Third person pov:-

"Why don't you stop it? I told your stupid ass before that I don't want to go with you?" She tightened her grip on her bag's strap and walked away as fast as her legs could take her.

"Please, it will be only a date. Nothing else. We will not kiss know get into some adult stuff." The boy smiled at her and she turned around and noticed his earlobes turning a slight shade of pink.

"Look, you are like my brother and I don't ..." Before she could continue her rant, he interrupted her.

"For god's sake, Nims I'm not your brother!" He exclaimed frustratingly and she rolled her eyes.

"You douche, my name is Nimra. Not Nims. Better start calling me by my actual name." She threatened him and he smiled at her causing her anger to bubble up at a more fastened pace.

"Ok, Nimra. It's just one date, sweet potato. A simple date. We both will go at this reserved restaurant and get to know each other better." He smiled genuinely and she raised her eyebrow at the new name "sweet potato" given to her.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to go on a date with you neither do I want to have any relation with you! I even don't want a friends relation between us. You get it?" She spoke softly this time, thinking maybe he will listen to her when she will speak softly. But she was proven wrong the very next moment.

"Nimra trust me, my intentions are clear as a crystal. It's just that I like you. I really like you. Please?" He asked her looking deeply in her eyes. She felt as if she fought with him she would end up in a mental asylum.

"Ok fine but it's just the first and the last time. Remember it!" She had no other options then to agree and he smiled at her. He moved toward his bike and sat on it, motioning her to do the same. She hesitantly sat on it and the next moment she was screaming loudly while his laughter boomed through the streets of London.


"Great! I mean wow. She is not eating anything since days and you didn't even try to force her." He was driving his car while had a Bluetooth earphone connected to his ear and he was talking to Sumbul on the other side.

"Khizer not only me everyone here tried to talk to her, but she is being so stubborn. She's not talking to anyone, she's not eating anything, she's not coming out of her room. Now please enlighten me what can I do when we all go and shout at her door who stays silent in return?" She spoke sarcastically,
slapping her son on her head who was poking his finger in his nose.

"Fine I'm coming home. The doctors have discharged me and I'll be there within a few minutes." He sighed speaking softly this time and hung up without listening to Sumbul who wanted him to inform Fawad to switch On his phone as she wanted to talk to him.

She stood up from the bed and moved towards Alizey's room in an attempt to talk to her once again. She knocked on the door frequent times but there was no response. No one was home today except for her and Sana. Everyone was at their institutes or some boys were with Khizer to pick him up from the hospital.

She sighed and moved away from there and went back to her room. It was 10 in the morning and she was tired after serving everyone breakfast and cleaning the whole house. The maids did help her but she had a habit from the beginning to clean her house on herself. She felt comfort undoing work on her own. Maybe it was her mother's upbringing or maybe she was experienced. She laid down and within minutes she was asleep.


He entered inside and sighed in relief. Two weeks! He spent two weeks staying at the same hospital room and staring at the walls. He was happy. His heart was at peace. Maybe it was the reason he was going to see her after weeks.

"Surprisingly the whole house is quite today." Faris spoke from behind him and he agreed. The whole house was clean, everything placed at its proper place but there was not even a single noise or a single person.

"It's Tuesday today. Everyone is at their universities and Sumbul, Alizey and Sana are home only." Faiz spoke from behind him. His gaze travelling to that particular room but then he stared at the ground back again. How much he had wished to go there and see her but it was only a wish! A mere wish...

"I'll just go and check on Alizey. Meanwhile you all can go and rest. You all have been with me since morning." He smiled at them and they nodded. When everyone left for their rooms, and there was no one around him, he started climbing the stairs. With every step, his heartbeat started increasing and his heart would thump more louder each time. He approached his room's door and instead of knocking he grabbed a spare key from his pocket which he had told Fawad to bring him when he came to hospital so that he could open the door without any difficulty. He knew Alizey will not open the door so he pushed the key and twisted open the door.

The sight in front of him left him shocked. He stood rooted at his place for a few minutes but the very next moment he moved forward. His Alizey was there lying in her own blood. He quickly picked her up and started treating her wound on his own. He didn't want to call anyone for help because they all were extremely tired. Staying with him made everyone tired.

He bandaged her wound and after cleaning the blood from the floor he strolled towards the washroom. He took a long relaxing shower because according to him he smelled like hospital. After exiting the washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, he glanced at Alizey knowing that she will wake up within next fifteen minutes. He quickly moved towards the wardrobe and selected a blue trouser with a blue full sleeve sweat shirt and after brushing his hair with his fingers he put on his rings and moved towards Alizey.

Sitting beside her he stared at her face. She had changed! Dark circles underneath her eyes, very light marks of rock scratches on her face, and with a bandage on her forehead she looked weak. He had to admit that She didn't look like before. He moved forward slowly sitting beside her and bent down to kiss her on her cheek, he wanted to kiss her forehead but he couldn't feel her sling there due to the bandage.

