One Who Control Monsters

A friend of Sakuya named Catherine bring some stone tablet and a sphere that that was founded at a temple in Siberia. However, things turn bad when a thief snuck into the Catherine's Lab in Japan where an ancient monster, Margodon, were summoned once again into the world as it try to turn Japan into another ice age period. But Xenos and Arc work together in order to defeat Margodon and stop it from causing another ice age.

In the World of Land of Light...


In deep space, it shows two things are flying across the space. The one in the front is a giant organic metal like comet, and the ones at the back are a battleship along with two more smaller fighter jets.

???: It's getting away!

"Don't let it again away! If that thing escape, things might get bad!"

"Geez, when we supposed return back to Earth by now!"

???: Leave it to me!

One of the smaller fighter boost ahead and keep chasing after the organic metal.

"Wait, don't be reckless!"

The fighter fire some bullets at the metal organic, but it dodge the bullets before getting hit. But as the chase continues, a certain energy burst suddenly appear far ahead of them.

???: What is that?

As they keep chasing the organic metal, the energy burst formed into somewhat a portal like thing as it begin to sucked things into the portal.

???: Portal? A dimensional portal?! Everyone, get away!

When they get closer, the portal sucked the organic metal into it. When the small fighter tries to get away, it get to close by accident.

???: C-Crap!

The smaller fighter keep boosting more but unable to get away.

???: You guys, get away quickly! Get out from here!

The small fighter ended up get sucked into the portal, before it disappeared into nothingness.


"Captain, can you hear me?! Captain! Captain!!"

And that left the battleship and the other small fighter left in the open space, not knowing where the other fighter have disappeared to.

At the World of Supernova...

(Drazen Base)
(Command Room)

The screen shows a space-anomaly that occur just outside of their Earth. The team look at the screen as it shows two blurry image come out from the portal that appear out of nowhere.

Harumiya: This is the space-anomaly that were shown to appear yesterday night...

Hiro: Space-anomaly...

Okami: What's space-anomaly again?

Asuna: It is an unknown event that happen only in space, and it is even more unexplainable than other kind of event that inside any planet.

Shinjo: Could it be the cause of Alien Nowar?

Sakuya: No, Alien Nowar's technology doesn't seem advance enough for dimensional travel theory. And the multiverse theory also haven't been confirmed yet.

Kikai: I have informed about this incident to the WPA, Captain Harumiya. And the location where both object fall are at Mt. Mitake.

Hiro: That not really far from Tokyo.

Harumiya: I'd like you to go to Mt. Mitake and investigate there. If you found anything, report it immediately. EDGE, move out!

" *salute* Yes, sir!"

They gear up with their armor and weapons before heading out to the hangar. Two EDGE-Sparrow Alpha take off from the hangar, and head for the mountain area.

At Mt. Mitake...

Once arrived at the mountain area, the four members split into two team as they went to explore the area. Hiro and Shinjo in one team while Asuna and Okami in the other team. They went around the mountain and look around there.

Hiro: So what do you think that fell into this mountain?

Shinjo: Who knows. Until we found it, there's no way we know what is going on.

Hiro: That's right...

As they keep walking through the forest area, Hiro heard something with his senses. He start to walk around and walk even faster.

Shinjo: Hey, Kamiki!

When Hiro reach a certain area, he look onto the ground and found a certain item. He bend down and take the item.

《Neo Battlenizer》

Hiro: This is...

He sense the energy that the item emits before Shinjo finally catch up with him.

Shinjo: You wall quite fast. Wait, what is that?

Hiro: I don't know... But it feels like it trying to lead me somewhere... Or to someone.

Shinjo: Huh?

When Hiro get up, he look ahead and sees smoke coming from distance.

Hiro: Hey, there's smoke.

Shinjo: Oh, right... Some forest fire, maybe?

Hiro: I doubt that... Forest fire either someone camping nearby, or the overheat from the area. No campers are around here or the area isn't that hot either.

Shinjo: You're so observant.

They quickly head toward where the smoke came from. When they reach there, they are surprised to see a small fighter in a crash site.

Hiro: It's a small fighter. No, look like a speeder. Should I go down there and take a look?

Shinjo: Okay, but be careful. I'll contact the others to inform them about this.

Hiro: Yes, sir.

He slowly walk down to the crash site, and try to reach the speeder as Shinjo contacting others. When Hiro look into the speeder, he sees a man inside who is unconscious.

Hiro: There's a person here... *turn around* Hey, Hagane-san! There's someone inside this speeder!

He opens the hatch, and get the man out from the speeder.

Hiro: Hey, sir, are you okay?

