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I'm pregnant? TodoDeku

One day Izuku Midoryia, an omega, finds out that he fell pregnant after he and an alpha made love from being wasted. He goes to his friend, who's more like a brother, Katsuki Bakugou, he tells him what happened and being the protective brother he is, let's Izuku stay. Katsuki tells his mate, Kirishima, who's also very protective Izuku and comes to stay with them. How will he react to seeing his pups sire again? How will the sire himself react to seeing that he has a pup?

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Blind •BakuKiriTodo•

Made this at 2 am 😕

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Trolls: Haunted Harmony

As Hairloween Nears, The Season For Thrills And Frights Come Around For The Trolls! Tired Of The Scary Pranks Played By His Older Brothers, Branch Decides To Give Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine By Using A Book Of Spooky Spells. Things Start To Get Haunting When The Spell Accidentally Turns All Of BroZone Into Ghoulish Ghosts! It's Up To Branch, Poppy, And The Gang To Stop The Ghostly Brothers Before The Big Hairloween Bash. Meanwhile, Guy Diamond Faces His Own Inner Demons Before Becoming Into A Bloodthirsty Glitterwolf.Book Cover & Artwork By @Opefulee Soundtrack On Backup YouTube Channel! (Link In Bio)

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Trollstopia Season 8

After the events of Trolls Band Together, the Trollstopians have to learn to live with Branch's Brothers(John Dory, the sassy, honest eldest; Bruce, the chill father of 13 children; Clay, the serious money-eyed CPA, and Floyd, the hopeless gay emo) and Poppy's long lost older sister, Viva as well as the five tries live at the united nation.

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Trolls: A New Take

John Dory x OC, Broppy, Cliva, Floyd x OCLook inside for info on OCsTrolls Events from the perspective of these OCs in a little thought of AU.I DO NOT OWN TROLLS, THAT BELONGS TO DREAMWORKS.

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Trolls: The Bro-Trip

When Invited To Their Cousin's Wedding, BroZone Emarks On A Road Trip Odyssey To Make It In Time To Perform, But This Trip Ends Up More Chaotic Than Expected. [This Story Will Have 7 Episodes]• Long Haul• Beached• The Ringmaster • Route To Nowhere • Illegally Sensitive • Bitty B-Roll• Just Married (To Doom)Book Cover & Artwork By @Opefulee

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|Love and War| A Floyd x Fem. Reader

specifically, a troll reader and the rest is idk. IM TOO LAZY :(

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The #1 Hero's son

I was inspired by @crunchyenby to make this story. Photo is not mine Toshinori and Inko had Izuku. Izuku was kept out of the public spotlight to not let AFO know about the broccoli boy.

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Taming a Wolf

Fay Holloway is a fiercely independent and headstrong female wolf. Protector blood runs in her veins. That's why she moved to New York and built a safe haven for abused she-wolves. She fights for their freedom and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. No matter what.But then... an Alpha decides it's time to get his mate back. No matter what.(This is the 2nd The She-Wolf Pack book. It will make more sense if you'll read the 1st book, Chaised by a wolf, before this one)She-Wolf Pack Series:Book 1: Chased by a WolfBook 2: Taming a WolfBook 3: Killing the Wolf**************************************************************First draft.

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𝕭𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕻𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖊, TrollsBandTogether

Branch X Reader. Y/N, Branch, and Poppy go on a musical adventure to save Branch's brother, but end up finding out that Y/N, and Poppy have a long lost sibling name Viva. But in the end They manage to save the brother's and Y/N and Branch start dating? Read to find out.The book is gonna be about trolls band together, Y/N is Poppy sister, so she'll be the princess of pop while Poppy is the Queen. Y/N and Branch have a strong bond as friends but maybe they wanna be more than friends?

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Trolls Band Together

I decided to put my clips, mini shorts, and bonus movie of my version of Trolls Band Together. I even added my Brozone video games to it.

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The Void (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

'A girl, tortured by progenitor will be taken by the dark magic of a demon called Zalgo, once corrupted, she will be the ultimate weapon of destruction. Causing havoc and chaos. Only stopped by of pure intents, the purest of emotions and feelings. Love, care, passion will stop her. Every 666 years is when another embodiment of darkness will shroud yet again.'Slender told me that, murdering her at an early stage will stop her from transforming to her worst nightmares.// sorry for crappy cover.//formerly 'The prophecy' -12.6.17

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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐇𝐞𝐢𝐫

Life isn't all that great when your sister is wrongly chosen at the Girl-Who-Lived . What if the fates pity the young boy named Hadrian and send him to another universe , where he is the only child . Now how will he deal with a manipulative headmaster and his greedy minions . [ Previously Titled - Child of Death ]Book 1 of the Beyond series Luna x Hadrian The philosophers stone → the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban Started - 14th January 2023 Ended - 2nd Sep 2023

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I'll Always Be Hers | CHONI |

Cheryl is nervous about attending her high school reunion in case Toni makes an appearance, they haven't seen each other in ten years but Cheryl is still completely in love with her high school sweetheart.This story is mature.Trigger warning- a little smut.Follow me on Twitter @thunderstorms92

