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Boring, Boring...

Taehyung cried for almost an hour in Jungkook's embrace and then fainted. Jungkook don't know what exactly to do.

He has always seen younger in an attitude and now watching him like this pains his heart.

He has a place to be and it is important for him to go but he can't leave him here just like that. What if the jerk came back and Taehyung! Well he is in no condition to bear anything.

Jungkook was just sitting there with the younger curled up in his lap and holding his shirt from back like his life depends on it.

He can't waste anymore time, he don't know if that bastard would come along with someone and he can't take risk with having younger by his side. Sure he can deal with them but he don't want Taehyung to get in any trouble.

"Hello..." he took out his phone and dialed the number which he think is best for now.

"Kook...." the other person said.

"Hyung i need your help."

"What happened? It's 10:30 are you there already?"

"No I'm not..... Hyung...."

"Kook what is going on talk to me..."

"Hyung I'm bringing my friend with me please don't freak out. He need my he..."

"Kook what happened? Is it serious?"

"Very serious. I'll be there in an hour." Jungkook said and cut the call.

To say Namjoon was confuse will be an understatement he was going out of his mind over the call.

Taehyung still didn't open his eyes and his hold on Jungkook's shirt was still firm. He was unconscious.

Jungkook pulled him up and picked him in his arms and took the key from the side table before picking him up.

He made his way to the car and placed Taehyung on the passenger seat and did the belt and moved to the driving seat.

Through his whole ride he kept looking at Taehyung time to time but younger was still out. Jungkook changed his shirt that but the bruise on the uper arm was still visible.

He has seen how badly Taehyung was beaten and he don't want to think of that bastard or he might loose control over the staring wheel.

He broke the speed barrier and was at home about half an hour. He saw Namjoon opening the door as soon as he turned off the car switch.

"Wher.... who is this?" Namjoon yelled as he saw Jungkook picking an unconscious boy in his arms.

"Give way.." Jungkook stepped inside and made his way to the couch. He laid Taehyung there and straighten his shirt.

"Will you atleast tell me who is this? What the hell is happening here?" Namjoon was freaking out. A thousand different scenarios crossed his mind but he don't want to think anything stupid right now.

"Water...." Jungkook said but Namjoon hold him by his arm.

"I'm asking you something! Are you even listening to me?" Namjoon shouted.

"He is my client hyung. It's a long story right now he need help. And that's what I'm doing." Jungkook had his back to Taehyung. They both were so into there yelling that they didn't know when Taehyung woke up.

Client!..... so i was right he don't think of me as a friend anymore. Right why would he. Who would want a friend like me.

Taehyung felt like crying but he can't, he can't, he don't want other's sympathy anymore. He tried to sit up but a low grunt escaped his mouth.

He hissed in pain and closed his eyes. He felt a warm hand cupping his face. He know who this is but he don't want to open his eyes. He is afraid his eyes will tell all that be want to say and he don't want to be ungrateful for doctor's help.

"Taehyung....." a sweet assuring voice, Jungkook's voice. The most calming voice in this whole world.

"Are you okay?" How dumb of you Jungkook of course he is not okay.

Taehyung nodded but eyes still close. Namjoon was watching the two in trans. Jungkook being this soft well that's new for him. He has always been a guy who would keep distance from everyone and talk only when it's needed well except Namjoon but still he isn't this soft and caring to him.

"Kook.... his arm..." Namjoon said but Jungkook slightly shook his head to ask older to not say anything about that.

Taehyung hugged his body and covered both his arms, eyes opening slowly.

"Taehyung. You are okay. You don't need to be afraid  of anything. I'm here with you. Namjoonie hyung is also here." He said and Taehyung for the forst time looked at the boy standing beside him.

Namjoon gave him a smile with his dimple on full display and Taehyung returned it with a small hesitant one.

"You hyungry?" Namjoon can't stop and Taehyung immediately refused.

"Taehyung feel free to ask anything. I'm sure Namjoonie hyung will love you company as he won't have me by his side."