When Hiro look at the man's uniform, it shows an unfamiliar emblem and the uniform pattern are way different than WPA, ARMY nor EDGE.

Hiro: Who's this guy?

Once the others arrived with Shinjo, they take quickly returned to their fighters. They take the man and the speeder back to the Drazen Base.

(Time Skip)
(Drazen Base)

Once they arrived at the base, they take the man into the medical room and the speeder to the maintenance hall.

(Medical Room)

The man is lying on the bed, being treated for his wounds. From outside the room, the team are watching the medical team treating the man.

Sakuya: From his look and the medical check, he is indeed human. But he seems to have some alien DNA.

Hiro: And the speeder that he uses are indeed created with human technology. While it appear like same level with ours, it seems a bit late dated.

Harumiya: Hmm, I see.

Hiro: And Captain...

He take out the Neo Battlenizer, showing it to others.

Hiro: This is what I found in the area, and it actually what guided me back to that man. What should I do with this?

Harumiya: You keep it first, I trust your judgement.

Hiro: I got it, Captain.

Okami: Hey, Captain, what's up with trusting much to Kamiki?!

Harumiya: Because is somewhat much more responsible than he looks. You guys, get to work and we wait until the man awake.

"Yes, sir."

They went off their own, and the man is still in the medical room, resting and let his wound recover. Unlike usual, the man's wounds are recovering quite faster than usual human.


At the outside area, Hiro is standing near the rail while having some hot chocolate in the can.

Hiro: Things really went through things that isn't make sense... Just how much things will going to occur?

He take out the item that he still don't know as the Neo Battlenizer, and look at it.

Hiro: Just what is this...? I can't activate it or whatsoever, but it able to draw me toward that man.

After finishing the hot chocolate, he throw the can to the trash can before getting back into the building.

(Medical Room)

Once he returned back there, Hiro went to look at the man from outside the glass. Just before he leave, Hiro can hear the sound from inside and sees the man start moving slightly before he wakes up.

Hiro: He's awake...!

He quickly get inside the room as the man just sat up, holding his body in pain.

Hiro: Are you okay?

???: Ugh... Wh-Where is this?

Hiro: Don't worry, you're safe. This is our base, EDGE.

???: EDGE...? What's that? *glancing around* Wait, this facility isn't belong to ZAP Spacy?

Hiro: What's ZAP Spacy? Anyway, you're going to be okay. It takes time for you to recover, so please wait here. I'll call the doctor!

He rush out of the room, calling the doctor and nurse to check on the man. The man didn't respond much, and even wonder why things seems to be different than things he know.

(Next Day)
(Command Room)

After having recovered from the wound, the man is brought to the command room and speak with the team there, even explaining some of his situation there, as the man, who known as Rei, shakehands with Harumiya.

Rei: It is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the help. I'm Rei, a Captain of Crew Pendragon in ZAP Spacy.

Harumiya: I'm the captain of this team, EDGE, the Kaiju rescuer and anti-threat squad. I heard from Kamiki, you're a person from different dimension?

Rei: Yes. I am in fact from Earth, but threats in our Earth have long gone and the Kaiju are extinct, too. The organisation I am in, ZAP Spacy, are exploration team and have expended to space in order to find more resources for humanity. I was on a mission with my crew, and we encounter a metal organic lifeform that need to be exterminated.

Harumiya: I see. I get the situation. If this lifeform is a threat to us, then we will assist you in fighting it.

Rei: Thank you very much.

Hiro: Rei-san, here.

He give the Neo Battlenizer back to Rei.

Rei: So it was with you? *take the Neo Battlenizer* Thank you.

Hiro: Captain told me to hold it until you get well enough, so that's why I returning this to you.

Rei: I truly thankful. These guys might be impatient about seeing me.

Hiro: Guys?

Rei: Yes. If you people seems to be trustworthy enough if you put your life not just protecting human, but other beings too.

He turn the Neo Battlenizer to the team, before it opens and reveal monsters inside the item.

Asuna: Are those...

Okami: ...Kaiju?!

Rei: I am a human, but I was born special. I am half alien, having the DNA of Alien Reiblood.

Shinjo: Alien Reiblood?

Rei: Alien that can control any kind of Kaiju at will, even reign across the universe I live in for years until the Ultras intervene with his rules. His body is destroyed now, and he is missing entirely.

Sakuya: Are you saying your world have Ultramen, too?

Rei: Yes. This world have Ultras, too?

Harumiya: How about we keep the detail for now? *turn to Kikai* Kikai, is the location where Rei's speeder fall is similar with what he chase before?

Kikai: Yes. *typing on the keyboard* However, the location of the metal organic lifeform seems to be few kilometres away from his crash site.

The screen lit up, and show the location in Mt. Mitake.

