Why Did You Save Me.....? (Finale)

What should I say? What am I supposed to say? More importantly, should I say anything?

My mind is just....just so loud...

My heart is raining thunder, beating with rigid but sturdy palpitations
My ears are practically drones at this point, muffling all the noises but still being annoying as hell. I don't know how to explain it to any of you really...

I'm the Phoenix.

A being that was created by the Gods
A being that was raised by the Gods
A being that was killed by the Gods

I was destined to a life of Death.
However, Death, my mother, decided to leave me behind instead of taking me with her to the afterlife.


Why I'm practically wondering...

Those answers however can only be answered if I win.
XD has been weakened and Death is by my side.

I must win. Or else I will be left in the dark and I will be forgotten all over again.


Tommy lifted up his head and looked him dead in the eye.

"Why did you spend the equivalent of a human lifetime to defeat me? What was there to gain from my death? Was it power? Satisfaction? Or simple relief? I stand before you, in the abstract form of mind to confront you. And Finish you."

XD looked taken aback as he, for the first time in ages, remained silent.

"What happened? Did the cat get your tongue this time?" He asked, slowly walking from Death and towards XD.

"Why do you desire the world, when it has done nothing but resist you? Why do you think anyone else would want it when it has been the reason they meet a bloody end?"
He kept on asking, bombarding XD with questions.

"Do you know why you can't speak XD? Because your quest to kill me has lost meaning. You have become bored of this continuous dance of death. This same routine of my elders dying and the new generation rising has driven you mad and made you do irredeemable things. The only reason the other gods don't interfere is because they fear you. You and Death live in the cycle of Passing and Birth. Without you there's no balance. However life is never balanced. Something is always tipping in another's favor. With good and evil, one is always triumphant over the other."

Death was surprised
Death was shocked
But most importantly
XD was stunned.

"You are the vile evil which plagued the land with delusions and has infected my own life...she is generous and offers comfort to the unfortunate souls who have suffered your constant torment...I am neutrality meant to keep both of you in your place and you XD....you fucked up....."

That's when Tommy charged at him and brought him down to his knees.
XD let out a gasp of air and caused cracks within the mindscape as he was slammed into the supposed floor of the room.

Taking his body and throwing it in front of him, he conjured a fireball of exceptional force and rained hellfire upon the celestial.

"DIE AND FUCKING ATONE!" He cried out, slamming down the magical flames into the God's stomach with crucial force.


He reminisced about the tiny Wilbur crying in front of him with absolute fear.

XD was propelled backwards from the impact of a raging fireball.

He saw the little Techno who had been afraid of what he was.

XD defended himself with a barrier of magic and stopped Tommy from inflicting physical damage on him.

Tommy repeatedly hit the green wall with all his might, staining it with his warm tears and burning it away entirely.

He heard Phil's heart break at his departure.

He seemed to be going crazy, eyes flashing an array of colors as he laughed off the last part mentally.


He mercilessly pummeled him into the ground and kept on hitting, kept on fighting with eyes pouring like a waterfall.

He couldn't keep any of it in anymore.

He was suffering for sure but he watched them conceal their own. His wrists were proof of his own and people could tell that he was but what about them?
What about the quiet ones who hide their abstract pain from the world?
Those who had the world turn their back on them?
What happened to the unfortunate who didn't feel like they could be saved?

What about the ones whose pain they claim to be nonexistent when it affects them just as badly as anyone else.

"She didn't have to witness her children die and suffer in the world YOU created...no one didn't have to...but look what YOU did. WHAT DID YOU DO XD?! IN THIS SELFISH ENDEAVOR FOR MY LIFE YOU RISKED THE WORLD YOU CREATED! YOU RISKED ALL OF IT! A GOD! ONE WHO TOWERS OVER ALL OF THEM COWERS AND DOESN'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT ABOUT THOSE BENEATH HIS WRATH! YOU SAT IDLY BY AND LET US ALL ROT!!!" He screamed, panting from how much he was using his voice.

He was so fucking tired of his bullshit.

"You hurt us all....whether that was your intention or not...."

The tree at the palace seemed to glow with hues of gold, but overwhelming shades of red, passive colors of blues, and the content vibrance of green.

