit goes to the original creator. The beautiful art that provides as the cover is NOT owned by me, all credit goes to the ORIGINAL artist. I edited it and you can find the original on Pinterest.

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50 ways to annoy Grell Sutcliff

This is a book that tells you 50 ways on how to annoy the awesome reaper, Grell Sutcliff.

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Grell Sutcliff x Reader (Fluffy!) (Completed)

You wake up in the midst of winter, the pavement grazing your skin.Your stomach growled as you sighed in anticipation'Funtom's candy store opens in a bit... hopefully some rich families walk by.' You thought to yourself as you curled up into a ball, eagerly waiting for what to come

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Grell Sutcliff Scenarios ~Grell Sutcliff x Reader~ (NEW CHAPTERS!)

Basically scenarios if you and Grell Sutcliff were friends. I don't own Black Butler or Grell Sutcliff. No copyright intended. Some parts might be short because I am lame ;_;

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Teachers love

( student grell x teacher Sebastian )A straight a student named grell sutcliff is failing in her English class because of her teacher being new and a bit older then her she tried to convince him to keep her score up but little does she know the teacher has the hots for her

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Better than Coffin Buddies (Undertaker x Reader)

[Discontinued]F/N: First NameL/N: Last NameH/C: Hair ColorH/L: Hair LengthF/C: Favorite ColorYou, (F/N) (L/N), are a shinigami and have been friends with Undertaker for years. You two even took up the name "coffin buddies." You both knew everything about each other, except one thing. What happens when Undertaker discovers the secret crush you hold for him? Does he feel the same? You'll have to read to find out!~~2fab4u_Sutcliff

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Why do I love him?

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Grell Sutcliff one shots

This is a one shot book. I DONT OWN ANY OF THIS STORY!!!! WHO EVER WROTE THIS IS THEIRS!!!!! REMEMBER, I DONT OWN ANY OF THIS STORY!!! I JUST FOUND THEM!!!! I wanted to post it here because I love them so much and I want to share it with you!!!! Anyway enjoy~

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The Best Night Ever (Completed)

A simple movie night at Ronald's turns into Grell's dream come true.

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Obsessed! Grell Sutcliff x Gender Neutral! Reader

How did a human like you having a Grim Reaper such as Grell has been obsessed and crushing you? You'll find out by reading this story yourselves.Btw I used She/Her pronouns for Grell because Grell is a canon Trans woman.

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Ask grell sutcliff <3

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a couple ways to piss off grell sutcliff

inspired i don't have the original author sorry but If you know there username plz tell me so I can give them credit

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Ask me: Grell Sutcliff (Completed But Shit)

Taking any requests from the fans!!! I'm Grell and I want all my lovely fans to ask me questions theyy are DYING to ask.

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Forget About Bassy A Grell Sutcliff X Reader Story

You work for Ciel and while working there you meet Grell. Grell developments a crush on you but you're dating Sebastian. Grell also has feelings for Sebastian so she can't decide if she wants you or Sebastian. ⚠️Spoilers for the Black Butler anime⚠️

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A Grim Reaper's Love - Grell Sutcliff x Reader

[This book is supposedly made for fanfiction purposes, and is rated PG (13+ years) because of the content of darkness and romance!]As [Y/N] was becoming a Grim Reaper along with her classmates in her dispatch, she sets herself on to the Grim Reaper Dispatch Association in order to train as a Grim Reaper. As the years passed by, [Y/N] had found someone she loved. Will Grell and [Y/N] be able to conquer the struggles of them being together?

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Grell sutcliff x reader

This is my first time so yea I don't own black butler

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Accidentally in love

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A painful love story

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Always here for you

( ( warning sad and emotional ) )Ronald Knox a full reaper now is facing the biggest challenge learning to move on but little did he know there still was a chance his lover could be alive but not as she used to be.

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A new hope

Grell is a young girl with a red hood who has her own secrets. Sebastian is a wolf but he's not as bad as victor and Claude. Grell is being hunted by William,victor and Claude but until she has an encounter with a wolf named Sebastian.

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Always here

( fox!fem!grell x Sebastian )This is a story about a fox who can also turn into a girl her name is grell lilac Sutcliff. She and her family live in the far side forest of London until one day she has pups. 6 to be exact and along the way she tries to find the father of the pups and stay with him for as long as possible.

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House Chores (Grell Sutcliffe x Sebastian Michaelis)

I do not own the cover of the book, nor do I own the characters. This is a story about Grell and Sebastian. Hope you enjoy it. Like and comment if I should write more, and I will take advice and comments. Hope you enjoy! :)

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•Lost• (Palaye Royale X Fan)

🤘🏻"I always dreamed of meeting my favourite band. I never dreamed that I would meet them like this!"📸------------------------------------------------------------🖤 Read on in the thrilling tale of 'Lost' and discover what happened to the photographer of the band Palaye Royale and what part y/n plays in this scary-cool adventure... [Copyright] 🖤------------------------------------------------------------■⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️: Contains anxiety, police brutality, disappearances and depression■------------------------------------------------------------#6 in Solution#32 in Royal Council#2 in Palaye#2 in Palaye Royale#147 in Remington ------------------------------------------------------------(Based upon Palaye Royale and relating members. This is 🤗💕)(I never intended for some scenes and chapters to occur but demand was high when I was younger writing this. So if you're the boys reading this I'm sorry :) !!)------------------------------------------------------------

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Hard love

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