10. Percy Freaks And Has To Be Put Down. JK


I went to bed last night before the others got back. Frank did too, but Leo stayed up so we could leave as soon as they got back.

Nico had Will over in his room which was next to mine. I could hear them talking all night long. I was happy for Nico. I know how hard it is to grow up in one century and appear in another. I was glad that he found someone to love. Even if he would never admit it, that's what their relationship was, love.

This morning everything was quiet as i got dressed and headed to breakfast. Frank meet me in the hallway outside of my room.

"Good morning." I greeted.

"Good morning." He responded. I took his hand and we walked to the mess hall.

Everyone but Kate was there when we got there. We took seats across from Annabeth and Piper. I summoned my food which was eggs with ham and a donut, i had gotten a taste for donuts when Percy introduced them to me. Leo was messing with bits of metal while eating a waffle. Annabeth was scolding Percy for eating so much syrup with his blue pancakes.

Kate walked in carrying two duffel bags and sat them on the table. By this time, most of us were done eating so our attention was fully on her. She opened the first one and pulled out a bronze bow with arrows that pulsed yellow. She set the bow and quiver on the table and Will eyed it. I expected her to pull out more weapons but instead she pulled out nine small jars that contained a liquid that pulsed its color. Two were sea green, another was red, the others were gold, black, blue, gray, pink, and purple.

"Here Will." Kate said and handed the bow and quiver to him. "Its been blessed by your father, which means you can use it to kill a giant, or anything else." His eyes grew wide, like a kid in a candy shop that's just been told that he can have anything he wants. Kate then turned to Percy. "Take out your sword, Percy." She said.

Percy gave her an uncertain look but pulled out his pen and uncapped it, causing it to turn into a celestial bronze sword. Kate grabbed it out of his hands and opened one of the jars with the sea green liquid. She dipped the tip of the blade into the jar and the sword seemed to absorb the liquid. Once the liquid was gone, the sword pulsed with a sea green light for a moment then turned back to the normal glow of the bronze. "What was that?" Percy asked when Kate handed the sword back.

"It's the blessing of your father. Bottled by Hecate, these are the blessings of your parents." She motioned to the rest of the jars.

"If that's so then can we use them on ourselves? Wouldn't that give us the blessing?" Annabeth asked.

"No. If you even laid a hand on the liquid, it would burn you alive." She responded. Percy dropped his sword on the table once he heard this. "Don't worry, Kelp-for-Brains. Once the weapon absorbs it, it's harmless." Percy picked his sword back up tentatively and capped it back into a pen.


Kate took each of our weapons one by one and used each blessing. No surprise, the color of the blessing matches the godly parent. Hades was black, Pluto was gold, Mars purple, Hephaestus red, Zeus blue, Athena gray, and Poseidon sea green. Which meant Aphrodite was pink. I sighed internally. I could only imagine what her blessing would be. With my luck, probably only make my dagger shine brighter or turn the grip pink and sparkly.

For the others their blessing made the weapons perform better or become more powerful. With Will's bow and quiver, it made it so that he never ran out of arrows.

Kate took my dagger, which was the last weapon, and dipped the tip of the blade into the liquid. The knife shimmered pink and soon when back to its normal glow. When i got it back it felt lighter in my hand. I expected that when i looked at the blade, it would be just my reflection like it has been for the last few weeks. But instead i saw images of the camp from an air view. I found that i could ask it to show different places. It showed real time images of wherever i wanted it to. I was shocked that my mother's blessing would have this effect but i guess it made sense as the images made everyone in them look more handsome or pretty.


Once all the blessings for the others were used there was still one jar left. One with sea green liquid. I knew who it was for and i knew what it was meant to be used on.

"What is that one for?" Annabeth asked.

In response i drew the sword with a word, no a name, inscribed on the hilt. Hope. I opened the jar and the sword glistened. I dipped the blade into the blessing and as the sword absorbed it, the blade glowed. The glow got brighter and brighter until me and the other demigods had to shield our eyes.

I didn't open my eyes until i felt a hand on my cheek. "Hey Seastar. I see that you still have this." I opened my eyes and saw my sister.

"Hope? How?" I stuttered.