Harumiya: Rei, if you have full recovered, what do you think if we have a joint operation?

Rei: I don't mind. Because I need to bring end to what I have started.

Harumiya: Then we will have a joint operation with Rei. Search for the metal organic lifeform, and exterminate it on sight. Notify any civilians in that mountain to evacuate immediately before things turn bad. EDGE, move out!

" *salute* Yes, sir!"

Rei: Roger!

They gear up with their armor and weapons. Rei just have his ZAP Spacy uniform, and put his usual helmet as he check his gun and put his Neo Battlenizer in the holster. As the Dragon Speeder is still being repaired, Rei ride with Okami on the EDGE-Sparrow Alpha, Asuna in one while Shinjo and Hiro in the other one before all three fighters take off.

(Mt. Mitake)

Once arrived at the scene, Asuna remain in the air to patrol around. Hiro pair up with Rei to look around, while Okami with Shinjo. It was Harumiya who suggested it as Hiro is much more easier to get along with people.

Hiro: So, Rei-san, what kind of defense force is ZAP Spacy?

Rei: Not really a defense force, we are space exploration team. But all members are combat ready.

Hiro: Wow.

Rei: But I am surprises that there are place where Kaiju and fugitive aliens are given protection by the law.

Hiro: Well... It was given tough time to gain that law into approval.

Rei: You seems to have tough time putting it in control.

Hiro: Because there are those who oppose that law. My dream is to make this world a place where Kaiju and Alien are felt belong at.

Rei: That is a noble goal, but can you achieve it?

Hiro: I don't know... But I have to try my best first.

Rei: You're an interesting person.

As they keep making their way through the mountain, both of them sense something off before they look into the air. Dark cloud formed in the sky before dark beam blast from the cloud into the ground.

Rei: What's that?

Hiro: Beast Virus!

Rei: Beast Virus?

Hiro: A dark energy that created from Space Beast essence to make Kaiju stronger, but turn them into much more violent and dangerous. Wait, if that beam blasted here, which means...!

The ground shake really hard before burst up. A metal organic monster appear from the ground, as it roar loudly.

《Infected Vein Monster - Beast Arnagaruge》

However, after being hit by the Beast Virus, Arnagaruge is much more spikier and its veins are red. Arnagaruge roar before emit some kind of energy wave. Hiro tried to contact others, but seems unable to reach them.

Hiro: This is bad! I can't contact them!

Rei: Leave this to me. I chase after that thing until to his universe, so I need need end it!

He take out the Neo Battlenizer, before lift it into the air.

Rei: Go, Gomora!

The Neo Battlenizer lit up before opens.

Battlenizer - Mons Load!

One monster is chosen before the card burst out from the item, and slide across it to be scan again. He summoned his primary monster as it appear in front of Beast Arnagaruge.

《Battlenizer Monster - Gomora》

Gomora let out a roar, challenging Beast Arnagaruge.

Hiro: Wow... That's a Gomora!

Rei: Gomora, keep that Kaiju here!

Gomora nod before rush ahead, fighting with Beast Arnagaruge.

(Dark Dimension)

From inside the dark dimension, Zagi and Jidai are watching the battle.

Jidai: What is that Kaiju?

Zagi: This energy reading... I see. There's a Reionics.

Jidai: Reionics?

Zagi: They are beings that have the DNA of Alien Reiblood, which allow them to control any kind of Kaiju at all. But I heard many of them have perish when a planet that become their battleground was destroyed.

Jidai: Someone who can control Kaiju, huh? Oh, that is interesting.

Zagi: Alien Reiblood has perished, but looks like his blood remain exist.


Beast Arnagaruge and Gomora continue to clash, but in term of power, the infected monster have more power than Gomora. The Battlenizer monster move back before lash its tail at Beast Arnagaruge, but get caught instead. Beast Arnagaruge pull Gomora and start swinging him around, and throw him onto the ground. Beast Arnagaruge create energy at its horns before shooting lightning bolts at Gomora, making him roar in pain. On the ground, Rei grunt in pain as he fell onto his knees.

Hiro: Rei-san!

Rei: This empowered Kaiju is really tough... But this is how Reionics usually fight.

Hiro: I'll help out, but please don't tell anyone about this.

Rei: What?

Hiro take out the Nova Evolver and insert the silver crystal.


Hiro: Rushing ahead, the force of storm! Ultraman Xenos!


Ultraman Xenos - Aerial Attacker!

He enter his rise sequence and land on the ground, before throw Slash Beam at Beast Arnagaruge that make the infected monster stop. Xenos went to Gomora and help him get up, while Rei surprised when he sees Hiro is as Ultraman. But instead of thinking of that, Rei focus on the battle.