He smiled while kissing her cheeks and his lips lingered there for few minutes. It felt at peace. His cold lips against her soft skin. He moved back and was surprised to see her staring at him with wide eyes. She was awoken when she felt something cold yet soft against her cheek. When she opened her eyes, she saw no one at first, but when she turned left and saw a tattooed hand with rings and the person wearing a necklace with a key hanging on it, and along with the smell of the cologne she knew how the person was.Her throat started getting dry and her eyes went wide open.

She stared at his face, the face she had missed the most in these past two weeks. His grey eyes looked bright today and his fresh shave, his sharp jaw, his pointed nose, all his features took everything in her not to move forward and hug him tight.

"Hey." He spoke and his heavy, raspy voice had such a deep effect on her that her heart started beating too loudly she thought it would jump out of her rib cage. She ignored him and sat on the bed, her back and head resting against the headboard and Khizer moved forward towards her. The cold metal of his rings made her shudder when he caressed her cheeks lightly. She shifted away from him and he deeply noted her every move. He moved more closer to her this time and she started moving backwards. With every move she took back he moved forward and more closer to her. Before she could fall of the bed, he grabbed her wrist pulling her flush against his chest.

Her breathing got stuck in her lungs and she just laid still against his chest. He sighed deeply and kissed her hair pulling her more closer towards himself.

"What is it that you are hiding from me?" He mumbled softly against her hair and her heart stopped beating for a moment. She composed herself and tried to shake her head but it felt as if there was no courage within her.

"Hmm?" His hum made her clench her eyes tightly and she shook her head. He released her grip from around her and stared deep in her eyes. He knew she was lying and he also knew ho me to know the exact truth.

"Alizey it's either you telling me the truth on your own or you know I can find it myself. And you know if I find it you will be in trouble. In great trouble!" He spoke sternly at first and spoke the last words in her ear gently kissing her earlobe.

She stared at him for a few minutes and just when she was about to open her mouth, her mobile buzzed. She stared at her mobile and closed her eyes tightly and stood up quickly running towards the washroom. Khizer kept on watching her every movement and moved at a pace faster than hers and her efforts were stopped when she was picked up with her legs in the air and she started screaming for help, but who was there to come for her help! Everyone was already in their own rooms.

Khizer made her lay on the bed and hovered over her staring deep on her eyes. She was covering her face with her hands and he once again stopped her efforts by placing her hands under his knee.

"Now tell me what is the matter with you? Two weeks! It has been two weeks and you are not eating, talking, or exiting this room. Why is that so?" His voice surprisingly calm. And she felt as if her next words would burst this calmness into anger. She still managed the courage and opened her mouth.

"It's because I hate you and I don't want to talk to you ever!." She spoke rudely and it took him just a second to realise what she had said. Just after exact ten seconds his laughter boomed in the room. He doubled up with laughter while she sat on her elbows staring at him as if he was a mad person. He was pacing in the room and running his eyes with his index finger and thumb clearing the moisture in them while he continued to laugh.

"You hate me?" He asked with his back towards her and her heart shattered in pieces hearing his voice. She nodded her head knowing he couldn't see her.

"I prefer words Alizey Tariq!" His cold voice entered her ears and she was shocked hearing her name being taken along with her father's. She knew how Khizer loved mentioning her name with his own name and here he was mentioning her with her father's name.

"Yes! I do." She spoke confidently and he turned around and grabbed her arm roughly. She stood up and raised her neck to stared at him while he stared at her with bloodshot red eyes. Grabbing her arm he pulled her out of the room.

"Stay out of this room until you decide to tell me the truth. Remember one thing here is no one who would allow you to stay in their rooms and most of all all the guest rooms are also locked. Stay in the living room all alone!" He pressurised on the word Alone and slammed the door shut on her face.

She stood there for a minute and lowered her gaze walking towards the living room barefoot. She sat on one of the sofas and raised her legs towards her chest and hugged them closer towards herself. She didn't cry. She had no right to cry! It was happening just because of her. She was responsible for everything going on then why shall she cry. Instead she should be happy. She fought him, she slapped him just because she loved another guy!

Khizer paced in his room lost in deep thoughts and suddenly his gaze fell on Alizey's mobile. He knew there was something she was hiding from him and she wouldn't tell him. It was better if he found it all by himself. He grabbed her mobile and unlocked it. He started going through her messages and few messages from an unknown number made him more curious. As soon as he started reading all the chats, his fists clenched too hardly that his knuckles started turning white, his jaw was clenched more tighter and his eyes getting more red with each message he read. He stood up and threw her mobile against the wall and closed his eyes trying to calm himself down but nothing helped him.

The words "I will ruin you Alizey Khizer Shahid" roamed in his mind and he smirked.

"I should have known it was you again!" He spoke to himself and grabbed his mobile dialling the number of a person and after giving him a few instructions he threw his mobile on the bed and paced in his room.

His phone rang and he picked it up seeing an unknown number. As soon as he received the call, he was greeted with a sad laughter.

