Author's Note.

Assalamualaikum babes 🙋🏾‍♀️  How are you all doing? InshaAllah good.

After a long time, I'm finally ready to close off the book, the professional way with a very detailed author's note. (Not very professional, my words are jumbled, I apologise ;(

Before we dive into all the heavy, heavy emotions I just want to say Alhamdulilah! Alhamdulilah! Alhamdulilah!

My biggest heart felt thank you to my family for not talking to me when I'm writing and understanding when I'm in my feels, kindly shut the door and move on. I loveeee youuu!!!❤️❤️

To my sister momisani and every other person who I forgot to tag and everyone who read, voted, commented and followed me on this journey, I'm forever grateful to you guys. I wouldn't be here without you. I love you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Pieces of Aamirah has been one long beautiful journey. When I started writing this book, I wasn't so confident. I had no idea what I was doing. I kept thinking, oh this is absurd no one is even going to read this book. No one wants to deal with something this heavy, no wants to cry over a book or try to figure out someone's life. People read to escape from reality not to meet with reality so this is just stupid!

So imagine my shock when ten people started reading this book, then eventually voting and commenting, guys– my heart was overwhelmed with so much love so when we hit 100k reads I couldn't believe it!!! Some days, I do but other days it feels surreal.

           I can clearly remember the day I started drafting down the story idea for this book. Wednesday, 31st July, 2019 at exactly 1:25pm. (Yesss I write everything down) I was writing down the plot, the name of the characters and developing the characters, the dates, the little or big things that never made it here and I was thinking, this book needs to move, it needs to be heart wrenching, the emotions need to be there, you need to feel it, you need to imagine it, the bond must be there, it has to be beautiful. And i really hope I delivered. Woooohh the pressure!

I was so into it down to the last detail but when the day to publish the prologue came, (2nd August) I was panicking. Everything felt so wrong. Like I said, I had no confidence in myself when it came to publishing this book. At that point, I was just doing it cause I made an announcement on my Instagram, if not, I would have deleted it.

I knew I wanted to write about this girl, Aamirah, who was raped. I knew I wanted to talk about mental health, I wanted to bring attention to how important mental health is.

The fact that MENTAL HEALTH is given little attention is baffling. If we don't talk about this enough and educate ourselves we will never know when someone is crying for help until it is too late.

I know this book is fictional, this characters are not real but their experiences are real. You might be surprised to know how many people go through rape, depression, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, grief or anything mental illness related.

So if you are like Aamirah, either trying to find your pieces or get through a traumatic experience or your like Khaleel, who is grieving for such a long time while trying to support a loved one and pretend your okay when your not– then I encourage you to talk to a loved and trusted person. It might not be easy to verbalize your thoughts (or express how you feel) but you have to remember, your not alone. Prioritizing your mental health is something you deserve. You deserve this. Embrace it.

If you have read my previous books and the authors notes, you know I always say when writing, I put myself in the characters shoes, literally feels like I'm the person so imagine being in Aamirah shoes for fifty chapters (years)

There were times this book was too intense even for me and for the sake of my mental health, I would take a break from writing and find comfort in other things, like reading a less depressing book, watching movies, doing other things I love so mostly when I don't update it's either I'm too busy or on a well needed break. Guyssss I prioritize my mental health on another level and so should you.

The little details;

I needed Aamirah to be how she is to make this story come to life. So Aamirah was always going to be herself. She was always planned.

Khaleel, our golden boy. He winged through it. Some parts of him never made through but I'm happy with this version of him. Truly.

BATOOL was always going to be herself. I needed her to be a superwoman, someone we want to be. Someone we strive to be. This is where the strength of living with a co-wife comes in. I know the world we live in now has portrayed such an ugly image over living with your husband's wife and it's honestly disheartening.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the person has so much hatred in him but the society that we live in, the way most people think, the little to no faith we have has a big say in how we choose to live our lives.

I'm not here to dictate how someone should live his life but the way this generation paints living with a co-wife is disturbing. There is destiny and there is believe in Allah and there is your heart. It shouldn't always be jealousy or lack of peace, it doesn't have to be that way all the time. May Allah give us the ability to be better people and guide us all to the right paths.

     Writing this book has been  challenging. I've struggled along the way to make it make sense, to paint my words into this reality, to deal with annoying author's block where I feel so detached from the story line and characters and sometimes obviously I miss out some important stuffs. Before writing a book, I try to plan it down first but along the way just dismiss the plan and go with the flow. Hence, the missing of points.

And I know not anyone might notice but I do and it makes me so sad but it is what it is.. For a while I wanted to delete the book mostly because Aamirah wasn't suppose to say that, but I've already published the chapter or Khaleel was supposed to do a certain thing but it's already out there and it's late to correct my mistake so I felt like I needed to delete the book.

I'm so glad I didn't and pulled through to the end but this book obviously needs heavy editing, loads and loads of editing to make it close to perfection.

Now down to the heavy, heavy, announcement. This is my last book on Wattpad, sadly.

I've been on Wattpad longer than three years but three years on this account, writing and bringing characters to life and now feels like a good time to take a break. Obviously, I love writing, so much but my life is going at such a fast pace I need to focus on some other things and figure it out.

Writing pieces of Aamirah has been such a honour. A dream come true. Thank you so so sooo much to everyone who made this dream come incredibly true and magical. I'll forever be grateful, in love with each piece of this book and in tears at your unconditional support and love.

It has been an amazing journey, from Loving Ammah, Her Fulani Prince and Pieces of Aamirah and I wouldn't change anything for the world. You guys are truly the best readers, now family. 🥺

Just to clarify, even though this is supposedly my last book on Wattpad, don't be surprised to see me back in two months with a new book. (Honestly don't know how I will stop myself from writing but it's the best decision, hopefully) I'll be back. Sooner or later.

This was a decision I made awhile ago, maybe halfway writing this book, I was constantly pulled at different directions from needing to update, exams, school, family and I couldn't find the balance. I wish I did but it was either my life or writing– I made the reasonable decision. I just don't have the balance yet and I hope I figure it out soon enough.

I know for a fact no matter when I choose to return I'll still have everyone's support and love on my new books, the community we've built over the years is strong, powerful and beautiful and I'm blessed to be part of it.

This book is really, REALLYYYY special to my heart and it will forever be.

(This author's note is longer than I wanted it to be... I need to stop here😭)

I just want you to know that I'm grateful for the love I've received here over the years and the friendships I've made. I love you so much and thank you for reading my stories, believing in me, motivating me, touching my heart with your beautiful comments and sticking to the end. I wish you endless happiness and love in life!❤️

This might be the last stop, but I'm always here to talk.

Let's catch-up on Instagram, (ammarhhh_)

Also, thank you to everyone who answered the questions on the last chapter. I read every comment laughing and even crying at the memories of a lifetime. I'll try to reply all InshaAllah with time.

AND YESSS— ASK ME A QUESTION! I'll be doing a detailed chapter answering all your questions.

With forever, endless, abundant, so so soooo soooo soooo soooooo sooo many many many LOVE,