chapter 50:Back home

Lulu's pov:

Sorry guys for the inedited chapter before this is the last version 

I bounced on my toes with excitement, and Mama held my hand as we followed Morgana through the mystical forest. The air was filled with enchantment, and I couldn't help but look up at the sky, where angels gracefully flew.

I squealed with joy, pointing at the sky and exclaiming, "Look, Mama! Angels!" My eyes followed their graceful movements until Mama let out a sharp groan.

Morgana swiftly joined her, saying, "Sorry, Athena, I forgot to tell you – we'll get wings too."

Mama gritted her teeth, and in a swift motion, her dress was cut from the back. Beautiful red wings emerged, leaving me in awe. Morgana's wings were a stunning combination of yellow and white.

I stared at their newfound wings, marveling at the magical transformation.

Eager to join in the magic, I let my wings unfurl, feeling the air beneath them as we continued through the enchanting forest. Mama and Morgana smiled at my delight, and together, our winged trio navigated the mystical realms.

As we walked, the trees began to part, revealing the familiar sight of our house in the distance. My eyes widened in awe as the house loomed ahead, bathed in the soft glow of magical lights.

Excitedly, I skipped towards the door, my heart pounding with anticipation. With a small, eager hand, I reached out and knocked, the sound echoing through the quiet night.

Seconds felt like minutes as I waited, the anticipation building with each passing moment. Then, finally, the door swung open, revealing my little brother standing there, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Lulu! You're back!" he exclaimed, his face breaking into a wide grin as he rushed forward to hug me.

Giggling with delight, I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the warmth of his embrace. "I missed you, little brother!" I said, squeezing him tightly.

Behind him, I could see my sister peeking out from behind the door, her face lighting up with excitement. "Lulu's home!" she exclaimed, bounding forward to join our hug.

Laughing, I welcomed her into our embrace, feeling the love and joy of being reunited with my siblings. "I missed you too, sissy !" I said, ruffling her hair affectionately.

As I stepped inside, the warm glow of the hallway lights illuminated the faces of my family. My two aunties spotted me and rushed forward, their arms wide open.

"Lulu, darling! You're finally home!" exclaimed one of them, enveloping me in a tight hug.

"And look how much you've grown, sweetheart!" Auntie Lou chimed in, joining the embrace.

I giggled with joy, feeling their love surround me. "I missed you both so much!" I said, returning their hugs with equal warmth.

With a slight nervousness in my voice, I cleared my throat and said, "Aunties, this is... um..." I paused, uncertain of how to proceed. Then, deciding to keep it simple, I continued, "This is my friends, Morgana and Athena."

Mama and Morgana nodded in agreement, offering warm smiles to my aunties. I could sense their understanding, and I felt a wave of relief wash over me. It wasn't the whole truth, but for now, it was enough.

My aunties exchanged curious glances, their eyes lingering on Mama and Morgana. Auntie Rose spoke up, "Morgana, Athena... we haven't seen you before at the angels gathering, have we?"

Mama and Morgana nodded graciously, their smiles unwavering. "No, you haven't," Mama replied smoothly, her tone gentle yet firm.

Morgana chimed in, her voice soft and reassuring, "We're from the Southlands, visiting for the first time. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

I breathed a sigh of relief as my aunties accepted their explanation with polite nods. The tension in the room eased, and I felt grateful for Mama and Morgana's quick thinking.

"Lulu, sweetheart, where have you been?" Auntie Rose asked, her concern evident in her voice.

"And why are you wearing these fancy ball dresses?" Auntie Lpo added, her brow furrowed with worry.

I laughed nervously, feeling a bit overwhelmed by their barrage of questions. "It's a long story," I began, trying to find the right words to explain our situation knowing fully i can't tell them the truth since mama said i can never reveal how we crossed borders or what mama and morgana are .

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the questions, I looked to Mama for help. With a reassuring smile, she took the lead.

"Well, you see," Mama began, her voice calm and composed, "one day while my sister and I were venturing around the South Fields, we stumbled upon Lulu lying on the ground. Her wings were hurt, but luckily, my sister Morgana is a healer. She's been treating her ever since."

Mama's explanation seemed to ease the tension in the room, and my aunties listened intently as she continued.

"As for the dresses," Mama went on, "we were actually at a ball recently. Lulu wanted to play princess dress-up afterward, so we indulged her. Then, she insisted that we come meet you in these dresses. You know how stubborn she can be," Mama said with a chuckle.

My aunties nodded in understanding, their expressions softening as Mama's words sank in. They exchanged knowing glances, and Auntie Rose spoke up, "Well, that certainly explains a lot. We're just glad everything's alright."

Mama then added, "And regarding our delayed arrival, the weather in the Southlands can be quite unpredictable, especially during this time of year. It made it really difficult for us to travel, so we waited until it calmed down a little bit before making the journey here."

Uncle then chimed in, "Oh, I understand. I've had friends in the Southlands, and yes, the weather there can be quite challenging."

He smiled warmly at Mama and Morgana, his expression filled with relief. "Anyway, we're just glad you're all fine. You must be tired from your journey. Why don't you all go upstairs? Lulu can show you the guest room where you can rest."

"Mama said, "Thank you, guys," as we expressed our gratitude to my aunties and uncle. With tired but content smiles, Mama, Morgana, and I began to climb the stairs, ready to rest after our eventful day.

As we reached the top of the staircase, I led Mama and Morgana to the guest room next to my bedroom. The room was cozy and inviting, with a large, comfortable bed and soft pillows.

Morgana flopped onto the bed with a laugh, turning to Mama with a playful grin. "I would have never thought I'd be your sister, Athena," she said, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

Mama chuckled, settling onto the edge of the bed beside her. "Life is full of surprises, isn't it?" she replied.

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