"I'm not real, sorry Kate. But this is. You're on a quest! I'm so proud of you, and mom is too."

"You mean-"

"Yes. We both made it to Elysium. About your quest. Remember, it might end badly but don't be afraid. The gods have a plan. Don't be afraid. Never be afraid of your fate, because no matter what you have a family. These demigods and the gods themselves are your family. And they will always love you, no matter what." She had tears in her eyes and I remembered that day.

"But you're gone. What am i gonna do? I've never been on my own before, not like this. What if i fail and they get hurt because of it?" I was crying now.

"You will not fail. You are my sister, and the Heir to Olympus. And you are not alone. Look around, Kate. They are with you. You will never be alone. And i am not gone. I am still with you, even if you can't see me. Now, i have to go-"

"No! Hope please! Don't leave, not again."

"I have to Seastar. Remember what mom told us. You remember don't you?"

I nodded. "Never be afraid of your fate. It's a part of you." I repeated the words that my mom had told me when ever i was sad or scared of the future.

She smiled at me and started to fade. "I love you, Seastar." She said before her form faded into the sword and the light receded.

Once the light was gone i saw that the sword, where it once had the word Hope, now said Seastar. I wiped away the tears in my eyes as the others recovered from the light.

"What the Hades was that?" Percy cursed.

"Must have been a reaction." I said, suppressing a smile.

The others seemed to accept that excuse but Annabeth gave me a skeptical look. But i didn't care.

The sword returned as a bracelet on my wrist. But instead of plain silver, it had deep blue letters that swirled on the silver to spell out, 'Have Hope, Seastar'.

"Kate are you okay?" Hazel asked. I realized i had been staring at the bracelet since it reappeared.

"Yeah, never better." I responded. I shook the other thoughts from my head and brought the second bag up to me.

I opened it and pulled out a package with nine objects. Three were plain chain bracelets, made from celestial bronze. And the rest of the objects were rings, also made from celestial bronze. I handed the girls each a bracelet and the boys got a ring.

"What are these?" Piper asked, studying her bracelet.

"Shields. Tap them and they turn into a shield." I told them.

Jason drew his shield, but he held it to close to himself. It hit him in the head as it expanded. Leo laughed at him only to get slapped by Piper. The rest tried theirs and they each expanded into shields.

I reached back in the bag and pulled out the remaining case. It was a small wooden box wrapped with two clay jars. "Will, i think these are yours." I said. Will stood and walked over to look over my shoulder.

I opened the jars first. One was filled with ambrosia and the other had nectar. What got Will's attention was what was in the box. I opened the top and inside were ten small vials. He gasped. "The physician's cure." He said.

"What?" Percy stood up and looked in seeing the medicine. "But how? To get one vial of the stuff you have to go on a whole other quest." He said.

"That's Charlie. He can get anything, as long as it exists." I responded.

"Well i wish we knew him two years ago." Leo muttered. I wasn't sure what he was talking about but i didn't question.

"We should put this somewhere where it will be safe." Will said and took the box and jars. He left the room to put them somewhere else. I guess he would put them in the sickbay.

I burned the empty bags and sat at the table. "What about the other bag?" Annabeth asked.

Schist, I thought, they aren't supposed to know about that yet. "That is for emergencies." I told her.

"What is it?" She insisted. The others started at me also interested in the answer.

"A bomb, made of greek fire." I sighed and put my head in my hands, sitting at the table.

"What! That would kill you." Annabeth stood up and glared at me.

"I know, Annabeth. The bomb is a last resort. Don't worry about it." I told her.

She continued to glare but she remained silent and took her seat again. This time Percy spoke. "What do you mean by it will kill you?" He asked.

"Greek fire is the only thing that can kill me." I sighed. I didn't want to tell them. It would just cause them to panic later. Because I had a plan, and no matter what way I played it, it would not end well.

They were silent. I stood and walked out. I needed some air.

I was followed by Leo who went straight to the helm and started to run checks on the ship. I went out to the front of the ship and leaned on the railing. Looking down I saw a city below us. The people looked as small as ants as they scuttled around. Entering cars and buildings and exciting again. None of the mortals below us had any idea what would happen a few dozen miles north of them. I had told Leo the location when we started the quest. He had questioned what it was but I didn't tell him. I couldn't, not yet. It would be a few days til we got there and I was a little nervous to see the place. I had known it in its prime, but now...