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This is Me Trying ⭑ Rafe Cameron

After a year away at Kitty Hawk, Cassie Maybank returns to the Outerbanks with a determination to get her life back on track. To stay healthy, to make her own friends, to live a normal, steady life like every teenage girl should. But after hearing the news of the passing of one of her closest friends, and coming back to the island, she realizes her brother's letters severely underestimated how much had truly changed.A lot can happen in a year. Friends become strangers, brothers become liars. Some enemies become allies, some enemies become lovers.© Inslaytiable | June 22nd, 2023

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Daughter of Death

👑💀"Daughter of Death" is now complete!!|||Ophelia, a goddess, daughter of Hades and Aphrodite, sent on a quest? And as a sixth-grader? |||Warnings/Info:-Foul language-This is my first story, so I will accept any tips from other writers, because I have no clue what I'm doing...- 'these little lines are placed when the main character is thinking'-This book starts as 1st person point of view, then switches to 2nd person POV-There are LOTS of errors, and there are currently people working on them-This becomes tightly connected to the "Percy Jackson" and "Heroes of Olympus" book series, so read that before this -This is a fanfiction! No "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" characters/topics belong to me! No art/music/photos belong to me!All PJO characters belong to Rick Riordan!

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Fading into the background

An alternative universe where Enji Todoroki's abuse of Shoto went way farther than what showed on cannon. A story where Shoto is a prodigy and much more scarred and makes friends with more secondary characters in an attempt to not gain attention. Warning: Other main characters might seem a bit ashholeish as they will overlook Shoto's trauma due to their rashness despite not having bad intentions.Author note: This is my first fic and English is not my first language so please be patient O_o

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Trolls Band Together: Male Poppy x reader

Yeah! Trolls Band Together! We will finally dive deeper into Branch and Y/n's past, having 4 older brothers. Going on a mission to save their favorite big brother, Floyd. I hope you all enjoy!

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Don't worry, you're safe now.(Tom x reader)

I honestly don't know how I'm gonna describe it, but it will be a good story. I promise.

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Collide - Tom Kaulitz

Sequel to 'Distance'As kids, they were seperated for nine years before reuniting again. As teenagers, they created new bonds and new feelings bloomed. However distance finds it's way between them again as adults. Distance never lasts forever, sooner or later you find yourself colliding with the past. Tom Kaulitz x female oc

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Trolls: Band Together (AU Version)

When Branch discovers that his brother, Floyd, has been trapped by Velvet and Veneer, he and Poppy go on a journey to find the rest of Branch's brothers, reunite BroZone, and rescue Floyd before it's too late! Meanwhile, Laguna Tidepool leads some friends on her own expedition to find someone whom was said to be long forgotten: her mother, Twilight Tidepool!

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BroZone one-shot (chaotic moments)

John Dory = the determined brave leader (Luna's husband) 💚🩵Spruce = the handsome hearthrob 💜Clay = the goofy funny one 💛💚Floyd = the emotional sensitive one (he is gay) 🩷Branch = the cutie grumpy 💙I started the one-shots again and I changed the chapter a little, I hope you all like themwarning ; I don't want negative comments and no homophobia otherwise I will block you. Thank you for reading this warning 😁Good reading 📖✨

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A Brother's Love

What if Floyd was a Pop and a Rock troll? After Brozone broke up, Floyd left to pursue his solo career, but he promised his baby brother, Branch that he would come back. During his solo career journey, he stumbled into Rock Troll territory and met Queen Barb of the Rock Trolls. He becomes a pop and rock troll. Twenty years later, Queen Barb announces her world tour, but it was a way to get all of the strings to make every troll live under Rock. Floyd wasn't a fan of the plan, so he snuck away to warn the other tribes of Barb's plan. And during his stay in one of the tribes, he sees someone he never thought he would see again, his brother Branch.

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Branch x Reader

A serious branch x reader that doesn't have an over traumatized y/n? I'm in. Story will be in 2nd person, they/them pronouns will be used, and there will be little to no description of Y/N because I don't want to take away from anyone's imagination. And I WILL take it as seriously as possible. I'm also not going to make Y/N's backstory like crazy depressing, they won't have a specific back story. I'm trying to make it slow burn, but not too slow burn. I want to make sure I actually finish this book. I wrote the first four chapters before publishing and I'll go from there.Y/N is just a troll, with no genre label. I'm not very good at giving a description without spoiling anything :(

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in which you join total drama world tour in need for some money, but a certain someone won't make that easySTART- JUNE 2ND 2023END-RANKINGS:🥇in #td - 27/07/23🥇in #totaldramaworldtour - 31/07/23🥇in #alejandro - 4/08/23🥇in #alejandroxreader - 4/08/23🥇in #alejandroburromuerto - 4/08/23🥇in #totaldrama - 27/08/23

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Distance - Tom Kaulitz

Childhood friends reunite once again after only talking through letters for years. What happens when the letters stop and they realise the impact of time and distance?Tom kaulitz x oc

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