Like a rainbow shooting across the sky, the spirits from the tree were awakened and began painting the sky with their feelings.
They began dancing and singing in reply to Tommy's cries for they could sense him. Everyone could sense him.

Techno, Wilbur, and Philza all looked towards Tommy's limp body.

It began to rise from the musty ground and into the fresh air above the volcano.
The lava swirled below him and began to raise itself until it formed into a cocoon around him. They were all practically aghast with their jaws hanging wide open at the sight.

Techno was in awe of the entrancing hues that flew across the skies and began to paint the sky surrounding Tommy.
Wilbur was wide eyed at Tommy's glowing wings protruding from his back.

Feathers began to collectively fell and for a moment the world was silent.

No one had to suffer. No one.

Yet the world retraces its steps and in an effort to move forward continuously walks down old paths. Evolutions evolve and reverse, while directions go all over.

Tommy's world has been crumbled, broken, repaired, and thrown all over the place.
But he was willing to accept that world.

He was ready to give in and give up.

Yet, the family of royalty chose him. They decided out of their own will, no twists, no secret deals, no forbidden ones, to rescue him from rock bottom.

They cast the line and let it fall till it reached him.
They made sure he had a steady grip on it until they pulled it up and out of the depths of his despair.

Because of them, he was practically soaring above the ocean, with the clouds of freedom. He was saved.
But despite all their explanations, their experiences, their talks, and their story, he still couldn't understand why.

Why Did You Save Me.....?

Transformation occurred as Tommy's body curled into a ball and began to glitter with arrays of feathers.
Cocky yet glimmering gold, enraged but passionate red began to fall.

A bird.
A bird was landing towards them, the royal family. That bird was Tommy. And he chirped with utmost respect and nurturing sounds he could muster.

Musically gifted, Wilbur found the hope within each chirp and felt his eyes simply tear up. Techno weakly grinned, for his would still caused him a great deal of agony and was beginning to sip the light faster from him.

He was starting to black out and his eyes began to softly close.
Phil was the first to notice and softly shook his son in his arms.

"Techno..." Tommy bounced up and slowly curled up on his chest.
His feathers brushed his nose and caused it to scrunch up showing that he was still there.

Soon, a stray tear fell down the feathery face of the bird and dampened the bare blood that stained the top half of the shirt.

It slowly began to enrich the surface as it slowly began to glow.
A warm hue glow began to emerge from Techno's heart and envelop his body.

I know the price...you'll soon forget me...all of you will...

The magic began to spread and surrounding Philza and Wilbur before heading down the mountain towards the battlefield.

Scattered in blood yet covered with overflowing magic, the warmth calming everybody as they allowed their bodies to collapse and process their stress.

XD was half dead at this point. He was on his knees, clinging onto the will of death for the hatchling.
But yet his evil intent was faint, as if it had been flushed out by himself or maybe even Tommy.

"It was all part of the plan. It was all intentional you know...The Phoenix was born from Chaos and is meant to practically neutralize that which gave it life.
Centuries have gone by and its life of secrecy and loneliness has been broken. Cherish your time Tommy Minecraft. As heir to both the world of Immortal and Mortal, your sworn duty will come, just like it came for Death."

Tommy paused as XD stood up.

What was he talking about?
Was he trying to pull something?

Tommy brushed it off but paused as the mask of the god crumbled in front of his feet.

Left skeptical, he looked up and his gaze of mortality stared through a wretched, broken god's soul.

Genuine fear and pain was behind his eyes and Tommy could feel the tears drench his own palms

"I leave the Balance of Fate to you."

Balance of Fate?


"Fortune favors the bold, fortune favors those who wait. But misfortune teaches those who act rashly and cowardly. I stand on the side, you stand directly on the line, and death lingers beyond you. As the Phoenix, understand your duty as the bridge for you set the stage for the future."

XD was...giving him advice.
He was teaching him something.

"I am the God of Creation, XD and I was the Chaos that gave you life, you will cross your bridge of balance as you leave your duty to another in the future while Death takes you to the journey's end."

XD then vanished, green lingering behind as a loud voice whispered.
Strange how he could hear it clearly yet no one else even knew it was told.

"This is just the beginning..."

The Antarctic Kingdom, a land ruled by the iron fist of King Philza, a hybrid.
His sons,
Technoblade, the infamous "Blood God" and Wilbur, blessed with a gifted voice.

