30. I Love You's

Setting: lima, boyfriends, high school

nyc, married, retired

The first. In Lima Beans. Unexpected. Kurt talks. He just talks. Blaine finds it adorable. The way Kurt talks when he's exited about something.

The curly haired boy doesn't think much about it. It just feels right. Natural. It's the right thing to do and it jsut slips. "I lvoe you" he says, cutting off Kurts sentance. Kurt stays quiet for a second, surprised but internally screaming.

"I love you too" he then finally says and Blaine lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Kurt said it back. Of course he did but still Blaine held his breath until he heard the words out of Kurts mouth.

Smiling he takes his boyfriends hand over the table. The chestnut haired boy finishes his coffee "Should we go?". "Sure" Blaine answers and both boys stand up.

As soon as they stand in front of each other, still holding hands, Kurt kisses Blaine "I love you". This time Blaine answers "I love you too".

The last. In New York City. Expected. Kurt and Blaine are lucky to have such good children and grandchildren. They never wanted to go into a retirement home and rather stay in their house with all the memories. Their family made it possible, supporting them wherever needed.

Now it's time. Kurt and Blaine both know it. They spend the day with their grandchildren and children. For the little ones it was probably just a normal visit but the parents know what will hapen. Not that it will happen so soon but they know it's not long anymore.

They are old. Both are close to the 90 and weaken with every passign day. One can't live without the other. That's clear. Always have been. So that night, after dinner, Kurt and Blaine get ready for bed, not taking their meds. They stopped taking them in the beginning of the week. That'S when they realized it's time soon. Now.

The couple lays down in bed and turn off the light. Their hands find each other and they lay in silence like that for a while to let the moment sink in.

"I never thought my life would turn out this awesome until I met you. You made it perfect" Blaine says quietly. "I never felt complete until you completed me" Kurt answers.

He sits up a little, just enough to bend over a little and kiss his husband. Then he lays back down again, too weak to hold the pose any longer.

He smiles when a memory flashes in his mind. "Come what may" he sings, he's rusty and so is Blaine "Come what may". "I will love you" they now sing together "Until my dying day".

Both men take a deep breath or two. "I love you" Blaine whispers and Kurt answers "I love you too". "we lived a pretty good life didn't we?" Kurt asks but he already knows the answer before Blaine answers "Yes. Yes we did".

Again it' silent but not for long then Kurt says "I love you" and Blaine is the one to answer this time "I love you too".

They fall asleep quickly and quietly. At some point in the middle of the night. Their breath stops and so does their heart. Together, eyes close, fingers still intertwined, looking like they're just sleeping. Peacefully.

I will love you until my dying day.