The Beast.

Proud and tall, the regal beast stood, his head held high. Slowly, but surely his padded feet stepped, one by one, as he strolled menacingly towards the man.

That man...

His long, brown, wavy locks swarmed his face like a chocolate veil, dancing in the light breeze that blessed them, troubling the man. Across the ground, the beast's magnificent, golden mane flew sidewards in accompanyment, though he remained unaffected, staring the man in his face.

That man...

The two entities squared up to one another, standing face to face. The beasts swept his long and rough tongue against the topside of his paw, cleaning himself, as if mocking his foe. Taking a few steps back the beast swung his neck backwards, opening his throat, his windpipe, and released an ear-shattering roar, with an amplitude big enough to reduce mountains to mere crumbs, however the man stood fast, showing no weakness.

That man...

Sword raised. Shield ahead. Battle cry. Charge.

Pull back, crouch. Dig claws into dirt. Roar. Pounce.

Almost instantaneously, a sizeable crowd erupted into a furious, volcanic explosion of cheering and heckling. The eager congregation stared on, with awe and trepidation, with an inner hunger for pain, and and inner bloodlust. The beast's titan claws clashed with folded steel, sending sparks flying, resonating with a sound that sent ripples through the blood already spilt. The man thrusted his left arm, holding the shield, into the beast's side to which came the response of a deafening screech and a rear paw in the stomach.

With a swift slash, a strong one at that, the man carved a hole into the beast's chest, and with immediate effect the eyes of the beast were drained of all the whites and expanded into a mass of swirling amber and jet and newfound ruby. The beast fell.

Uproarious screaming echoed through the land, but stopped with speed approximate to that with which it began, for the beast had healed and regaining his stance with a non-magnanimous viciousness, the monstrosity struck against the man, ripping open his stomach. From it, an intestinal river poured out, forming a waterfall of blood and stomach. The next slash tore the man's loincloth, and the next severed his legs from his body.

In a finishing blow the beast bared his fangs, and chomped down on the man and swallowed him whole.

That man... No more.