Feel? What should i feel. Feelings are what i have deleted a long time ago from inside me.

He is going. Oh God he is going. He was about to go Busan. I can't.... I can't stay here.

Jae-heon..... hyung will kill me. He will..... what will he do now. Beat me? No no no.

And he didn't know he was shooking his head. Jungkook gave a confused look to Namjoon when the younger started breathing heavily.

Panic attack...

"Kook water. He is having a  panic attack.... hey hey just..." Namjoon ran yo get a glass of water.

Jungkook held Younger's face more securely.

"Taehyung... Taehyung hey breathe, good breathe. Breathe with me. Good see look at me and breathe. I'm here no need to be worried." Jungkook said and Taehyung did as told.

Just how weak will you get? Have some dignity and be a man.

I can't control it. It's...

"Taehyung here drink it." Jungkook gave him a glass of water and then laid the younger back.

Taehyung was awfully quite and it was clear by his face that he is lost in his thinking.

Namjoon went to the kitchen followed by Namjoon.

"What's happening.." the same question again.

"His boyfriend beat him up. For no reason. He is my client and I can't just leave him there. He is only 15 hyung how can i..."

"You did the right thing kook." Jungkook looked at Namjoon's face and hugged the older.

"I-is it o-okay if he stays here..."

"Of course. Looking at him I'll never let you to send him back."

"Will you be...."

"Why will i not be okay. He seen young, good looking and he is an energetic kid. I have seen him at the shop. I'd love to have him stay here."

"Thank you hyung thank you so much."

"Shut up."

Both of then came to the living room only to see Taehyung hugging the cushion, his head burried in it and he is curled up into a ball.

First they thought he fell asleep but a sniffle proved them wrong. Taehyung was crying. His head hurt, whole body ache but he can't seem to forget that he was exposed like this.

And then after that Jungkook don't consider him friend anymore. He don't know why but this bothers him more than it should.

"Taehyung." Jungkook called him slowly, not to make him flinch or anything.

Taehyung slowly lifted his head and looked at both males who were standing there.

"Don't cry kid. I know what ever the reason is, won't be worth ruining this pretty face." The words might sound pervert but Taehyung get the other meaning, a soft one, the caring one.

"Oh God hyung you are such a pervert." Jungkook said dramatically placing his hand over his mouth causing the younger to giggle.

And oh boy that sound seem heavenly. All of them started laughing.

Taehyung has seen Yoongi and Jimin but they are not like Jungkook and Namjoon.

"Taehyung i have to go. But I'll be back by tomorrow. Namjoon hyung will be with you. Don't hesitate and just txt me if anything is wrong. And if that........ if he showed up do tell me. I'll deal with him once and for all. Don't fear him. Your fear give him the power." Taehyung can see an honest care and worry in doctor's eyes but it's just a concern of a doctor to his client and he don't know why that make him sad. It should be that way.

Why are you going? Just stay here..... with me.

"I can't stay here Taehyung I'm sorry but I'll be back by tomorrow night. Just one day I promise." Taehyung was shocked how do Jungkook know what he was thinking.

"Come on kid let him go he is boring as hell. We'll play together. Like I said that day..... I'll treat you with best." Namjoon said and Taehyung remembered that he met this boy before. At his office when he was there to deliver and he was early before the given time. The older asked one day he'll treat a lunch.

Taehyung smiled and nodded. Jungkook felt relieved, of course he didn't forget Jae-heon and he will deal with him once is back.

"Come on go now. Let the two Kim's spend time Jeon." Namjoon said and Jungkook swear his hyung is a drama queen.

"Yeah whatever" he went to his room changed and took his ticket and wore shoes and went downstairs.

"Take care of him hyung." Jungkook said when he was about to leave.

"I will don't worry." And he left. Taehyung had his eyes still on the door as he saw Namjoon coming his way.

"So what do you want to eat?" Taehyung still refused and Namjoon pouted.

"How about a sandwich? I'm sorry but that all i can make." He laughed and Taehyung also chuckled. "Or we can order!"

