[:Mia's Senju-Uchiha:]-{ Powers bio }|

Kamui: this allows the user to transport objects, creatures, people and them self into a pocket dimension or in a different reality. And teleport them to a different place whether a couple miles or and entire city.

Gluttony: allows the user to absorb someone or something whether dead or alive and can get their abilitys and looks but it is altered a bit. And can absorb attacks as long as it isn't from their fist or sword.

Chakra: allows the user to use their life energy to walk on surfaces and water, and to control the basic elements. And use seals and jutsus to make moves like chidori and so on.

Haki: just like chakra it uses the persons spiritual energy to do things like armament haki that allows the user. To cover their hand in a blackish purple aura that's stronger than metal. Observation haki allows the user to predict someone's attacks or what their going to do next and if trained hard enough can see into the future for only 13-16 seconds. Conqueror haki is the manifestation of one's will and can be use to make people that will is lower than the user go unconscious.

Summoning jutsu: Allows the user to someone animals such as crows,snakes,wolves and so on but to be able to use them or make a pact you must first beat them in. A fight or answer a riddle but you must challenge the king/ruler of said animal like the alpha of a wolf pack or the king of snakes.

Fire:user is able to control and manipulate fire but they mostly works with hand signs. And only in a specific order.

Demon blood: User can give her/his blood to someone and their appearance,hair,voice,body, strength and abilitys will. Get enhanced and they become a demon but their are ranks from the first upper moon to the last lower moon. They will have their ranks in their pupils.

Bloodlust: the user gives off an demonic aura to scare or intimidate enemy's and animals.

Tsukuyomi: Is the ability to trap someone inside their mind or in a illusion once they've looked into the sharingan. The ability last for 72 hours in the illusion or mind and a second in the real world in tsukuyomi the user can control and manipulate anything or anyone their.

Chidori:The Chidori is a high concentration of lightning chakra channelled around the user's hand. And sounds like a thousand birds chirping at once and is strong enough to Pierce through metal and can cauterize an cut off arm in seconds.

.( The rest will be revel more into the story ).