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"Finding an answer pt.2"

September 2, 2007 (Saturday)
Time check: 10:20 am

"Iris? What are you doing here" someone said behind Tom (Iris), Tom tilted his head as Iris look up in shock she hesitantly spoke "m-miguel hi it's so good to see you here" Miguel was taken back when she spoke he furrowed his eyebrows then spatted angrily "I'm not talking to you kaulitz and what the fuck are you even doing here and no actually what are you both doing here"

"None of your fucking business just get the heck out here" Tom got up and nasty snarled, Miguel was stunned and went completely frozen from his spot his best friend whom he may have to happen somehow slowly having feelings for was telling him to get out?

"What?" he was hurt as his heart ached a little, Iris didn't like the way he spoke to his friend, she was boiling in anger, and she angrily whispered to Tom "Stop it"

Tom didn't listen and continued to argue back "You fucking heard me I said get lost" as he shoved him "What is wrong with you iris?" he bickered back but still was hurt by her words, this was not the iris he saved and made friends with, he thought that something was off about her

Iris then stood up "All alright that's enough both of you, we're in a public library so let's talk this out privately" They both stopped and looked at Iris "Private? How about we talk about this out to a fight, come on big boy" tom made fighting position Miguel rolled his eyes

"Oh shut up Tom" Iris angrily spatted, Miguel went silent and was now totally losing his mind 'Why did he call her Tom?' he thought, he looked over to Iris (Tom) and then to Tom (Iris) he was so clueless, iris sighed as she went up to him "look I know your confused right  now but come on let's talk this out, privately " iris smiled sadly then then walk away, tom then patted his shoulder then wiggled his eyebrows

Miguel blinked then hesitantly followed behind. "Okay now tell me everything on what the heck is going on" Iris gulped her saliva then lowered her head, tom just looked at him blankly no emotion at all crossing both of his arms "I-I don't know where to start..." Iris chuckled then shook her head "Uhmm last night you were there right?" Miguel nodded his head slightly "Yes, why?" Miguel raised his eyebrows "Uhmm....i- umm well you see—"

Tom huffed then spoke disrupting Iris "Ughh! Cut to the chase, long story short we both exchange bodies" Miguel raised his eyebrows confusingly "I'm sorry, what!?" He looked back at both of them "It's true it's me... Iris" Miguel widened his eyes "I don't believe you" he backed away "Oh trust me us too" spoke Tom sarcastically "You guys are playing jokes are you, right?"

Tom scratched his neck annoyed at him "Ohh how I wish we were" "But-wha-what how did this happen!?" Miguel spoke in shock "We still don't know why this happened " Iris spoke softly "But there's gotta be more explanation to this" Miguel spoke

"Well there is one thing, well when we both argued in his backyard it like started to rain then suddenly some sort of lightning struck us both—" Iris was then cut off again by Tom "Then we woke up to this" he pointed to himself then shrugged

"W-what no that's impossible if you guys were struck by lightning you both would possibly have died, there is no living ever survived lightning" Miguel spoke truthfully, tom nodded in agreement with his words "I wish Miguel with this one" Iris shook her head "I know that's why we came here in the library trying to find any answers, but we haven't got any" iris huffed

Tom then whined "Ugh this is hopeless how are we supposed to get exchange back to our bodies" Miguel scratched his chin, it was silent for a while till Miguel spoke, "Have you guys watched Freaky Friday?" They shot their heads immediately "I have never had time to watch movies" Tom spoke shrugging "And why is that?" Miguel spoke

"Obviously because of my very busy schedule and concerts to perform all over the country, don't you even know me?" Tom raised his eyebrows 'there's no way this dude doesn't know me, I mean I'm part of a famous band' he thought "uhmm to be honest no" he truthfully spoke furrowing his brows

Tom was taken back in shock "Oh" was all he said "Then let me introduce myself properly I'm Tom Kaulitz I'm the guitarist of the FAMOUS band called 'tokio hotel' I'm also known as the ladies' men of the band since every ladies loves me" he spoke confidently "well all ladies except me" iris butted in, tom glared at her "and I never said you are part of it"
"Thanks for your lovely introduction about yourself but I don't give a damn about you"Miguel spoke sarcastically making Iris snort at his remark

Tom looked at him disgustingly then just rolled his eyes "Anyways, what about you Iris?" Miguel said changing the topic Iris nodded her head "I have it's my favorite movie" she smiled "That's great, in the movie you see the mother and her daughter got switched because they went to this restaurant and led to them to misfortune and woke up both switched bodies, but you guys didn't eat any fortune cookie so maybe someone made you both exchange"

"Wait what? So you mean some sort of witch made a bipity bopity spell on us?" Toms spoke "Yeah, something like that" Miguel shrugged "But it was just us in the backyard last night there was no one other than us" iris spoke softly, Miguel thought  for while "but this no other more this got to be the answer" iris sighed but then nodded "I supposed your right"

"You guys can't be real with this one, but sorry I don't believe in any wizardry shit or some spell and stuff" Tom spatted "Then you got any better answer Mr. I know better?" Miguel spoke sarcastically, tom cleared his throat "Well my suggestion is that we could get struck by lightning again" Miguel widened his eyes "WHAT!? You got a death wish or something"

"But how exactly?" Iris bumped in "Iris you can't be serious you got lucky at first you could get hurt the next" Miguel spoke worriedly "There's no other option Miguel if we choose yours it would take months to find this unknown person that made us switch which we still don't know so we should try this" iris spoke, tom smiled "so how are we gonna do this?"

"We should check the weather when will be the next thunderstorm, you got your phone with you?" Tom said as he told Miguel, Miguel sighed but then nodded, he took his flip phone out from his pocket then looked up for the weather "It looks all clear for the whole week but it will get rainy by next week" Miguel spoke as he showed the weather, tom nodded "guess would be like this for a while" he shrugged

"Alright so we got it settled, let's get outta here" Both nodded and went out of the library


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