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What's the meaning of being a grown up.Eliza Feder goes through life trying to figure that out.(Eliza Fader x Milo Lamonsoff)Started Writing: Jan 28, 2023Finished Writing: May 4, 2023#4 in selenagomz on July 22, 2023

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tutor | im changkyun

when changkyun agreed to tutor who could possibly be the least interesting student in his class, he didn't manage to prepare himself for the feelings he would develop.-monsta x, changkyun. 2016.

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Im a Nobody

Gay romance novel: [{The description is missing because I don't know how to describe the family}] Mitchell is a slave who serves an upper class family: The Crescents, who bought him at an actuation 3 years ago. © 2013 by T.W. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be duplicated or transferred in any form or by any means whether be electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or any other prototype, without previously written permission from T.W.

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Upstairs « Im Changkyun

The guy whom i always hear singing from above my apartment apparently cured my insomnia and then I found out he was a rapper.

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be mine | im changkyun

" life full of problems"

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phantazein • im changkyun

" im changkyun, stop. this is not real. "-©meringyu

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When Im Tired


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Im Home

New book Read it and enjoy! My FIRST StudxStud book so BARE WITH ME PEOPLE

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Im The Alpha

COMPLETED"All Alphas and Betas come collect your packs dorm house keys." Dax and I were making our way towards the front of the auditorium when I bumped into a few guys. They growled and turned to me. I tried to go around not wanting to cause a scene. "You know, your not supposed to wear hoods in school." I went to go around them when a blond kid tried to grab my hood. I grabbed his wrist twisted it and pushed him to the floor. Then a dark hair guy growled and tried to tackle me. I rolled off his back making him crash into his buddy. Suddenly I felt a slight breeze cross my ears. I turned around to see that the two were looking at me like they saw a ghost. A smirk on his face Dax replied, "What? You've never seen a girl before?" •••••••This is MY book, so please don't copy or take my ideas. I worked very hard on this!!BTW first book :)

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Im a driver!

Julie Adams is a 14-year-old girl who is going karting for the first time with some friends. It goes very well for a first time and 2 people standing along the track see that too. They speak to Julie about it and decide to start training Julie to become the first female driver. They are very confident and think that Julie will be able to go on the track just before her 16th birthday. Only she is not allowed to tell this to anyone yet and she becomes McLaren's 'mystery driver'. *disclaimer* its a Wattpad fantasy story, everything that happens here doesn't match with how it will go in real life!

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Im Sorry [JKxBTS ]

"Im sorry,hyung"Jungkook accidentally punched Taehyung and all the hyung were mad at him.They left himSlowly, Jungkook got tired and want an end for all of this mess...TRIGGER WARNING: Depression and etc.!!

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Im in love with my BFF

Isabella is a sophomore in high school. Her best friend,Emmy, is the most popular girl in school. They've been best friend's since the 5th grade. But Bella has been hiding a major secret since the 8th grade: She's a Lesbian. If her parents ever found out it could possibly ruin her family. What happens when she begins to have feelings for Emmy? Will she be forced to come out of the closet? Or will she hide her new found feelings in order to save her family and her friendship?

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Oppa next door!  ━ Ryu Sunjae & Im Sol

"Have you ever...thought of me as more than just a little sister?"Just the story of Im Sol & Ryu Sunjae in an alternate universe!Based on lovely runner,,©️ photos credited to real owners!

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Im Not Into Kpop

Y/n has a dream... to stay home all day and sleep I mean wouldn't that be great while living her dream her friend f/n decides she wants to go to a kpop concert for a famous group called BTS y/n insists and insists that she does not like kpop and wants nothing to do with it but gets dragged there when she wins a fan prize and gets to go on stage she just says -- I'm not into kpop.

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im not yours

hyunjin and felix have always felt too strongly for each other. they knew what they had was different, and so they never wanted to do something to change that.reached fourth in all #hyunlix ♡♡

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Im an actor now

After the whole 'Chimera' ordeal, Stiles' dad decides to leave Beacon Hills. You may be thinking he would go into law enforcement but he becomes an actor. He has stared in many things like, The Maze Runner Trilogy, American Assassin, Love and Monsters, The Internship and many more Somehow the pack don't know about any of this because they have been dealing with big bads. They haven't had one in a while so they decided to have a movie night. The movie they decide to watch includes the one and only... Dylan O'Brien aka Stiles Stilinski... Or12 years later the pack reconnect with Stiles and learn things about him.This is not a very good description and I think the timeline is messed up, I'm not sure but wth 🤷🏾‍♀️

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im not small!

Zach was a junior at Westwood and he was the cute pastel boy Everyone loved there was just one problem The schools bad boy was constantly teasing him since he was apparently 'small' "jonah for the last time I'm not small!" "yea kid sure and corbyns hair is naturally blond"

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Hush Baby Im here

After surviving a bullet to the head, Beth Greene and her group of survivors head to a safe zone in the midst of the a zombie apocalypse. When Daryl Dixon begins to admit his feelings for Beth, and she for him, things change.--(the walking dead Fanfic. not my characters)

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Im a villainess that is destined to die

Im Stella De- oh wait....i was Stella Devan right now im reborn as a baby and u might be wondering how i got here well... ( cue drumrolls ) I died, u surprised yet?...I died because of a stupid fire that broke out on my apartment (im not toxic)..well anyways i died and now im here, this time im gonna live a happy and luxurious life!...IM IN AN OTOME GAME AND IM THE VILLAINESS?!?!?!i dont want to die again! ill make sure ill survive,let the games begin.| all pictures used are NOT mine, all credits belong to the owners | This is my first novel so expect some grammar mistakes and stuff, ill try my best to update! enjoy reading ^^

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Surprise Bitch Im Married

"mom, dad, Im married!" lahat ng relatives namin ay nagulat sa announcment ko. Sino ba naman kasi ang mag aakala na ang unica ija ng pamilyang Letpraser ay kasal na. You all hear that Bitches Im Married.

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Im Inlove Again

I'm inlove with my secretary book 2 It's been 5 year's... Marami ng nagbago, magbabago, marami ng nangyari at mangyayari ngunit nagbago na nga ba talaga ang pag-ibig nila sa isa't isa? "I always question my self... Why I am the only one who's suffering to what happened between us" she said. Kakayanin paba nila ang pagsubok ni tadhana o bibitaw na?

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IM..?What does it mean?All we know is that it's someone's initials. We don't know his full name.The kid has curly green hair, emerald eyes, and freckles.He's been convicted of a bunch of crimes, from what we know he has two quirks and they're super powerful.A bakudeku story

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Im Not Okay

Yang Jeongin is a 18 years old boy who was abused by his dad...His miserable life becoming slowly getting better when he meet Seungmin..But, Will he be okay or No?Lets find out!❗Warning: Abuse❗* Short story *

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Im Nayeon

Just imagine that Im Nayeon is your girlfriend✨

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Buong akala niya isang matandang malapit ng mamatay ang ipapakasal sa kaniya. Pero ang hindi niya alam, ang tinuturing niyang boss, at ang lalaking palagi niyang inaasar yun pala ang mapapangasawa niya.

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