Taehyung shook his head again. He don't want to be a bother more than he already is. He asked that sandwich will be okay.

"Okay. Just lay down and enjoy whatever you want to see, I'll be right back." And Namjoon went to the kitchen.

Taehyung didn't clicked on the TV but he was thinking. Thinking about his life, thinking about what did he ever do to deserve this.

"Taehyung feel free to ask anything"

"Taehyung... Taehyung hey breathe, good breathe. Breathe with me. Good see look at me and breathe. I'm here no need to be worried."

"Don't fear him. Your fear give him the power."

Jungkook.... Jungkook. The doctor? No Jungkook is good.

Taehyung didn't know when he stopped thinking about his life and started thinking about the doctor. About Jungkook.

"Sandwich is here." Namjoon announced and placed two plates on the table. Taehyung sit up and took the sandwich in his hand to eat. He opened his mouth to take a bite.

How dare you take a bite before me.

The sandwich slipped from his hand and fell on the ground. He looked around hurriedly.

"Hey you okay? What's wrong?" Namjoon said placing his plate on table and massaging Younger's back.

Taehyung nodded and bent down to take the sandwich.

Good now you ruined the couch.

"Hey it's okay let it be there. Here take this. I'll clean that." Taehyung shook his head. He stood up only to be yanked back.

"Eat. You need it more than i do." Namjoon said and stood up by taking the sandwich from the ground. He cleaned the couch and the ground and after that they both watched the movie.

"You can sleep in kook's room." Taehyung has a habit to say 'No' at first.

He again denied and assured older that he is okay on the couch.

"What No! Not at all. Stand up and go to your room. Kook's room." Namjoon said pulling him up from the couch.

Taehyung didn't argued furthe cz whenever he had an argument  it didn't end well and he don't want to be kicked out pf here before Jungkook comes back.

"When will you leave?" Namjoon asked and Taehyung understood it wrong way. He abruptly turned and looked at older with foreign eyes.

"To work. What time do you leave for work." Namjoon seem to under so he asked.

God Taehyung give your mind a little rest.

9, he said with hand gestures and the other nodded. "Good night. If you need anything just knock on the door okay." Taehyung nodded.


Fate has never been on Taehyung side just like today. He was late again, Jungkook's house was on the opposite side and he got the bus late.

Now he is standing infront of furious Hyung-sik who seem like he will eat him alive anytime. 

"What should i say to you?"

Don't say anything.

"How much are you going to test my patience?"

I'm sorry okay. I really am.

"Atleast for the sake of your dead father, be serious to work. He pleaded me before dying atleast take that in account."

Keep him out of this.

"That's the last time I'm saying with my mouth after that........ don't make me do what i don't want to do."

I'll try my best.

"Get out." And just like that his day stated. He went to the kitchen and sat down across the counter.

"Hey. Another day?" Taehyung nodded and placed his head over his folded arms that are on the counter.

"Hey you know how he is. Let it go come on." Yoongi said and just then jimin came and almost jumped and hugged him from behind.

"TaeTae...." he squeaked the words.  Taehyung didn't hissed though it did hurt at his back.

"Hey let him go. He visited you father just now." Yoongi said Jimin was quick to come at front. He would lie if he say he didn't noticed the tears but he didn't pressed it.

"Ahh appa and keep his mouth shut! Is that possible." He said and other two chuckled. Jimin has always talked about his father like this, he loves his father but his father just become too much sometimes.

"Come on mini treat us with burgers and fries." He said and circled his arm around Taehyung's neck.

"Yes sir." Yoongi said making other two laugh and made them burgers.

Taehyung kinda forget every worry when he is with hsi friend, no dobut they are good friends, but he has someone else in his mind too. A certain someone.

Just when he was done eating his mobile ding and he pulled out to check the message. His eyes popped out comically and he excused himself to the washroom.

As soon as he was there he locked the door and checked the phone again thinking he might have read it wrong but no, the message clearly said:

We aren't done yet. Wrong move, adding another one in my list. He won't come back alive from Busan, and you! I'll see you soon.

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