Professor riddle⚠️


this is my first time doing smut so doing expect this shit to be good 😭


The next day I looked over to see Elena sleeping like a baby "you can sleep like a baby how can I not?", I whispered. Last night I was up thinking about professor riddle and how he will tutor me. I couldn't help but feel aroused as I think of him teaching me with that husky voice of his, how his hands will travel up my legs and-


I jolt up in my bed and look to my right to see Elena looking at me, "Merlin what?" "We need to get to the great hall dumbass?" I get out of bed and to my closet and put my uniform, I look in the mirror and see my reflection, would riddle be aroused by it?

In the great hallΖͺ(˘⌣˘)Κƒ

I'm sitting with Elena and I start putting some food on my plate, I look to my right and see professor riddle...he's looking straight and me and smirking. Oh how I hated that smirk...

I roll my eyes and him and he just looks away, soon I look at Elena. "What's your first class?" I ask "Transfiguration"


"Oh ok." I say like I am not dying on the inside


As the sun was setting, I found myself walking towards the professor's classroom for a tutoring session. The hallways of the school were eerily quiet, and my heart pounded in my chest with each step I took. I took a deep breath, reminding myself that I am here to learn, not to be intimidated.

As I entered the classroom, I saw Professor Riddle sitting at his desk, engrossed in a book. He looked up as she entered, his eyes piercing through her. "Good evening, Y/N," he greeted, his voice as calm and composed as ever.

I nodded, taking a seat across from him. The tutoring session went on, with Professor Riddle explaining the complex runes with an ease that was both impressive and slightly terrifying. Y/N, despite her initial nervousness, found herself engrossed in the subject, her fear slowly replaced by fascination.

I feel a hand on my thigh and I freeze, the hand, which I know belonged to riddle, squeezed my thigh and slowing came up to my crotch. I shiver as he starts to slowly pull away my panties. He pulled them until they were up to my ankles. I feel him insert 2 fingers in me and start to pump them, I moan in pleasure as he goes faster. I feel him insert another finger and that's what set me off, I start to squeeze around his fingers, "I-I-I'm about to c-cu-" "Cum for me darling." I cum just from his word and fingers.

He starts to kiss me, we make out for 5 minutes.

I look at him and start to remove my clothing but I feel his hand stop me.

Tom's POVΖͺ(˘⌣˘)Κƒ

I stop her from removing her clothes, I reach out to unbutton her shirt, after that I throw it to Merlin knows where, I look at her red bra. "For me..." I whisper

I unclip her bra and groan at her breasts, they were so perfect. I pull her skirt down and throw it along with the shirt.

I was too inpatient so I ripper off my shirt and bring down my pants an boxers, they go with the bra, shirt and skirt. (RHYMED)

Y/N's POVΖͺ(˘⌣˘)Κƒ

I look at us, we were both naked and standing there. I look at his manhood and gape at the size, yeah no way that's going to fit-

I feel him bend me over a random desk and slap my ass, "your so beautiful," I groan at his voice, by now I'm wet-wet...

I feel him rub his tip against my opening and eventually, it felt like years, he put it in. I moan and he groans, "m-m-more!" I feel him chuckle and start to pump his cock in and out, "Yes!" I shout, he lets out a hearty moan, I soo felt my stomach twist, I'm about to cum. "Cum for me darling..." I cum and shout in pleasure as he shoots him cum inside of me

I feel him breathing hard and fast, matching me. "I'm not on the pill..." I feel him grab his wand, "Fetus deletus" (HELP😭) he said as soon as he pointed on my stomach. I feel him hug me from behind and get my clothes.

He helps me put on my clothes and helps me get to my dorm

As soon as we reach our dorm he says, "round two tomorrow?" He winks and I smile and roll my eyes.