"Khizer Shahid afraid of a little accident. What will you do when her family gets to know about this all? What will be their reaction? If you want me to not tell any of her family member about this accident then Bring her back in the room within next 5 minutes because maybe you don't know but I do know very well that she's very scared of being alone after this accident. Only 5 minutes Shahid or I will call them and you know what will happen next." The person's voice couldn't be recognised by him because it felt as if he was wearing a mask and speaking which muffled his real voice. But he knew it was his enemy! And he had never heard his voice before! He also knew that this person had some connection with their accident but he couldn't find out how he knew that Alizey was not in his room!

As soon as he opened his voice to speak the phone went off and the next time he called, the number had been switched OFF. He smirked and sat on the bed laying down and placed his mobile beside him. He switched off all the lights of his room and closed his eyes relaxing himself, not knowing what was going to happen within the next few hours.

She sat there the whole day. It had been eight hours and she was sitting at the exact place staring at the ceiling. When everyone entered the home and asked her what was the matter, where was Khizer and why was she sitting here all alone, she just kept quiet. They tried multiple times and on no response they went to their rooms. She was sitting there silently staring at the ceiling when she felt the sofa beside her dip softly. She turned her head and saw Faiz sitting beside her with a tray of food in his hand.

"Everyone had their dinner and I thought why not have dinner with you today." He smiled at her trying to cheer her up while she stared at the tray of food. The tray was decorated with chicken wings, two burgers, a medium sized pizza, two cups full of cold drink, and two large packets of fries. He had also placed two large slices of brownie with a 'please eat me' note attached on their top.

"If you will not eat then I'll also not eat and you should remember this that I have not had a single drop of water since two weeks and I'm also very hungry right now." Her eyes fell out of her sockets and she stared at him. After two weeks her eyes started getting glossy, and she blinked hardly to clear them. Two minutes were spent in silence and then she moved forward grabbing one burger and handing it to him.

He smiled and took it while she grabbed the second one and smiled at him. After he had made sure she ate everything to her fullest he stood up and picked up the tray and was about to go when her next words stopped him and the person on the other side of the door.

"Faiz I want to talk to you." She spoke softly and he nodded placing the tray on the table and sat beside her. She turned towards him and sat cross legged on the sofa facing him. Taking a deep breath, she stared in his eyes. She knew she had to be brave to tell him everything without stuttering. So she started telling him about that day, every single thing she remembered.

"It was Hussain. The one who attacked us. Khizer and I fought him many times but he had four men with him and they had guns too. They shot Khizer and when he fell unconscious and me too, he picked me up and threw me away from Khizer. My vision was blurred but I did saw him removing his mask and he.... hovered above me and... he... kissed me. Only! Then he went away. I knew it was him because I saw his face and I also heard his voice. My eyes started shutting down and I didn't know when he went away from there. The next moment I opened my eyes I saw Khizer lying far away from me, despite the pain I moved towards him and called him too many times. I was so scared at that time. There was no one. It was all dark. All silence. Nothing! I called everyone for help! No one came. Until I saw you and everyone behind you. I just lost myself at that time. I felt as if I was touched by a fire when he kissed me. It still irritates me and I want to kill myself for being too weak at that time. I could have fought him, I could have mustered up the courage to fight him but I couldn't. Two weeks. I was a dead person in these two weeks just because of him. He has been texting me and preventing me to talk to any of you. I don't know how but it seems he is keeping an eye on me and he is listening to everything I say. That day you came to tell me to come and meet Khizer. I was very happy that he is fine but then I received a message by him in which he said that if I go to meet him he will tell everything to my parents that how Khizer can't protect me and I am getting tortured here. I know it isn't the truth but he said he has a video of me in which I was lying in my own blood and he said he will send this video to my family and they'll believe the video of course and after seeing my face they will believe it also. I know it sounds stupid but I had no other option than to agree with him and that's why I forbade to go with you all. Khizer asked me today also what was the matter and what i was hiding from you all but before I could reply I received a...." Her words were stopped when she glanced at the door.

There he was standing with his arms crossed against his chest and staring at her. His jaw clenched tightly, his eyes as cold as ice and he kept on staring at her. She stared at Faiz who realised that she was silent and turned around to see Khizer standing in the doorway. He quickly moved away from Alizey and stood up.

"I will just go and place this in the kitchen. Good Night." When none of them spoke for a few minutes Faiz stood up and grabbed the tray and exited the room.

The whole room was now filled with silence and Alizey stood up and stared at the floor. She wanted to go towards him but it seemed as if her legs were glued to one spot. And when she stared at Khizer she saw only one emotion in them. Betrayal.

He felt betrayed. He was her husband and she could have told him but she trusted another man over him. She trusted Faiz over him! He was getting furious with each passing second. He stared at her and saw how she lowered her gaze.

