A/n: First things first, lets get yo vocab straight... 

a/n: author's note

y/n= your name

l/n= last name

h/c= hair color

h/l= hair length

e/c= eye color

I think that's all the vocab I got rn, if anything else comes up ill be sure to let you guys know what it means! Also sorry if I misspell anything, ill try my best! I will also try and post every Wednesday! Thx for reading bbys, it means a lot!!!❤️ P.S, you also get a song to listen to with each chapter I write!

No ones POV:

y/n has attended the academia for young children and teens ever since she can remember. She was adopted into the school at a very young age and practically lived there. The teachers and principle have taught her everything from manners to academics. Although their teachings have resulted in her becoming very quiet and never really paying attention to things outside of school, so she doesn't have many friends due to that. 

Its not that nobody wants to be her friend, its just that shes never thought of friends as a priority. She doesn't really pay attention to her surroundings either, due to her nose always being buried in a book and/or having her earbuds in listening to her classical playlists.

y/n's POV:

I woke up this morning to my best friend Florence waking me up. 

"Ya know, you sure like to sleep in a lot, but its sorta weird considering your a perfectionist!" she says to me. I threw a pillow at her face with my eyes still closed. "I'm not a perfectionist," I say "I just get my work done and stay out of trouble unlike you." I get up and hop out of bed. 

She puts her hand to her chest and looks at me with an exaggerated offended look on her face "I don't have a clue of what you could be speaking about!!!" She says with a smirk. I smile at Florence, grab my uniform, and head over to the bathroom to get changed.

( a/n: this is your outfit :) )

I then pull my h/l h/c hair into a half up half down kind of hairstyle.

( a/n: This is your hairstyle if your hair is straight)

(a/n: This is your hairstyle if your hair is curly)

After I am happy with my look I brush my teeth and do all of my other bathroom duties💩. I then walk out of the bathroom. Florence looks at me with a tired look on her face. "You finally done?" She questions me. "Shut up" I tell her with a smile. 

She is already dressed, she got dressed in the room while I got dressed in the bathroom, that's how it goes everyday. Me and her have been sharing a dorm ever since we were 8, that's why me and her are such good friends. Most parents don't sign their kids up for the dorms that early but since the principle told her parents she can share a room with me and since they live kind of far away from the academy, they allowed it.

"You should do your makeup sometime." She says to me. I look at her with a kind of frown, "im not sure how to..." I reply. She then tosses a mascara tube to me. Mascara is the only thing I do know how to do. "Then put this on, you look so prettyyy! I mean even more pretty than you already do look!" She smiles at me. "Fine."I say with a smile.

After I do that and Florence has done all of her bathroom stuff, we quickly pack all of our books and run as fast as we could out of the dorms. We lost track of time and there was only 5 minutes until class started. We get to class right on the dot and sit down in our desks. We were learning language arts today.

No one's POV:

y/n was neck deep into the lesson. She always got a kind of mesmerized trance when it came to class. But little did she know was that while she was being mesmerized by the lesson, someone else was being mesmerized by her....

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