A thief just happened to one day stumbled upon the place in search of riches and trouble. And that's when Royalty met poverty and forged a bond.

"Tommy, come on, wake up."
King Philza.

"Tom, hey you gotta open your eyes.."
Prince Wilbur.

"Tommy, please get up."
Prince Technoblade.

Tommy opened his eyes to a bland white landscape.
No color, no textures, no nothing.
Just white.

"You gave them a real show, quite impressive Tommyinnit."

Tommy turned around and looked in the eyes of a strange man.
Familiar aura, he recognized the steampunk goggles and swirling hoodie beaming with colors.
A shining necklace of interchanging gold and silver rings hung around his neck and Tommy looked at his eyes.

"Where am I? I-I was just with XD-"

"Well, you're not quite dead but you're not quite alive either."
The man said, putting his hand on his chin.
"As a matter of fact, I haven't properly introduced myself, have I?"

Tommy nodded his head as the man knelt down and held out his hand.
Tommy took it and they began to shake.

"Karl Jacobs, Immortal of Time, or otherwise known as the Time God."
Tommy paused in shock as he looked up at Karl.

"And yes, Gods can have names, just like any mortal you would normally encounter."
He jokingly confirmed, Tommy chuckling a bit.

"So...it was you who let the Phoenixes grow over time?" He blurted out.

"Well not exactly....see there was a rather nice fella before me that unfortunately passed on and gave me the honor of carrying on his title..."

"Gods can do that?"

"Why yes, in fact it's quite common, passing their immortality onto a mortal. I had a life that was in shambles but now I have a duty that I am sworn to live up to. Just like you do." He elaborated.

"Duty? XD mentioned something like that..."

"XD...sure he had some complications and real issues but he's a God too, meaning that's he just as important as the rest of us..."

A grim appearance appeared on his face as he stopped and looked at Tommy.

"Tommy, right now you are practically lingering among the line of Death. You are this close to her embrace of rest and you are here to decide if you want to finally step down and end the way of the Phoenix or if you want to keep on fighting."

Tommy felt his mouth open a little in shock as Karl gestured him towards the right side.

As Tommy looked at the bright light, he saw two silhouettes become clear despite the brightness.

The first one was Death and without thinking, Tommy ran into her arms.
He felt his chest swell with pride as he buried himself within her embrace.
She smiled sweetly and brushed his bouncy hair with a giggle.

He felt himself tear up a bit and she grabbed his hand and moved out of the way.

A little girl with a green cloak stepped in front of him as he tried to process his emotions.

"...Hey there..."

She greeted and gave him a big hug. He gripped her shoulders and laughed with a gasp of excitement as he hugged her again.

"HOLY SHIT YOU ARE HERE!" He cried and let his tears run down his face.

"Yep...I'm here, unfortunately not in flesh and blood though..." She took a step back and Tommy's smile began to falter.

"Tommy, you have to make a choice, right here, right now."

He took a step back as he watched Karl join the two of them.

"I am dead Tommy and I can not join you with your family."

Tommy stuttered with disbelief.

"No...y-you can't be dead I just hugged you, y-you can't be gone, you can join me, with them, Death, so can you-"


He stopped his ramble and looked Death in the eye.

"You cannot break the rules, no matter what. It is your duty as Phoenix. You must make a choice, because not everyone can be saved. "

He felt tears run down his cheeks as he closed his eyes and turned around, his back facing them.

"I can't keep on losing people..." He whispered and fell to his knees.

He covered his face with his hands as he sobbed.

A thudding foot came walking towards him and stood in front of him, holding out their hand. He brushed his tears away as she held out her hand.

"Tommy, you won't just be losing..."
He took her hand and she lifted him onto his feet.

"You'll gain as well..."

"I will never see you guys as jewelry, you will always be amazing people to me..."

"What's your name by the way lady? Mines Tommy!"
"Mines Niki! It's very nice to meet you Tommy!"

"Thanks Tommy, your the best!"

"This is how you spell your name. Tommy!"

"He's with us and you have no authority over him or us,"
"Damn! Nice one Tommy!"

"I can see why you're so attached to this bitch, he really is a keeper!"

"Night Kiddo,"

"Tommy your a genius!"

