Raiders Varsity Jacket | Oakland Raiders Letterman Jacket

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At its foundation, fashion is all about variety. It simply comes down to displaying to the world what you consider to be hip or what best captures your personality or attitude. It is about standing out from the crowd, going above and beyond, and becoming famous for what you enjoy the most. Everyone occasionally plays around with different looks. When it comes to fashion trends, the popular consensus is that only newer items are better. It's very "old school" to wear something that was popular a few years ago, right? But here's the thing: most, if not all, fashion trends are revived rather than invented.

A pre-existing, hopefully long-forgotten, style can become the new craze with only a little bit of tweaking here and there. Therefore, it would be prudent to give your decision to toss your garments after designating them as "outdated" some thought. Instead of drastically altering your wardrobe, why not go back in time and find the coolest pieces from the 'old school' era? When you were the top wrestler, the rising cross-country star, or the super cool quarterback, the popularity of Raiders varsity jackets was at its peak.