"You trust others more than your own husband. Nice!" He said and smiled at her. Moving backwards still staring at her, he turned around and climbed the stairs two steps at a time and slammed his room's door shut. He had never thought this all would happen after coming back from the hospital but it happened and whatever happened was too painful that he felt his heart being shattered and it felt as if someone was twisting his heart in a painful way. He fell on the bed and only the pillow knew how many tears were soaked within it.

I should have told him everything. He is my husband, he deserves to know more than anyone else. But I told everything to Faiz and not to Khizer. Now when there was no one she sat on the sofa once again and started talking to herself. Her heart started paining. It felt as if there were sharp needles being pierced in it. She clutched her chest and moved towards his room.

Banging the door with her hands, she waited. Waited for him to open the door. Waited for him to ease her pain. Waited for him to listen to her. Waited for him to hug her. Waited for him to talk to her, to smile and laugh with her. But it all went awaiting because neither there was any sound from inside nor the door was unlocking.

She didn't cry once again, instead sat on the floor beside the door and she didn't even know when sleep consumed her and she slept.


"And this is how you treat our daughter Mr. Khizer Shahid. In such a huge mansion she is sleeping outside without a blanket or a pillow and on the floor. I should have known that this all was a mistake. A very huge one!" Her eyes were opened when she heard the voice of her father. Thinking that it was a dream she tried to sleep again but the voices kept on increasing and she had no other option than to open her eyes.

As soon as her eyes opened, she stood up with the speed of lightning and stared at her parents and her brothers standing there along with her husband's family. Everyone was staring at her and she started feeling uncomfortable. She stared at the time which showed three in the afternoon. She slept for a whole day and she was still feeling sleepy.

"Now as she is awake, Khizer it is up to her and she will decide whether she wants to go with us or stay with you and keep on facing these conditions once a week." She heard her father's words and she tore her gaze from her father's and stared at her husband who was standing there with his eyes bloodshot red as if he was ready to kill someone.

Khizer was awoken himself by his guards informing him that there was Mr. Tariq and his family outside their mansion. At first Khizer was shocked but then he quickly splashed his face with water and brushed his teeth. He had no time for shower so he opened his room's door and exited his room. Not even sparing a glance at Alizey who was still asleep there. He had thought that she slept in the living room but when he went and welcomed their parents inside and upon their asking him where was Alizey, he checked the living room and found her no where.

Ehtesham's gaze travelled towards Alizey and when he saw her he informed his father who in return ran towards her and that was when his anger started bursting up, his loud voice woke everyone up and by now the whole house was standing in front of Alizey.

"Alizey, my child, Hussain told us everything that has been happening with you. Alizey listen to us and come with us. I will find a better man than him for you. Alizey he has many enemies around him and he can't protect you. Didn't you see how he was helpless in front of those men?" She heard her father's words and stared at him with a blank face thinking how he could talk about marrying her to another man, when she was already married.

"Alizey are you not listening to your father? Pack your bags and go sit in the car! We are here to take you." Her mother's stern command entered her ears and she stared at everyone else who was as shocked as her. Khizer had been standing there staring at the ground, his mind morphed when he heard his father marrying his Alizey to someone else.

Alizey shook her head slightly and her mother moved forward grabbing her arm forcefully.

"Spare yourself a glance in the mirror and tell me were you like this before. Have you seen yourself! I'm not letting you stay here anymore!" Her mother screamed at her while her lips started to wobble. Khizer stared at her and his heart broke seeing her in such a state. If only he had protected her that time nothing would have been happening right now.

Alizey freed her arm from her mother's grip and ran towards Khizer, hiding behind him and clutching his T-shirt tightly in her fist.

"I don't want to go with you. I will stay with Khizer. I love him." Where her words shocked everyone, it brought a smile of pride on Khizer's face. He stared at her parents and then at her moving her more closer to his back with his left arm.

"Khizer leave her!." Arhan's heavy voice entered her ears and she clutched his shirt more tightly, and he knew what was her answer.

"Alizey is not going anywhere. She will stay in this country, in this mansion, in this room and in my possession." Khizer spoke pointing towards her and left everyone shocked with his harsh and possessive words. While Alizey stared at his back and fell in love with those words spoken by him.

"Alizey will not stay here anymore! We made it clear! Even if we have to force her we will do it but she's not staying here anymore." Arhan spoke once again and Khizer turned to stare at Alizey who shook her head.

"You all got your answer! She doesn't want to go with you and she wants to stay here with me. Please stop wasting your time and have some rest." Khizer spoke calmly this time. Her father stared at him in anger and then took out a gun from his pocket pointing it towards his forehead.

"Alizey if you don't come with us, I will shoot myself right now." Her father spoke and she moved away from Khizer staring at her father in shock.

"I... I will go." Only she knew how she spoke those words leaving everyone including Khizer stunned there. He stepped back and allowed her to go to her parents.

"Go and pack your stuff. We leave in fifteen minutes. We will stay at a hotel here and after two days it's our flight back. And Khizer I will inform my lawyer to deliver the divorce papers. Do us a last favour by signing them." His father spoke first to Alizey and then his words attacked Khizer who had no idea the matter could go to this extreme level.

