Chapter 10

Your POV

"That is troubling news." I say to my brother's hologram.

I had just learned that the hero faction members we had arrested we're broke out by a fifth member.

"What should we do? As long as they are free they will come after Yasaka and Kunou." Michael says from the hologram.

This angers me, as Yasaka was right after she and I had spent time together Kunou has become like a daughter to me so the thought of them targeting them... well let's say I scared the leaders a little.

"They'll die trying" I say coldly

(The face you made when you said that)

The leaders sweat a bit, but I calm myself down.

"Let's ask them what they want to do." I say and use the same spell as the others to contact her.

"Hello darling~ how can I help you?" She says happily.

"It's not good news." I say seriously

She realizes this is a work and not a social call.

I then explain the situation to her, she doesn't want to leave her people but doesn't want to endanger her or our daughter.

"How about (Y/N) and his crew move to Kyoto and act as it's guards? Plus him and Yasaka can spend more time together, not to mention that their kid would love to see her father, uncles, and aunts every day." Azazel says in his usual lazy tone.

"It's not a terrible idea, but what about my peerage? I don't want to force them." I say concerned.

"We don't mind." Says the voice of Katrina.

Looking behind me I see my entire peerage, all with serious expressions.

"Are you sure? I don't want to stress the baby." I reply worried

Yes in the past month Kuroka had become pregnant, and the last thing she needs it to be moving.

"I'm fine, plus being around that many sage masters will make my pregnancy go smoother." She says sitting down, with help from myself and Fenrir.

"True, and I'd imagine your new additions wouldn't mind ether." Michael says referring to my three new Pawns.

Said Pawns, Asia, Koneko, and Akeno, are currently at school so they will have to be filled in later.

"Give me some time to ask them and I'll get back to you." I say and remember something.

"If that's all, I need to ask Kunou something in private." I say and get strange looks from all the females except Rossweisse.

The leaders nod and say goodbye, with Yasaka calling Kunou, and my peerage leaving the room.

"Hi papa!" Kunou says happily.

"Hello Kit, I have a question for you." I say and she tilts her head in an adorable manner, no wonder my family took a liking to her so quick.

Time skip few weeks

3rd person POV

It's been a few weeks since our group has moved to Kyoto, (Y/N) doing what he did with the cave by bringing not just the house but also the library with them, dispute the short amount of time it's been quite the eventful few weeks.

In the first week the hero faction tried to kidnap Yasaka again, but they didn't expect the Muramasa peerage to be there, and was cornered and asked why they wanted her.

They were so cocky they spilled their plan, it was to use her to get Great Red's attention so they could fight her, and after revealing that (Y/N) was hosting her they agreed to leave Yasaka alone in exchange for a fight with her.

And needless to say, they lost like hard core lost, the reason is Great Red wasn't holding back because, and I quote, "They tried to hurt my sister Yasaka, so I'm going all out." So yeah it was more a one sided beating, but after they lost they revealed the reason for wanting to fight her.

"We want to prove humans are just as capable as any of the supernatural." Cao Cao says panting on one knee.

"While the supernatural has more capability immediately, humans have the most potential for growth out of anyone. So fell proud of your humanity, but don't let it hold you back." (Y/N) told them.

This resonated with the group, changing some minds.

And like that (Y/N) has gained two Knights, Cao Cao and Jeanne, and a new pawn, Hercules, the others didn't want to be revived but did join (Y/N) as allies.

And that was the just the first week, on a more lighthearted note (Y/N) had decided to take a big step with the girls, including Yasaka. So after a family dinner, including the faction leaders and ex-heroes, (Y/N) popped the question.

Your POV

"All right it's time!" I think to myself and take a deep breath.

"Attention everyone!" I say a bit loud to get everyone's attention.

"This party is not just to celebrate a new alliance and welcome some new members into this crazy family, but also so I could ask a question I have wanted too for a while." I say, the last part confusing some.

I move to Kuroka.

"Kuroka, you have been with me the longest and have been supporting me every second. You also have given me the best gift any man could receive, a child." I say the last part rubbing her belly.

"And I'll continue to do so, till the end of days." She says with a quick kiss.

I return it and move to Katrina.

"Katrina, even if your joining was a bit unique you have not only added me but our entire family. You are the model Queen and woman, and for that I thank you." I say and she tears up a bit.

"If not for you I would be rotting in a jail cell, you gave me a second chance and a place to call home. And because of that I have rekindled a friendship I thought lost and gained a new family to love." She says, referring to Serafall and the peerage.

She gives me a peck on the lips and I move to Emily.

"Emily, the elegant and beautiful Queen. Not only have you given me the strength to protect my loved ones but also giving me a place in your heart." I say and she smiles and also tears up.

"(Y/N), your the perfect man kind, caring, sweet, and dedicated. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend or host." She says kissing me, much more passionately, we separate and I move to Great Red.

"Red, you joined me to reconnect with Emily but ended up falling for me. This family wouldn't be complete without you, nor would we have new allies." I say and she smirks.

"At first I only cared for Emily, but after being around you for so long I've warmed up to you. I even gained something I never thought I would have, a family, and I don't regret joining you for a second." She says but doesn't kiss me.

Rather she whispers that she'll show how much she loves me later. I nod with a smirk and say I can't wait.

I then move to my last but never least, Yasaka.

"Yasaka, you've been with me the least amount of time but that doesn't change the fact I love you and our little Kit. Your intelligent, refined, and your dedicated to your people and family is astounding." I say, her and Kunou smile.

Kunou having a knowing smile however.

I then move to be in front of all the girls.

"That's sweet (Y/N), almost sounds like a proposal." Serafall says.

"That's because they are." I say and pull out five rings.

The people that had taken a drink spit them out and the girls cover their mouths and cry.

"Kuroka, Katrina, Emily, Red, Yasaka, would you do me the honor of marrying me?" I ask and they all immediately hug me.

"Yes! Yes! A million times Yes!" They all shout.

I place the rings I made on each of their fingers.






After they admire them they each give me a kiss.

Everyone congratulates us and we celebrate into the night.

"So this was the secret." Yasaka says to her daughter.

She giggles and nods.

Flash back

Your POV

"I want your blessing to marry Yasaka." I say surprisingly nervous.

She's quite for a second before she smiles the brightest I have ever seen her.

"Yes! Then you'll be my papa forever!" She says happily.

"She doesn't need a ring on her finger for me to be your papa, I'll always be your father as long as you want me to be." I say with a smile.

We chat for a bit and I ask her to not tell Yasaka about the proposal and she agrees.

Eventually we say goodbye and end the call.

Kunou POV

"I'm happy he asked me first, he really is a good man." I think to myself as I search for my mama.

Once I find her she asks what papa wanted, I shake my head and put a finger over my lips.

"Sorry, it's a secret." I say and she giggles

"Very well, I'm sure I'll learn about it later." She says and we go about our duties.

Flash Back over

"Wonder when it's my turn." Rossweisse asks a nervous Fenrir.

We all laugh at the poor guy, this family is definitely dysfunctional but it's mine and I'll never stop loving them.

End of chapter, hope you enjoyed.