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00q: A Bloody Big Ship

Q and 007's relationship. There's a tiny bit off a plot but mostly it's just shameless smut. I kinda ignored the timeline but go with it. Enjoy ☺️

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00Q Oneshots

A selection of different AUs with James Bond and Q. Just a few ideas I have had, with no real theme or order (Other than that they are all 007 and Q romances). [in progress...]

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30 OTP Prompts - 00Q

Just a series of prompts about 00Q, or there about. They won't always be in a relationship which is the 'There about' thing and there may be only a loose chronological order. May do more than 30, let's just see how we roll. Shall we proceed?

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Dear Bully ✓

Dear bully,You ruined my life.>< >< >< >< ><Hello fellow earthlings, this is my first time writing a book like this so excuse me if it's really bad. Anyways, enjoy!>< Allison

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If I die, tell him I loved him

"I am coming for all the monsters that ever touched him,I am coming for all the ones that twisted his stars into shadows,they turned him into a nightmare,so I'm going to be theirs........and they'll never wake up." {00q\\James Bond/Q}

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My Favorite Wattpad Books ✓

So basically, this book is all about my favorite books on Wattpad. It's self explanatory, really.&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid." -Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

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Ena x Reader //Life in the gray

This is my first fanfiction on this place so please go easy on me if I mess up the personalities of these characters.This'll be in first person but it will still have Y/N.Might do some smut i don't know tho.Anyways enjoy if you enjoy this :)

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Imagine if person A is dead, and person B still does something for person A

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mafia ereri family

so a bunch of ereri pictures and fem levi and eren and their family and moms to

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So these are just pictures of their thing and children and house tell me what you think of the pictures but it will be and reality show with all family members you'll see and yes it will be female levi and her name is lexi or alexandra since they both mean the same thing

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Stocholm Syndrome

A fanfiction of a girl (You) being kidnapped. but falling in love with her kidnappers.

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Chasing Her

Seventeen year old Dylan is a quiet, shy, girl. She gets beaten by her father because her mother died and he thinks it's her fault. She is insecure and anorexic. Her father makes her think she's fat, when you can see her bones through her skin.Then there's Dallas and Marshall. They're what you call the 'bad boys'. Dallas doesn't give a shit about anything and everything. He's rich, parents are never around, always on business trips. Then his best friend Marshall. He relates to Dylan and they understand each other. He's the quiet brooding type, but is really sweet when he lets it show.What happens when Dallas takes a sudden interest in the new girl?What happens when they cross paths?What happens when the boys find out Dylan's secret?Will they stay by her?But what happens when Marshall starts to get feelings for the girl too?Who will Dylan choose?~~~~**Previously called He Saved Me**~~~~{{WARNING}}&lt;&lt;THERE WILL BE SLOW UPDATES MOST OF THE TIME&gt;&gt;[[SORRY]]^°^ ^°^ ^°^ ^°^

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Art book 2??

I've made another art book, my other one was getting full. This one will be primarily based on my traditional art, although there may be some digital. The reason it's primarily based on my traditional art is because that's what I draw most of the time. So yeah, enjoy!

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📣 Join the #100Questions Writing Contest on Wattpad! 🎧💓

Are you a budding storyteller with a flair for weaving tales of love? Here's your chance to shine! We invite writers from all corners of the globe to participate in our thrilling #100Questions Writing Contest, inspired by the spellbinding audio drama show, "100 Questions" on Headfone.📖 Contest Theme: "Teenage Romance" 💞🔍

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The memories of school

This poem is written by me {an 8th grader}

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Opinions On South Park Ships

[[COVER ART ISN'T MINE]]hey. just come and see what ships i like, dislike, and my ratings on it. i'll also have explanations for everything c: enjoy

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Cyborg Luz

When a little girl is placed into a coma, her father does whatever it takes to save her. No matter how extreme or how changing it would be.I do not own The Owl HouseCo-Written by MrHardcor3/Markchapman00q

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Birthday Present (A Hayes Grier Fanfic)

Life was normal for Bella until one night she was taken. By the Magcon boys? The boys thought it would be a good idea to get Hayes a girl for his birthday. But little did she know that being someone's birthday present was about to change her life forever.

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The different side of Bond

Fanfic of 00Q

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A Holiday for Spies

After Spectre, the world continues without James Bond in MI6. Between wild 00's and hot gossip everything seems normal. However, one mission is going to be rather different than the norm. It's top secret and involves one or two members of the senior team in MI6.

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100 questions for a girly

this helps in journaling and learning more about yourself.

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About me and my channel

sorry for changing this again but it really is just some stuff for channel i may be updating this alot

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One nice evening before the world explodes

'Can I just have one nice evening, please, before the world explodes ?'When James Bond shows up at his door after five years away, Q's plans for a romantic dinner are in jeopardy. How on earth has Moneypenny convinced him to let 007 stay here?⚠️ Spoilers for No Time To Die ⚠️00Q / No Time To Die / mention of Jalix (Felix/James)

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It Was Like Slow Motion

It was like slow motion, he thought, the minutes passing by like hours.

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Be my valentines

So, it's a highschool AU both levi and eren are 17 and it's a oneshot it's just fluff no smut because valentines isn't about sex no it's about sweetness and love

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