There was a slight breeze that messed with my hair. I felt a sudden presence behind me. "Percy I don't want to talk right now." I said.

"Well I'm not Percy, and you have never not wanted to talk to me." A familiar voice said.

"Apollo!" I turned and jumped into his arms.

"Nice, we're at hugging now." He said.

I elbowed him. "Forget it, we are friends that it. And I'm still too young for you." I said.

He laughed but didn't get to respond before the others joined us on deck. "Lord Apollo." Annabeth greeted and they all bowed.

"Guys, there's no need for that." I said, "This is Apollo, my-"

"Boyfriend." He cut me off and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Nice try." I said pushing his arm off me. He gave me puppy eyes as I said, "My friend." I emphasized.

He sighed and nodded in agreement. Percy visibly relaxed. I guess he didn't like the idea of Apollo claiming to be my boyfriend.

"So, I hear you're a little stressed." Apollo stood behind me and rested his chin and hands on my head.

"Yeah, what did you have in mind. And I mean realistically." I asked him.

He sighed, displeased by me shooting down his latest attempt. "Well, that old cafe is still open and not too far from here." He said.

"You mean?"

"Yep." He answered.

"Any of you want coffee?" I asked the others.

Percy and Annabeth came with us. The rest stayed behind for various reasons. I got the impression that they didn't want to ride in Apollo's sun Ferrari. And Percy, I think, just wanted to make sure Apollo wouldn't make any sly moves, and Annabeth was not going to let him go unsupervised.

We sat in his car, I got shotgun, and took off. Leo was gonna anchor the Argo II until we got back, but Apollo insisted that he didn't need to as his Ferrari had great GPS. As for the ride there, let's just say that Percy and Annabeth were regretting their decision. Apollo liked to go fast, which means that Percy and Annabeth both had death grips on the door handles. I was used to it since I had ridden in Apollo's chariot before.

We went west from the ship and a few miles to the south. Apollo eventually pulled into the parking lot of a small building in a small town. From the outside, the building looked to be abandoned, but inside, it was a demigod haven. There were two customers inside, seated on opposite sides of the cafe. I walked up to the front counter with Apollo next to me and the other two trailing close behind.

"Ah, Apollo, Kate. It's been a while. You want the usual?" The man behind the counter asked.

"You know it, Max." I answered.

Max looked behind me. "This wouldn't happen to be the famous Percy and Annabeth, would it?" He asked.

"Sure is." Percy answered. "I'll take a cappuccino with a shot of nectar." He ordered.

"Same." Annabeth said.

Max nodded and went back to the machines. He whipped up for cups and sat them on the counter. Apollo paid with ten drachma and we took a seat at an empty booth.

"I can't believe this place is still here." I said to Apollo. "I thought you would have destroyed it after what happened."

"No, of course not. If I did, I would have no chance with you. You love this place." He responded, sipping his coffee.

I laughed, "Well you were right about that."

Percy and Annabeth exchanged a look and Percy spoke. "What happened?" He asked.

"Funny story. See Apollo brought me here for the fifth time or so and proposed!" I answered.

"And she said yes." Apollo said and tried to kiss me.

I held up a menu that sat on the table and he kissed it. "Nice try." I told him and turned to Percy, "I said no."

Annabeth was trying hard not to laugh as Apollo was still making out with the menu, too absorbed in the moment to realize that it was a dirty piece of plastic. Percy didn't hold back and he busted out laughing, nearly knocking his cup off the table in the process.

"So why this place?" Annabeth asked.

"It has a barrier around it that allows demigods and gods through but no one else. It's a safe place for demigods on quests. Max over there is a son of Dionysus, likes to brag to his dad that he doesn't sell alcohol whenever possible." I told them. Percy smiled at that.

We finished our coffee but instead of leaving we all just stayed and talked. Percy had just finished telling me and Apollo how they pummeled Leo when he returned after a year without telling them. I was laughing and so was Apollo. Annabeth started to as well. When Percy finished the story we were all out of breath from laughing.

We sat in silence for a few minutes until Annabeth asked Apollo a question. "So what does the prophecy mean?"

