Chapter 18 / Epilogue

Michael climbed to his feet with you cradled in his arms. He held your face into his chest as he stepped over the corpses lining the floors of the house, shielding you like a scared child from the gore and terror all around you. Upon stepping out into the forest, you pulled your head away to look around. The moon hung high in the sky, casting a silver glow over the towering trees and their brittle autumn leaves which were being torn from the branches by the wailing wind. The fresh air, void of dust and mildew scent, was fantastic, and you took a long, deep breath of it, chilling your lungs. Michael continued to walk towards your car, which was parked alongside the one belonging to Vince and a big black truck with a red stripe down the hood. He opens the passenger door, setting you gently inside and placing a kiss on your temple as he did. He shut the door, moving to the other side of the car and sitting inside in the driver's seat, slipping the keys into the ignition. Michael drove away slowly, carefully over the rough terrain and undefined road, headlights piercing through the darkness in search of deer too dense not to see you coming.

"Are you okay?" you break the silence after minutes, and Michael momentarily flicks his gaze to you and then to the stab wound on his stomach.

"Just fine. What about you?" he asks, turning right as the path swerved in that direction.

"I'm okay. I'm good." you nod, Michael taking his right hand off the wheel and grabbing your hand gently.

You wince as his calloused thumb rubs over the raw flesh around your wrists. Tenderly, he continues to run his thumb along the bloodied skin to test the wound and see how bad they really were. He clicks his tongue in sympathy, giving your hand a squeeze which you gladfully return. The rest of the drive home is silent, a calm, comforting silent that you and Michael both soak in like sponges. After the chaos of the last days, the lack of noise was more than welcome. You entered the city, your stress being washed away by the rhythmic flashing of the street and traffic lights overhead, the humming of engines, the occasional honk of a horn. Pulling up to your house was the best thing you'd ever experienced. The relief you felt was abysmal, endless, Michael exiting the car and coming around to your side to carry you into your shared home. He shut the door behind you both, headed immediately to the upstairs bathroom, then set you on the closed toilet seat to rummage around for the medical kit underneath the bathroom sink. He pulled out the small bag, unzipping it and pulling out the antiseptic wipes.

"Give me your hands." he says simply, holding out one of his own for you to set yours on top of. Michael carefully washes away the blood and grime, cleaning your wounds before pulling out bandages and wrapping them tightly.

"Your turn, I need to see your wound." you say firmly, and despite his clear reluctance he swaps places with you and unzips his coveralls, lifting his shirt enough to show the vicious, bleeding hole on his lower abdomen. "Poor Mikey..." you sigh, growing up at him as you pull out a new antiseptic rag, doing the same as he did; wiping away the blood as gently as possible.

"I've been through worse." he grumbled out, watching your careful, caring movements with a keen eye. "With Laurie." you nod your head as you finish up with cleaning the wound, now debating whether it needs stitches. As if he's a mind reader, Michael cuts in, "It's deep, but bandages will be enough." Returning to the md-kit, you search for a path to place over his wound, finding one that fits just right. Michael lets out a sigh of relief at having a clean, bandaged wound for probably the first time in forever. You stand, and so does he, leading the way to your room and letting you sit down on the bed before crawling in beside you. He pulls back the covers then pulls them right back up and over you both, pulling you flush against his chest, burying his face in the back of your hair. "I love you, (Y/N)." he whispers, making you smile and snuggle impossibly closer.

"I love you too, Michael." you whisper back.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you. I'm sorry I came so late." he breathed out, his warm breath hitting the back of your neck and making you shiver. You flipped so you were facing him, staring into his striking blue eyes and having your heart melt at the simple sight.

"Don't apologize, silly. You had no idea." you coo, but Michael's frown still stands.

"I could have come sooner, though." Michael sighed, pulling you close so your head was resting against his chest, his arms encasing you.

"All that matters is that you saved me, in the end, and I thank you for that." you yawn as you finish speaking, and at last you feel Michael smiling into the top of your head. He breathes in your scent, and you breathe in his, never having felt safer than in this moment, with him. He'd never let you get hurt again, and you'd protect him as best as possible. When you'd moved to Haddonfield, into the Myers house, you'd never thought you'd meet Michael Myers, let alone... fall in love with him, yet here you were. In his arms. Safe. Completed. And you would never take your luck for granted. You would cherish him until the end of time.

(A/N): And that's the end! One last super soft moment with Michael! I'll miss this book, but I have so many ideas for other ones and I'm glad I had the motivation to wrap this one up properly. Thank you all for reading this book, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you all for tagging along with me through this, and stay tuned for more works from yours truly.