part 3

Hello everyone so this might make you all slap yourselfs but, it didn't matter, they are both going to happen, and for anyone who has been liking these part just remember that in the end, roosterteeth has been making it all do weird shit so check out the alternate universe of RWBY that people have made, some might touch your heart better than the actual universe, now with all that said, onto the story

[Also I went back and fixed some spelling, nothing big changes]

--- Part 3 [(y/n)'s pov] ---

I sit on my bed while softly breathing as a warm feeling is running all over my body and I let out a annoyed breath, when I suddenly hear a knock on the door making me quickly sit up

"(Y/n) you in there, it's time to get up" a feminine voice says as i let out a sigh

"Yea, I'm up, the door is open" I say sitting on the bed and moving my feet over the side and have my feet hanging off the side

The door opens a bit and a young girl with light green hair swept to her right, with teal eyes and fair complexion, and a black mark under each eye, she is wearing a dark purple hoodie over a mauve sweater, black shorts as well as knee pads and elbow pads on her arms and legs, and finally black shoelaced high top sneakers

"You ok, I heard some noise and came to check on you" the light green haired girl says as she steps in the room

"Hey Reese, I'm fine, is there anything else you need" I ask looking at her as she softly smiles at me

"Ok, you know Me and Arslan are going to town after getting something to eat" Reese says with a smile and I close my eyes to think for a second and letting out a sigh

"Sorry Reese, but I can't today, I have something planned" I say as I start to open my eyes and see Reese standing in front of my and before I can say anying my head gets pulled into her small chest making me blush as i can feel her kiss the top of my head as i can feel my tail swing side to side faster

"It's ok, your a sweetheart your always so cute you act shy" she says as  I close my eyes and clench my legs together

"I don't act shy" I say pulling my head back a small bit only for my head to be pulled back to where it was to which Reese giggles at

"I know, did you know you smell sweet" reese says before kissing his head again with a smile

"I'll come see you when we get back, make sure to eat something before i get back" Reese says keeping her smile before pulling away from (y/n) and walks out the room before pulling the door shut behind her on the way out

I let out a sigh before sitting on the bed and falling on his back while looking at the roof

'It's going to be another one of those days, shit i need to take a shower, i should have about a hour or two' I think as I get up and head to the bathroom and take off my clothes before tossing them out, onto my bed and closing the door

"I love having my own room" he says with a smile as he starts the shower

--- Else where ---

'How long far did he go' thinks the green haired girl with red eyes as she walks through town, down the same road the cameras last seen the young male run down

The green haired girl pulls out her scroll and looks on the screen and sees a new message and when she looks at it her eyes widden a small but as a smile grows on her lips

'I know where he is now' the girl thinks as on the scroll is the young male in a room laying on his back on the bed

--- back with (y/n) ---

(Y/n) is seen getting out of the shower and walks to the bathroom door, as he looks back and tosses his towel onto the counter before opening the door and almost going pale as he sees the green haired woman with red eyes, sitting on his bed, with no clothes on and her cock hanging loose as she looks over at him and smiles as her cock starts to stand

"What the hell are you doing here" (y/n) says in shock as he takes a step back in shock

"It's simple, I didn't get to have my fun before you escaped" emerald says as she moves her legs a bit to show off more of her cock and (y/n) can feel the warmth in his body growing as his eyes look down her body and see her cock

'Fuck, I only took a 15 minute shower, how the hell did she find me, and with, Reese and Arslan gone I have little to no chance of anyone coming to save me' (y/n) thinks as his body seems to have started moving on it's own as he walks up to emerald as his eyes go wide at how close to her he suddenly is

"It seems the drug has kicked in, that will make this a bit easier, after all I wanna continue from where we left off" emerald says with a smile as she yanks him up onto her as she locks lips with him and smiles at how warm his mouth is, before pulling away as his head moves down to her neck and nuzzles into it

"My oh my, is the little kitty horny" emerald asks with a smile as he blushes and tries to pull away only for him to nuzzle deeper into her neck

"Your hole is mine" emerald says with a smile as he nuzzles into her

Time till Reese returns: 1 hour 44 minutes left

--- end of part ---

Alright, as I said at the start, the choice didn't matter because this part was a getting ready for the next part which will have a lemon and some fun info

So which will happen first, will (y/n) break his heat, will Reese save (y/n) at the end, and will emerald finally be able to cum in (y/n), find out next time