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Escape from the yandere gacha game x male reader

Yandere is know as one of the type of anime style, in this story, (y/n) have play many gacha games, also know as doctor( arknights), master(FGO),yuuki(princess connect) and more. However one day it had change everything, female characters from different gacha game starts to be yandere, and want to have (y/n). So that what he will be find in each game when he is escape from yanderes.

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Fate Grand Order Girls X Male Reader! [VOLUME 2] {Completed}

Go read the first book if you wanna follow the story.

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Nasuverse FGOYandere x Male Reader Author x Crossover

FGO is not mine... belongs to Lasengle, Anixplex Type Moon. please support the official release... Also if I decide to crossover then it's also not mine. WriterEvan goes by the real name of Ivan. His alias name is Evan... He was writing his stories on Wattpad and checking memes. Playing games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and FGO But also he cooks, works and studying.. something uneventful happens. Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg appears but he heard from him a hectic and hell for him to come. His journey would be hectic and troublesome.

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Yandere Fate grand order harem x male Author Self insert

welp...wish me luck with the Yanderes

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Yandere One-Shots (Volume 2)

I decided to make the second book of Yandere One-Shots.

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Yandere One-Shots (Volume 3)

Here's the third volume of my Yandere One-Shots.

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Error Sans Oneshots (Read First Chapter for Information)

Edited October 18th 2020: For those of you who read the descriptions, Requests are CLOSED. See more on the first chapterNOBODY READS FRIGGIN DESCRIPTIONS, LOL.I'm just checking to see who will comment on the first chapter that they read the descript.

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FGO: Into the Randomness (Male reader x FGO)

Continuation of the DXD storyY/N have been called as a servant by Gudako, and now live as part of the giant 'Chaldea Family'

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Naruto son of Aphrodite (pjo x Naruto x Fgo)

Naruto in this timeline was raised by The Uchiha Clan due to mikoto adopting him and became part of the clan. During the fourth great ninja war he Was fighting Madara And Juubi where he absorbed them both. When it ended he was teleported to his mother's world by the Shinigami. As he was teleported he became a 12 year old boy but with his adult mind.

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| Darkest Of Obsessions| Yandere stories from small to winged x Reader

From the small mythical creatures with green coats and pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, to winged and slithering hyrdrid Nagas, our y/n's couldn't be in more danger with freinds with yanderes lurking in shadows . Explore the dark side of mythical creatures of legend. Will our dear heroine be able to escape their clutches or become prey to yandere creature? Read on to find out if you dare...You can try to run and try to hide, but they will stop at nothingTil they make you theirs.A/N: No requests accepted, sorry no smut or lemons either. however, constructive feedback is much more welcome as it allows me to improve this reader oneshots for you, my readers.Warning: There will be mentions of cannibalism, blood, and death in this book. ©Fanficwriter01Cover designed and illustrated by Fanficwriter01 (2022)#48 rank in Naga

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New Hope For Him (a semi fgod story)

CompleteThis is a semi Fgod story (I don't know what defines a fgod story) Error has been hurt for a while now. And Destiny has had enough and makes a friend for him. But what happens if Fate finds out? Might have slight gore but none at the beginning. Sorry if this is bad this is my first book. I might rewrite it later. Also the cover is mineThese characters are not mine they go to their respective artists. Except Beth and Paw they are mine.I'm not shipping anyone in this story.

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hello this will be my first yandere story book so please bere with me and thank you for the support of my other books

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Promise me, You'll never leave me (A Fgod  X Mcyt story)

I suck at writing description.

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Hidden (Fgod Error)

The checkbox never lies.It never does.They weren't that dumb. They CHECKed Error already.His true stats were HIDDEN.But what would happen if it suddenly appeared back?Would the council's perspective change? Or would they deny the truth?(Fgod Concept belongs to Harrish6)Date Started: May 03, 2021Date Ended: August 06, 2021

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The Death Of Error The Life Of Venol

Error is a god, of destruction. He doesn't like his job, but he doesn't hate it. In all of his inmortal life as one, he's come to terms of what has to be done, so all of his allies don't perish. But, as has been foretold, his life was cut short, and someone has given him a chance to be someone different. Someone who doesn't need to worry over the FATE of a multiverse... was it DESTINED to be this way?

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One With Nature

This is a collection of short chapters on an idea that refuses to leave my head. A reincarnation story into the Nasuverse. The chapters are rather short, but I intend for the story to be long.

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Hey everyone this is as it says a reaction story i will have the heros of earth 616 react to everybody's favourite spider and see if we can't change some things along the way WARNING : The following will include broken hearts , violence against the heros , jealousy of ex lovers and many more

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Harbinger [Undertale Multiverse]

Harbinger, a Reaper-variant from a war torn fgod mutliverse, tries to finally find peace after being thrown into a new multiverse where the higher entities do not exist.

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Forced God of Creation [Completed]

Everyone has heard of fgod error, resulting in Ink as the bad guy. How about handing the mike back to Ink and let him explain his backstory?

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Titan Destroyer(Fgod Error X Aot) *Discontinued*

Sequel to 'Promise me, You'll never leave me (A Fgod X Mcyt story)' Error reincarnated into the Attack on Titan world and was born in the underground. He met Levi, Isabel and Furlan when he was in the underground. When the survey corps went to capture them, one of the survery corps members slip up and stab Error through the chest. He went unconscious and land onto the ground with a hard thud. Levi saw his body and thought he was dead when he swing past his body. Is he really dead?

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Error is... CLASSIC!? (Book One) (Completed)

What if Classic was secretly Error, and he was assigned the role of being the Forced god of destruction?Also, Cover is not mine!#3 in Fgod Error as of 8/12/2020#6 in Classic Sans as of 8/12/2020#666 in Undertale as of 8/18/2020 (THIS IS CURSED NOW LOL-)#18 in Error Sans as of 8/28/2020#288 in Undertale as of 8/28/20

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 Shadow Monarch in Fate grand order

this is about a boy reincarnated as Ritsuka fujimaru into Fgo and started a journey to save the world with both Fgo heroes and shadow monarch powers. He had full powers of Shadow Monarch powers and his soldiers. And he becomes last master.

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Is this my destiny? [An Error!Sans story]

An fgod story... is it? What if destiny was always with error? What if fate wants to think differently? What if the council isn't as biased as we thought? What if Fate wasn't the one forcing he even forced at all? Or just stuck in a debt he wanted to pay?fgod concept by harrish6inspired by @ZaryasTales : The Misunderstood Glitch (An error story) and other Fgod stories!I do not own undertale nor the characters, they belong to their respective owners.I drew the cover picture, do not steal it.Sorry if there's grammar mistakes, my first language isn't english.This book has no ships!....or does it?Date started: December 9, 2020Date Finished: December 23, 2020Highest Rankings Achieved:#3 in forceddestroyer#1 in badsanses#2 in errorsans#3 in harrish6#4 in starsanses#7 in mercy#12 in sans#5 in fgodEdit after 8 months I finished this book: Thank you guys for the support :DDTho, my art here is cringy as hecc and this is my first book so please be warned- TwT

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Neet's Old Book About Random Stuff

Just an old random book containing random stuff and (mostly) FGO stuff, and also toku stuff. No longer updated.PS: Hi

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Time to get the rwby world characters to view everybody's lovable goof ball of an arc what will be the reactions of the rwby crew when they see alternate versions of themselves well stay and find out

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