Alizey ran towards her room and grabbed a suitcase and she didn't even place a single dress of hers. She placed his hoodies, his T-shirts and button up shirts. She didn't forget to place the few gifts he had gifted her in her suitcase. She threw her essentials in her backpack and zipped it up.

Just when she was about to turn she saw him standing there staring at her open suitcase and smiling, his dimples becoming more prominent and she fell in love with them. Her father had told him to go and meet her for the last time and how could he miss this opportunity.

She ran towards him hugging him tightly and after two whole weeks, a drop of tear fell from her eye and landed on his palm.

"Remember this always. I love you more than anything. More than anyone and remember this also that my whole heart belongs to you. No one can enter it and now, my little minion you can't escape it." He spoke softly and kissed her on her hair. There was a stinging pain in his eyes and he tried to ease the pain but he failed and at that time both of them cried. His forehead resting against hers and both were crying for their loss.

"I... I...can't" She spoke and hiccuped after every word.

"Alizey wait a minute. Ok?" He asked her softly and she nodded rubbing her eyes.

He moved towards his closet and found it almost empty with just a few shirts hanging. He picked up one of his most favourite and frequently used red button up shirt and handed it to her.

"Wear this before going! I would love to see you in my clothes." His eyes were still glistening and Alizey nodded moving towards the washroom. After she went, He sat in front of the washroom door and cried, silently.

While she sat inside the washroom her back facing the door and she cried, silently. Both unaware that they were crying and when after fifteen minutes Alizey didn't exit the washroom, he composed himself wiping his eyes and knocked on the door.

"Alizey be fast they.... They are waiting!" Only he knew how much difficulty he had while speaking these words. She quickly changed her T-shirt and wore his shirt immediately engulfed in his deep scent. She didn't bother to button up the cuffs. Quickly jumping out of her trousers she wore a pair of new black jeans and exited the washroom.

When he saw her whole attire, he couldn't help but smile and admire her. Her hair tied up in a high ponytail with her bangs resting messily on her bandages forehead and wearing his shirt with a black pair of jeans she looked perfect with no makeup on her face. Her innocent eyes filled with tears once again and she ran towards him.

"Khizer I'll miss you. Please don't forget me ever!" She pleaded him tears falling from her eyes and he kissed her forehead, suddenly remembering something .

"Alizey you told Faiz that Hussain had been keeping an eye on your every move right?" He asked her softly and she nodded her head, her face still cupped in his warm palms.

"After returning from the hospital did you change your dress?" On his next question she shook her head because she had been wearing the same trouser shirt since two weeks not even bothering to change them.

"Then did you take off any necklace, or hair clip or piece of your jewellery?" He asked her and she nodded.

"I was wearing a hair clip and a band but I removed it that same day and I only wore this necklace because you told me it can't be taken off." She took out her necklace that was hidden in her shirt, the one with the padlock which Khizer had gifted him. As soon as he saw it, he started checking it by tilting it back and fro. His suspicion was proved when he saw a tiny black chip attached to the back of the necklace. A very tiny mic! He took it off and placed it in his shirt's pocket while Alizey stood there with her mouth wide open.

"Now I will prove this to your dad that it was Hussain behind this all. You just need to trust me and within these two days that you will stay at a hotel, you will not talk to anyone on your mobile except me. Not even Noor or anyone else! Ok?" He ordered her softly forgetting this completely that he had destroyed her mobile a few minutes ago and she nodded while he smiled at her obedience. He bent down towards her level and captured her lips with his, taking her by surprise.

His lips moved in perfect sync with hers and he smiled at how she grabbed his neck pulling him more towards her. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him more down towards her. He picked her up without giving her a chance to react and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He gently made her sit on the dressing table by throwing away all his expensive perfumes and her expensive makeup and kept on kissing her more deeply.

When he felt as if she was out of oxygen, he broke the kiss and her head fell on his chest and she started breathing heavily. He kissed her on her forehead and hugged her body closer to his. A knock on the door caused him to break the hug and he knew it was her parents or either of her brothers calling for her.

"Just don't ever forget me Mrs. Alizey Khizer Shahid. Don't sign the divorce papers and don't you dare marry someone else because I'll kill that person who as much touches you other than me. Ok?" He whispered against the crook of her neck and she nodded, pushing him more towards her neck. He kissed her gently on her neck and backed off.

"Come on let's go." He grabbed her small hand in his large one and she jumped off the dressing table. He quickly brushed her bangs properly and kissed her forehead once again before grabbing her suitcase and her backpack and opening the room's door for her.

"You are destroying their lives. They both love each other. They are happy with...." As soon as they both entered inside, Khizer heard his mother's voice and he raised a hand stopping her in her mid-conversation.

For the next five minutes, no one spoke anything and everyone stood there silently until her father stood up and grabbed Alizey's hand and pulled her with him meanwhile ordering his elder son to grab her suitcase.