Apollo gave me a half grin and I tried to tell him no without the others noticing, he didn't listen. "I think someone here already knows." He grinned at me and I kicked him under the table. "Ow!" He said but then quickly shut his mouth when I gave him a look.

"What does that mean?" Percy asked.

"He's right." I sighed deeply. "I know what the prophecy means."

"Well..." Percy prompted.

"The first line means, obviously, that I was to go with you and the rest of the seven." Annabeth nodded and I continued. "The second line means that we will be fighting a creature from my past." I said.

"Acmal?" Percy asked.

I nodded. "The third line refers to me."

"How?" Annabeth asked.

"Catcher is my last name." They were silent.

"What about the last few lines?" She asked. "And the phrase 'ruins renewed'?"

"The phrase is how I know where we are going. Ruins refers to my home town. It was destroyed by monsters the night my sister was killed." I cupped the empty coffee cup in my hands to keep them from shaking. I hated talking about my past, my old memories are hard to deal with.

Apollo put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. For once, i let him and I could feel his smile and beating heart. "Do you want to tell them the rest?" He whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

I shook my head and buried myself deeper into his side. I felt tears leak out of my eyes and into Apollo's shirt, I was glad he didn't say anything. It was all because of these cursed four lines. Those last four lines of the prophecy. I knew what they meant. I knew why that letter from my dad told me to get the bomb from Charlie. Up until now I had avoided thinking about the inevitable. But I couldn't do that forever. I also knew that I should tell them but I was scared. Scared of their reaction. Percy's fatal flaw was loyalty. If I told him, he'd want to take my place. But he can't. Don't be afraid. Hope's voice rang through my head. I stopped my tears and pulled away from Apollo.

I set my hands on the table and he took one in his. I smiled at him and told them my secret. The one I had been avoiding all this time. "The last four lines tell what the outcome of the battle will be. It could go two ways." I took a deep breath and Annabeth and Percy prompted me to continue. "The first is that the enemy wins and we all end up dying to ensure that the gods end it."

"Not fond of that one." Percy said and Annabeth elbowed him.

"And the second possible outcome is that we win but...I...die." When I finished Percy stared at me.

Then he spoke, "so that's what the cure is for, right?" He asked like he found the solution.

Apollo and I exchanged a sad look and Annabeth caught on. "That's now going to happen, is it?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No. The only way I would die, is from that bomb. Which means there would be nothing left to use the cure on." I told them.

"No." Percy said. "No, there's got to be another way."

"Percy." Annabeth said. She put a hand on his shoulder and he relaxed.

"If there was, Percy, I would have found it. Trust me." Apollo said gently.

"Maybe we should leave." I said and we left the shop.

We all sat back in Apollo's car and he drove back the the ship. And for the first time ever he drove slowly, his hand never leaving my knee.

He parked on the deck and an angry Leo meet him when he opened the door. "You left skid marks, on my DECK!" He yelled.

He looked like he was gonna say more but then he seemed to catch on to the sadness that overwhelmed our small group. We all got out and I went to Apollo. I hugged him and he hugged me back while muttering into my ear. "It will be okay. I believe in you." He said.

We separated and I kissed him. It was what he was wanting for a long time. "Good bye Apollo." I said and forced a smile.

"No. This is NOT HAPPENING!" Percy yelled. Annabeth tried to calm him, but he pushed past her. "You're the god of prophecy. So change this one!" He yelled at Apollo.

Apollo looked at me sending a silent message and I nodded. He flicked his fingers at Percy and Percy collapsed onto the deck. "Temporary anesthesia. He'll wake up tomorrow." Apollo explained. He leaned down and picked up Percy and slung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

He looked at me. "Third on the left." I said and he walked down to the rooms carrying Percy.

He returned a minute later and came right to me. I hugged him and kissed him again. "Does this mean I can call you my girlfriend?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood.

I laughed. "Sure, Apollo." I told him. "Good bye." I said as he turned away and went back into his car, and left.

"I'm gonna...go to bed." I said and headed down to my room. By the time I got there, I felt lightheaded and I practically fell onto my bed.
I didn't have any dreams that night. I took that as a gift from the gods, sort of a good bye.


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