Epilogue: Saving Science

GLaDOS watched with fascination as ATLAS and P-BODY zoomed through the test chambers. Their mission was almost complete. They had almost found the human vault.

It was three weeks after Chell had left Aperture, and GLaDOS had been testing her new creations like crazy. But now, she had realized that she still needed human subjects. They were a bit more fun. So she was going to wake a million of them up from stasis.

The two robots neared the vault door. How they would open it would be up to them. GLaDOS watched them even closer now. They waved at the security camera, and the door opened. They entered, and GLaDOS switched over to watching through their eyes.

There were so many humans. So many test subjects. GLaDOS was taken aback. Her mind picked up speed, working out problems and figuring out how to proceed. She was happy. Science was fun, and GLaDOS loved fun and science.

"You know what to do, don't you?" asked Caroline, teasingly.

"Of course, doctor," replied GLaDOS. She looked out at the two testing robots and switched on the intercom.

"Look at all the test subjects! You did it! You saved science!"

ATLAS and P-BODY jumped for joy and high fived. GLaDOS flipped a switch, and their bodies exploded, teleporting their minds back to the computer.

"Come, come," purred GLaDOS, "there is much work to be done.

"Let the tests begin."



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