Rei: Looks like we have the best helper when needed. Let's do this, Gomora!

Xenos enter his fighting stance as Gomora roars. Both of them rush toward Beast Arnagaruge.

Beast Arnagaruge roars before blast another lightning bolts at them, though Xenos and Gomora dodge the attack. Xenos jump into the air and throw a flying kick into Beast Arnagaruge that break one of the spike, snapping it away from its body. But shortly after, the snapped part liquify and attach itself onto the infected monster, reform back the broken part.

Xenos: It can reform?

Gomora roar before ram into Beast Arnagaruge, making it back away. Beast Arnagaruge roars before extend its claws forward like liquid, as Xenos and Gomora jump out off the way before they get hit. But the liquid arms formed into thin long rope like form before tied around both Xenos and Gomora, trying to keep them both in place. Both Ultra and monster are trying to break free with their strength, but unable to do so.

Though Xenos use his power to freeze the liquid arm solid, and break free from it. Xenos shoot freezing beam at the liquid arm around Gomora and free him as well. But the frozen arm parts melt right away before fly back to its body and reattach themselves back. When Beast Arnagaruge rush toward them, Xenos get in front of Gomora and lash his arms aside, before forming a pair of short blades from his bracers. Xenos and Beast Arnagaruge clash their blades and claws together, causing some sparks.

They keep clashing and cause some more sparks, but Xenos ducked before Gomora jump over his back and lash his tail into Beast Arnagaruge, breaking its spike shoulder again. When the spike about to return to its real body, Xenos throw Slash Beam and destroy the part. Beast Arnagaruge surprised at it, as it blast a pair of lightning bolts at Xenos. He use the short blades to redirect the lightning bolts away.

Xenos: Time to finish this!

He rush forward and throw some slash into Beast Arnagaruge, leaving multiple slash marks all over its body before he kick it away. Xenos jumps away and deactivate the blades, before pull his right hand which gathered cold energy and punch forward, shooting stronger freezing beam at Beast Arnagaruge. The freezing power is stronger than the ones use to freeze the liquid arms.

Xenos: Now!

Rei: Gomora, Ultra Oscillation Wave!!

Gomora roars as he charge energy in his horns at the side at his head, and transfer the energy into his front horn. Gomora roars again and he run toward Beast Arnagaruge and impale his horn into the infected monster, sending powerful wave of energy into its body. Even when in frozen state, Beast Arnagaruge roars in pain as all the energy blasted into his body. Then Gomora throw Beast Arnagaruge into the air, before it falls onto the ground and engulf in an explosion. Gomora roar in victory as Xenos nod at him. Xenos disappear in a flash of light and Gomora returned back to the Neo Battlenizer.

(Time Skip)

When the others reach the scene, the battle is already over. Asuna remained in the air with her fighter while patrolling around the area. Okami and Shinjo called the base and report about it. Hiro and Rei wait at the other fighters on the ground.

Rei: I see. So you're the Ultraman in this world, huh?

Hiro: Yeah, one of them. Because there are others, too.

Rei: Since I've been to a planet full of Ultras, then I won't be surprise to know that there's Earth where there's more than one Ultraman.

Hiro: Wha--?! There's a planet full of Ultramen?!

Rei: Back on my universe. But I don't know about other universes, since the whole multiverse thing is too large to think. I heard from a friend of mine who is an Ultra there is one who assigned here.

Hiro: Oh, that would be Volance. Though Volance was originally from this universe.

Rei: And the others?

Hiro: The other one is my twin brother, but we don't have the same ideal or point of view toward humanity. Though he thought of that because he saw so much bad side of human, while I mostly seen the good side.

Rei: That might be tough for you, having a clash with your own brother.

Hiro: Yeah... Rei-san, do you have a sibling?

Rei: I do... Or I was. Just a troublesome older sister who try her best to make me the strongest fighter ever. She's gone now... But I get the feeling she always watching over me.

Hiro: I see... Guess we're with the siblings have some hard time, huh?

Rei: Yeah...

They laugh about the compliment about their older siblings.

Hiro: So, mind keeping my secret as an Ultraman a secret?

Rei: Sure thing.

After Okami and Shinjo returned the fighters, before they take a ride back to the base. Just quite many things have passed in a single day. While trying to figure out a way to return back to his own universe, Rei need to take some short time to learn about this universe.

To be continued...


"Looks like we found out why the space-anomly occur."

"All right, we're going to space!"

"What is that thing? There's some weird energy from it."

"That might be the reason why the interdimensional portal opened!"

Next time on Ultraman Xenos: "Space-Anomaly."

"You're not alone, so don't give up."