"You are our family Tommy..."
Techno spoke, Philza and Wilbur nodding in agreement.

"You're like a Brother to me, Y'know that?" Wilbur added, holding Tommy's hand in his own.

"And You are my son."
Philza finished.

"Choose Tommyinnit, or else I will choose for you." Karl spoke up, watching as Tommy thought.


"Can I hug you guys one last time?" He asked and Death sadly smiled as he embraced her baby boy in her arms.

"My Songbird...remember that I love you...could you do me one last favor though?"
She asked. Tommy nodded.

"Tell Wil, Techno, and Phil hi for me, I love them and you..."

She teared up a bit as she kissed his forehead and brought his head towards her, letting their energies connect.

She then lifted her head, cupping her sons cheek and extending her hands towards Drista.

"Bye Tommy, I'll always be there, along with everyone else by your side."
Tommy grinned and held up his hand.

Drista returned the gesture and they pulled each other into a big hug as they both cried for the other.

"Friends till the end of the line?" Drista asked, lifting up her head.
"Friends till the end of the line." Tommy reassured and looked at his mother again.

"Wait for me, I'll come here again...and when I do, it will have been for the greater good."

That's when he slipped from Deaths grasp, fell out of her embrace and back into the world of war.

"I'll fight for you and everyone else."

"Live on in my name, Tommy."

Tommy smiled and started walking away from them.

"Hey Karl." He turned back around one last time and took a look at all of them.

"Thank you, I'm ready to go home..." Karl just smiled and closed his eyes as the white began to disappear into multiple different shades of gray, eventually gathering into a black hole.

He closed his own eyes and felt himself be whisked back to reality, to life where his family would be waiting.
He had been away for a long time and he couldn't wait to go back.

As Tommy's fingers twitched in Wilbur's hand, he slowly lifted his previously lowered head to see Tommy fumbling his eyes open.

Groaning from the sudden pain he felt, he fully opened his eyes and saw Wilbur's brown eyes staring at him.

Reaching out his other hand, he touched his head, feeling the hairs fluffiness and absolutely adoring it.

"Hey Wil...got a girlfriend yet?" He asked and Wilbur just lifted him onto his feet as Techno and Phil helped him embrace Tommy and practically crush them in their hugs.

"So, you guys do remember me right?" He asked through small whimpers. His lip had curled from his sudden wave of emotions that fell over him and they all nodded.

"Of course we do Tommy...after all, our mom raised you as a baby..."
Tommy's eyes widened in shock as he looked at Wil.

"When you were healing Tech, you also healed everyone else and shared part of your memories with us...as well as that shocking revelation..." Wilbur explained, Tommy frowning a bit.

"Sorry if I disappointed you..." He apologized, Wilbur just engulfing him in a comforting embrace.

"No...you never disappointed us Tommy...in fact you made all of us proud...."

Tommy felt his chest swell again. Tears slowly dripped down his cheeks as he looked at both Wilbur and Techno. He then looked at Philza.

"Speaking of mom," He said, he slowly grabbed Wilbur and Techno's hand and then joined them with him and Philza's. He then slowly breathed in and out as he allowed his energy to merge with theirs.

"Mumza says Hi." He finished as memories of old times flashed through all of their heads.

"That being said, I do have a question, something I need all of you to answer..."

He took a step back from all of them towards the volcano.
He hugged himself with his arms and looked at the ground before looking them all in the eye.

His wings still protruded from his back and they slowly wrapped around him for protection just in case.

He took a deep breath as he tightened his eyes on them.

"Why did you save me......?"

He swallowed hard after he said it. It was just silent.

Ironically dead silent.

That's when out of the tense and abrupt aura, Wilbur burst out laughing.
Philza just chuckled and Techno smiled smugly.

Confused but mostly flustered by their reactions he began yelling in protest.


When he felt a hand on his head, he stopped talking and looked up to see a lanky arm ruffling his hair up.

He suddenly heard subtle sobs break out of Wilbur's mouth as he moved his hand away in order to fully see his face.

That's when he was pulled into a tighter hug from him and was taken aback by the sudden display.

He fumbled through his head as he felt his tears dribble on his shoulder.

"Tom...you deserved it..."


Wilbur lifted his head and smiled as he brushed an unconscious tear away from Tommy's eyes.