While they were about to pass the main gate's threshold Alizey freed her hand from her father's grip and ran towards him who was staring at her. She hugged him and took everyone by surprise when she stood on her toes and kissed him on his cheek.

"I love you and I will miss you. Don't ever forget me and don't hate me for anything wrong I have ever done." She whispered softly and he broke the hug wiping her tears and kissed her forehead once again.

"I love you more and I will miss you loads and don't you ever.... ever dare to forget me or else I'll capture you and tie you on my bed in our room." He informed her and she laughed softly while he kissed her cheeks and moved away from him.

The more distance she covered the more her heart started becoming heavier and the more she moved away from him, he felt a part of his heart being ripped away from his body. He waved at her and when she was out of sight, he grabbed his mobile and ordered something to his men and sat down in the porch still staring at the place from where she had left.

"Khizer she will come back! Trust me and please don't be sad. You are resembling a baboon right now." He heard Noor's voice beside him and he stared at her, slightly laughing at her choice of words. Her humour reminded him of his Alizey. He moved forward and quickly engulfed her in a hug while she patted his back trying to strengthen him. When he was calmer, she stood up and helped him in standing and took him towards the living room.

"Khizer will you have breakfast?" Sumbul asked him, her voice shaky as if she was on the verge of crying. Everyone was sad, they had not expected Alizey to leave like this, but they also knew she had no other option then to go with her family. They had loved her as if she was a part of this family and now when she was gone everyone was beyond sad.

When he refused to eat, she nodded and stood up to leave for her room. The whole house seemed haunted since the past two weeks and maybe it was because of Alizeys naughtiness and her blabbers. It seemed as if the mansion itself was sad upon Alizey's departure.

"Faiz, Uzair, Faris and Asad we have to hold a meeting in our underground conference room. Be ready by six! Including you Fawad!" Khizer spoke sternly and pointed out at Fawad lastly who was busy having breakfast and feeding his daughter too. He sighed and nodded his head.

Khizer left for his room and locked the door and sat down on the floor grabbing the pillow in which Alizey was asleep twenty four hours ago and hugged it closer to his chest and he didn't even know if he cried or not but he only knew darkness consuming his eyes and the way Alizey kissed him passed through this mind and his eyes shut down.


She was silently sitting staring at the environment outside, The trees passing by through the car's window. Her mind still stuck at her husband and his captivating eyes. No matter how hard she tried she knew she couldn't take him out of his mind.

"You want something to eat Alizey?" Arhan asked her while she shook her head. How could she eat anything knowing he had not eaten a single thing?

"Alizey you should eat something. You look so weak, start caring about yourself now. Your father is going to buy you a burger and you have to finish it. Now no more discussion!" Her mother's stern voice entered her ears and she sat silently not wanting to argue anymore.

"Dad our hotel is at a small distance from here. Why don't we go there and order our food from there so we could eat more peacefully while having a family time?" Arhan gave his suggestion to which his father agreed and within twenty minutes they stood in front of a five star hotel.

They went straight to their room which was beautifully decorated meanwhile Arhan tried to talk to the staff for arranging the nearest room for Alizey.

At first the staff member rudely told him that there was no vacant room nearest to their', but when he received a call his face instantly paled and he nodded towards Arhan.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience sir. The room will be vacated within the next half hour." The staff member spoke obediently and Arhan nodded still taken aback by the change in his behaviour.

Alizey's father had ordered some food for them but Alizey refused saying she was feeling sick and it was paining in her head. They didn't force her and she sat on the sofa silently, still clutching her head in her hands, feeling as if someone was hammering nails in her head.

After an hour or so, Arhan told her that her room was ready and she could go there which was the next door to their room's. She nodded and stood up and entered her room and felt at peace when she saw three full door length windows instead of walls and she smiled. This was what she wanted! Peace and she found it here!

Arhan closed the door and Alizey shut off all the lights and sat on the coffee table staring outside. The sunset providing a beautiful view and she smiled and closed her eyes, feeling calm.

He returned home late at night after having a tiring meeting with his men, regarding Hussain. If Asim was not bothering him now, it was Hussain who was now bothering him and he had to do anything to prove her parents that it was Hussain who was responsible for this accident. He wanted to solve this case within two days. And he knew he would be somewhat successful.

His men had approximately found out that it was Hussain, now they just needed few more clues and they would be ready with all the proofs. The first and main proof were all the messages, the second one was the tiny mic and the third one was the guns used by Hussain and his men, one of the men had left his gun behind while they were shooting and Faiz had grabbed it. With the help of fingerprints on it, it got easier for them to grab more evidence.

He entered his room and took off his coat, his tie and unbuttoned his shirt throwing it on the bed. Just when he was about to go for a shower, his mobile beeped and he smiled a beautiful smile and wore his shirt back on with his coat and tie in his hands and replied with a "I'm on my way." And quickly went and sat in his car.

