Chapter 26

Bruce's P.O.V;)

Its been two months since we found out Ariel was pregnant. Ariel dropped out of school, she said she would finish it when she delivers the baby. I'm still going to my classes and working 2 shifts now,and she is starting to form a little baby bump, and my migraines have been getting worse everyday.

I haven't told Ariel yet, because I'm afraid I will stress her out even more.

They been killing me now. Any bits of sound my head would pound like a hammer smashing my skull.

I'm laying down on the bed just trying to get rid of this migraine when I hear music coming down the hall.

Am I the only one I know?
Waging my war behind my face and above my throat.
Shadows will scream that I'm alone-lone-lone.

Now it's next to the door. Suddenly the door opens and Ariel has a huge grin on her face. She holding out her phone and the music is coming out. Migraine by Twenty one pliots.

I-i-i-i-i-I've got a migraine.
And my pain will range from up down and side ways.

I glare at her and she just smirks and walks forward. My head starts to pound even more and I put my hands to my head.

"You're not helping you know that right?" I said while raising my head to look at her.

"Sorry. I thought it was funny because you have a migraine and this song talks about migraines." She said while turing it off and and sitting next to me.

I lay back down and stare at the ceiling and close my eyes.
"Aren't you supposed to be eating fruit or something?"

"No. I just ate."

"Ok, just making sure."

"You want to go to the doctors now? This has been happening for months now and they haven't gone away. I think you should go."

"If I say yes would you make me a cake?"

"Yes." She said and getting up slowly.

"Okay let's go." I said getting my shoes and keys.


I would've let Ariel drive but I don't trust her yet. So I'm fighting through the pain to get to this hospital.

Honestly, I hate hospitals. They are sad and all there is white. That's why I hate white. It reminds me of death. Hospitals means death coming soon, or they can mean miracles.

I pulled up the parking lot and helped Ariel get out. We made our way to the reception and signed in.

Now we are waiting for my name to be called.

"You're going to be okay. Don't think to hard, ok?" Ariel said while rubbing circles on my hand.

I only nodded because it hurts to talk or blink.

After like 30 minutes of waiting they finally called my name.

"Bruce Roberson? Hi my name is Dr. Clark, we are going run some test to see what's the problem. Ok?"

I nodded and tighten my hold on Ariel's hand.

"Ok then. Follow me to the CatScan."


"Okay Bruce, can you go to the rest room and change and put on this robe and meet me back in this room."

Ariel had to wait outside for this because of how loud the machine is. I changed and came back with the robe on and my underwear.

"Ok Bruce. Lay on this, and stay perfectly still. This is a button that I would give you for me to stop. Ok? I only want you to press it if it's a emergency ok? And so when your in the machine there is going to be a loud noise that sounds like huge banging. It's going to be taking 180• x-rays of your brain. Then we will see what really going on, ok? So would you please lay on this and stay completely still."

I climbed on the plastic slide in bed and was holding on the button. He put ear plugs in my ears, I guess it's that loud. He went into this little office and began to put me in the machine. It feels like you're in a coffin and you're dead because you can't move. It felt like 2 hours just being in there. I honestly was going to fall asleep, but the machine stopped and pulled me out.

"Okay Bruce, you can go change and meet me in the lobby. The scans are going to take awhile till they print. So I would say an hour they would be done."


I got up, changed and went outside to see Ariel sleeping on the chairs. I smiled and walked up to her and nugged her alittle to wake her up.

"Hey. Let's go get some icecream, it's going to take and hour for the prints to finish."

"Ok." She said while yawning and stretching.


"Hi can I get two M&Ms mc flurrys."

"And would that be it?"


"Okay, your total is $5.25 at the first window."

"Thank you."

I turned to Ariel and and looked at her weird.

"Damn. That much for icecream?"

She just shrugged her shoulders and looked ahead.

I payed for the icecream and went back to the hospital before traffic starts.

We made it back in 10 minutes to spare. We sat in the lobby just eating icecream.

"What do you think it is?" I asked and not bothering to look at her.

"What do you mean?"

"Like what do you think this pain is?"

"Oh. I... I don't know. But I hope it's nothing major."

"Yeah." I said while sighing.

We just kept making small talk, like what we think are baby is, and what we are going to name he or she.

"How about for a girl bell and for a guy Damon?"
I asked while throwing away ore empty cups.

"I like the guy name but not the girl."

"Why not?" I said while looking at her.

"Because it's a a common name and I want my child to have a unique name." She said while playing with her fingers.

"Huh. Ok. Well let's see. Ugh we can name her s-"

"Bruce Roberson?" Dr. Clark called. We both got up and walked to him.

"Ugh. Follow me to my office." He said with a worry tone.

I looked at Ariel and grabbed her hand and held it tight.

We made it to his office and took a seat.

"Okay. I'm just going to say what the test say. And... And it's not good."he said while signing.

"What is it?" Ariel asked while holding my hand with both of hers.

"Well Bruce... There's a tumor as big as a baseball in the back of your head. And if we don't get it out admittedly you can die from this."

Just one thought went to my head when I heard these words.

This is how my father died.


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