Tommy sniffled and felt his lip curl as Wilbur just continued his sentence.

"Tommy, we saved you because you deserved it...you deserve to be fed, to have a home, to be comforted, to have a family, and most importantly, just like any other person...."

He stood up and held Tommy's hand as he guided him towards Techno and Phil once more.

"You deserve to be loved. More specifically, you deserve...our love."

Tommy broke.

Tommy grabbed onto Wilbur's shirt and sobbed his heart away as tears trailed away and began to drench his top.

Wilbur didn't mind but Tommy felt bad about it later on as Philza and Techno just smiled and walked towards the two of them.

They embraced Tommy along with Wilbur and they all allowed themselves to breathe with each other.

They relaxed and for the first time in ages, we're genuinely happy.

After the battle, Tommy was reunited with everyone and they were all very happy to be with there with him.

Despite what he thought of himself, he left an impression on all of them and they needed him just as much as he needed them.

The kingdom celebrated with practical joy as they welcomed home the risen soldiers as well as honoring the fallen.
Tommy had fallen asleep unbeknownst to himself so Techno took it upon himself to carry him through the gate back to their home.

When Tommy came to it, he was surrounded by loved ones as well as his true family and couldn't have felt more at peace.

He was able to reconnect with Niki and Puffy as well as Purpled.

Tubbo and Ranboo included.

Having more control over his abilities, he was able to restore Niki's previously scattered memory and was welcomed by the old Niki by a big hug.

He was officially home and he had his family by his side.

Even if in the future it wasn't meant to last, he wasn't concerning himself with that now.
He was just okay with everything and everyone right now.

"This is just the beginning."

He had to be prepared though.
XD gave him a warning and while there was bad in him, there was even something mortal about an immortal dickhead like him.

He just knew that whatever was set in stone for him and specifically whatever was set in motion, it would jeopardize whatever he was going to do now.

But he needed to ignore these feelings for now, because he needed to take some time away from the drama and just try and spend time with the people he loves.

His father, Dadza (as he officially and proudly came up with) entered the room and sat beside him as he turned towards him.

"Y'know, Techno's waiting in the dining room right now while Wilbur's sleeping. Wanna go wake him up for me?"
Tommy grinned mischievously as the news of that and began quickly running out the door, snickering with playful intention.

Phil just shook his head with laughter as he turned around and faced the sky.

"I can practically hear ya Y'know...I know I shouldn't encourage it but it's practically priceless..." He chuckled as he looked up at the sky.

"I'll keep him safe my love...our son is capable of many things...I just hope that in time, he learns that he doesn't have to bear the burden all by himself"

Phil took a step back and retreated back into the castle.
He took another glance as the sky.

"Watch over our songbird..."

The end is inevitable, in fact it's practically impossible to have a start and no end.

(Unless you count a ray in mathematics BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT-)
but a story is never truly over even when a reader such as yourself turns to the last page. (More like swipe but I'm monologuing so no objections-)

Immersed in text and stories of old, present and new, Karl sat within the library, eyes full of white and black as he stood up and looked through the book he was previously holding.

The timeline was one step closer to returning back to its normal schedule.

But dear readers, this is a fanfic and according to fanfic logic.

Anything can happen and everything is possible.

"Nothing is ever truly set in stone." Karl read aloud to himself.

"But at least this story is finished and I can focus on the other ones."
He grabbed his rings and proceeded to place the books back in place.
He then went to the shelf and looked through the various covers.

"'Land Ho!', 'Lets Be the Freaks'..."

He pulled out a dark black clover with accents of navy blue, brushing the dust off. "'Dance of Death.'"

That's where I have to go next...

The end of the start.

Welcome to the Fandom.
And Thanks for this chapter of the journey.



This is unfortunately the end of the story of "Why Did You Save Me....?" But I'm so glad you guys stuck around for the end of it.

I know this took such a long time to get out but this was a big chapter as it marked the end of this story and the beginning of another. I will soon be publishing the other stories but in the meantime I'll be revealing some past Easter eggs or hints of foreshadows from this story.

I'm so grateful for all of you and I hope you can find a happy place with this story.
This has been truly an honor to write for all of you and I hope you guys enjoyed. If you want, you can check out my other stories as I'll be publishing others.

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