His car stopped and he came out and glanced at the time which showed twelve at night. The whole area was covered in silence and darkness except the building's LED lights. He entered the building and grabbed the spare key and moved towards that specific room.

Upon entering inside he was greeted with a night lamp ON and the air conditioner switched ON at its lowest temperature. He smiled knowing how she slept and went closer to the bed making sure he had locked the door.

He sat down on the edge if the bed closer to her and brushed her bangs off and saw her sleeping in his black hoodie. His smile grew larger and he removed his shirt throwing it away along with his coat and laid down beside her.

Alizey who had slept just a few hours ago, after her parent's long lecture on leaving Khizer and marrying someone else, felt as if someone was laying down beside her. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him staring at her and he smiled kissing her on her cheek lazily, his lips not moving away from her cheek while she was still shocked.

"Khizer? Is it really you?" She whispered softly and he hummed against her cheek, his eyes getting drowsy and she smiled. He felt her cheeks moving upward and he stared at her face with sleepy eyes.

"How could I let you sleep in a hotel all alone? Hmm?" He asked her and pulled her body on top of his while she giggled and clung to him wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I missed you." She complained, pouting and he pecked her lips while smiling continuously.

"And I missed you so much more." He spoke and placed her head on his chest, closing his eyes mumbling an 'I love you minion' and she smiled.

"Khizer can I tell you something?" She asked after a few minutes of silence. Her soft voice entered his ears and he who was about to sleep nodded, kissing her hair lazily.

"You know mama and papa said they will marry me to someone else and I will have to divor..." Her words were stopped when he smashed his lips against hers kissing her furiously, while moving on top of her. She pushed him away but he didn't move away and continued his assault. When she began to feel dizzy she punched him on his bare shoulder and he moved away, wiping her blood from his lips. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily, her hair sprawled on the pillow, her chest heaving up and down due to her rapid breathing and a drop of blood on her lip. He bent down and kissed her gently this time while she still had her eyes closed.

"Never talk about another man in front of me. You are, and you will always be mine. I'll kill your whole family even if I have to have you! Remember this. I'm selfish and I will do anything for you." His possessive words made her open her eyes and those innocent brown eyes made him more mad and he bent down attacking her neck more furiously while muffling her scream with his palm.

When he was done, he moved forward switching off the night lamp and she clutched at his bicep tightly afraid of darkness. He attacked her lips once again meanwhile taking off his hoodie from her body and after two weeks he got the chance to have her and to love her once again.


Her eyes fell open when she heard her room's door being knocked furiously. She sat on the bed and glanced at the time which showed one in the morning. She quickly turned towards Khizer and shook his heavy body off of hers. But it went in vain and she now started punching him.

Khizer opened his eyes and stared at her and bent down to kiss her when another knock interrupted his movement and he frowned but it soon turned into an evil smile when his mind gave him an amazing idea.

"Oh my god it's your parents! Tch tch what shall we do now?" His voice laced with horror when he talked to Alizey and she licked her dry lips while he mentally laughed at her innocence.

"I will go and talk to them. You can hide in the washroom! Now go." She ordered him and he kept on smiling, while she pushed his body away but he trapped her once again by placing his body on top of hers.

"Not until you kiss me." He pointed towards his lips and she gritted her teeth and slapped him on his bare shoulder making him shrug, while continuously smiling.

She had no other option and she pushed his neck downwards and kissed him. Though it was a quick one for her with her attention fully on the door but Khizer enjoyed it and stood up. He grabbed his shirt and coat and quickly entered the washroom meanwhile winking at her.She stood up and brushed her hair with her hands and went to open the door.

"Where have you been Alizey? And look at the condition of your room! How untidy have you become!" Her mother spoke glancing at the bed and at herself.

"What the hell happened to your neck?" Her mother glanced at her neck and Alizey mentally cursed her husband for being too intimate at night, meanwhile he waited for her answer attaching his ear to the washroom door in an attempt to eavesdrop.

"Mom it's just from the accident." She spoke laughing uncomfortably and her mother glanced at Khizer's tie laying on the bed. While Khizer laughed in the washroom at his wife's amazing lie.

"And it is also an accident right?" She pointed towards his tie and Alizey laughed nodding her head, while her mother sighed and continued once again.

"Alizey I went shopping for you yesterday. I'll bring you the clothes so please change your clothes. I don't want to see you in his shirts. And I know he is somewhere in this room so please as soon as he gets out tell him we have found a guy for you. Did you tell him that you like the guy?" Her mother asked her and she mentally cursed herself for telling Khizer to hide in the washroom. She knew he had heard everything and Khizer had indeed heard everything.

"I'm so not going to spare you Alizey Shahid!" He whispered to himself and splashed cold water on his face. Alizey somehow convinced her mother and sent her out of her room. When he heard her room being locked, he exited the washroom with the speed of lightning and moved towards her who was nervously playing with her fingers having no clue that he was standing right in front of her.

