Chapter 4 - Playtime 😏😏😏Pt 2

Carmen smiled as Gray appeared behind Cash and slowly came beside her . "Cash , this is my boyfriend Gray"

Gray's heart felt as if it was going to stop , slowly realizing that she didn't really mean it . He deeply wished that she meant it . But the fact that she choose him to at least be her fake boyfriends made him feel warm again , making his smile more convincing . 

Cash turned his eyes to Gray again ."Really ?" he looked up and down , as if he didn't believe her "Well better come in than stay out ".

And so they went inside.

-=+time skip+=-

They walked across the hall , not sure what to do . The entire time Carmen stuck close to Gray . The look that Cash gave her chilled her to the bone .

"Hey it's alright" Gray soothed her "I'm right here and I won't let him do anything"

It didn't help her . He was still staring at her . Eyes going from down to up , as if he wanted to devour her . Carmen knew he didn't believe her . And the fact that he was looking at her like that just scared her .

Gray looked around trying to find some sort of distraction . The dance

"How bout a dance then?" he asked her . Her eyes shifted to him , giving all her attention.

"Now?" she whispered .

"It's a good distraction . And I'll cover you up to make feel safer". His heart starts melting as she smiles at him and slowly nods . He holds her hand and leads her to the dance floor .

His hand travelled to her waist as hers went to his shoulders , sending a shiver down his spine . His eyes locked with hers . Grey-blue against hazel brown . The music started slowly in the background as they swayed around the ballroom elegantly . 

As Gray promised , he covered her up so that Cash can't see . 

For a while , it felt like it was just the two of them . No Cash , no fake boyfriend , nothing . It's just them . Carmen was finally unwinding and relaxed . Their hearts start to beat faster as they dance around , eyes still locked , hands still on each other . They were close . So close . Just an inch apart . The music comes to an end as they come closer and closer , eyes starting to close and slowly...

Their lips crash as the music stops . They managed to get away from the dance floor and move to a corner by then . 

Their lips press hard against each other as Gray's hands start to tighten around her waist . His hair starts to fall over his forehead as Carmen's hand entangle with it . They couldn't tell how long their lips were attached . But they pulled away slowly with a red blush covering their face .

There was an awkward silence between them . It was just the chatter amongst the crowd around and the music they had just danced for . And for once , their eyes broke apart from each other . 

Finally they broke the silence .

"I-" they said at the same time and earnt themselves a laugh after a long time of tension .

"I guess I'm not much of a fake boyfriend anymore"

"And now" she shifted her eyes to Cash and back to Gray "He's gonna have a hard time"

Cash's expression showed anger and confusion . He walked away , speechless and furious . 

Gray laughed at his reaction and once again-

He locked his eyes with her . This time it was her coming closer , wrapping her hands around his neck . "Gray

He wanted her . He wanted her badly . He wanted to feel her in his arms again . He wanted her lips on his again . And more . He wanted to lay her down on his bed and touch her wherever his hands lead him . He wanted to confess . He wanted to tell her everything . He waited for five years . And finally , he gets to feel this . He can't wait any longer . He has to . He wanted to . Now .

"I love you" he whispered to her . Her eyes widened as he did so . Maybe she doesn't like me . He thought . Maybe it was just a cover . Just to make cash think they're dating . Maybe I made things worse . Maybe things will never be the same again .

"I love you too" she smiled . 

Gray couldn't wait anymore . He pressed his lips on hers again . For the second time . And this time much better than before . There was a satisfaction and relief in both of them . They kissed harder and deeper , breaking apart in the middle to look into their eyes and going back again .

They broke apart . She smiled at him . And he smiled at her . All was well . The stars were still shining . And so was their love .


The end :)

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