Chapter 11

Ariel's P.O.V <3

"Don, pass me the rest of the jolly ranchers."

"Wait, I need the headlights still!"

"There's another bag!"

"Why don't you get it then!"


"Fine." She said rolling her eyes at me, and shoving the bag at me.

"Yes! Finally I can laugh at Vic's cute beautiful face! Wait no I mean ugly face! He said I was just like him! Bîtch. Where? Ha! I get to see his face and Vince's! 2 in 1 deal!" Vale said while finishing the windshield.

"You said it girl!" Paulina said high-fiving Vale.

Today is Tuesday and it's 1st period and all the girls skipped, and we are licking jolly ranchers and placing them on the twins car. Because when they try to take off the jolly ranchers, the jolly ranchers would peal off the paint with it. And the windows would be really sticky. Or maybe crack. Oh I love how my mind thinks.

"Okay girls, I think we are done here." I said while dropping the empty bag on the floor.

"Now we wait..."

"So.... Steph do you like Andrew?"

"NO! Ughh I mean he's alright I guess." She said while blushing and turning around.

"Ugh huh. What about you Don do you like Dylan?"

"I mean he's really hot. Like I mean like Damn is my mouth on fire? Or is it You!"

"I swear you're so stupid Don" Vale said while taking a picture of the car.

"What about you Vale? How do you like Vic?"

"I mean he's like the same person as me but in a guy way. He's mean, salty, and blocks you out. So I guess he's alright." She said smiling. Her smile is really nice and it's rare like Vic's. "What about you Ariel? Do you like Bruce?"

"Nah. I mean he's cool and all but I don't see us being together." I said looking at the ground.

"Bullshît. I bet you guys are going to go out after Steph and Andrew." Don said.


"Steph you know it's going to happen so stop denying it." Vale said.

"Whatever." She said while crossing her arms.

"Yeah. We'll see."


"Don did you bring the chips?"

"Yes. Here." She said while passing the hot Cheetos.

We are waiting next to my bike and the girls cars, waiting for lunch to come because the boys don't go to cafeteria on Tuesdays or Friday's (just saying). So yeah, we are just waiting for the guys to see the car.

"Don move your fûckin head I can't see!" Vale said while pushing Don.

"Now I can't see!" Paulina said.

"Just get up Don and sit next to Steph."

"Fine. But don't be asking me for the chips!"

"Just shut up. The bell just rang."

"We should leave. Yup I'm leaving." Steph said while getting up.

"Nope. You're staying right here because look." I said pulling her wrist down. She looked to where I was looking at and the boys were, that were heading towards the car.

"MY BABY!!!!! NO I MEAN OUR BABY!!! NO MY SWEET CAMARO!!" Vince said while running to his car. Vic looked like fire. Like his face was really red. He looked shocked though, because he would open and close his mouth like a fish.

Vale started to get up. "Vale what are you doing?" I asked while holding on her wrist.

"Just watch." And she pulled her wrist away and walked towards the boys.

"Ah. Hello boys. Do you like your new car? Well let me tell you something. It was really fun to help the girls and I really hope you don't take off the jolly ranchers because you would have sticky mess and oh, and a little something else." She said winking at the twins. Vic was clenching his fist and they started to turn white. While Vince started to walk over to her.

So we all got up and made our way towards the boys and Vale.

"WAIT! THEY PUT WATERMELON! OH MY GOODNESS! FÛCK YES!" Dylan said and pulled of the rancher.

"YOU FÛCKIN IDIOT! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO TAKE THEM OFF! LOOK!" Bruce said pointing to the missing paint on the car.

"Oh... Well... I don't know... Aleast I have my rancher. FÛCK! It's has fûckin paint on it."

"YOU! ALL OF YOU! I WOULD MAKE SURE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE HAPPENS! AND I WONT. HOLD. BACK." Vic said to all of us with venom in his words.

"Okay. Now you see, if you guys stop with the pranks we would stop with ours." I said while walking up to them.

"HELL NO! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY ARIEL! ALL OF YOU!" Vic said and walking towards his car. Soon after the rest of the boys went too and they took off.

I don't know how, but they did it.

"Girls I think we fûcked up... Really... Really... Bad."


Victor's P.O.V >:)

They fûckedup. They fûckedup really bad. I'm going to make them all pay. I'm going to the do the worse to Ariel and Valery. I'm going to make sure they have the worst out of all of them.

We are at Bruce's house and we are all watering down the ranchers and washing my car 4 times to get rid of the sticky mess. I gave them props, that was a good prank, but not a prank to pull on me.

"Look guys. 'Hello boys do you need some help,or you can help me wash my self?" Dylan said in girly voice and pouring car soap on his body and rubbing his chest.

I grabbed the water hose a watered him down.

"Yes. Yes. I like how you make me so wet!" Dylan said in his girl voice, and now he's on top of the car.

"You're disgusting. And get the fûck off my car."

"Or else what?" He asked while crossing his arms.

I walked towards him and started to crack my knuckles. And instantly he got off.

That's what I thought.

"Fûck. I was just kidding Vic. Didn't have to do that shît. That scares me."

"What ever." I said rolling my eyes."where's Bruce?"

"I'm right here." He said coming out the door. I turned off the hose and walked towards him. Dylan, Andrew, and Vince were still washing.

"I think we need a different prank, not the room anymore."

"Well what do you have in mind?"

"I don't know but all I know that Ariel and Valery are getting it worse then the rest."

"Okay then we should start with the easiest one first."



"Okay then. I will pick a good prank but not one that does that much damage."

"Aright just tell when you got one."


Sorry Steph, you're first...


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