He kept on staring at her for a few minutes and then grabbed her waist pulling her body closer to his.

"What am I hearing from my mother-in-law my sweet Alizey?" His voice laced with sarcasm and she stared at him with innocent eyes.

"That's not going to work now. You seriously like another guy! Seriously Alizey? A guy other than your own husband! That's very very bad minion. You should be punished extremely. So tell me are you ready for your punishment now!" He spoke seductively in her ear and blew at her earlobe causing her to shudder while she shook her head.

"Trust me I will enjoy this punishment much more than you will! Let's get started. Right now!" He spoke and smirked grabbing his tie from the bed and taking hold of both her wrists, he threw her gently on the bed. She stared at him with her mouth agape and when he tied her hands with the headboard of the bed, her eyes also went wide.

"Kh ...Khizer what... what are you doing?" Her voice stuttered when she asked him and he only smirked at her.

"Now you will be here and I am going to lock the door of this room and no one can open it. You will stay here bounded to this bed and closer to me!" He completed his sentence by hovering over her and resting his whole weight on his elbow.

"Khizer please you know mama will come now for breakfast. Please! You can punish me some other time! Please Khizer please." She pleaded him while he shook his head and just then the door knocked.

"Alizey open up!" Her mother yelled from the other side when she did not respond for ten minutes.

"Fine now we will have to break this door!" Her mother spoke threateningly so she could open the door but on no response she went straight to her husband's room and informed him everything about Khizer being there and now Alizey not opening the door.

"Arhan has a spare key with him. Let's go and open the door." Her father suggested and they went to Arhan and Ehtesham's room. Fareeha had not come with them because of her health and she was staying at her father's place.

Arhan and Ehtesham were already up and they all strode towards Alizey's room. Khizer who already knew that they were going to come quickly freed her hands and pulled her body on top of his and forcefully started kissing her while Alizey was still in a shocked condition didn't know how to react.

"Alizey!" They, who were busy kissing with Alizey's legs straddling Khizer's waist and his hands on her back while kissing each other, came to their senses on hearing her father yell.

"Oh. Your father!" Khizer quickly stood up and made Alizey stand properly too who was staring at her father and then at Khizer and then at her father again not knowing what to do.

"What are you doing in my daughter's room?" Her father screamed at Khizer and he laughed while shrugging his shoulders.

"Don't you know I am her husband? What does a husband do with his wife in their room?" He asked her father and pulled Alizey closer to him by wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"We told you already that Alizey will have no relation with you! And you Alizey didn't you hear your father once when I told you to stay away from this man!" He yelled at Khizer first and then turned his attention to Alizey who was clinging to Khizer scared of her father's anger.

"Don't scare her like that! She is my wife and no one has any right to come and stop..." Khizer spoke in defence of Alizey and was stopped when her father raised his hand.

"We know how you are blackmailing our daughter so that she could come back to you. But remember this that I am her father and before you I have every right on her! So shut your speech right here!"

"I'm not blackmailing her! Why would I? Just ask your daughter and she will say that she loves me and wants to stay with me!" Khizer spoke and this time Alizey's mother moved forward and grabbed her arms pulling her closer to herself.

"Do you love him more than us? Do you want to live with him or come with us?" Her mother asked her, her voice cold laced with no humour. Alizey stared at her confusingly and when she felt her mother tightly pressing her arms she winced and nodded.

" Khizer. I want... to stay...with him...he can" Her words came to a halt when her mother slapped her on her face and that was when Khizer quickly moved forward grabbing Alizey by her wrist and pulled her body behind his broad shoulders, hiding her from her parents.

"You don't get to raise a hand on my Alizey! No one! If you raise it one more time, I will rip it apart without caring that you are her family! Understood?" He shouted at her mother, his face turning red and the veins in his neck popping out and her mother stepped backwards while everyone stood there silently.

Khizer turned around and stared at her who had tears in her brown eyes and his heart clenched seeing those beautiful eyes filled with tears. He wiped them off and stared at her face where there was a fingerprint of her mother's hand.

"Don't ever raise your voice or your hand on my Alizey. I swear to god! One more tear from her eye due to you all trust me you all will die mercilessly! And I won't even regret it!" His voice was cold and stern when he spoke to her mother and his eyes resembled the hardness of a stone. He hugged her body closer to his and after a few minutes when she stopped crying he kissed her forehead and broke the hug.

"I'm going right now. But I'll come back for her! Don't try to hide her from me because trust me nothing stays hidden from Khizer Shahid. Especially when it is related to Mrs. Khizer!" He spoke lovingly and stared at Alizey who smiled at him innocently and he turned around to grab his mobile, his coat and his tie. He quickly wore his sunglasses trying to hide his tears and went out, thinking he still had one more day to gather proofs against Hussain but once again he made a mistake!

He didn't know whether he will get to see her the next time or not and he also didn't know that she had no mobile with her for having any contact with him. Maybe fate had written her being with him within this one day or maybe being departed from each other within this one day! No one knew...


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