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My Lovely E× (4x)

Eh some 4x fanfic idk, just testing this out. (Highly doubt anyone'll even read this)

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Factors Of Love ~ A 4x Story

4 and X, two best friends who live together amongst the other numbers.The two of them have been developing feelings for each other in secret, yet there is an evil out there waiting to ruin their chances. Will they admit it before it's too late? ~Cover and Story art by me!Thanks to liz_buttercup for helping me come up with a name for this storyAll characters belong to JacknJellify!

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\True/ A 4x story (COMPLETE)

True love? The story takes place in New Hampshire and Maine. Other places may be shown, but most of these places are not fictional.2023 rankings: 10/12/23#26 (tag) out of 1,000+ stories#7 (thisisatag) out of 868 stories#3 (4x) out of 320 stories#74 (bfdi) out of 1,000+ stories#104 (bfb) out of 1,000+ stories#9 (bfbx) out of 146 stories#8 (bfbfour) out of 128 stories#8 (xfohv) out of 120 stories#2 (4xbfb) out of 24 stories

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I love you four infinity | 4x BFB | (DISCONTINUED)

Hi- dont bully me this is my first story 🥺

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4X fanfic (Challenge, read the desc)

**cOUGH** yeah I'm doing itFanfictionTie a noose for me and dig my grave, I'm gonna write thisThe challenge is if you can get through it without gagging, vomiting, crying, or clicking off.

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4X story (BFB) // A [late] Christmas Story- thingy [Discontinued]

This is my first time writing, so please don't judge how I write. ty!also, this story takes place a few days before Christmas, I hope you will enjoy it! It may have some TW, btw. None if the images belong to me, but if there are some images in the storyline that are drawn, then yes, that is mine---------------------------------X was going to think of what he could do that morning. Till he realized that it was getting close to Christmas ( X-Mas!! ) .

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BFB: Fucking 4x One Shots [ On HOLD ]

open for requests

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The Night Before You Disappeared // 4X Fanfiction (omg stop reading its so bad)

this story will no longer be continued ( no motivation )go home

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X was a high school math teacher, until they got invited to an event at Two's job, where they find out the underlying roots of Project A.L., and try to escape with one of the "projects."(None of these characters belong to me. Character credits go to the Jacknjellify YouTube channel, and BFDI in general.)

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4X ship book


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bfb 4x smut (with 2)

did you just finish reading a 4x smutshot and are desperate to read more well look no further I got you covered

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A high-school Au of the ship 4X. Maybe there's smut but not too much sad stuff.

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Starting Anew | 4X BFB

[ set after the last episode of bfb,this is a 4x story!and no, there will be no smut,expect spoilers for the entire show. ] - - - - - enjoy! p.s. | This is not a slow burn and I think I am not ready to write things like that xD. Afterwards will just be fluff honestly, and if you're into that read this!disclaimer | Please read the authors note first! And a heads up that I'm not that good at writing any romance so be warned. + This story is not beta read as Micheal & Cary | I don't even wanna know how you two got a hold of this. Click off !!! go do something productive or whatever. Also directed to the entire staff of BFDI.cover art by me | @fourfanetc_ on IG(NOTE THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUED!)

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BFB 4X OTP 30 Day Challenge

This is my sad attempt at a 30 Day Challenge-I was originally going to start this on May 1st but my stupid brain forgot.Now here I am, May 3rd, just starting it.I guess it's at least still the beginning of the month and not halfway through or whatever.DISCLAIMERS:This contains the ship 4X from BFBThis is NOT NSFWThey are drawn as humans due to the fact I find humans easier to drawIf you don't like any of those facts, I suggest you leave now.Now enjoy my bad art-

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x finds out his TRUE value // bfb 4x

x has always felt upset that they don't know what their value is. whenever four tries to help them, something unexpected happens.this is a fucking joke i swear..

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The art is not mine, because I suck at drawing. This is sort of a sequel to "Do You Even Know?"The shy co-host X has been crushing on Four, ever since they first met. Now, they are hosting BFB together, and they have grown closer. X worries that Four will not have enough time for him, or worse, not love him back.

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Walk you Home (a 4x AU fanfic, read desc.)

WARNING: this has some abuse themes, blood, mentions of alcohol, and swearing!!!This is an AU I made based on Sir Chloe's song 'Walk you home', which yes that song is important to the plot. Anyway, enjoy!Four (a secret hopeless romantic🤭) is the lead singer of the band LCM 36,X is in a not so healthy relationship with Seven. (THEY ARENT SIBLINGS IN THIS AU😨)What will happen when Four and X meet after a concert when X had gotten into a physical fight with Seven?FYI I don't feel comfortable giving the characters genders so they all use They/Them

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|| Falling 4 you. || Cringy 4x fanfiction ||

Two algebralians had feelings for eachother, but one was too scared to confess to the other.. ~Book will mainly be inspired by other 4x books~

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Treasure Box. (A BFB 4X fanfiction)

Four and X have been friends ever since Four was banished from the equation playground. But they'd rather not be friends... they want to be something bigger. And when a fight all so familiar breaks out over X's lucky value, there can only be one to take him. Will the battle be won peacefully, or will X follow in the same footsteps as his deceased brother?

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Just go

After four tells X to go with two,he regrets it and hides it from the remaining and does things he never done before and leafy becomes curious of what four is doing.This is a AU after episode 16 of BFB

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4x bfb oneshots

||⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ 4x bfb ship oneshots some are lemons, fluff, and limes?? There is swearing and curse words in this. Keep in mind that all of this is my friend's work/doings. (The spelling isn't the greatest) She is an artist so please do expect some art and doodles. There will be some new stories incoming and we will be taking suggestions and requests for some stories and oneshots. Sometimes there will be part 2 of something and part 3 of something so uh yeah||

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A Letter sleepover (4x Story)

X invited all of the letters including Four to his sleepover, but the letters don't seem to get along with Four very well. There are party games, food, movies, and more stuff that they can enjoy in X's sleepover. X just wanted to invite Four because they're best hosts, so he tries to make the other letters befriend Four as well.4/25/2021 - BFB4 in #1 (ok wow I'm impressed!)3/13/22 - 4x in #5

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4x trash (4x ship book)

9k? i havent updated this book in over 6 months the fuck-also its 4x only and no other ships unless you guys want more but right now its only 4xand i make all the artwork but four and x are owned by jackinjellify uwu

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BFB: Despair Rising

Conflict between Four and Two spark again after the very day X was taken back by Four. X is being split into two, scared of hurting Four by going with Two, and scared of more danger for him, Two and Four if he stays! His relationships with the two numbers become stronger, making it harder to make a choice. But in the end, he finally settles, and one of the numbers suffer, losing everything they had.

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D♡uble Tr♡uble :: (bfb 4x au)//WIP

You see four and x talking about something. you go research and investigate until you realize...

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A series of Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island Oneshot ships! Some of those including... - Flower x Lollipop- 4X- Leafy x Firey- Coiny x Pin- Golfball x Tennisball- Blocky x Woody- Pen x Eraser - Fan x Test tube- Nickel x Balloon- Paintbrush x Light Bulb- Candle x Silver Spoonand maybe more! I am taking requests for different ideas! Some stories I have drawn pictures for! So I hope you enjoy!

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